So Tony let’s jump into it let’s talk about one of the strategies that we sometimes see players get wrong in singles absolutely so when we’re playing doubles I have Jill returning serve and CJ’s going to be the non- returner up here at the nonv zone line the rule of thumb is we want to play from the nonb zone line in doubles so I’m going to.

Serve to Jill and I’m going to show you what we expect the player to to accomplish or to do in a doubles match so I’m going to serve to Jill she’s going to return and she’s going to come all the way up to the nonv zone line This formation is an excellent formation for them to be in when you’re playing doubles but there are times in singles.

Particularly on a a returner serve like that I asked Jill to put her returner serve here because we’re going to show you in singles if you return like that and come in like this you’re probably going to get burnt
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