So the drive can be an incredibly useful shot in your pickleball Arsenal the problem I see is that everybody is using it wrong so in today's video let's clear all that up and use our drive the right way so here in part two of our transition series we're going to be focusing on the.

Drive and we're going to take a look at a couple aspects of the drive number one we're going to do a brief overview on technique number two we're going to take a look at the strategy we're going to look at when why how you should be using it and number three we're going to put those into action I'm going to be using my cell kirk002 to.

Provide the power for the drive I'm going to be using my spin shop ball machine to get some reps and we're going to get our drive better and more useful let's get it so just like in last video I'm not going to dive too deep into technique again I do already have a video on how to develop a great topspin forehand drive.

So I'm going to link that again here check that video out if you want to dive deeper into the technique of this the main idea that I stressed in the Serb video is that we want to develop our serve and our forehand drive to be the same motion so I'm going to show you a quick example of myself hitting a serve and me hitting.

A forehand drive and you're going to see basically that they're the same thing thank you and the last little point I want to make about technique would be kind of how we approach it so one common mistake I see is when we're driving we're trying to go for just.

Sheer power we're trying to hit the ball as hard as we can a few things happen we get a little out of control you know sometimes the ball will fly so with your drive I want you to focus on height rather than power I'd rather see you hit the ball 70 of your full power but keep it nice and low over the net and especially have some.

Topspin that's helping dip that ball what makes a successful Drive is a ball that flies low over the net and dips and makes your opponent have to hit up on a volley we're not trying to just overpower our opponent so we're going to get into the strategy next and you'll see exactly what I mean by that you have an effective drive you can hit the shot.

We can keep it low we can dip it the question now is how are we actually going to use it and again this is where I see some major mistakes being made number one strategical mistake that I see in this coincides with kind of overheading is we're taking the mental approach that we're using the drive to try to win the point.

So I see people over hitting I see people hitting too hard and I can tell their goal is to hit a drive with the intention of it not coming back or you're going to win the point on that shot reframe your focus to thinking about your goal in the drive being getting the ball low and setting yourself up for an easy fifth.

Shot drop okay all we're trying to do with a with a drive is get ourselves an easier opportunity to drop the next ball if you hit a great Drive of course sometimes they're going to miss sometimes it's not going to come back but that is not our main focus our main focus is to set ourselves up for an easy fifth shot drop.

Second major strategy thing that I want you to think about is where on the court we're going to drive the ball so a really common mistake I see here is we hit a great serve we get a short return and it is so tempting when we get that short return we're running into it we've got all this momentum to move up and just try to.

Drive that ball hard here's the problem if you're driving something short you have to hit up on the ball and also if they volley it back they're now going to be volume right back down at your feet the only exception to that rule would be if you get a return that's short and also sitting up but that seems to rarely happen I feel like a lot of.

Returns that are short are going to stay a little bit lower so fight that urge to take that short ball and run up to it and rip it as hard as you can so when are we going to use the drive well I like to use it when I'm around the Baseline so they hit a return if I'm in within.

About a step or so of the Baseline and I drive from here where we most likely to get a volley back we just said it's going to be in that mid Court so what am I going to do I'm going to hit a good drive weak volley comes back to the mid court and now I move in and there's my easy.

Drop we're reframing our mindset to think of the drive as a setup shot and not a finishing shot the third strategy rule that I want you to live by I call it the one bullet in your gun rule so think of your drive as a gun you got one shot at it you serve it it comes back you decide you're going to drive it as your third shot that's great you hit a.

Drive if they handle the volley and hit it back without a problem you're not gonna sit here and just keep driving away okay you got one bullet in your gun if they get it back you're dropping the next ball so you're going Drive drop 99 of the time very very rarely will you.

See high level players Drive multiple shots in a row third fifth seventh doesn't happen if the first drive is neutralized we're moving on to the drop so now I'm going to show you a couple of my favorite drills to practice this first you can see I'm in the screen kind of doing this the wrong way I'm over hitting I'm trying to hit too hard you.

Can see the balls are flying there's not a lot of spin on them and now watch the difference I'm going to take a little bit of pace off the ball I'm going to settle my body a little bit more I'm going to stay more balanced I'm going to hit it about 70 percent speed and I'm going to focus on using the Top Spin to get the the ball.

To dip you can see these balls are landing usually about in the middle of the Court rather than deep in the court which means if someone were volleying this they'd be hitting up on this volley so the next drill that I like a lot you're going to need a partner for and basically all I'm doing here is just.

Alternating drive and drop so I'm getting used to changing tempos hitting one hard ball then the very next one hitting soft like we talked about earlier rarely do we want to be hitting two three four drives in a row so this is just kind of getting you used to hitting a drive and then always.

Following it up changing tempos and going with a softer shot after that so that's all I got for part two of the transition series don't forget to check out Parts three four and five if you like the content I'm given I would highly appreciate a like a comment or a subscribe and I will see you next time thank you.

Learn to Master the transition game in this 5 part series.

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Part 5: ??? 4/10/23 3:00 pm

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