And now one of the most entertaining and dynamic players on the pro circuit and we are rounded out here with deckle bar 29 years old originally from Israel now also in Dripping Springs Texas along with DJ Young played some professional tennis attending college in Israel before coming to the states full-time only just.

A few years ago and we can credit Adam Stone next to me with deckle bars pickleball career got him over to the dark side we appreciate it or should I say the good side the last one you saw the latter oh.

No just a just another pickleball point no big deal yeah not not anything nothing happened too crazy yeah not any skills out there just ridiculous stuff from the guys Bob Swiss Helm our first referee Trish Winrow our second for this matchup yeah nice job there by JW Johnson handling the deckle bar drive and uh DJ.

Young looking for this shake and bake towards the middle of the court but JW putting that volley behind him yeah very yeah very nice from decal and the floating dink but I expect decal and myself have played JW and Dylan a lot and the middle is the safest place for the dinks I'll explain why after this point.

So we have Dylan Frazier with an amazing off of the bounce forehand attack and JW Johnson with an amazing backhand out of the air attack so that middle dinking is Young and bars attempt at neutralizing two of the biggest weapons on the other side exactly correct okay.

And we saw that JW Johnson backhand kind of jerk poke whatever you want to call it either way it's a short backswing and then a lot of power Johnson and Frazier have had a lot of success together played together many times very good friends off and on the court you can see them always smiling joking around.

Love to see it keeps them nice and loose and relaxed oh off the I mean that was literally off the body and came back over the net that's how hard decobar just hit that well what yeah that's it by DJ and uh not I wouldn't say a great spot anywhere to attack JW and Johnson but if you're.

Gonna do it do it too high to his backhand side when he's leaning a little uh to the middle uh looking for a forehand so great misdirection from DJ young to put that ball to the left side of J.W Johnson's body points sales long and a free point yeah that's a that's I think that's two dink errors and a return error from JW we'll.

Just chalk that up to the Johnson slow start there is the Baby Dill incredible off the bounce forehand attack and very much right there for the next ball to clean it up up the middle yeah nice scorpion from deckle bar half of a I wouldn't say rare but uh not.

Too frequent forehand speed up from the middle from J.W Johnson well known for one of the biggest serves in pickleball gets up on that tiptoe ballerina bar serve and you saw there a really uh I think under utilized skill JW Johnson looking to be aggressive with his court.

Positioning in the middle knowing that his opponent neutralized it and then leaving that ball for his partner who knows is behind him nice step back from DJ young kind of jamming up J.W Johnson around the upper chest area talk about that multiple times a lot of players cover the stomach and the belly button but struggle to.

Cover a little higher point so declaren DJ young ultimately double dipped by Zayn navratil and J.W Johnson in that gold medal match but really liked the partnership from bar and young I think young can be a little volatile on court depending who he's playing with.

And I think deckle bar is a really good partner to keep him grounded and very focused into the game there it is again DJ young catching JW on the left side of his body with a nice beforehand and able to put away the next ball JW Johnson is smiling in the middle of that rally he blocked that shot from.

Barr and had a huge grin on his face in the middle of that I love to see it foreign wow great slide from DJ young knowing that's going to be their strategy when J.W Johnson gets an opportunity to poke that backhand out of the air DJ is going to slide to his right and decal is going to cover the middle.

We talked so much about Dylan Fraser he covers the body so well because not coming from a tennis background he doesn't have to sort of get rid of any of those habits that came over from tennis and you mentioned how a little tougher for tennis players to block the body really nice balance of attacking with.

The forehand and not drawing trying to do too much early in this match from DJ Young on the right side keeps him grounded I really like the chemistry between the two of them five four one no offense you you two are also fabulous together oh it just missed okay I kind of thought for a second it might have touched.

Someone but uh just missing it long uh Dylan Fraser able to pull that paddle back foreign yeah great move from deckle bar who uh maybe not uncharacteristically but actually a better poacher off of good drops as opposed to drives interesting for the big man.

No I like I like what I like what's going on with DJ right now I like the sliding uh he's been even a couple of the ones that he missed he was on it so I like what I'm seeing from DJ young early in this matchup boy that was probably one of I would say you know not a bad decision but one of the first questionable decisions on a.

