Welcome to indian wells california home of the 2021 margaritaville usa pickleball national championships presented by pickleball central join us as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and the coveted title of national champion this amazing action is brought to you by the city of indian wells.

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and welcome back to margaritaville the usa pickleball national championships you can see him warm enough out on the court as we speak jesse irvin and oh yeah catherine parento the canadian who is so deadly at this game cameron irwin alongside dave fleming and they're facing off in the winner's bracket final.

Of the women's pro division against annaleigh waters and her mother lee waters and you said there was a couple match-ups earlier today that you just had to see to play into this yeah the uh the level that we've seen today has been unbelievable the the waters had to battle.

Lucy kovalova and andrea coop which is a tremendous tremendous team and that match unlike the one we just saw with the men was literally the same pattern cam for nearly an hour of coupe and waters lee waters cross-court dinking and anna lee trying to find a.

Way to come in support her mom bring that big two-handed backhand they were able to get it done and you know they talked i talked to them after the match and lee talked about how i knew i needed to add something because she knows she's going to get isolated annalee is one of the best players in the world so when she does what can she do to stay out of.

Trouble and give annalee a chance to come in and attack well that's a great point and you know we just talked about lindsay and riley newman the brother sister duo but that's a mother-daughter duo and so there's some fun dynamics that take place i know you said you got a chance to catch up with them but any chance you do get to run into those two.

Lovely ladies the conversations are always so fun they love this sport they're so dynamic in it and they just continue to grow and anna lee just 14 or 15 years old and i love that it's that partnership from mom to daughter but on the other side i mean these two just an electric duo consistency is key for jesse and catherine yeah and they're.

Going to bring just so much variety and phenomenal shot making they are on fire than one tournament of champions they won the ppa masters they know how to win absolutely well here's a look at that team that's jesse irvin right there playing on the right side settling into the cross court on ball.

Number one and again lee waters working the cross court dink using that forehand on the backhand side pop up and put away jesse irvin yeah so you're going to see lee standing in the green happy to hit an inside out forehand dank and let annalee fill the middle she's.

More comfortable in the grass exactly so side out 0-0 still i like that little roll so out of the net cord but not enough on it a little indecision of which waters was gonna run and get it and they both sort of backed off to the last second push back off the kitchen line just a.

Bit and the two-handed backhand from the other waters yes mom was bringing it there found a nice one-two combination which is usually the winning form here you got to be ready for that second ball and she certainly was jesse irvin takes a big breath you could.

See it you could hear it on court and parento and irvin had problems filling the middle in their last match they were able to win but we'll see if that becomes a problem here if they got it fixed and a big smash from perento certainly got that point fixed and again those returns you need them to.

Be aggressive and deep in the court however you don't want them that deep slap shot back in of catherine parento yeah and you had both ladies sliding you had parenthood sliding to hit a forehand and elise sliding hit a backhand that leaves the other half of your side open and toe found it.

A switch from the waters anally on backhand side finishes it with a four nice little cross court speed up more so up the middle yeah she's uh you know as i mentioned before there's a little bit of an issue there now that ball is going to be pretty much anybody whether you're having a problem with the middle or not.

Something to just keep an eye on there's the pressure of anna lee off a good drop you can't shake and bake a third too just put that pressure she comes to the tee and just says try and beat me it's all about that off ball movement catalano and i have talked about it over the last few days just how much you can.

Impact the game when you're not even the one hitting the ball and when you are the one hitting the ball like lee waters right there on the replay boom there was a poach defended and then another ball put away by the waters and this is how the familiarity of how they play pays off so well for the mother.

Daughter to fill that open court and hit the winner attack in the that's middle great reset but three too many this is how the waters play when they start playing with pace yeah when you hear the sound of the paddle going down you just can't let because the crowds.

Here they love 14 year old anna lee waters they love the mother daughter team that you talked about cameron you can't let that momentum train just run you over good time out absolutely well you talk about momentum and they have found just that five to one waters on top of urban and parento you can see a little bit of coaching down.

