Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we're going to talk about three simple steps to master the third shot drop now let's Jump Right In all right so in this video we are going to talk about how you can Master the third shot drop this is a very difficult shot especially if you are a beginner.

Player or you're just starting out but I think with these three progressions you can build on it and get better and eventually Master this shot this first progression that we're going to go through is called the two in one drill now if you haven't heard it before the third shot drop is very similar to a dink in technique and also how you.

Execute it it is very very similar so what I'm going to do is I'm going to start up at the non-volley zone line and I'm going to just take simple dinks right now I'm not hitting with topspin or underspin all I'm doing is lifting up on the ball so I'm going to start up here I'm going to hit two shots here and I'm going to take a little step back and.

Then I'm going to hit two more shots from my new position notice after every two shots I'm getting further from the net and my target which is around that non-volley Zone on that other side is getting further so the thing is that I'm going to be adjusting as I get further from the net is my follow through and maybe slightly my backswing but remember.

I'm lifting with my legs and also using my shoulder I'm not using my wrist and I am controlling the ball from there here we go one two little tiny step back one two three one.

Two one two one two one two one two one.

Two two one two one a little high two oh okay so for those of you out there um already in the comments I can already see them saying Oh these are very very easy balls that she's feeding to me this.

Is the way how you develop good technique and that you work on this consistency on the second and third progression that we're going to go over in this video you're gonna see it in real gameplay on how we practice it but this is the first progression hi if you're really enjoying this content go ahead and please give this video a like.

And if you're not subscribed we really appreciate it if you hit that subscribe button now let's get right back to the video alright so now let's jump into progression number two this is definitely a more difficult one and this is a little bit more realistic one person is going to start at the non-volley zone and I am going to be.

Here at the baseline or behind the Baseline okay she's gonna feed me a ball and whatever side it goes to my forehand or my backhand you will see me practice my third shot drop remember my main goal is to force the opponent there at the non-volley zone to have a low contact point and what I'm going for here is margin over the net okay I'm not going.

To hit perfect drops every single time sometimes they will go into the net unfortunately sometimes they will go a little high high rather my third shot drops go a little bit high so that I can continue to stay in the point so she's going to feed it I'm going to work on my footwork and I'm well behind the line here I'm going to make sure I'm stepping.

In into my third shot drop so that I have my momentum moving forward we're just going to go as long as I can and we'll see how that goes okay here we go foreign so I had a couple good ones there and also a couple ones that were a little bit higher and deeper even if she's volling the balls as a swinging volley.

Out of the air doesn't necessarily mean my drops are bad okay if you watch the pros and watch high-level players hit their third shot drops the drops are landing again near that non-volley zone line forcing a low ball so all I'm concerned about is staying in the point hitting that drop nice with good Arc over the net and descending down to the.

Feet so we're going to see it a couple more times here foreign foreign remember you can go out there with a partner and just do this second progression remember that person at the non-voice Zone because keeping the balls deep and the person here at the Baseline.

Is trying to drop and hit descending balls down to the feet now the person at the net they could make it as difficult as possible so they can maybe roll it more and put more pace and I wouldn't really adjust it based on skill level if you're struggling with your drops the person at the neck could hit you maybe easier balls and if you're a more.

Advanced player they could hit you more difficult ones alright so now let's jump into progression number three and this is going to be with the serve and the return is going to come back and I'm going to attempt my third shot drop and then we're going to play the point out now these are for all you who say well I'm practicing the third shot drop but.

When I get into the game I end up missing it because the return has a lot of spin a lot of pace so whatever remember the first two progressions we need to be practicing over and over so we could get our footwork and technique down and then we can utilize it in a real game scenario so we are just going to be playing half of the chord this is.

Half court singles or skinny singles as some players call it I'm gonna serve and she's gonna hit a nice deeper turn and then I'm going to be attempting my third shot drop okay all right so that was just a really good example of a third shot drop that was a little high notice what I did I did not come in right I want to leave.

Margin over the net I hit that first third shot and it was high if I came in on that she could slam that or push it right to my feet so I was patient and this is going to happen in a real game and this is why you need to practice these kinds of drills I served it the return came back I hit a lifted third shot that was going to go deep I held my.

Position then I hit a fifth shot which is really another drop and then I chose to come in so we'll show you a couple more times here we go foreign all right so that one that drop was a little bit high right and I chose to come in and she actually placed in a really good spot at my feet this is why.

Number one it's important to make good decisions on your approach to that non-volley zone if it's a little high and you think that they can put a lot of pace on that ball maybe you stay back and if it's good we come in and we got to make sure we come into a good split step and stop and we try to control that next ball as a reset and then go from.

There foreign so just one thing to note every single return is going to be completely different it may have topspin it may have under spin some side spin we have to learn how to react to those balls get our feet in good position and then hit the ball with our momentum moving.

Forward this takes a lot of practice remember go through all these three progressions and get out there and practice with a friend or partner thanks so much for watching this video hopefully you can go out there with a partner or friend and work on these three progressions and master that third shot drop we'll see you in the next one.

For exclusive pickleball content from me check out brionist pickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video life within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning.

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