Speed up from DJ kind of funny saying four big strong athletic guys just thinking to the middle thinking to the middle point yeah deckle bar kind of going away from the pattern and pushing that dink wide to the forehand side of Dylan Frazier yeah it's a great spot from deckle bar.

When he steps to his left to hit that that forehand attack he very rarely hooks it to the right side of the person in front of his body usually goes at the left side player or to the middle sign out of course djang and deckle bar combined height of 14 feet maybe that's a lot so huge reach.

Big wing span wow worked that time I'm not sure if that's a sustainable strategy to handle the Dylan Fraser forehand attack but certainly worked that time for the big man yeah slight miss it a little too much brush from DJ young gets a lot of.

Rotation and spin on those drops but obviously a little higher risk when you're stroking it like he does yeah so that's uh back to back kinda middle yellow range attacks from DJ young not bad just gotta keep that in check a little bit second server yeah good eye from Deco bar and a nice call from his partner DJ.

Young who's just rocking a beautiful red v-neck side out nice and you see DJ knowing that Deco might attack instantly sitting on the backhand kind of disregarding that forehand side knowing that ball is going to go wide yeah there's that inside out forehand.

Again from bar and uh I would say some uncharacteristic counter-attack misses in this game one from JW Johnson send a server eight six two oh missed return s I had one I had an opportunity to show off the hand speed and I flubbed it.

That's why you're over here now I'm out there with Deco that's sad oh it'll be okay oh Deco mixing up his spots with the forehand rarely going at that right-sided player like I mentioned but he's put a couple to the middle a couple of J.W Johnson and now one at Dylan Frazier.

Knew it was coming yeah exactly right and we I think that's the second time we've seen the Scorpion from deckle bar I think uh last time out probably used it a little bit too much so we'll have to monitor that moving forward yeah tough break clipping the tape throwing off JW Johnson's Rhythm that ball getting a.

Little bit behind him where obviously wanting to have that contact point out in front but the the net did not allow it definitely saw some some words being moused by J.W Johnson after that it's gonna go wide a good angle uh from JW and and DJ young very much there but kind of ran out of room on the sideline.

Yeah tough luck but a nice job uh decal attacking a low position he did have a window in the middle of the corba JW Johnson closing that window very quickly such a server yeah JW muttering to himself he missed not not a terrible drive but he missed his spot for sure going to the deckle bar forehand.

Wow nice job kind of fortunate for decal to get that lob up as Dylan Frazier faked him out deckle going to the Scorpion and then Dylan Frazier pushing a dink behind him so great shot from Dylan and somehow deckle bar got back to neutral in that point say a server yeah tough luck uh we'll never know what would have happened but.

I know decal would have hit it very hard possibly for a winner or possibly directly into the net all very possible options sorry guys payback again stayed in these these that chords are just barely staying in each time and Bart and.

Young have themselves a game point and they will get it with a return long from JW Johnson just a few too many errors on their side on the far end after Barr and young take game one they are one away from forcing that tiebreaker match to 15. we'll see if Frazier and Johnson can make some adjustments here clean up some.

Of those errors we saw in game one and push this to a third game yeah great spot uh nothing DJ young can do there sliding to his right but the previous dink too high and JW Johnson pretzling up DJ with a nice backhand speed up can't go come on come on yeah there's a nice counter attack I like to see decal.

Not go to the Scorpion there and just hit that heavy backhand counter Baby Dill missed his spot trying to get it to the right side of the body of decal but unfortunately he put in a spot where decal could could catch it with that heavy heavy backhand counter wow great recovery off that net and great recovery there as well.

I mean three insane cats from dackle bar within that one rally my goodness and that's deckable uh Dylan Fraser missed his spot on the previous point he hit that forehand bounce attack exactly where he wanted to that last time well there it is it's just the off the bounce from such a low spot too it's so quality and.

It's just amazing it's so good nice ATP there on that backhand side from JW Johnson haven't seen a ton of them this entire weekend I think simply because it's a little tight on those sides here with these courts but every once in a while sneaking them in there yeah nice shot way to come in hot from.

JW and also hard to get an ATP when 80 plus percent of the dinks are going to the middle Fair Point Fair Point four zero two sign up I've been waiting for a good opportunity for that decal hit ball huh that was a good one that was an excellent time for it Adam zero four one oh my gosh.

Oh my God how does someone as large as decal bar I I mean pick up that shot previously as he's going it's so light on his feet as well he went for that one that was the the full on forehand swing 100 right there he often hits it so hard he lowers his percentage but that one was 100.

