Has that pink pickleball in his hand this is going to be a ceremonial first point with the pink pickle ball that's to commemorate October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month they're doing this before all the finals we're going to go forward facing tweener we're gonna go behind the back it's a trick come on Ben another tweener just one.

All right together folks all right well done that point does not kill thank you one of the things to watch for is Newman's interesting backhand he's got a bit of a difference zero zero two crazy types of spin on it.

Close up there in the kitchen area and those dink rallies that's what Ben's gonna look to do as much as possible anytime it's a little bit higher above the net he's going to take big cuts at it very offensive type of player sign up so I met right with the good hands at.

The net zero one one put away from Riley Newman so that's Matt Wright serving here white shirt blue hat and uh if you want to tell the John's Brothers apart that's Ben back of the Court blue hat Colin who is older and the black got him quite react quick enough there.

One one second serve the ball moving what a fleet faster the air so right at the opponent is often a good play try to test the reaction skills those quick hands big part of doubles is there a dominant player on this side of the net between.

Uh Newman and right in your mind I actually think that they form a nice team they play a little bit differently as you can quickly see right with a little bit more under spin typical more traditional tennis type of volleys talked about that yesterday a little bit.

A new one with a bit of a different type of way he delivers the ball and you're not talking about Matt Wright from a third hand perspective we mentioned it yesterday you play junior tennis against Matt Wright I did so long ago 12s was he number one in the country in 12th he was number one in the country in the.

12s and uh in singles one two I don't remember the doubles ranking but I know that we played in the finals and then National boys 12's doubles who wanted that Justin gimbal stop and I did there you go took him out.

three one here is Matt playing the highest level of this sport it's pretty fun to see him out there but it's intensity Jen Mike has a Washington state guy to see the guy out there that you beat in 12 Juniors playing pickleball with.

All the pickleball Pride you have in your home state it's got to make you want to get out there and beat him again in this sport how dare he be out there well he's playing with the Washington Native at least so that's a good thing another nice move from Newman right numerator definitely charged up here.

For the moment five one two three get out there and play a little pickleball I know you play I mean you had a court in the backyard a little too big there from right could put enough spin on it Riley Newman born in Whitby Island Washington now makes this woman Phoenix Arizona he went to.

Seattle University he played tennis and he also was a big time high school basketball player in the state of Washington he actually scored 46 points in a game once that's incredible great athlete he's showing the skills out here again you see when he hits the ball a little bit more spin on it sort of Top.

Spin on everything totally jinxed him on that little forehand big cut from Ben Johns I feel like Ben Johnson is trying to heat on this Strokes a little bit I feel like Ben John's forehand makes a different sound the same way that like Del potro's forehand makes a.

Different sound yeah it's a lot of pace coming off the paddle there five five two Morgan Evans who does a lot of commentary on on pickleball and has joined us on Tennis Channel says that and John's is like federer07 like Nadal any year at Roland Garros.

That's how good he is in the sport is that hyperbole that is a High Praise certainly a good example of this quick hands Ben Johnson is number one in doubles and singles so there's a reason for that just moving back ahead DC traffic could take about three hours.

Hi man hey hi good kid but not by much let's talk about maybe helping right Newman a little bit to break that concentration of the Johns that streak they were on hey one right then we're way up in this game to start it out Point nice move there from Riley his.

Partner is echoing our thought process hey one is it good okay second third ball definitely caught the line there so nice overview foreign.

And Ben and Colin with a little more finesse and some of his shots keeping it low setting up his brother to really attack six one Collins serving here off the tape right over the paddle of Matt Wright and Ben Johns is kind of living proof that you don't have to be a World Cup class tennis player or even a.

Tennis player to make it in pickleball Ben Johns was a was a ping pong player he did not play tennis at Maryland he was just a you know a student ten six two and so the Johns start things off zero zero two tagged him.

Felt like Riley made some really good plays early in the first game Ben sort of took control zero one and a combination of finessing power between both of the Johns is just tricky to deal with over the length of these games come up with something pretty special zero two.

Sign up don't make any assumptions about how this is going to turn out yeah John's and John's are the flashiest and the the highest ranked team 201 but uh Newman and Wright have beaten them three times this year including the last time they played in Vegas two weeks ago that was a five Setter with the distance.

