We go back stock probably the best of the tennis players partying with Tyson let's get it going the big win last night for Jack sock John Isner against Annalee Waters and Jesse Irvin Jack sock had an around an ATP around the post shot that everyone's still talking about incredible.

Got lucky on that net right there some say that net giveth and it taketh away it does indeed nice there for number 99. 2-0 side out point one nice work by davilia there one two oh wow Donald Young put up a meatball for jobs he handled that nicely.

Donald's still day two going for those drives on the third instead of the drop yeah it's gonna be tough especially with a guy like Jack on the left big wingspan no joke Matt and I just ran into Donald Young in the men's room before we came into the booth here and we were good we were pumping him up we were having fun with him Donald your game's really.

Coming along he was like yes side out point two double up you see this sometimes early on a couple of you know errors that you won't see made later Tyson McGuffin doesn't miss that very often.

Side out point five ripped one there not a lot of dinking going on so far a lot of driving and crashing Inside Out was put away by Jay devilia there there's another there's another match going on a match but within the match which is interesting and that is there's sort of a debate of between the.

Two men of who is the most handsome player is it Tyson McGuffin who just hit that one or Jay de villier right there both handsome mess you know folks you think about it and we'll give our opinions coming up but absorb it for a few minutes couldn't put it away yeah the win by one here is a great.

Thing really moves five things along it was a great drive there by sock touch it has to make that ball side out again young going for the drive on the third not giving devilier a chance to really get up there I'll recall that score Jay devilier says this about his war of who's more handsome with Tyson McGuffin.

He says you don't put stickers on a Ferrari I like that good line two Crow tennis players oh Donald Young's watched it a few times he knows about that Ernie he wanted one he set that up great moves around that kitchen line that's called an Ernie that's why we don't we don't dink down the line.

Usually that a little higher gives the opponent that chance to Ernie great just Top's been ripped right there by Jack sock s side out point six he went back to the well yep trying to use that big forehand yeah I mean it's a true tennis guy yep in tennis and pickleball he's got a lot.

Of topspin that thing's dipping down but you see see look at the bill here right there I didn't make it but that that that drop yep yeah he's trying to drop it in the kitchen there to give him and his uh partner time to get forward oh wow Ernie back out re-earning that was MC nasty that was MC nasty and stays right.

There big time from the Frenchman so my feeling is look they're both two kinds of handsome right if Tyson McGuffin has to walk into a bar in Florida Bama they're gonna go wild for him Jay de Villiers got that Roger Federer right you know what I mean white dinner jacket casino and Monaco you know I mean cigarettes in a case.

Hopefully not smoking them great put away by it He's Got The Panache yeah so they're just two types of Jay's starring in Casino Royale Tyson probably Talladega night yeah I hate a tie but in this case here they go oh what a cool great Hands by Jack suck it's really exponentially better than.

When he started this yep no back swing there keeps everything out in front finds that square paddle face wow that's a great body shot there by Tyson McGuffin 13-8 looking like they might cruise to victory in game one 14. Jack got it gonna take that right.

Jack right at his friend yeah Donald Young they're going at DUI pretty hard DUI is not used to absorbing that ball resetting it in the kitchen it's going past that kitchen line allowing Jack to take it out of the air and put it right back in his chest we've got a freeze at 14 here so McGuffin and sock have to win.

On their serve which is right here they did not do it now just a little bit of comfort for devillier and young 9 14. side out 14. yeah now they have to serve again for the win and if you notice all the returns for McGuffin sock going the way of Donald Young they know he's not 14-9.

Season player he's not going to drop it only going for that drive oh look at Jay defilier's hands save them there but you see Jack sock has already picked up in the kitchen it's the kitchen on the.

Um the call on the court that the paddle touched call stands Point gay Matt or point game 15-9 and then sack winning the first one I have a feeling socks Fortune's gonna change today finding his form in a major way stock looks like a.

Future professional pickle ball player don't you think yeah people people are saying Planet 10 Talent remains to be seen why is it that every time we say something the commentators first whiskers say out point one good speed up there from Jack I'd like.

Donald to try to absorb that reset that in the kitchen not try to go offensive from that position in the court pop that up a little higher Donald's got to make that make that volley has managed to push suck back let's try to creep back in.

And he's there oh that should be a put away it's not what it what an excellent the great get by by Jack sock he really unbelievable guy any further and he was going over there over the edge there that looked like uh Pro men's doubles on the ATP Tour Jack.

Sock yeah 2.3 foreign it's against the urge right you want to rip it great Hands by McGuffin sales wide there yeah these guys right now because you have the two tennis players on the court.

They're not really having the ability to slow it down this game is pure driving crash sight out point four work when you're hitting this drop from the back there it's really pushing that paddle face through the ball not a lot of wrist and you are seeing a lot of risks from these tennis players like right there yep.

Five four got to put that away it's not about the power on the put away it's the angle that's a heady play there from socks especially at Ernie's ATMs he's got it all going he's got a whole bag of tricks all right young and devillier with the lead.

Point seven got under that ball a little bit too much to come on the top of that put that down Nice Shot there by Donald Young he dropped that low oh what a pretty oh what a great get point six there you had Jay de villier over committing a little bit trying to.

Protect Donald behind him on a great tank oh point that seven that that went in just the right amount of tippage there 77 foreign McGovern he's closing in he's taking over they were in the eye formation right there.

Eight seven he's gonna drop one here don't let them just gotta drop that in there Donald there it is we tried point eight yeah so for those that are just watching when you are at the kitchen line you are on offense.

Team of young and devilia trying to get forward young not able to take Pace off point nine you know in tennis it's the advantage of the server in pickleball very much the advantage right yep the receiver the first team that can take the ball out of the air coming forward right away the reserving team has to let one ball bounce.

Close call but I think I think the accurate one there by sock 9 10. yep really getting underneath that ball swinging upwards getting so much Top Spin when it once it hits the court and gets to your battle that thing is moving very hard to control.

Oh yeah right there beautifully yeah it's the first time stock has really tried to drop the ball into the kitchen there left it up a little high Jay's gonna move over 10-11 take that all day yeah Tyson McGuffin gets a roll on it almost every time.

He's got one of the great volleys in the game 11-11 11 we're headed to 15. win by one well that is some pace big time really with some Pace I like that Jack brings the flare I asked him.

Before the match who his favorite players are said McGuffin right because they just bring that energy and Fire Inside Out point 12. 12 side out point 13. sock is going after his friend Donald Young I don't know if they're going to be friends after this one yeah.

Hey man hit one of the Frenchmen will you oh look at that beautiful switch positions right there great work there really good point from all four guys there Donald Young's finding his own here foreign.

All right they're serving for the game and this would be 14-13 the match oh wow thought he had him down the line a good put away by Tyson McGuffin that's the match
This is the battle of the teams in the Bubly Water in Las Vegas. McGuffin and Sock takes on Delivilluera and You g on the 1st match.