All right the beginning of match two three five men's 19 plus yeah I'm not sure his dad's name in the burgundy shirts and John and Josh in the red shirt this is the still the winners bracket so it'll be best two out of three games to 11. that ball was just steep yesterday so one.

Zero two starting service thank you hey Daddy great shots good hand battles at the net until the end yeah.

And that serve didn't make it over into the receiving box side out zero two one in the morning drop was a little short second server zero two two years side out two zero one.

yeah the sun is extremely bright for that team right now it's burgundy team but for whatever team is on that side yeah they didn't quite make it over into the net didn't quite make it over the net.

Three zero two still being trying my backhand inside out um that was a little wide four zero two good return on the line they were great blocks.

Whoa that was a good point there's a lot of good defensive offense in that shot with the strongest yeah like side out zero four one together oh that was a fantastic drop zero four two yeah.

Four zero one second server zero four two foreign that is.

Good think battle and patience from both teams that last one didn't make it over the net six zero two serve return was deep seven zero two tough one the ball kind of rain along the net but never went over eight zero.

Two um sir return was deep timeout eight zero two yeah eight eight nope side out I guess it's zero nine zero nine one right.

I think was why John got a good ATP on it but this is already out 191 . it's a tough one in the middle he kind of took some time off of it and it's made for an awkward spot as a good shot.

192. that was a really good shot by Leo to pull him up and put it in an awkward backhand spot side out nine one one just died on the paddle 912 One Direction.

Great Patience by both sides in that point the last one got a little high and then the overhead went outside ten one two this could be game point the game goes to 11.

Great set up it looked like John was gonna put that on the left side of the court and he just sit a tiny little dribbler right on the right corner of the kitchen both of the opponents were on the other side of the Court side out 110 run that return was deep.

Two ten one okay ice cream too three ten two that was deep on the back 410 too that shot didn't make it over the net.

Ten four one side out Ray drives John had great blocks it's the end of the game first game best uh two out of three to eleven I believe the end score was eleven four um do you guys want anything from In and Out Burger squibbie's gonna go okay one for Mom too just beginning a game two one zero two.

Um yeah you can get whatever yes he can get whatever okay all right see ya two zero two what'd you say sure second server thank you great battle.

Inside out sorry one zero one I'm saying the score wrong second server one zero two oh great great hands Josh got that one down the middle two zero two foreign.

Yeah one two one server returning to the net second uh that was a point so two two one get the drive set up but it was a little too low to do it the drive went into the net three two one.

Good point yeah there was confusion over maybe who was on what side so John yelled stopped but it was after the point was already called this team's saying though they're willing to redo it right the ref saying you can't do that so it's a point to do.

Four two two shot was in the net side out two four one that shot was deep out the back second server two four two right now.

good hand battle side out four two or sorry that was a point three four two yeah server turn was deep four four two five four two drop didn't make it over the net.

Side out four five one and that third shot was deep great setup for an overhead but that's a tough one to get it went into the netside out five four one and that was.

Good good job on the burgundy team for keeping the red team back that was a tough shot to get over didn't get over the server now it's six four two yeah that was a great great battle at the head seven four two.

Foreign great ability for the burgundy team to have all those overheads and then do the little drop like Josh was quick and got the drop and then the next one didn't make it over four two and the server return was out 9-4-2 this is.

Game two best two out of three to eleven first game was won by the burgundy team and right now the red team is up it's now side out four nine one is a good eye by Josh I wouldn't kind of sleep past his shoulder 492 second server.

That one was just wide 0.592 as great control by the burgundy team placed that shot very well 0.692 good patience good battle by both teams at the net the last shot got in a little bit of an awkward position.

timeout believes that is nine six no one's not still I vote for it sorry the score is seven nine two got a different strategy where Leo Crouch is down in the kitchen.

and that one was out the back all right so side out it's now nine seven one they're a good good digs out of the kitchen by the burgundy team thank you nine seven two.

Yeah that dink was just wide it's a good dink battle Inside Out 791 all right great shot in the back end Leo had a good dig on it great dink battle and good patience and a good setup by the red team and a good.

