Point-by-point players analysis and summarizedat the end of the video it's just 15 years old and she'll have your first serve the first Miss right just give a little bit ofa quick update as to how pickleball takes place in kind of that two bounce roll because it'scritical yeah so uh you're gonna serve the ball Cross Court kitchen and the return hasto bounce so there will be no serving and volleying today Cameron that would be a faultand then you cannot go into that appropriately called No volley Zone to volley the ballif it bounces you can certainly go in there we'll now have the serve so there it is atwo side out game both you and your partner must lose a rally while you have the servefor the ball to then be sighted out to the.

Other side you can only see well to haveall these Wild Runs and comebacks because once you get the ball sort of like theold school basketball maybe one a piece great defense from Emily Waters out of Delray Beach Florida she neared me that's impressive beautiful recess and thencame flying in there to try and finish point and then he's just a return two one twotwo one two so you will hear the serving team score first the opposing team and then thethird number is the first or second server the poach from Anna Lee oh it's got aTarget lock in and Anna Lee Waters does that better than anybody here's a lookat the third shot drop from Ben Johns.

Couple good forehand rolls traditional mix doublespositioning as well the male players usually on the left side of the court to have his forehand inthe middle but a weapon you can put there as well yeah Annalee Waters is like bringit Riley I'm good I got a birthday coming up I'm gonna be driving I'm gonna be 16. there's a look at an ATP around the post andthat's one of the fun aspects of pickleball is you can play well outside the actual Net postand hit around you can also do that in tennis many people don't realize that yeah it doesn't happenthat often and uh get a beautiful ball from Jesse second serve and it's a thirdshot if there's a third shot drop 43rd shot Drive there's also a hybrid now a littlebit of mix of the two side out out they became a.

Partnership last year they lost one match theentire season that's how good this worked out there is the Lefty and by the way he's notleft-handed he's still character in the battle in his left hand incredible play fromRiley Newman who just turned into a southpaw second sir yeah he is strange paddle gripthat he has that is not a typical tennis grip he's got what we call a pancake grip andsign up he will go Lefty basketball and tennis player growing up played at Seattle Universitywhere it's late singles and doubles in tennis wanted to become a professional basketball referee and then instead found the game of pickleball andwe're grateful for it it's a fantastic athlete great competitors Anna Lee Waters finallygot it and that's how you keep that guy who.

Wants to be aggressive in the middle honestbeautiful ball from Young Anna Lee Waters from Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns seven three one Ben Johns was 23 years old look at thatagain Riley Newman's paddle go down hit the ball up and then Anna Lee on a mission tofind it depth on that return from Jesse Irvin oh tricky 36 and a half million people triedpickleball last year alone or at least played once this growth has been a major factor inbuilding the PPA tour the carvana PPA tour and rightly so just an incredible game to witness as you are currently witnessingthe mixed doubles gold medal match and then come on man well everyone's feelingthat point if you've played pickleball before.

You know that's three missed returnsand we're at a game point already closed on her Direction the Court's 44feet long by 20 feet wide so you got to find a much smaller area than a tenniscourt how about that angle watch out in the stands Ben Johns is coming for you yeahwe might want to check the ball to see if it's uh still in that beautiful round shapethat is hammered Point Ben John's Missions oh that is some deception that's a huge partof the game of pickleball how can you show one thing and execute another yeah it's likea breakaway in hockey where you want to make have them make the first move and Riley Newmanmade the first move and Ben just waited fight game 11. there is Anna Lee Waters had the mostwinners and her errors were the lowest Ben Johns.

Had a balanced amount of winner to error ratiomeanwhile Riley and Jesse both had high error numbers and their winners were lower theseare the reasons game one went to Ben and Anna into game number two Cameronwent alongside Dave Fleming it's a star as she's partneredalongside Riley one zero two point and full patience and another evolutionof the game having the ability to have calls challenged making sure we're gettingeverything right here on the PPA tour and that is called a fire fight they lovethat exchange between men and women all in the same court all staring each otherdown and that one goes for Newman and Irvin oh my God zero three one.

See Anna Lee right now playing off the kitchencounter she did with the two-handed backhand there especially in mix giving a little morespace off the kitchen line too to allow Europe partner to step over with their forehand and that's the cross courts here Jesse Irvin'sready with her two-handed backhand behind it but it is the Newman paddle that gets infront it's also the Newman paddle to get into the 50th row of the stand you cannot do thatwith the plastic on extera Fast 40 plastic ball like a wiffle ball that is used fun fact aboutRiley Newman of pickleball in Bainbridge Island yeah you got to take the ferry over and then youcan actually see the very first pickleball court so if you're a tickle ball Aficionadogo check it out if you're in the PN dub.

