Ben Johnson the goat is going to be everywhere with all his tricks including some of these tuis we've seen this is going to be a lot of fun well there's the first first round the Knight season from Riley Newman to get us started unbelievable.

No better chirping and I'm talking lots of chatter in between points and when they switch sides we'll see if some of that happens here but that's just because he wants to impose his will and there's the combo from Riley Newman originally out of Washington now living.

In Arizona Point into the I mean that's the level of precision that these players can tell that a ball took a bad hop off of uh minuscule little Pebble but or he just missed the shot another Miss there still resides corporate attorney it's legal needs.

I'm not right and it's so impressive as well yeah they know what's gonna come at them and then they don't want their bodies to be exposed for a body shot like that you've got to be able to go after I know you're gonna do it so I'm gonna do something a little different foreign.

again the number one men's team in the world out of Maryland but he was able to keep it just close enough to the net where you couldn't attack it Touch of Ben John's right there second sir trying to take enough paper.

They're hanging out so a lot of great players in Austin there are a lot of great players also another Hub is Florida several out of Delray Beach area crowds loving it here on Championship court it's so fun to look at this replay because you can see our entire crowd they're also covering the court just at the Baseline and above these athletes as.

Well sending that well into the sky is Matt Wright I've seen this from defense two now just tossing the ball high into the air trying to force them to score point with a law.

Third shot gets them there it nearly gets it done wow what defense they had what they wanted at this point because that ball right there from right and he just didn't have the paddle up in time great counter from Ben after all those overheads messing with that in the semi-finals.

I've seen nothing to indicate any issue from him right now just something to keep an eye on and you saw it was his left hole when you're playing pickleball without a doubt but yeah he'll hit some two-handed backhand uh resets and counters but uh side out that's the difference do you like that shot from his partner Matt.

Wright score remains 2-4 Riley can continue to counter that ball right get that back together Matt Wright came to play and these are the types of points this team needs to.

Get the crowd behind them because they will start talking they'll start calling balls that are four feet out out out out you're going to hear a lot of that it certainly have beaten them and they are a force to be reckoned with they just need that little extra energy to go with it I'm gonna miss.

Four four two four a piece now changes sides serve for the Johns beautifully done from Colin John sliding forehand is sitting there in the middle so he can slide outside the sideline and just sit backhand second sir the margin for error pressuring that right side yeah there's.

Three inches of room right there and he found it it's got to be absolutely perfect slam dunk from Riley Newman tweener scooped yet again beautiful defense and man at the hand of.

Perseus Ben Johns finishes the point off with Medusa's head I mean that's the type of point that Riley and Matt really want to win because they'd be going bonkers because this men's final is going to be a good one it already is just two points of difference between Ben John's Colin Johns Riley Newman and Matt Wright in this men's gold medal.

Match how about that's how the game started as well for Newman to take that ball back Cross Court in that amount of time so that's why Colin can continue to slide and it puts the ball on his little brother's paddle I have no idea how Colin just got that.

Ball back he somehow slid his paddle from the left side it was absolute perfection he's starting to get away from Matt Wright good as anybody so that is the thing you run into with these two what they can do with the paddle and what they can do with their mind side out just watching that forehand.

Pulling another disc yeah people pull my back people usually Panic with that and he is certainly not or they have to go to the chiropractor like Cameron exactly steady thinking now you're not finding the right side of your paddle yeah you don't see Ben Miss read a ball very often he certainly did there.

Foreign movement there from Riley Newman showing his quick feet second sir I mean that was a gorgeous shot from Matt Wright but an even better recovery for Benjamin well he wants you to go there and it seems like it's open but he wants you to go there and then he knows where the ball after that's gonna.

Go and he finishes that's why it's so frustrating and that's why he's the best player in the world foreign.

Currently working this men's final now time to get game two underway to that fire and in the middle of that match it was as good as it gets and then some air is prepped back in and then Ben Johnson watch out for him there's Riley Newman.

Tennis and basketball player at Seattle University in Washington second sir who's in this match is going to be hard to overcome it certainly happened they got to get going feels like some of those big rallies there's the fuel for Wright and Newman you've been continuing to work with that two-hand backhand reset the ball Left.

Right reaching second serve okay A little two one two three and a miscommunication and they get a little lucky with the net cord there it wasn't necessarily how they drew it up but it works in their favor they were one percent chance to win that point.

Until that went off the tape there that's a clean winner into 10 feet of open court sometimes a little lady luck never heard anything one two one you'll take it one two is the score nice play Australia this evening out of La where he's going to be doing some pickleball work as well.

How to play two two three two one excuse me three two oh this is the third when you're on a run and you have a little pressure on the other team um two in a row so that's time no that's a great Point by you.

And actually just came up back to back times to your point somebody's always reset and keep going there make them counter playing with the middle now it just keeps going and that again is one of those extended rallies I mean you've got to go hats off to the Johns Brothers they play defense get back to.

Neutral and then they find an opportunity like this to turn the tables yeah and all of that isn't possible without the Colin Johns reset clinic in the middle of that just ridiculous Under Siege and keeps putting the ball in a safe place excited okay tied up.

Miss return missed roll Valley earlier was one of the points so uh right numeral happily accept that's a big time play from Riley Newman second serve that time Colin Johns is sitting forehand he's like go ahead bring that to me and smacks it and sets up baby brother for the winner.

