And a PPA event going back over a month now to the PPA tour Roundup the last time that they were able to get a medal kovalovan right in the near Court with the serve to start this match Jesse Irvin who is from the Los Angeles area originally now lives in Culver City or teammate J to villier putting that away the flying Frenchman as he is.

Knowing match we had for you a short time ago Irvin and davilier one in consecutive games over tarashenko maybe not the way that they're used to doing it right there used to being in these semi-finals but Jay they both had you know mixed performances so far.

Side foreign puts it away I I can't imagine what it would be like to stand across from him I mean imagine if you're losing his head to hit that ball as hard as you can that's terrifying.

You're just hoping that it's it's too it's too good you know I mean for those of us who who are not at the skill level of these players Jonah when I'm out on the court my friends we call it the 99 percenter because 99 of the time you should Hammer that shot and 99 of the time you find them foreign.

By right and then he turns in some offense as well I mean this is tough for Irvin because everyone knows she's got the best ATP in the games you've got the best ATP in the game but the thing is Matt Wright he knows that he's gonna be prepared for it and he defended that beautifully and I mean that thing that thing was barely off the ground and he.

Still defended it that goes into the net however so it moves it to the second server not Jay he's got a very confident one-handed backhand that he can put anywhere on the court that last one kovalova just hit into the net look to me like that didn't catch much in bounds but obviously she thought it did now.

Devillier gets his side back on front she's had to recalibrate on a number of shots oh Jay nice job both Urban into really a great job keeping this exchange alive and finally kovalovan Wright able to break through did a great job not stepping off the gas.

Pedal even after the reset Got Back right in kovalova said no no get out of here they did have to throw everything at him though to win including the kitchen sink foreign right speed up that is so dangerous when he hits it right.

Chase speeds it up contact with the ball she predicted that well foreign see what they can do about getting a lead it's not if you set Jay up like that.

Though no that one was right in the sweet spot where he wanted it and he once again left to no down I'd be shocked if that ball wasn't foreign technically in Ernie but that was uh not the most decisive Ernie but it was a really well question for a reason.

And he hits it it's really hard to adjust when you think your partner's about to hit it but then they pull back like that foreign now has grown to three and make it a two-point margin yeah we saw Jesse There speed well that was uh could try to execute it.

And surprising to see Jesse not be able to execute it kovalovan right with the serve still out of the timeout and Matt Wright gets his side on top devillier got two of those back but could not handle the third as that one was pop a little bit higher and Matt right.

Foreign but Jay has the answer it really ain't just lying and wait for this one saw it coming from a mile away that's wide and that's game 11-8 in favor of kovalova and right see if they can rebound and force this thing to a third game in this semifinal.

Questions Lucy and Matt disagreed with each other and so they decided to to continue to say it was in wrapped on that back line but how great was it by Lucy that she was ready for it and returned it ah a.

Oh man but Jesse and Jay able to keep it alive and then the net finally does them a favor I think that was two or three Miss hits in a row awkward pop off of Irvin's paddle there same thing for right foreign gets out of the way.

We were with us yesterday at the villier kind of called for some illegal serves during his match with Tyson McGuffin for the illegal serve it's an automatic Reserve regardless of where it lands and some of Jay's illegal serves were Landing out of bounds and he was he was getting another chance and Tyson was very vocal afterwards in saying that the.

PPA needed to take a long hard look at that nothing illegal about what devilier did there but it sure wasn't nice no that one was hit hard he was not having any of that the boulevard as you mentioned earlier Dave right down the middle catching both kovalova and Wright unable to get that back.

And the lead has swelled to five nothing make it six nothing wow what a way to start this game I mean defense Jonah is willing you're along with you glad you could be along that's so good inside out wow ah a Jesse a t p locked in as always maybe.

Not her favorite shot but sir a good drive there from devilier right at Matt exactly where he was positioned but couldn't get it back over Matt puts that one away so eight zero two zero two seconds foreign.

Jesse trying to keep Matt out of it and that time it's Jay about candy foreign you want to just get this thing closed out I mean not like Lucy and Mack at any momentum side thank you second serve Irvin and davilia have been.

Sitting on eating nothing for a while though not anymore nine nothing Precision again just oh no nonchalant was that wow davilier he's done this a few times this series for sure he's just casually poked at a ball but that one was even.

Foreign single point in game two yeah I don't think they care though I think but you're right I think their heads are okay we're gonna get this in game three but maybe let's get nerdy to feel good about something and they'll move it to the this is gonna be game yes you are right when you poach.

The Ernie it's a bird you are correct Matt with the back cans all right so we've had four game points foreign couldn't tell if that was Jay's shoulder or face that prevented that ball from going out there you go he returns the favor and that'll close out game two 11-1 they got.

Absolutely handled by davilier and Irvin in game two losing it 11-1 Irvin and davilier oh wait oh Jesse defended by Matt but Jay cleans it up forehand put away that even Matt Wright Lucy kovalova could not return foreign a lot of patience right now.

Foreign started off there with a speed up at Jay foreign sped up into devilier's body but he gets it back and then he finishes the point Jesse sniffs out another ATP well defended.

Trying to keep Lucy back foreign how about that well the cats are back but then he put it a little bit too far back just right love the way he says it even in the commentary Booth I feel like he's encouraging me second sure yeah yeah.

Upside down since the end of game one Jonah how many empty in fact have been empty right they're still not on the scoreboard they've only found one point between the last two games so far so they need to find their Rhythm soon for Lucy foreign.

Right as we bring up those empty serving possessions they finally make something happen let's see if they can do more than that seems to be working sir foreign this time it was the lob last time that.

Gave him the overhead this time an unlucky bounce off the netcord there from Matt Ryan 's case for kovalova and writes opponents foreign there this one left a bit too high and she.

Foreign called that one out but at some point Jay was just protecting himself yeah well then he couldn't get out of the way of it yes and now Matt Wright for quite some time could be just because game two was so.

One-sided foreign that brief change in strategy didn't seem to work out we're gonna go back to what they know oh yeah yeah.

As usual looks like that timeout was at least for now pretty effective side out and Anderson 35-1 foreign gets it back to a one-point game another casual block with that backhand just flicks it wishes she had that one back oh great job.

That's kind of how he does all of the calls almost looking at his opponents when he makes it right Matt is feeling it right now we'll get the side switch As kovalova and right have gotten to six to eleven one so that was clearly their more comfortable side for whatever that's worth.

second service not right into the net but still up by one all right Lucy and Jesse just going back and forth foreign looks dangerously high you can see Irvin.

Looked like she was waiting for it more of a risk wrist flick than an arm swing with a green emerging between the ball and that outline and make it 8-5 and get a burst in the championship on Sunday Matt speeds it up and that's 2-1.

Foreign and indeed they do Force the shot out without giving up a single point yeah this one is tough you see devillier choosing to let that one go foreign all right what.

happened wow wow what a point foreign there is no point at the end of that point but what that was just unbelievable pickleball or I mean ruthless aggression from Matt Wright.

was incredible kovalova and Wright Come Away with it though so six ten two and now we're gonna have Match Point number four six one second sir oh foreign.

Knocks it down look at that it's a billion not got it with that last stab they have staved off five match points to stay alive Match Point number six wow finally Matt Wright puts it away
Matt Wright / Lucy Kovalova VS Jay Devilliers / Jessie Irvine – Pickleball Mixed Doubles Semi-Finals Newport Beach Tournament West Diamond Regional Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Newport Beach Pickleball Club, California – Gold Medal Pro Pickleball Match

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