29 years old it's Riley Newman oh that'ssome Court coverage from Ben Johns Ben John's now residing in Austin Texas wementioned he's originally out of Maryland yes a terrapin and a mechanical engineer so he has a lot of say in the verypaddle that he is wielding nice step in from right now yeah the tabletennis fans watching know that name they came in the pickleball last year and mightnot come with the number one player in the world Annalee Waters though stepping infront just not enough on that last shot three two one and a helpful bouncer Jessie their score from game.

Number one here they'll take everyfortuitous bounce that's available great touch from Riley Newman oh my goodness Annalee Waters the fist pump finishand that's what you have to deal with when you play against these two tremendous defense fromIrvin and Newman they just couldn't get the ball to bounce so they could advance to the non-volleyor kitchen and then they get a fist pump dink rally continues about every inch ofthat kitchen has been covered in this one Jesse speeds up first she's first togive up the willpower to stay within the Dinka rally and you just gotta wait saysRiley Newman you can see it after this play foreign.

Utilized in the game last year and there's the backhand flag football iscreating different types of spin that each of these athletes is having to deal withfor sure and you are not just trying to just hit the ball over safely you aretrying to do damage without a doubt here's a look at a third shot drop from Anna Lee EPA and the MLP so that means more Proplayers coming in to the same tours this very exciting times in the pickleballWorld Now 60 touring Pros on the PPA tour foreign Waters as we're in game two of themixed doubles final and what we've.

Seen so far in this last few pointsis the team that speeds it up first is speeding it up at the wrong time andgetting crushed gotta take the right ball she backed off the line a littlebit and then took a huge swing at the ball that was right in front ofher face you just want to punch that quick hands the alcohol yeah Riley Newman will scare you if you're hispartner you better be able to handle loud screams adding moments notice wants you to get that paddlethe heck out of the way Jesse did right there and then maybe that noise is reverberatingin her ears because she missed the serve d.

There's the hand left hand again of Riley Newman oh you get a little lucky there getting alot lucky there Cameron I mean that's you know this ball coming up here for Ben Johnsis absolutely going to be put away 90 out of 100 but that's one of the ten point seven nowwe're grabbing a few extra are Irvin and Newman great job by Jesse reaching into that kitchen and then Riley takes over a better jobby Jesse not allowing those forehand rolls of analy waters to get awayfrom her yeah she's given room for Riley Newman to come in and put pressure onand that's what's gotten them tied up here you see that signal that uh Jesse Irvinis giving her partner that's to say I'm.

Going over to the right side where I've beenall day long call that a stacking pickleball right foot was in before it came back anda football called again you cannot take the ball out of the air while stepping onthe kitchen line or within the kitchen line it's a little bit of a tight one there Jesse playing just slightly off the kitchenline on the backhand side now they are switched and she lifts that up that was not thespeed up she was looking for she lofted that right to the right shoulder of AnnaleeWaters yeah and Anna Lee's hands are quick enough to get out of that backhand grandmathat the reason they kept her over there is they don't want to risk her running allthe way over they will with Riley however.

Lightning quick hands and an epic finish fromBen John and this is what this team can do to you if you're like oh we got a lead there'ssomething good going on and then you look up and it's what game point against that's thepace and the pressure they put on you from the second the match starts well you said it Davegame point for Annalee Waters and Ben Johnson Annalee with the pressure Ernie Ben Johns had thehighest winners but he had errors early on in the game Anna Lee Waters had the lowest error anddecent winners Riley had high winners and low errors but the biggest determining Factor wasJesse's High numbers of Errors to low winners that slight Edge gave the game to Ben and Annawelcome back to game number three of the mixed doubles final here at the Hyundai Masters thefirst event in 2023 on the carvana PPA tour.

Some work needs to be done by Riley Newman Flemingand that's a good start if you're Jesse and Riley and an even better Star absolute best nomistakes coming up here get Riley involved Jesse up on the line taking advantageof the right opportunity to speed it up foreign so what is the right opportunitywell that one is certainly it and it's it's a ball that's sitting therethat you have options so you can both disguise and attack it's got tobe up and she did a great job there second start sometimes you're gettingopportunities even when you don't think they exist exactly as long as your paddle position lookssimilar you can speed it up from tough places you have to be weary though because thecounter attacks are so deadly it's almost.