There your former broadcast partner just from this morning yeah scott crandall down there uh does a lot of practicing with jesse irvin so he's seen this very perspective that we have here cameron uh and you know i think get that ball down and get into some of.

Those uh dink points with lee waters and find the opportunity for them to go and you saw that in the first few rallies right they settled into some more of that back cross backhand cross court deaking from parento.

And lee waters but then all of a sudden it changed and shifted a little bit you saw a few more attacks from anna lee coming right up the gut looking for that middle ball yeah and the other thing i think here we need if i'm talking to.

Urban and parent this return's got to be deep because they're fired up so they're going to try and shake and bake again meaning drive that third and then go poach it watch for the shake and the bake and there it is again and that's where you don't want that ball just laid up right now yeah the the fourth is the.

Problem here so a little short hop casual by perento and irvin could not handle it you know everybody here's you know third shot drop so important but that fourth ball has got to be neutralized and they didn't do a good job of it there they get a miss.

But a five-point hole it is 7 1. they work the switch now jesse on the left catherine on the right shuffling around that forehand is the waters and that time maybe just got caught with her feet still moving yeah so the.

Shuffling that you called was exactly the problem not on balance pushes it wide great catch by jesse irvin so when you're switching and switching back it's where to stand on the serve can get lost in translation nice catch there defense to offense catherine parento yeah she defended a really good.

Outside hip attack i was able to then catch anna lee off guard and seeing a lot of the ladies finishing with one-handed backhand slaps there she did it brilliantly there nice deep serve just the last foot of the court wrapping up up and over as lee waters.

Trying to put as much offspring as you can and there's a little pace to the top spin and a little just a kiss off the tape caused them the air there that's that's the that's the amount of tape you want when you're going for that catches them off guard similar to chef's kiss pickleball kiss 100.

That's exactly right pop up a great reset how about the defense jesse earlier push to the baseline they work their way back one shot at a time right at the feet of jesse and stepping in she can't defend the extra shot how about that defense though.

Just a clinic on how to defend tremendous balls at their feet i mean it was like 11 pedicures and they got them all back but couldn't get the 12th one great pressure by the waters it's hard when you're in that point to keep the pressure on they did it.

Getting bodied up a bit there is anna lee it's a nice shot from irvine you thought about that atp yes and it plays in her favor i like that because anally did shift to defend it's a nice choice way to keep the ball going yeah and the your body pulls your opponent's thinking out when you.

Think you might have it and then don't do it so well played by irvin a couple tricklers chopping that slicing it back before it even hits the ground oh they're calling that ball wide they asked the officials whether that ball is in or out you just saw it on the.

Selkirk replay call will stand that's vicky ryan the head referee that's a great dink paired with another jessie's so steady settle back in huge play i feel like the tide has slightly started to turn since they've made the.

Switch and put irvine on the left side yes and then they come on with extra meaning because the other ball might have missed by a millimeter cam that one hit back across the winner three seven two and now the waters make a switch as well.

They put anna lee on backhand side pace and power off the paddle of urban yeah that's there's a lot of ladies that hit two-handed backhands but when she rotates her hips and brings it like that that's tough to defend you don't want her to get hot if you're the waters and again just like that the.

Strategy changes now lee waters back on yeah i was going to say what a run a point so far take a look at this selkirk replay figure out how to make a big-time adjustment now with jesse on the left.

Yeah so a couple things there obviously at 7-2 the waters were dictating everything that's going on here they played a match just like this one as i mentioned so they were comfortable in that setting and catherine and lee going back and forth please winning that anna lee was getting in and a lot.

Of that seven wasn't even point construction as much as short returns when they were serving and they were able to get going so they got the ball back switched jesse over and now the reach so jesse is a very patient player but also has the reach if there's a dink that's left up a little bit that maybe catherine couldn't.

Reach jesse admittedly taller and has very long arms we talked about that earlier today so she can pick one off and she's found that opportunity now they're within two great call so the switch has functioned in the form of some points for urban and parent see if they can knot it up here.

Down by just two and the timeouts have been huge factors all day cameron everyone's calling timeouts when they should strategically and it's been flipping momentum we'll see if it continues third shot drive oh wanting to use that length but just.