Percenter um a little short on that side there is taco bar this time goes for his attempt at a backhand ATP oh love the idea there from Frasier Johnson showing him the form the proper form of how he needed to have hit that.

That's a nice spot from deckle bar able to get down on the backhand shot to the couple feet from the left foot of Dylan Frazier I mean uh JW Johnson no chance for jw2 get that one second server so uh go ahead no I was just gonna say deckle knew that one was coming but very straight up we mentioned.

That he can be so light on his feet sometimes but also a little flat-footed occasionally as well good leave we have a comment from Richard I we've mentioned this before you in your game Adam your ready position is kind of with that paddle down and at your side a little unique as most players keep.

Their paddle up and JW Johnson very similar kind of has that panel down doesn't hold it up where Frazier does a little bit more is that simply just your own style and his style or is there any sort of thought process behind that well I I hold mine lower uh obviously the number one thing is you have to have the hand speed to still.

Cover your shoulders uh and your chest and if you have that one moment oh nice counter there from Deco bars Dylan Frazier could not get that to the forehand side when I have my paddle lower down by my side I feel like I'm lighter on my feet it can move better laterally at the kitchen line I mean JW Johnson certainly can do that.

His lateral movement very good and certainly has the hand speed to cover the body as well so perhaps if you're a player that maybe doesn't feel like their hand speed is quite as quick that that upper ready position is a little more better suited for their game Adam was nodding in agreement just so.

Everyone knows a nice nice dinking middle dinky kind of see as JW Johnson when he decides to think he almost kind of cups or Scoops that forehand dink slightly interesting technique foreign that ball was definitely going to go down and in from J.W Johnson but Clips.

The tape and goes out nice attack from duckle bar as I mentioned one of those favorite ones that inside out ball nice spot change from Dylan Frazier who had tried a couple to the right side of Deco bar but able to get deckle bar extended off of his left side right at the chest of decal very bad off the off.

The body with extension with the one-hander you can catch him occasionally get both teams right in the middle not really looking to work those angles on the dink yeah don't want to give any everybody's got too much Firepower don't want to give them anything to work with but a nice job.

From JW able to get deckle bar off of the kitchen line and as we mentioned that opens up decal's feet yeah really nice load everyone knew it was coming and DJ young with a fantastic job of loading forehand as we've seen him slide to his uh to cut for the backhand most frequently.

I'm really impressed with DJ Young's patience so far this match he's he's pulled a couple not even bad triggers uh and and I think that he is really committed to that right side role in the dinking I you know what I I feel I just feel a lot coming for DJ young very soon nice drive from Deco bar contact point.

Of JW Johnson well behind his body not a recipe for success okay dismissal at the highest level there from Dylan Frazier baby doll on it so short so powerful don't even you know not an obvious attack but don't even hate it from deckle just too good from Dylan.

Point nice spot from decobar up the middle he really has been uh you know some some wins and some losses with that forehand speed up but he has been really moving the ball around nicely uh when he does decide to pull the trigger on the forehand side oh first big yellow growl there from DJ.

Yellow little shoulder waggle kinda and then sitting right there on the back end with the two shot combo as JW Johnson a little flat-footed on that counter same shot seven six one just a good shot great dig from Frazier point and uh.

Not super close to clearing the net but I think it would have been right through the middle had he been able to convert but a little low on that speed up from deckle bar had a good look at it first I I believe that is the first uh third game nine six one Point nice ball from JW Johnson really.

The big difference for me is uh a couple loose dink errors from JW in the first game and kind of some loose counter attacks as well he has very much tightened that up in game two and uh that's why they are sitting on a game point Lauren ten six two oh I mean into the crowd behind the.

Fence if that doesn't Ricochet off Dylan Frazier first got him I'm pretty sure that was entirely the point nothing like a staring down a game point and just going full out for a body shot thank you so often really like that adjustment.

From decal a lot of a lot of spin a lot of junk on that ball from JW very much known for carving that slice backhand dink oh just too easy there after that Clips did you hear how you said JW's name before what what happened you kind of stumble and you said JW well I spent 12 years in East Texas.

I appreciated it very much occasionally maybe having an IPA or two it'll really come out really come out that W gets really elongated no second server oh great eye from DJ I thought with a slight breeze and the spin created from J.W Johnson he might.