Put away by Josh second server 792 foreign interesting strategy to have Leo kneel down up there at the kitchen because you want to be able to you can't take the ball out of the air on the return from the serve so.

I mean uh his dad his partner would have to cover the court for that a great setup good dinking and a good good Patience by both teams ten seven one second or third great drop straight get on the drop good thinking the last one was got a.

Little high and then went out the back so second server ten seven two three it's confusion about which side the burgundy team should be on to receive the ball attention players this is the second.

Call Court 27 second call Lauren Mercado Lauren Mercado Court 27. this is your second call let's go buddy we had a good setup a lot of the court open over there on the right side put the Inside Out went into the net so side out we got a lobster.

And it's seven ten one drop was in the net second server Seven Ten two Seven Ten too oh drop one into the net all right side out so it's ten seven one oh.

Good luck good get on the LOB then the return was wide they wait ten seven two and that's the end of game two so they've split games the end score was 11-7 so they'll go.

Into one more game it will also be 211 but they'll switch sides at six beginning of the third game the burgundy team starts serving zero zero two three broadcast oh that was a good idea to put it on the.

Outside line but that was wide digs by Josh and good resets but that last one last one they kept it really deep it was too difficult to reset so second server zero zero two.

More the burgundy team was ready for that shot and put it back at Josh and it's just in too much of an awkward position and too slow to block I went into the net zero zero one short sir.

good overheads keeping them at the back line zero zero two great block I'm not sure who hit that but they got a good block on it they knew it was coming.

Slide out zero zero one great gift by John I was a tough shot in the back corner backhand side and that got a little high and out the back second server zero zero two great log kept it in my good overhead put away.

To get the point one zero two thank you like I said thank you attempt at an ATP that I think there was confusion about whether that zinc was out it looked close.

Foreign server inside so it's two one two great blocks and drives good casings by both teams and burgundy team waiting for the right moment to put that down the middle one two one.

as a tough shot to drop to Captain deep section server one two two that serve as deep sign out two one one good thinking good patience on both sides the last one didn't make it over the net from the burgundy team so that's a point three one one.

great yes that was a great point the red team was pulled all over but they got them beside the report so that's a point four one two I believe uh I don't know if it's first server might be first server 4-1-1 first serve.

and that love was on the back second server four one two thank you this is.

foreign to switch ends I think the burgundy team was confused about whether that was out but the red team called it out yes.

has a great setup great patience wait for the right moment to put that away seven two two again this game is 211 and they split the first two games this is the third.

Game so the winner of this game is the winner of the match so it's side out two seven one I was in the net didn't make it over second server two seven two the lobster good deep return on that serve oh good gets by the burgundy team seem.

Like there might have been some confusion about who is gonna get the ball but in the end it worked to their advantage because I think it confused the red team as well so 372 Drive was in the net side out seven three one.

And now that they've switched sides that red team has the sun directly in their eyes great eye by the red team to see that open court and take advantage of it foreign to be able to get back up to the kitchen.

wow that was a fantastic point from both teams great defense offense and speed UPS 381 attention players second call Court 44.

Cork 44 second call e whole and your partner Mark cordona cordona and oh 44 this is your second call great patience resets drops by both teams the last one didn't make it over the net second server.

382. great serve on the back line four eight two great shot burgundy team got that a little high Josh put it away I don't want to reach of them so slide out eight four one.

John tried to drop reset that didn't make it over the next second server 842 okay great thinking good ATP the burgundy team was ready but there's went just wide almost hit Josh I think but he moved out of the way I'm up.

Here so it's a point nine four two sets and drives that was a very tough one on the last one drive just down the reach of Josh tried to get it you got a paddle on it but it went into the net four nine one.

Serve return in the net five that was a great Point good ACP good block on the ATP 0.69 it's 9 1. that serve was deep second server 692.

serve return good return on that serve good get on that blob and that was just wide so side out it is 9-6 very close game there's a little confusion I think on who's gonna get that one just down a reach.

Ten six one great shot speed ups and defense great game great match ended 11-6 so the first the first game was gotten by the burgundy team the second game by.

The red team and the third game by the red teams the red team won the match