So do you want to hit a forehand that makes your friends react like this stick around and I’m going to show you how tell so I’m sure we all want that huge forehand drive power of our tennis player buddies but how are you going to get it if you didn’t play tennis for 15 or 20 years well you’re in luck I’m going to give you all the secrets that I.

Learned teaching tennis for almost 15 years to develop some easy power in your forehand Drive I want to start by breaking down a few common myths of how I hear the forand drive commonly taught so the first would be that we have to turn sideways before hitting the ball so we.

Got to get our body turned sideways to the court now if this is true somebody has to let some of the top singles players in the world like Tyson McGuffin and Federico stock rud no because they’re doing it wrong so the second one and these kind of go hand inand is that on once we get that sideways turn we’re going to want to extend as long as we.

Can down our Target line so we’re really going to want to extend towards where we want to hit the ball now in theory this would make sense if I want the ball to go a certain direction swing and extend that direction unfortunately that’s just not how it works let’s dive into what we actually need to focus on to start to get some easy power in our forehand.

There’s really only one thing that matters when we’re trying to hit the ball harder or with more spin on those forehand drives and that is paddle speed there’s a direct correlation to if I get this paddle swinging faster I’m going to hit the ball harder so that’s what we’re going to focus on is getting more speed in our paddle and there’s two ways we’re.

Going to do it they’re called lag and rotation and I know that might not make sense but don’t worry I’m going to explain exactly what I mean so let’s dive into rotation first so if we look at opposite end ends of the spectrum as far as like how we want to think about swinging we’ve got the first way I described which is turn sideways swing.

Down your target line that would be what I would call a very linear swing we’re trying to kind of keep everything in the same line guided towards our Target on the other end of the spectrum we’re going to focus on trying to get our paddle to swing in an arc around the body and if you think about it there’s lots of sports that work on this.

Principle golf baseball tennis our body more naturally works by working in a circle around rather than trying to go kind of in a linear or direct line so part two of that equation that I mentioned was something called lag so what is lag again this exists in tennis golf baseball it’s basically when I start to rotate in whatever I’m holding.

So for example my pickle ball paddle if if I start to rotate the head of this paddle is going to temporarily kind of get left behind cuz there’s nothing supporting it so it’s going to want to get left behind and then it’s going to try to catch up and it’s going to end up swinging faster so now that we have a good grasp on what lag and rotation.

Actually are I’m going to take you step by step and show you how to actually get a feel for it yourself so here’s how it’s going to go we’re going to start in our ready position and we’re going to start by just making a 90° turn with your body we’re not going to move our paddle at all so we’re not doing anything like that we’re just going to.

Take our whole body and we usually refer to this as a unit turn I’m turning the whole thing without moving my feet okay so you’ll notice when I do this that my paddle is kind of pointed that way it’s pointed out to the side I haven’t put it behind my hand so it’s just here step three is we’re going to start to we’re going to start to pull the elbow forward.

When the elbow starts to come forward the paddle is going to tip back okay so we’re going to start going elbow forward paddle tips back and at the same time we’re going to start rotating our body and turning that direction okay so all together here rotate and turn after you feel comfortable with that next you can go.

Into some drop feeds where we’re just going to drop the ball swing and hit it that way the ball’s not moving it’s just in that kind of same spot and then after that you can go to some live ball hits and try to put it all together hey guys I want to give a quick shout out to cirk for not only supporting me as a player but supporting my YouTube videos as well.

Lately I’ve been using this power air which is an awesome paddle super poppy great spin really maneuverable and fast if you want to see this or anything else that they have check out the website and make sure to use my code to get a free gift card with your purchase we’re going to do a little video breakdown of maybe one of the hardest hit forehand I’ve.

Ever seen in pickle ball and it just happened a couple weeks ago from my guy over here that I circled Zay natil we’re going to roll the video first and take a look and then we’ll go back and dissect what’s going on oh my God holy tell me it’s it’s filming so you can see our reaction there we.

Play a lot of pro pickle ball we play a lot of tournaments based on our reaction you can see everybody is this is one of the hardest hit balls we’ve ever seen pretty serious stuff so let’s go back rewind it here and take a closer look see if we can dissect what’s actually going on here see if Zan is doing some of this stuff that we talked about in.

The video so we’re going to pause here you can see this initial position is kind of what I described he’s got his unit turn his stance is kind of somewhat open and he’s got that paddle tipped out to the side and nice and relaxed Okay so so he’s in a great starting position now as we keep rolling forward you’re going to see this kind of magic move he’s.

Going to pull on the elbow and handle and now he creates this super lagged position you can see the paddle is tipped back behind the hand and that what we call lag position and it’s ready to create a ton of speed you have to stay relaxed if you want to hit this position you can’t force the paddle into this position as we keep going he’s just.

Going to let all that unwind and you can see how quickly the paddle goes from contact and across his body again like we talked about notice it’s not going down the target line it’s going in an arc around his body and then you can see momentum wise he’s also not really stepping into the court he’s not moving his body weight.

Forward he’s in a pretty balanced position and he’s swinging in a in an arc just around his body so pretty good stuff here from Zayn that almost perfectly describes everything we had talked about
Can Zane HIT the ball HARD?!?
This video will teach you how to hit amazing forehand topspin drives with the right grip and speed to win all your games! This in depth breakdown will level up your game if you are a pickleball beginner to pro. The forehand drive will help both your pickleball singles and pickleball doubles gameplay. We highlight key secrets of the forehand drive.

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