And there it is again Riley Newman's starting to feel it and they're starting to feel louder too to all of our ears and that is good news for right oh Matt Wright coming in with the backhand punch it's now Santa likes to take time out so I don't think you'll see it unless it gets dire here.

and the reason for that is they want to keep playing fantastic confidence well earned too on the side of the Johns Brothers and Riley but they continue to have great timing on their fourth.

Nice shot from Ben as Riley continues to create middle yeah so he's got the paddle on the right side of his body so watch how he's got it like change on one and then just can't get over there the second time like that let's go just the steadiness of Colin John in the.

Middle of that he just looks like he's standing flat-footed but this resets continue to be beautiful that's the one right there just wild work even though this goes to Newman and right tries to counter both for one against Johnson and Frazier that went all three games to its conclusion.

And you can just continue you start just again sliding and being able to get on top of it that was a big shot for them and winning game number one he's been more resetting here in game two that's why they're down and then Matt right back through the middle and now he's getting the crowd on their side from about the start of game two.

and another Hello Seattle it's game two and not quite so fast I mean that's what Matt Wright you want to put a ball on my forehand I'm speeding it up to Ben's backhand and I'm coming at him again and then Riley's.

Gonna step in much like we've seen Ben step in next to pollen Riley does it there yeah Corner Pocket Riley Newman I mean that is why they paint the corner because that is exactly what he did he painted the corner just show it to him love this side angle view of what Riley Newman's doing.

Same point for Newman and right and there it is and then going after that Ben John's backhand it worked we'll see what happens in game three if you're just joining us this is the men's final game three starting right now winner take all at this point it's a race at 211 must win by two calling Ben Johns on the near side of.

Your screen that's Riley Newman with that Wicked back Ben Johns will face each other in the mixed final as well so a lot of bragging rights on the line here this afternoon as does Anna Lee Waters two Twinkle Toes Colin John's just enough space.

Dainty little touch there just keeping it in the kitchen well done one zero two side out dictate so Ben Johns take a high third and just crack it right down the middle which side will be able to impose their will.

And John's looking to impose his to your point you're 100 right game two it felt as if Matt and Riley started to take the ball off the bound speed up a little bit more frequently and we're winning more of those fire fights and Colin John's just held his ground but that last one I think they know that Ben's backhand's where they want to go.

And it's working sir hard to time that big wind up from Ben Johns saw the Cobra ready to strike up there look at that been on the move I love that they dinked about two different three different and then Matt's like the minute I get a ball I.

Like I know where it's going he knows where it's going but I'm okay with that there is Riley Newman jump in the corner yeah and the fourths need to be better from the Johns Brothers is this a passive ball like that just can't happen that was actually a sixth there's the net Court everyone loves and.

Another one couldn't put enough salsa didn't one Accord back there love it amazing and again Ben John's finding it up this is Matt Wright speeding it off off the backhand easier for Ben Johns to handle all right and that actually is set up for somebody on a dink that pop-up two three one you.

Better watch out yeah you set yourself up and everybody's like okay dink with a purpose what does that mean well that's what it means right there playing variety and then where are the targets where's safety second sir exterior of the Court yeah in the air when they're attacking for sure.

foreign allegedly in 4-3 slime looking over his shoulder and screaming come on they're hearing them all the way at the ocean.

We're not near the ocean a few hours craft y from that right and then he changed just get worked up in the moment can't do it taking one out of the air right now mostly just short hopping oh my goodness what play from Matt Wright that's the.

Second time we've seen him reach all the way to his left on the forehand and find that just filthy ball which sides son not as much of a factor now on one side of the net as it is pretty much completely overcast it's nice pickleball weather though perfect and he just continues to bring the hammer yeah in that time Matt Wright.

Tried to be cute and slide a ball down the sideline and that's not gonna work the second game we saw missed returns this team is on fire across from you got to make everything wow there it is again it's a very formidable team and Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson and they found a way to win so even when things aren't working in.

Your favor the greatest athletes can figure it out and these two do on and right in Newman wow and that is just an ugly possession of the net that's how you're letting them get off the hook for them missing a couple of thirds so we'll see if that pays big dividends for the Johns Brothers.

Well there's the point I don't know how oh point six six one they just don't go away foreign that ball back both John's and Newman so there's a different wrist angle that time he rolls.

Oh Ben John's reaching just background being able to be used to that type of a swing and guess who has the lead the top seed foreign for the Johns Brothers just continues and it's still first served there was some some extra.

Ball from Ben Johns again a very sloppy fourth right there and it's just hammer nine six first serve D second turn and then finally a little bit these players are willing to pull the trigger they don't get too tight and not do what got them here upside down Nice Shot you hear it needed side out that was a six point Run for.

The Johns oh man and Ben Johns will just pull that down the middle as well that's why everything coming from the same place is so good for him and a good reach another ball for Ben Johns the flick that wrist is a thing of danger yeah because Colin Johns did not slide into the middle to cover that we.

Saw a couple of those get through and stay in in game two they look over their shoulders like yay we let it go on purpose and the ATP around version of this match ball Penn and calling second sir not so fast what a collection right here.

Another Match Point opportunity for Ben and Colin Johnson quiet paddles all around staying patient our Newman and right got the longest dink rally we've had they're waiting for them baiting them to take a shot and then finally the patience for Ben and Colin Johns.

11-6 in the third
Pickleball Mens-Doubles Match Finals Highlights with Ben Johns / Collin Johns VS Riley Newman / Matt Wright at the Hyundai Masters Championship Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA

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