Like a boxer right you've become vulnerable onceyou speed that up maybe you're just off balance it becomes a vulnerable for that counter-attackit also compounds the power and pace there's the poach from Emily Waters squashing that like a bug is RileyNewman and that's the advantage of the grip he has he has a very heavyforehand grip heavy forehand grip you see it in the middle therethat's a ball he loves to finish to game two we're up a little bitand then just couldn't sustain it incredible get from Riley they'redefending that cross boss he did zero two two and another so twogifts pull through the Perseus.

Paddle there's the paddle's faultalways we always look at our paddle It's gotta be the palace Paul he'sthe one that invented it exactly Ben John's patrolling the wholekitchen line at this point off the toe of that gamma paddle of RileyNorman Newman he did an unbelievable job of fighting to stay in the point and thenactually had a chance for an offensive shot towed it self paddles two come with differentshapes sizes lengths of handles so it's important to figure out which weapon is the one that'sright for you many of them now turning to carbon faces or carbon construction to create alittle bit more like strings of a tennis racket for you to play Pickleball so pick pickwhat paddle works best for you you know.

Some of these with two-handed backhand wantthe longer grip like Riley Newman absolutely that's a nice ding from Jesse Irvin any optionsit's easy to get involved jump out there and go now they do weaponize those paddles that muchmore even adding weight to the edges of the paddle a little bit more pace as you take a lookat this replay Ben Johns again play here where do we want to put the third and how do we get RileyNewman in there that's what they need to do here well I'm glad that you mentioned the word playDave because if you're new to pickleball you might be wondering trying to make sense of allof these dinks the directions the speed UPS the counter attacks yes there are plays in pickleballnow and it really depends on the Angles and the possibility of where the ball could go based offof the grips the location the speed in which all.

These attacks can take shape yeah because theway Europe hit their paddle side and vice versa Riley Newman's the opposite so you want to goto the other side of his hip some people are way better off a ball that bounces others likeit in the air you just have to know Riley Newman trying to find the ATP there just well outsideof the Court that's the danger of putting a big looping topspin on a ball but that one gotfar enough where he couldn't track it down mcdinking of Annalee Waters and Riley did notchange its location there did it no it did not been working against them here Ben and Annaleehave a full year of domination in there belt to just sort of reach back to if it getsa little tough team at championships on the PPA tour and it was the opposite matchup rightyou had Annalee Waters alongside Ben Johns.

Jesse played lights out it was incredible towatch yeah and it's fun when we have some of those special events on tour to see how thisso all these athletes have the opportunity to change Partners between events but many havecommitted to playing with one person for the year great defense Anna Lee beautifully done from the15 year old Anna Lee Waters and that's where you have to make thisnext ball and you hear about the all the offense from Johns and Waters but they canplay defense better than anybody as well point there are four or five balls Ithought I'd put away and they're coming back play is never over.

Third shot drive from Ben Johns Jesse Irvin again reaching in secondsfall out of bounds roll from Annalee yeah you take time away too so not only doyou not let it bounce but it comes back to Anna Lee a little quicker it's a smart playby Jesse Irvin and that's just unfortunate and now when you just got a ride offmove forward nothing you can do there and a good leave Riley Newman he's goingto be yelling at his Partners all day to leave it he better leave it when he's gotthe opportunity he does there and that's that feels really good for Jesse Irvin to beable to clobber a ball after that neck chord s letting balls go and getting out of the way.

Is a big part of pickleball unliketennis where that's rarely a factor she went full helicopter on us well so wemight be cutting my ponytail short after this slob lands you can see that landed righton the Baseline with the Bounce It took oh and that's just mean Ben Johnstaking the pace off adding a ton of spin this ball doesn't bounce take alook yeah and you saw Jesse Irvin well in court so that gave a much biggerspace that Riley Newman had to cover foreign advantage in game three they takethis one they take the Masters trophy so that is a time when you can be moreaggressive well that one actually might.

Have dented the scoreboard with how hardshe hit it a great Point Ben John's again 9-4 and so much room as Rileyknew when both paddles go for a ball that's a problem here goes match point and Jesse tries to take a shot right thereand that is the match 11-4 11-7 and 11-4 again Ben Johns dominated the final gamein winners and low error numbers and Riley Newman just had way too many errors AnnaLee Waters had high errors but Ben High winners offset that a lot Jesse was not asaggressive and more conservative Ben and Anna on the match if this video is helpful toyou a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us.

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Pickleball Women’s Doubles Match Finals Highlights with Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) VS Riley Newman / Jessie Irvine at the Hyundai Masters Championship Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA – Finals Match Date: 01/15/2023

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