Be in trouble there but he's out there and I'm not and you can see why there it is the threat of that attack from uh Deco bar getting J.W Johnson off balance thank you server yeah I think that one probably should.

Have been a dink a little impatient from decal happens to the best of us I mean yep nine ten two really nice Surf Bar got out that was I think that was pretty close to going over for deckle to.

Wave at it like that all right two more opportunities to yeah close this out Frasier and Johnson have had three so far okay Dylan Frazier my goodness still advised but a couple too many speed UPS from Deco bar in that game too as his opponents were much more.

On it I would like to see him grind just a little bit more side out it'll take that DJ young hitting to the center of the Court which is a dangerous area with the JW Johnson forehand but he had gone up the line to the JW Johnson backhand several times before that it wasn't a bad law but I think his out.

Of the air on the forehand is so good that when he let bounce a little more time for Baby Dill nice job getting JW Johnson off balance again because he often will attack the body of JW and then pushes that dink to JW's left foot great shot from deckle bar side out yeah he missed an opportunity.

To attack I can't believe he didn't attack that one and then made the dink error he let us know he didn't like that either yeah that's two drives right into the net from The Young Bucks on the far end I'm gonna have to clean that up come on.

Nice drive from deckle bar catching Dylan Frazier three or four feet off of the kitchen line oh right into the tape I gotta say though the the camera towards decal and DJ I just get distracted every time by one of the more glorious mustaches I've ever seen behind.

Them by a by a gentleman I I don't know who's here enjoying the pickleball three I mean look at look at that thing it is phenomenal and I hope his friends watching see this and text him that we just talked about his mustache because that's why you have that mustache for people to talk about it great pull great attack from DJ young.

Playing very well DJ oh the shake and bake that's twice early in game three that Dylan Frazier has been caught in the transition zone in a little awkward off of Facebook and pick up at any moment will have to have to come in gentlemen five zero two shout out zero five one.

Yeah it's some very structured patterns in this match and the ladies one moment and I'll finish my thought yeah a little too much from DJ looking for that body shot again not my thought end of a very long weekend oh wow I literally couldn't even see it it went.

So high in the air what a lob and what a lob crazy yeah crazy defensive love from JW Johnson who is very late covering behind his partner and just threw it up and it landed about six inches from the Baseline a little wind picked up there it seemed like possibly held that up yeah and a couple times uh you know deckle bar.

Obviously great reach he can uh get pushed off the kitchen line hit that backhand Dink and get back forward but he's definitely been pushed off the line a few times and the last few minutes and JW coming up for our final match up Vivian David and Thomas Wilson take on Zane navratil and Andrea Coop that's coming up next.

Foreign Dylan what happened he lobbed Dylan look at Dylan's face he literally was like oh Jada what yeah he was he was waiting for the drop to come but no no no JW Johnson explosive movement to take that ball out of the air with power I'm pretty sure Declan.

You have a very famous picture from Steve Taylor doing that exact same move foreign that dog was in heaven oh just missing yeah that's the uh e H first time DJ young went for the full.

Body bag he was able to catch him the last two attempts have not gone in his favor nice adjustment from Dylan and JW hard to fault him too much because he gets away with it so frequently eight zero run that Frasier and Johnson just went on to give themselves a three-point lead so certainly the pressure on bar and.

Young now to get back into this third game and try and keep their hopes alive for that gold medal yeah and nice not nice hands from DJ to get the first two back but you know one of the better players out here at controlling the kitchen line JW Johnson with wow another missed return just very.

Solid controlled consistent pressure at the kitchen line from JW nine five two points just incredible patience from Frazier and Johnson to wait for the right moment and still that's a tough ball to attack for Johnson and I'm gonna gold medal match point here.

For JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier yeah right on it Dylan Frazier and I'll tell you what it's interesting I think I think JW Johnson has hit probably 70 percent of the balls maybe two-thirds of the balls in this match uh interesting distribution Miss third from decal s.

Well that was probably sailing long but stays in got out I thought I might have heard something I might have clipped Dylan but obviously no one else on court felt that way I also did not feel that way so you are alone and back to a gold medal match point.

Oh good spot thank you for clarifying my loneliness you're on an island by yourself foreign side from J.W Johnson that secures themselves a gold medal but
This is the Hilton Head Open tournament.