Overall tenth meeting of the Year between these two teams six three Edge for the Johnsons for me it's kind of it it's a given how three of these players are often the level of play that they have it's it's Zero's right it really stepped up for me in that five Setter five games I should say.

Long match they played came up with some brilliant play at the end of that game I feel like he'll have to again today point then go into some finesse now in the little dink Exchange the way of the Johns how about those hands from Ben Johns.

It's quite some nice defense there from right but just not quite enough by the way that that split screen of the two networks has been dubbed by our producer and done the the kitchen sink shot and that's sync s-y-n-c and if he doesn't make t-shirts to commemorate that name I'm going to I Love It.

Panda strikes again looking for the Ernie there come on that's just too good been truly imposing his Force there in the middle they're calling back it up so nicely it goes right where to beat oh ATP from Newman and they get the.

Point one might have been out to play it nice drive there from right coming forward excellent volley dude feeling those hands pointing at his head he's thinking trying something different.

Tagged him that's a fair play and uh payback for Newman being tagged earlier well in our backyard court that was our favorite thing to do is tag our friends this didn't matter if you would win the point oh the only thing that wasn't allowed was head hunting no trying to go for the.

Head but if you could sting your opponent with the ball and leave it leaves a nice Mark by the way especially if you don't have a shirt on back out there in the summer see the little holes you can if you can read plus of your opponent the circle marks on your skin you've your opponents hit it hard.

Five three two John's brothers are stacking as they're returning explain the point of of that tactic just not show your opponent where where you might move but they do not move to their preferred side of the Court rather quickly nope so essential subterfuge there Ben Johns.

Was serving from the right side there he wants to play the right so it just stays over there in this and this is this it's just a little easier for them to get to their preferred side of the Court sort of most of the pros do that five three one this little lineup is is.

Possible to anything that might float could be an Ernie pouring for Colin there as you can see he lands up in that right side of the Court the deuce side Mount receivers seven three John's time in seven three one there's an Ernie nice to meet by college.

So can I ask what is the deal with Riley Newman's backhand it's got a bit of a frying pan look to it yeah it's unusual he's got an unusual grip on that that backhand but he's able to disguise it really well and just naturally hits some Top Spin on it with the way that he holds the grip of.

Course different kinds of grips can give you different kinds of spin is is it designed to just innately put some extra little bit of spin on it but Colin Johns didn't look super pleased on that last point about uh his brother running into him and taking three hey what I don't know what 90 of the Court.

Look replay three eight one foreign for me the big thing is really knowing who's going to take a majority of the balls out there and I think that it's important that one person sort of does a little bit one tricky if you don't have somebody taking the balls in the middle.

As a rule if you get a little confused the ball goes too fast so having somebody take 65 70 percent of of the Court actually can work out nicely of course that doesn't mean that the other player isn't just as important we're looking to cover.

Make some moves do some some types of Ernie types of plays it takes a lot of communication the Court's not that big for four people out here wow slide up when you played doubles with your brother Tory did you ever get into it with each other in a match.

Yeah but either for that matter not really no we we have we get along very well so yeah but I mean you've still siblings there's I get along with my sister really well but we still argue once in a while in tennis you know we communicated well it was a pretty clear thought process of what we're doing out there and I was.

Already a top player in the world and he was trying to be so it was it was sort of a learning experience for him and he knew who the captain was yeah I think in that situation definitely uh in in pickleball we were probably the best two players so we usually played against each other it wasn't really fair to put us on the same.

Team as far as our neighborhood battles went there was a lot of those when I say hey when I said we played pickleball that Court didn't just sit empty out in our backyard I put my tennis hours in get to the gym do those things that you know we're trying to do to be a tennis player but then we play hours and hours of pickleball almost.

David foreign is trying to say that the the athleticism required for pickleball is the same as it is for tennis it isn't but um you'll get sweating if you play the sport absolutely a little sweat it's a lot of.

Fun it takes quick hand the skill set is is extremely high level of these players for sure seven hey two I said it's an easy sport to pick up but it's very difficult sport to master that's so well said foreign it speaks to this whole binary nature of.

Not everybody feels this way but there's one block of people who are tennis people who feel like pickleball is impinging on their world that I'm not sure it has to be an either or situation in fact it doesn't yeah I don't think it does either I really don't but the only.

