Hey my name is riley newman i am a part of team gamma pickleball and i'm here to show you guys the two-handed backhand drill when we're talking about dinking so when you are trying the two-handed backhand dink a couple key things that you want to be thinking about while you're attempting the shot the first is the grip.

Make sure the grip uh you're using both hands on the paddle you don't want to be stacking your hands okay you want to be right over top you want to have one finger up on the back side of the paddle and now that's actually your two in a backhand grip you want to use more of your effort and more of the work with the top hand.

When you're guiding and using this shot it's actually more coming from the top hand of the paddle now when you actually get onto the corp and you're trying this shot the first thing you need to do is when the ball is coming your way you really need to drop the paddle tip down towards the ground dropping the paddle tip allows for that.

Low to high shot you don't want to have the paddle tip from the side trying to use the champ backhand that's more of a push that's more of a shove you really want that paddle tip to go start low and now you're bringing it up high creates a little bit of topspin creates a little bit of brush and it's going to be the much more effective way to dink.

Also when the ball is coming your way you want to make sure you line up the ball right in the middle of your stance you always want to have quick feet quick footwork to get over to the spot and now you want to be able to make contact right in your little bubble right in your little semi-circle and be hitting the shot you never want to be.

Outside of your your your stance you always want to be making contact with the ball inside of your stance the next thing you'd want to do the final tip for the two-handed backhand dink is when you're hitting this shot you always want to try to let the ball come up at its highest point when you're making contact with the shot i think a lot of players.

Are trying to hit this shot just when it bounces or on the rise it's a little bit tougher to execute so make sure you let this ball come up at its highest point and then you're making contact with the ball and those are my tips for the two-handed backhand dinking for more drills and tips head to totalpickleball.com.

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Pickleball pro Riley Newman takes us through his top tips for mastering the two-handed backhand dink and maximizing control and consistency around the net.

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