Once they make it so the doubles finals point to McGuffin and long being the Colin John's database if he goes two-handed backhand he's going to want to bring that down the line I wonder what kind of let's see if Colin.

John's and deckle bar could find their return covering the middle Stanley there all over it Monisha Smith our second quick hands amazing foreign a piece.

With a backhand slice pedal and swaps that down game number three with a opening in it but his certainly doesn't all throughout the tournament so new partners in new positions see if they can figure it out nice reset by long.

The ATP defense hits the Baseline for Tyson McGuffin that's as good as men's doubles Point as you will ever see the resets the attack opponent a bit out of position game at number four to MacGuffin and long but yet they do not find a point yet Championship point.

Not so fast the side out finds the open court and get the ball back Tyson back on the left one to McGuffin the switch and the tie he laid it up for Deadpool bar took up crashing in my goodness smartly every rally so critical.

And all of a sudden the time has turned 12-11 too Championship point out of bounds McGuffin and long fine gold amongst the Red Rocks foreign
Recap of the 5-game thriller of Tyson McGuffin/Brendan Long vs. Collin Johns/Dekel Bar