Outside not finding that sweet spot 8-5 that's a great return great partner support there by parento didn't go back to her spot stopped did a little pit stop at her partner pump her up i'm going to serve wide so it's beyond that center line.

Flying back in the middle is currently closed cameron with authority might have been open in the few first points of this but no longer just like that back to the dink and that is the first we have seen in this matchup just a little bit of an off.

Speed roller to the deep middle yes and when she's playing in the grass as you caught it in the grain that's a ball annalee thought her mom was gonna get she's so far off the court brilliant pace by irvin there.

And there's that layup you were talking about same thing a little bit of a high ball great reach from irvin seven nine and another timeout called by the waters their second in game number one it's the one versus two seed just to give you a little bit of a reset this is.

The winners bracket final on the women's pro division side we just finished up the winner's bracket final on the men's side and riley newman and tyson mcguffin they're moving on to championship sunday well who are they going to play we have yet to find out that we've got another bronze medal match up on the men's side to see who will take home bronze and who.

Will be moving on to sunday's action here from indian wells and the same exact thing that is going to happen on the women's side of the game you're gonna have this winner's bracket final that bronze medal match-up will take place to see who's moving on to championship sunday yeah you're gonna have to earn it.

Tomorrow it's three out of five in the doubles tomorrow cameron so uh as as we talked with tyson and riley rest up get that good meal get that good family time if he's going to the pool yes it's sunny but mid-60s so that kid's tough maybe he does like a dip into maybe a heated pool here locally so.

Dave i think they call those hot tubs yeah i think you're right oh the bubbles yes yes get that massage get those tats all massaged and ready for tomorrow uh yeah so we're gonna have a great bronze medal match there you know this one again we talked chestnut checkers here the waters will.

Call timeout just to stop the madness you know jesse again is getting hot no more just two that's enough let's stop this let's see if they are able to stop the quote-unquote madness right now not looking like it another point on the board for irvin and parento yeah and they put anna lee on the left there and.

Got a little miss on the fourth eight nine what a ding from lee waters move middle push side perfect execution talk about defense catherine printo a little trick shot there keeping the ball on lee waters one after another three four.

And now on the fifth she's all the way back up and a tremendous job by lee of accepting you got to concede the kitchen when the ball's up she did a great job of that as you called were you were at sesame street counting to 10. they get the ball back and they read the post from annalee.

Water she tried to run back heads up play from jesse irvin right on the line another huge play by parento and irvin yeah on the selkirk replay again the pace that ervin can get on that one-handed backhand attack just tremendous out in front that's why they take the second hand off these ladies.

That hit the two-hander catherine knows she was just gifted it's the holidays camp that's a no-go zone yeah laid up into the backhand now tied up in nine all flee on the right oh and another just right in the top of the net and all of a sudden it is now game point.

For irvin and parenta the number one seed who has trailed for the entirety of this game one they can't get the ball down there it is just when you think you've got enough on it brendo and irvin are there game point opportunity number two so.

Body bagged off the tape at game point down just shuffled her feet attacked and just a little bit of the tape again that chef's kiss cam down by one they gotta make some magic happen here that's not gonna help we saw the rabbit in the hat not good.

Magic and tied up 10-0 so two game points fought off and all of a sudden it's game point the other direction and it's that pace on a shorter return that sets up the shake the bake and the paddles are down again urban and perrento save it's time to pull things off as they trail by just.

One point but you got to go hats off to those two ladies get back into game one here's a look at bomb and daughter throwing some electrolytes in we've had all sorts of competition happen over the last several days here at the margaritaville usa pickleball national championships of course presented by pickleball.

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Through the roof but pickleball central well they've got everything you could possibly imagine anything you could possibly need in the game of pickleball of course you can check it out at pickleballcentral.com pretty much anything you can imagine right there in that tent or in that.

Online store game point opportunity again for the waters so ball was called out of bounds however it was overturned appeared to just catch the line vicki ryan over rules at the referee and.

