Game one time in Hunter Johnson will start us off serving on the near end Brett hutless is our first referee Andrea Gately our second here for this gold medal match I think a little a little long with the swing on that volley wasn't Julian's not a bad shot but wasn't Julian's best effort I think.

Hunter could have shortened up and had a better shot to execute that volley age okay all right well first one gets a big reaction from the crowd that's what they're here for they are here for the Andiamos they're here for the yells we'll see who in the audience.

Gets that intense eye contact from Julian Arnold after some of these exchanges I hope it's us scares me sometimes though get it shout out yeah decent look uh obviously pretty far back in the green so a tough shot to execute but I think Hunter was leaning to his right so Julian going.

Inside out was a a good try couldn't couldn't get it done did they imagine this is by far the windiest it has been here this weekend had a touch of Breeze here and there but it is much stronger here today so definitely going to affect some of these shots yeah and uh Julian looking back at the line again questioning whether.

Possibly both of those shots would sail wide from Hunter Johnson so a little a little awkward on the decision making from Julian whether to volley those two shots yeah too good from Hunter and a tough break for Julian lost his footing kind of coming forward after that return and unfortunately for him he was kind of.

Behind for the rest of that point and we've mentioned the the tightness of these courts not a ton of space around them and that's even more prevalent in singles when these guys are moving a lot want to be kind of deep in that court for the returns and the serve absolutely.

Free point there for oh and he follows it up I kind of made a made a motion that the ball's jumping a little bit on the toss and obviously as you mentioned by far the breeziest day up yeah just uh just a bad decision from Julian Arnold I think he had plenty of time to to go with the drop to either.

Side uh so um possibly got there quicker than he expected and uh went with the LOB probably wishes he had that one back a little long on that serve from Hunter perhaps Hunter maybe has the advantage as the win picks up seeing as he played in Houston last weekend with our gale.

Force wins of 40 to 50 miles per hour boy tough break there for Johnson at least it was a fancy throw the ball back actually very impressive he's got Tricks he does three four it's funny that the crowd I think a few people thought Julian wasn't going to run for that one that's that's pretty.

Laughable heard some gasps yeah from the crowd okay we mentioned this every time we have a women's and men's singles back to back the clear obvious difference between the two styles both of the gentlemen here getting to that net as quickly as.

Possible nice rip from Julian Arnold an uncharacteristic let's go normally an Andiamo but we'll we'll take the energy yeah subdued Andiamo great shot from Julian Arnold all his balance all his weight forward and and when that happens the ball comes off the paddle a little.

Bit differently wow crazy combination from Julian kind of stabbing the two-hander we'll get you more in the booth which I think the people are loving so they're not mad at it all right good side out coming out of the timeout from Hunter Johnson got a couple words of advice from Yates who I.

Saw come over to the fence at the end of that time out again that's that might be a little bit of the wind pushing that wide definitely very cross-court from right to left as you're looking at the court foreign nice put away from Hunter and I think it's you're exactly right it is cross.

But it's actually slightly in the face of Hunter so it's kinda yes kind of coming across and uh yeah it's it's a special win for sure and it's it's been fairly consistent uh I mean we've only been playing for a little under 10 minutes but it's been consistent this whole match yeah great volley from Hunter because.

Julian Arnold's initial backhand volley was very good so hunter able to be somewhat offensive off of a great volley from Julian and he's rewarded with the point oh my gosh that is that is ridiculously good I mean you can see I mean that's a passing shot that is landing one foot.

Past the kitchen line to create that angle amazing almost a carbon copy of the previous point but as it often does the net gets in the way yeah Hunter looking back at a spot on the court did not thank that sir from.

Julian Arnold came up as much as he was hoping got out okay with the drop attempt uh kind of the aggressive topspin drop that Julian Arnold was going for but he left that one high and Hunter Johnson able to kind of hit down on a two-handed backhand nothing.

Julian can do with the next ball yeah and another another great volley from Julian and Hunter comes up with the goods off of that low volley but Julian with the and fantastic footwork to get back to the middle of the Court we saw some on Thursday we've seen a little bit here today but I anticipate with some really quick paced shots.

Both have such great hands yeah so they they can absolutely rip through passing shots and then go with the softer uh more angle or or more ball with topspin but they don't really get into the true cat and mouse points like you're talking about Lauren indeed oh my gosh Julian Arnold just everywhere getting.

Several shots back that I'm pretty sure most players would not be able to get back a great job from Johnson that inside out to finish try it out yeah so a real back and forth game one mentioned uh before the match started about how these guys are big time shop makers and they can really.

String together three four or more fantastic shots and we just haven't seen either one be able to get in their full Rhythm yet that's what it takes I mean that's three ridiculously good shots from Julian Arnold uh knowing that his opponent is so good you're just not going to finish in one against these.

Guys very often even in singles which is kind of crazy to say and he had I wouldn't certainly wouldn't say it was a big window but he did have Hunter kinda a little off balance leaning to Hunter's left so going down the line with that two-handed backhand was a a great option but a little wide okay.