Thing that uh I will understand from tennis players is saying some of their courts are are going missing and turning into pickleball courts they can see people being a little bit irritated about that however give it a try is what I say play some pickleball play both I've grown up playing both I love them both.

Right now probably just because being a professional tennis player I'd probably rather go out and play Pickleball right now it's a little harder for me to wrap my mind around playing tennis all that often these days but uh sure well I still love playing it just takes a little bit more concentration this is a little bit easier nine seven two so I.

Think I think in the end there would be plenty of pickleball courts that will pop up and both sports are growing fantastically that's a good thing for us some Rafa fans automatically don't like Federer and some Federer fans automatically don't like rock I never understood that what I mean unless.

They're playing against each other why does liking one have to preclude liking the other I feel the same way about tennis and pickleball yeah I think that's fair people do put a lot of their eggs in one basket I just you know I'm on algorize fans so so but you so you can't like anybody I don't like any other player.

That's not how it works I see it doesn't work that way for at least in my mindset but uh it's okay to pick favorites yeah foreign but be honest if you went to a gofan Schwartzman match and you were in the crowd screaming for alcohol because you'd feel stupid you.

Would feel like a guy in that now I'm just saying okay it's a tortured metaphor but I'm supposed to sweep back it up and clean it up okay what kind of dog was shermy it was a springer spaniel good dog there's that backhand again so much disguise.

On a bit of a different grip yes but not an effective tool foreign it was Ben Johns who changed the tenor of that point he took one out of the air no transition from dink to drive but the other guys got the better of it poach from Newman but it doesn't work.

Got it right into the body tricky shot to deal with there all right time out Carlton John's who grew up in Gaithersburg Maryland which is just a stone's throw from here in College Park they lead a game in nine all in the second this is Ben John's servant I'm in nine nine one.

Oh he was ready for that one the same play happened just a point ago and Wright took one right in the chest good time got the racket on it paddle on it so the term I'm told is uh when you start to transition out of the dink exchange and start driving.

Called speeding it up speeding up the point that the Johns Brothers seem to be first to do that on almost every occasion it's like a turn here's your kitchen sink split screen and again this time in the shoe oh that's a tough one to miss there from calling.

He is going to definitely have to take out the trash tonight after that Miss well left I don't care how old you are when you come to stay at home at your parents house which I believe the jobs are doing one this week you still have to go back and do your original childhood chores that is 100 true.

Maybe Hannah can give us confirmation on that if that's if that's a yes or no how do they divide the chores between Ben and Colin and you was ready for the quick one coming interview after the women's doubles final attempted Ernie from Newman and they get all crossed up.

Oh Ben shot come in there and just put it right up the middle a little miscommunication between Wright and Newman game point here foreign longest dink exchange we've had so far yes chance is here 10 11.

What foreign ly on the defense still leaning forward got two hands on the paddle I really do think it actually helps him in those situations in the volleys good stability coin.

So that's uh 11 all 11 11. got a win by two sign out back to John's John's serving and this will be Ben 11 11 1. right up the middle a little indecision you don't see that often from the johns's eleven eleven two.

Quick side out there on the board foreign squandered half of their service opportunity here's Matt oh what a lob ster excellent love from Matt right opportunities there.

The right move it another quite realized off the tape and wide no need for the ATP game point for the Johns Brothers foreign nice reactions again from Newman let's come up with excellent shots really closer to his body.

So with two chances at closing out the game on their own serve Johnson John's surrender the side out well one they had right Newman pinned at the Baseline a little longer than they would have liked foreign the top of the neck.

Like it was some sort of inchworm you figure so Riley give it a little kiss to the net there thanking it nearly half the length of the net another chance for the Johns Brothers to close it out.

Brown one score on the screen is wrong it's 13 12. couple of dink misses one on each side second serve still a match point oh good forehand finally that'll do it Ben jump in this men's doubles final Jen Michael Gamble and Brett Haber our Tennis Channel team pleased to be.

Bringing you this pickleball coverage from DC good start here for the Johns oh excellent player looking for backhand found it two zero two side out all right looks like a little.

Air coming out of the balloon the Johns Brothers as this third game starts natural spawn Riley Newman yeah so can I ask you another question about Riley Newman's backhand grip I don't I'm not making you responsible for his backhand I just yeah I have questions take no responsibility it's a.

Good shot but strange grip so wouldn't it limit his reach naturally because in terms of what he can get I think absolutely it limits his reach but anyways doing well in the doubles so he's only covering that part of the Court it does Aid him but he's close to the net and.