Here we go at 10 11. ah moving jesse around as much as possible then attacking up the line how about the defense again catherine doing her job beautifully every time the ball comes her direction and you forget about 20 minutes ago catherine parente pulled a ball off of.

Her shoe tops that should not have come back to force that dink point to continue it is all tied up french fries on the board 11 11. i love it i'm hungry irvin taking her time here after hitting a ton of dinks there even got a little assist there of a.

Recall the score and perento yeah that one you don't see the angle there but definitely in the flight trajectory the ball was tailing wide as well so if you can remember back they had two game point opportunities already this being their third.

It's urban and parento they trailed for most of game number one but ultimately fought their way back and pick it up game number two coming up right after this from the margaritaville usa pickleball national championships.

So just letting those just pop off the paddle both parento and urban so steady in their play unreal and it just keeps going.

Sharp angle still sent over whipped up again catherine nearly doing the splits but give it up for this crew the cream of the crop in women's pickleball they're on their feet as they should be after that display omg on the scoreboard nothing else needs to be said.

And every single time they're going right at those feet i mean you could just watch how parento and irvin they literally have to jump backwards just to get out of the way and still hit the ball at the same time yeah they're giving ground but their feet are still in play it's tremendous precision by the waters.

I'll take that one liam my bad mark that up on your scoreboard that's on me only one though broadcaster's curse yep a little more of the heads-up battle now between lee and jesse speaking a heads up same thing on the other side parento versus analee oh so.

Annalee overruled her mother there and said i'm not switching great angle not as sharp as you can get yeah and she just uses those long arms and extends like a lot of people will bend their elbow or the wrist she just takes all of that angle with the reach beautifully done this time mom gets the switch she called.

For last time and i told you so daughter watch what lee does right here gets that right hip perfect placement creates the pop-up and the put away so when you're playing pickleball there's just certain areas you want to attack on at the body of the opposing player what are some of those yeah well.

If you're going to hold the paddle on the right side of your body on the back end you want to attack that right hip which is the paddle side forehand hip and that's what waters did two points ago oh tricky tricky jesse irvin the other thing is to attack the body up.

And when you're used to attacking guess what you get you get people backing up and then you can drop it so the variety of winners you can hit based on your attacks great job by jesse there nearly making it boy if that would have gone over that would have been a fun little circus with the wallendas trying.

To figure out what are you going to do if that cuts back into the net switch called midpoint nice read by anna lee i love her taking that aggressively and if you're gonna go go and just smoke it down the let's middle the fire fight early yeah.

Lee waters definitely took a swing at a ball that was going deep there and that's the waters you know win on just action and fire and that's another one they would have gotten they would have run to the line to serve again so big side out for parental and irving so you see so many of those forehand dinks.

From lee waters she just continues to kind of roll those paddle face practically pointing all the way down just rolling those up off the edge of her paddle somehow keeps that ball inbound that's a big swing that's a ball you're used to seeing something like that go out when it's hit at that height but.

Stays in the court here at indian wells five two there's the middle ball we talked about it early on i mean not only does it create some communication problems but it's a hard ball because you're reaching absolutely you're not on balance so you the best you're gonna do is maybe pop it up it's hard to find somewhere safe and.

These two will any ball that has even a remote chance of getting crushed they're gonna do it third shot drive fifth shot drop and i think annalee wants to get more and more involved in this matchup she continues to put herself cross-court jesse they did this before the i formation where am i going you never.

Know here i go typically you want to avoid the eye formation but you know right now playing into the water's favor well they like that you know it's just sort of trained like what's what's the pattern that you're going to deal with who are you going to be dinking with i you know i love that they're emptying the strategic.

Vault here oh oh they'd fake themselves out saw the fancy footwork of emily waters the great young soccer player as well bouncing left and right great return nearly hitting the back line but the third you can still get that bake.

Off of the holiday cookie shake when the third is that good at their feet getting a little edge guard there trying to do her best to just reach and use that length but just well outside and parento one of the most balletic and beautiful players puts her paddle down even very nicely to timeout just laid it.