Shout out nice angle created on the backhand slice volley from Julian Arnold oh my God yeah I mean he was there he got there in plenty of time and then just it's a little too much heat on that I think he's I I don't know the feeling but I think he might be too fast.

Sometimes you should all be so lucky yes yes never fully experienced that feeling extremely evenly matched first game here though to start great two-hander from Julian Arnold and both of these guys just awesome ability to hit those two-hander some slight nerves it could.

Be a little bit of Breeze it could be a lot of things but until some of the the cleanness of the ball striking gets better I think that that's the main factor thank you right now I like it when Hunter just kind of nods when he hits a good shot like yep.

I played doubles uh in an event with him a couple weeks ago and uh you know when I set a shot when I hit a good shot you know he said nice shot and when he hit a good shot he just so good complimented himself more than you oh my.

really getting that paddlehead underneath the ball and whipping through with some nice Top Spin in his defense he did have a lot of good shots uh in our doubles partnership so can't we can't Vault him too much for that but big Andiamo from Julian Arnold let's see what he's got here.

Same point here in game one that's great control of the kitchen line from Hunter Johnson weathering the storm of four or five Julian Arnold ground strokes and each one of those topspin volleys from the kitchen line very crisp from Hunter his last few rallies Hunter just is pushing them wide I don't know if of.

Course we talk about when you have two extremely high level players you try to be a little too perfect because you know they can do so much it just seems like Hunter just overdoing it a little lucky fans close by there videotaping Hunter Johnson must win the second game.

To even keep his gold medal dreams alive looking to go back to back after taking gold for the first time last week in Houston Texas yeah definitely Hunter Johnson gonna have to figure something out as some of his consistency from Thursday.

Has eluded him so far in this match there's that nice hand Exchange so there should be something instead of the cat and mouse which is kind of the soft game at the net we need a new phrase for the the fast game at the net between the two players thank you.

Nice Chris volley from Julian I'll ponder that one Lauren scene if I see if I can come up with something maybe the chat has some suggestions I like nicknames and naming things things it's fun I'll tell you what Lauren uh I pulled out of this tournament as a player last minute and.

Got a little winded throwing free stuff to the crowd so I think it was a pretty good decision on my part Nature has taken its course oh wow and and let's be clear that was an amazing serve but there have been some issues with that spot in the court I think kind of kind of two-thirds the way.

Up in the blue uh two or three feet from the Baseline I think I've seen a couple awkward bounces there throughout the weekend great ball from Hunter Johnson right at the feet of Julian Arnold yeah Julian can't believe it his face says it all probably maybe not the easiest volley he's had but definitely.

One of the easier ones he's had in this match and just a little too much punch okay Julian Arnold what he is too fast stop it Julie look where he is his foot's in the green he gets back to his left and carves the outside of the ball to put it back cross-court for the winner a ridiculous degree of difficulty I love that he yelled to himself it's.

Never over after coming out on top of that and he is very correct again just just need a mic on Julian Arnold four one call stance so we saw on Thursday when these two.

Faced off Hunter Johnson does have a bit of a spin serve he uses that left hand to create second game this is the double yet from Hunter I think Hunter Johnson made sure Julian heard that little mental Warfare after a couple loose backhand volleys from Julian.

Oh he goes another Ace let's go it's so funny the the Johnson twins don't really strike me as trash talkers on court but we're getting a little of it yeah Hunter Johnson yeah from Julian this is this is what we wanted let's go this is indeed what I was hoping uh-huh.

Julian's saying hundred and needs to go big on the serve because he can't he needs it he has to have that serve so seven this this is fun too much there we go it's so much you know we might need a splash screen we need one of those plexiglass up here sometimes when the Andiamo is big little saliva.

Coming out oh pushing it a little wide it's been my favorite to watch the crowd on the opposite side as they do the uh the turn their heads all at the same time as they watch the ball foreign did he say nothing can stop me let's go.

Julia come on what a power walk too this is this is getting good let's go oh a verbal warning for hitting the ball ball abuse yes all abuse in the back there nice job from Julian Arnold clearing his body out of the way stepping to his left and crushing an inside in forehand.

Oh he's using his line against him it's so good it's so good twice oh yeah I'm just I'm just so happy I'm so happy keep it up great pickleball and that there's a reasonable chance that could have gone wide with Julian Arnold having some Top Spin and side spin on the ball under Johnson choosing.

To strike the volley on the backhand side and that's an errand we are tied up at seven thank you I mean dare I say hunter kind of poked to the bear a little bit that's I'm you gotta be careful I mean right after the the ace comment.

Dumped that serve into the net and it was kind of a hey hey I mean it's I mean it is so good they shout out to Ching Brew Baker of.

Wichita Kansas love her huge pickleball fan loves the sport loves the pros and a big happy birthday to her fine that was great was that in I guess so wow that looked crazy hey when it rains it pours my goodness that's extremely close but hunter didn't really even.

Motion or consider that it was out there gold medal oh all right so now
This is the Hilton Head Open tournament.