What's up you guys it's Danae with all things pickleball and I've been playing pickleball for a couple years now I played the four five level and I currently am coaching beginner to intermediates I'm really excited to come at you guys today with a shot tutorial all on the forehand topspin speed up balance so I'm going to show you how.

This goes so to create Top Spin on the bounce the first thing you have to do is make sure that that ball is getting topspin right so that means it's spinning towards your target right in order to do that your paddle tip needs to be down so what that's going to look like as.

Your paddle tip comes down you're going to brush up on the ball almost like in a c formation so I think you're starting at five o'clock or six o'clock and coming up to one o'clock or twelve o'clock biggest tip here is you have to make sure that the ball is bouncing at the highest peak if you can't see the bottom half of the ball.

It's probably not the one to choose okay you want to be able to see the bottom half of the ball meet that with the paddle tip down at that five six o'clock and then brush up in a c motion so the best time to really use this shot is when you are stable right you never want to hit an aggressive shot if you're off balance you want to make sure that.

You're balanced and that you also have time right because you don't want to just just like just hit the ball to hit the ball right you want to be ready for the next shot this isn't necessarily the winning shot this could be but it really is potentially to make them do a pop-up or an unforced error and the next one is your put away so you really want to make.

Sure that when you're balanced two that you're ready for the next shot and three that you can see the bottom of that ball a great time to do it is off the dink um especially one that's a high bouncing one so a great time or a great way to practice this is if you have one other person right over here I've got Ali's she's helping me you have one other.

Person right in front of you you guys are both at the kitchen line you're both going to be dinking you're gonna have one person working on that Top Spin forehand speed up so I'm gonna be working on the speed up Ally's going to be dinking with me she's gonna be trying to move me around I'm going to be trying to choose the shot choose the dink that.

I want to use right I don't want to be off balance XYZ I want to make sure I can see the bottom of the ball and then really practice that five o'clock to 12 o'clock motion you ready right so it's not even like I'm doing a huge speed up even if you go from 10 miles to 15 miles an hour on a car it's.

Not a huge fit but it's a speed up right so it still can cause an unforced error even if it's not the craziest fastest movement so we keep going again I'm really trying to choose the right one to use change my mind Ali's giving you dinks their eggs see.

How she's ready for the next one and so on and so forth a great progression once you start getting the right kinds of dinks to choose then you start working on aiming the ball right and so that goes into a whole different category but if you start aiming at their shoulders or aiming at hard places that's where you can really start to take this drill.

To the next level so the next row I'm going to teach you guys how to use this shot specifically this would be really good for mixed players so when the females are on the right side of the court in their Cross Court dinking again we get into a lot of these Cross Court dinking bottles a great time to mix this up you have the.

Disguise and then you go right up the sideline or right up the middle after kind of having that disguise going back and forth back and forth back and forth we're gonna just be drinking Cross Court and then I'm going to be choosing again the right ball to speed up right in front of me all right.

So again I'm wanting to really find the ball that bounces High or I can see the bottom of the ball and then speed it up right down the line so the biggest takeaways that I want you guys to remember when it comes to this shot is one making sure that you're choosing the right ball so again that.

You're seeing that bottom half of the ball if you can't see that it's probably not the one to do two that you're balanced three that your paddle tip is down at that five six o'clock and coming up brushing up on that ball from five six o'clock to twelve one o'clock I hope you guys use this shot it's really awesome you can work on disguising it.

Work on putting it in great places but this is a pivotal shot to learn at the higher level thanks so much for watching you guys again my name is Denise I am at all things pickleball on YouTube Instagram and Facebook and Tick Tock be sure to follow me for pickleball tips pickleball tips pickleball laughs and just come hang out with me we have a.

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