Out so softly other people just drop it so the sound of a timeout there cameron suddenly it's nine five yeah in the opposite direction you can see athena trujillo also the partner of catherine parento work together constantly working on their games it's so fun actually if you.

Want to get a chance to go to catherine's instagram and just see all the drills she does a really nice job putting stuff out on social media great content great conversations over there athena a huge part of that so a little bit of a different team approach you know this is an interesting aspect of pickleball the involvement of.

A coach in pickleball some choose to have one some choose not to have one some choose to have two at this point right and we're getting two coaches coaching two individuals and then the individuals hopefully are hearing the same thing from both i actually really like it though because it's almost like you've got one set of.

Eyes focused on what's happening with one individual they know how to communicate and have that conversation that's best suited i think overall as long as you continue to come back together i kind of like that approach actually yeah because each of those individuals as you mentioned knows that player so well they can get exactly what.

They need to see if it works mom no no no yeah was the call mother lee just making sure and another dink miss and i think it's a little frustrating right now for jesse irvin she's also looking straight into the sun on that side so game at number two going to the waters a huge huge victory to.

Push game at number three the pro xr pickleball paddle answers the agent question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro xr gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every.

Shot in the game because you always have that constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro xr is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next i'll say i'm going.

We're going to margaritaville you can go to margaritaville too visit margaritaville resorts dot com it's time to get game number three underway in the women's pro doubles.

Match up for the winners bracket who will be moving on to the gold medal on sunday we're gonna find out in this deciding game cameron irwin alongside dave fleming that's emily waters and her mother lee waters picked up game number two.

All right already got catherine back to the left side here so we saw irvin for a long amount of time really dictate that and missed a few at the end so they're gonna try catherine over there quick point now for irving and parento and as we talked about the coaching on the side of our ben and parento and.

Maybe you know separating coming back together well you look courtside and you got scott crandall literally sitting with athena trujillo so they're communicating as to the same conversation that's getting dictated to their players the spinner i have no idea how lee waters got that.

Ball back over i know because you have no margin from the net to be able to get the height brilliant job by her maybe not getting set quite as much quite as quick as she would have liked good job taking it back across her body too yeah lee looking a little befuddled there at herself puts her hand in the.

Air stinking paddle you only blame the paddle that's no matter what paddle you always blame the battle it's never you as the athlete no the equipment even in volleyball i call a lot of volleyball you look at your arms and you're like come on platform what are you doing they're attached to you yes.

Set work really attacking the middle now are the waters all started with a high third high thirds usually don't end well you know and this is one of those things it doesn't feel important but when you get that two-nothing lead you get the.

Ball back they miss two-thirds even to get a third point there just to take advantage of this early could come back to haunt them later we'll see right at the belly button yeah i like that again we're seeing it more in the pro game that uh cross court attack to the.

Outside hip really well done there by waters working the lob and some defense oh and parental was thinking time out there frustrated with her own play puts the paddle down picks it back up says you know what no we're good resets mentally.

Now maybe it's time she almost she like half put it down again so again the waters love runs so far on a 3-0 run getting the outside of line there does it go it does that time the flat ball i mean how do you get that ball to do that because usually you just want to hit that ball.

Straight down yeah so she did a good job of getting us low she and she's a tall lady so to get as low as she did and then just hold that pronate the wrist so it's straight really well done so and absolute fire coming at the waters and they were able to repel it water is a repellent.

On the outside the line again looking a little more like tennis all of a sudden you know you asked about how can jessie irvin do that she actually works on her wrist flexibility to be able to do that to be able to hit some of the shots she does that's why these are the best.

Athletes in the world i'd like to know the routine to that finding some open court lee waters you can see here and it again it's getting your body ready to hit that two-hander so you've got to get your right shoulder out of the way and did it brilliantly there.

The water is looking directly into the sun on that left side again shadows starting to creep further into our stadium court so sending a few off just not enough on that jesse playing that off her back foot and we'll switch sides at six cameron so.

Uh the sun will only be in their face until one of the teams gets there and there's an apparent they'll have to deal with it and the shadows can kind of play tricks on your eyes as well that's one of the big things to pay attention to ball coming in and out of the shadows i'm sure a little extra difficult to see.