Those exchanges the dink exchanges right right there at the kitchen it's actually helpful put a lot of angle a lot of spin on it athletic guy pretty quick guys so even even in singles I imagine he covers the court pretty well just can pass pretty well off that back here.

be a tough one to teach I think so I know by the way like the johns's Riley Newman is one of seven siblings she's got five sisters and a brother they apparently when you get a pickleball family you want to have enough siblings so you have people.

To play with yeah that makes sense seven of them good communication there between Wright and Newman we've got another one of the John's siblings in the front row behind the Baseline where they're playing right now.

Foreign I believe the oldest sister is Marcia the youngest sister is Cindy the middle sister is Jan um nothing seems to be the forehand side there of Newman it's a little bit more vulnerable that backhand like his grip or not is an exceptional.

Shot yeah now look I mean that that applies to tennis as well right that not every stroke is built alike and we don't measure by the way foreign that's another beautiful part of these racket Sports.

Foreign doesn't know how you hit it yeah you got to figure out what works for you I think of a guy who grew up playing at this very facility Francis tiafo his forehand is not exactly out of a tennis textbook but uh right yeah I'll say.

Foreign was looking for that one two four two so much patience has to be displayed in those dink exchanges can't allow it to frustrate you three four dude sign up the rare drop shot this time aided by.

The net tape see some Drop shots and singles not very successful ones in doubles that players to cover the court too well try it out there's that disguise again on the backhand side from Doom and it's really difficult to see where he's going to take the shot four or one drive it or.

Maybe dink it up there Colin Johns by the way is the oldest seventh one John's siblings reached way over the net uh kill that four two yeah that's just like tennis that uh that is completely legal on the backspin takes the ball back over to your.

Opponent's side of the net as long as you don't touch it you can reach over and hit it for one second time nice play from Newman's sped it up four four two so uh Colin John's mentioned the the eldest of the seven siblings at 29 Ben's.

23. he uh made a go at a pro to a couple satellite points Point Futures nowadays thank you been teaching tennis last bunch of years down at the Florida Gulf Coast University assistant coach there and at uh a club up in Baltimore but last year or so has devoted himself.

Full-time to pickleball and being his brother's doubles partner that's gotta be fun to travel with your sibling and play these events together the ball's done it looks like so uh Norm Klink scales who's our.

Referee today is going to dip into the box oh plenty and I'll find a new one that they like the players seem to agree with that one six four two we switched hands what a shot to try to go ATP did Newman nearly got that one Lefty you can just tell Newman's quite the athlete able to.

Yes do a lot of interesting things out there almost made that oh right down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams four seven one boy all right so right Newman closed the Gap to 7-5.

71 big swing from Ben second serve coming opportunity to close up a little bit more five seven seven I wish I had enough of that clipped calling with it yes.

Six seven two point O'Reilly they're really coming alive doing some good work in this game come back is complete can they move ahead point oh and a rare return error Colin Johns looked like they were getting ready to close this thing out lift a.

Trophy but Matt Wright and Riley Newman have had something to say about it Chan Mike hey man really turned it on few points foreign get their team through he's played solid.

Over the course of the three games we've seen so far and Newman has really turned it on foreign Michael has left-handed and he got it and John's waiting for it Riley Newman throughout the first pitch.

At the Mariners game last night that's amazing you ever think a pickleball player would do that three four did that once it was a lot of fun I think you did it as a tennis player though I did defense player so Riley Newman has uh gracefully answered the question that I had about.

His backhand limiting his reach he just goes Lefty forehand just goes left beforehand yeah he's done it a couple times now coordinated individual flying all over the place pretty impressive how fast you can just forward as well close ball on that Baseline there called.

In fair play from the Johns game point one Matt Wright's serving this time 's getting into the forehand side of Newman he doesn't have quite as much ability on that forehand side especially from the Baseline left it a little too high.

They're from uh Ben Johns nine ten one foreign with so much patience on display and those gink exchanges and with great reflexes to stay in that then sped up Exchange finally the put away.

Brothers turn it around it's a championship points eleven ten one oh that was a tricky spot to be in there for right still Championship Point second serve and the Hometown Heroes close it out Strike Up the Band for Maryland as.

This is the N2GRATE DC open Tournament