So there's a couple common things you hear about the third shot drop all the time number one that it's the most important shot in pickleball and number two that it's the most difficult shot in pickleball now I can get on board with the first one it's probably the most important.

Shot but the most difficult I don't think so so here in part three of our transition video series the focus is going to be on the third shot drop so in this video I'm going to show you the technique you want to focus on in the drop we're going to talk about when you should be using the drop and then.

I'm going to show you some of the best ways to practice your drop so we can get good at it also don't forget if something's not quite right in your pickleball game there's nothing that's going to fix it quicker than a brand new paddle so Kirk's got some of the best stuff on the market so if you are looking for a new paddle check out what.

They got and don't forget to use my code which are listed in the links below so first let's talk some technique on the drop I'm not going to get super technical but what I want to do is give you more of a conceptual idea of what I'm thinking about when I'm trying to hit a drop ultimately the third shot drop is just an extension of your dink.

So if you can dink you can drop and really we want to keep the mindset and the focus that this is still just a feel shot really what we're doing at the heart of it we're using our eyes to see a Target and then we're feeling in our hands how we're going to get the ball to that Target people do this naturally so I do.

This all the time in my lessons where I'll ask one of my students to underhand toss the ball into a basket and almost every time they're making it or getting close on the very first try and all that's happening there is the looking at the target with their eyes and then they're feeling in their hands.

How to put it in there now specifically what we're doing is we're focused on two things we're focused on power level which is how hard you're going to throw it and or hit it and we're focused on trajectory which is basically how high or low that ball is going to end up going okay so here's a few examples of.

Power level and trajectory correct and incorrect so first this would be correct power and trajectory in okay correct trajectory but too much power goes over the target correct power but too much height too much trajectory okay.

Not enough power doesn't get there so we've really got to start focusing on feel so when you're hitting and when we're practicing we're taking in that information we're looking at what a shot just did was it too high was it too far did it travel past my Target and then we're making adjustments on the fly.

Every single time so here's what this is going to look like when I'm actually using my paddle and practicing with the ball machine first of all a couple Basics that I'm going to focus on no backswing okay so keep that paddle in front try to get that paddle settled and paused if you haven't seen that video go.

Check it out try to get that pedal settled before contact so you've got full control of what you're doing we're going to try to get really low the key to a good third shot drop is getting below the ball so you can give it that nice Arc up and over the net so we're going to quiet body quiet paddle get below the ball.

From that I'm just gonna feel hit adjust I'm going to keep doing that over and over again I'm gonna feel what I'm doing to the ball I'm gonna watch what happens I'm going to assess if it's too high too low too much power too little power and then I'm going to adjust and do it all.

Over again and I'm going to keep doing that until I feel confident with it okay so here's me getting some reps in with my spin shot ball machine if you're looking for a good practice partner that never misses and feeds you the ball exactly how you want it every time check out the spinshot ball machine I.

Think it's the best on the market right now okay so let's take a look at some technique specifics the first thing I want you to note is I'm taking hardly any backswing my paddle is not getting behind my body at all and I'm judging how hard I want to hit it based on how big my follow.

Through is so if you watch the paddle you can see it's nice and settled it's nice and calm there's not a lot of Swing right before contact it's just kind of waiting for the ball so now in these next few I'm going to start purposely kind of messing up I'm going to hit some too high some too soft.

Some with too much power that travel past the target just so you can see how those look and maybe how the swings look a little bit different if I notice that I screw up maybe hit one with too much power my goal is always to analyze and adjust so I analyzed the previous shot that I just hit and I try to adjust the very next.

One so I always make it an intention to never have the same Miss twice in a row or even worse three four times in a row if I'm missing past the target with too much power three four five times in a row then I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing and I'm not adjusting well we want to be rooted in good technique.

Like we talked about earlier Get Low no back swing get that paddle nice and quiet we want to be rooted in those things that help us get our body under control but ultimately our goal when we're doing reps like this is to create a connection between our eyes and our hands let our eyes see and visualize what we.

Want to happen and then trust your hands to make it happen okay so now that we've all mastered that we've practiced a bunch we've got the feel we've got a pretty good handle on feeling good about dropping that ball in the kitchen let's figure out when we're actually going to use it so there's a.

Couple considerations when we're weighing am I going to drop or am I going to dry first one we talked about this a bit in the last video in the drive video if my serve gets me a short return and I'm moving into this ball I'm dropping this almost every time this is like my opponent's giving me a freebie okay I can come in here and make.

This drop 99 of the time and then get to the kitchen line behind it so I don't want to waste that opportunity doing any other stupid shot driving trying anything crazy if you get a short ball and you're pretty well inside the Baseline take the drop get to the line that's our whole goal with this anyway that is.

Going to be one of your easiest paths to the kitchen line it's a great serve short return take the drop and get in there now also like we talked about last video if we get that ball that's a little bit deeper and I'm set up I'm balanced that's what I might think about a drive okay but if we're back here in the back of the court and we're in.

Trouble that drop we're we're reaching we're stretched out we're falling back that's when we're going to use the drop again this time though we're going to aim a little higher over the net we're going to give it a little more height because now we're kind of just trying to bail ourselves out of trouble so if I'm.

Here going a little bit higher and now it's going to take a couple shots it might take two or three shots but that's going to buy me some time to try to work through that transition area and find an opportunity for an easier shot so my basic philosophy drop when it's short drop when you're in trouble or off.

Balance if you've got a good drive use it when your opponent is late to the kitchen line or when you're trying to set up an easier fifth shot drop thanks for watching make sure you check out the next part in the series also I appreciate so much if you would like.

Comment or especially subscribe it helps me out so much to grow this Channel and keep making this content thanks see you next time
Learn to Master the transition game in this 5 part series.

Series Upload Dates
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Part 4: ??? 4/7/23 3:00 pm
Part 5: ??? 4/10/23 3:00 pm

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