So there are a few ways to be aggressive with your dinks you can add some spin to it so slice dinking or Top Spin you can go a little bit deeper towards your opponent’s feet or you can also make them move on the other side so when you want to hit an aggressive shot make sure you’re in a comfortable position so meaning you’re comfortable you’re facing.

Where the ball is on the other side and you’re super comfortable a lot of the time people they and up crossing their feet they’re in a compromised position they’re not well positioned for the following shot and they end up hitting an aggressive thinkink when it’s not the right time to do so so I’m going to talk about the four different aggressive.

Dinks so the first one that we talked about the slice think make sure when you’re slicing that you keep your wrist firm a lot of the time we see a lot of people they’re trying to do way too much with their wrist and they end up not making the ball over the net so make sure you keep your wrist firm and it’s again to follow through with your.

Shoulder you want to hit the side of the ball from high to low and then end up with the bottom of the ball so you’re going to start with the side and then follow through as you’re following through you’re going to hit the bottom of the ball also make sure when you’re dinking and you’re being aggressive with your dink that you’re really if the.

Ball’s to your right that you add you put a lot of weight on your right leg you follow through and after you’re done hitting that’s when you’re going to recover towards the middle if you go crosscourt so here slic ding should look like this here I’m also using my left hand to stay in control and balance here again keep that wrist firm.

Nice the second one is the Top Spin dink so that one you want to make sure that you unlock your wrist for a second and then lock it for the rest of the shot okay so your paddle is going to be below your wrist and then you’re going to go low to high so you want to start with hitting the bottom to the side low to high unlock your wrist lock it and then.

Follow through nice A little follow through you don’t need too much follow through nice good the third one one way to be aggressive is if you notice that your opponents they don’t like to take balls out of the air then it will be a great time to go more towards their feet because they’re.

Going to end up taking extra steps to go forward and they might find thems on their back foot so this is one way to do it to be a little bit more aggressive go deeper towards their feet I’m going to just follow through a little bit longer to go a little bit deeper towards my practice partner feet here nice by going deeper towards their feet.

Again they might have their weight back and end up giving me more balls that I can actually pull the trigger on another way to be aggressive is to always mix the ball up to where you’re going to hit it so if you mix your dinks up they never know where you might end up hitting your dink but you’re also creating them having to move right.

Nobody likes to move that much but um when you’re playing pickle ball and you want to be more aggressive with your LS make sure you always hit different spots on the other side so this is one way here we’re we’re going to try to hit different spots by moving the ball around nice.

Nice try to hit different spots on the other side really try to make each other move and create popups opport unities to pull the trigger nice good as we’re trying to also recover towards the middle after every single shots we hit.

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Catherine Parenteau Soft Game course! Selkirk pro Catherine Parenteau takes you through how to master your aggressive pickleball dink and slice, the difference between a regular dink and an aggressive dink, where to hit the ball (in the air and on your paddle), and drills to improve your pickleball dink.

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