Hey guys i'm connor hans and welcome to enhanced pickleball today we're going to get you closer to mastering the third shot drop in just five minutes if you're someone who struggled to hit your third shot drop consistently and effectively then this video is for you before we go into it if there's any other technique or strategy that you want to see us make.

A video about comment below so without further ado let's get into the third shot drop grab your paddle and let's go the first thing that you need to have in your drop is the correct swing path when we hit the shot your paddle should be going low to high so that you can get a good arc on the ball your swing path shouldn't be level because then you.

Won't get enough height to accurately drop the ball into the kitchen area you also shouldn't use a loop or a large backswing because you'll lose control and feel instead use a short backswing and take your paddle back directly behind the ball this will help you get a clean contact in the center of the paddle more.

Consistently after you hit it extend upwards towards your target so that you get the right amount of height so that it lands near the kitchen the trajectory is super important think about it like a basketball shot if the ball doesn't have enough arc it won't be able to drop through the hoop without.

Touching the room by giving your drop the right amount of height it'll come in at the right angle so that it clears the net but still lands in the kitchen area your drop should peak around this area and should clear the net with about a foot and a half of space however be careful not to take your.

Drops too high because even if the ball bounces in front of them it'll be a shot that they can be aggressive on since the balance will sit up in terms of where you're aiming them it's a common misconception that every drop needs to land in the kitchen the goal of the drop is to try to make the opposing team have to hit up on the.

Ball so even if they can hit a volley as long as they can't be aggressive you still should be in good shape so don't try to aim your drops short in the kitchen this is unrealistic and will result in a ton of errors and it's okay if they go a little past as long as they stay down just try your best to hit the shot successfully while keeping a good.

Margin for air another crucial aspect to the drop is to make sure that you don't use too much wrist if you use too much wrist you'll lose control and accuracy by keeping your wrist steady you give yourself the best possible chance to hit the ball in the center of the paddle with the right amount of power while your wrist is still it shouldn't be.

Tight try to hold your paddle at about a 2 or 3 out of 10 in terms of how hard you're squeezing this will give you more feel and touch on your shot if you hold it tight you aren't going to have the same ability to slow the ball down keeping your wrist still and at the right tension is one of the most important parts of hitting successful.

Drops moving on your footwork is another crucial aspect to hitting good drops because drops are an accuracy based shot if you're off balance or out of position when you hit them there's a good chance that you either miss or pop the ball up for your opponents you want to do whatever you can with your feet so you can catch the ball in about this.

Position the ball isn't going to move for you so you need to move for the ball making contact with the ball just six inches off of this position can be the difference between missing or making the ball so make sure that you take as many adjustment steps as you can your contact should always be out in.

Front of your body so you need to make sure that you use your feet to get into this position if you're consistently hitting the drop behind you then this is a sign that you're not doing a good job with your feet you should also make sure that you're transferring your weight forward through.

The ball if you hit this shot while you're falling back it's going to be significantly harder to get the right amount of power try and keep your forward movement as consistent as you can so you can master getting exactly the right amount of power that you need.

The last thing that i want to do is distinguish the difference between the slice drop and the topspin drop on the slice drop the goal is to lead with the bottom edge of the paddle so that the ball spins back towards you on the topspin drop you brush up on the ball so the ball spins away from you both types of drops are effective but.

Generally it's easier to learn the slice drop so that's what we're worrying about today when you're using this drop the main thing to consider is that you aren't chopping out the ball we aren't going for an extreme amount of spin and chopping will make us lose a ton of accuracy all we want to do is leave with the.

Bottom edge and the ball will naturally have a little underspin the point here is that having more spin isn't going to help us we just want to have a little so that the shot has a consistent result once you've mastered this shot you'll be able to win points on your serve much more consistently but no matter how high your level gets.

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I wish I had known these 3rd shot drop tips when I just started playing. In this video we go over the most essential pickleball skill that will elevate your game to the next level. We focus on the 3rd shot drop and strategies that will immediately help you play better. Pros like Ben Johns, Tyson Mcguffin, Julian Arnold, Parris Todd, and Zane Navratil use this shot and these strategies to win at pro tournaments. This video is for you no matter what your level is (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc).
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