Heads up yes great job by waters some people like to defend on just one side of their body so you go left side of her body there finish on the right side can't get the paddle over there got the ball late almost got vicki ryan tagged our referee interesting decision here too cameron.

It's 5-2 you're gonna switch at six you get the free time out yet they choose to use one here so you you sort of have to process is it important to us to get this calm down now or should we let it go they decide to go that means they only have one left plus the the one at six.

About stopping momentum well this is one way to try and do it when you know you've got a force timeout coming up shortly but hey maybe you want to get one or two more on before you change events yeah so the idea there and this is a more positive approach to that which is we're going to stop it maybe we're going.

To get to 6. i'm not just going to concede that they win another point absolutely well it's two to five for the number one seed in game number three and we've got long legs over here why not yeah margaritaville things just happen here we got danson we got prince let's go.

Crazy cameron come on i was talking to dominic uh on broadcast over the last few days we just need to start a list of the things that only happen in margaritaville and i think stilt walker is one of them this lady over here chucking stuff into the upper deck.

A little too much finesse and at the change of ends it is now officially six to two the waters on top dj got a gift there because we had about a four second point he just went right back to let's go crazy so the waters feeling good up four at the jump here.

The winner of this match cameron doesn't have to play anymore today the winner does not however the loser will have to face off against leia jansen and irina taraschenko as they have worked their way through the contenders bracket irina and leia had to play the brashas in the.

Contenders bracket and then faced off against kovalova and poop a phenomenal phenomenal matchup that just finished seven so leia jensen and irina tereschenko are waiting to find out who they play in that bronze medal match up they're still gunning for a gold medal as well.

So winner go have some dinner maybe sit poolside with tyson and the rest of the kids exactly losers not losers because you still got a chance you're going to get a medal but you'd much rather play on sunday and chance at gold oh boy.

I scrambled all the way to the right you gotta make that mom little flick by anna lee there catches jesse just a bit late so much of it is all about the timing you're holding a second early a millisecond late and all of a sudden the direction and trajectory of that ball changes.

How fast do you think the ball travels at any given time say on a drive or even just from a firefight up in the kitchen line you know i would have to look up the answer to that i don't want to give a wrong one to our to our beloved viewers but the difference though is i'll finish it after this beautiful.

Point pulling a couple out of her pocket with lee water oh my goodness lee waters look at hannah lee getting the crowd fired up for her mother and a high five that's what's cool about this team is that a 14 year old can say all you people cheer for my mom right now would.

You an incredible display of defense from lee waters as they are now up seven up to two some defense from annaleigh but so back to your your question about speed i think it's like the softball pitching you're so much closer like in tennis here you're just 14 feet away at the.

Kitchen line so the pace and the timeline has to be so quick so it may not be gone exactly i think there needs to be a study done the reaction time of pickleball players compared to some other athletes and i think you'd be rather astonished.

So at 4 7 the waters decide to take a timeout dropped a few there jesse irvine does a slow walk to the seats court side meanwhile beyonce all the single ladies are going bananas here and we got a bunch of ladies putting on an absolute show here on court so we talk about margaritaville.

And all the great things that can happen here over 2 300 participants participating in the usa pickleball national championships but for you what are some of the things that you get to reminisce on about some experiences here at margaritaville yeah well just you know to come out and play on championship court you got your name on.

The scoreboard and the views i mean right behind us here i mean you you have to play ten percent better here cameron just because it's so beautiful here at indian wells the other thing that's great is with 2 300 players pickleball is a family so when i wasn't playing and i'm in a unique position because i literally sit.

In the same seat for 10 hours a day when i'm broadcasting if i can sneak out and watch friends family play and a lot of people love to do that so it's your matches and supporting others that's what makes the sport great in this event great it's all about community and pickleball that is the number one thing when you talk to pickleball players what.

Do you love about this sport so much not only is it the fast-paced play but it's all about the community the timeout gets the stop so they checked i think if uh vicki ronaldo told them they only had one they wouldn't have taken it they did have two they took it worked out indecision in the middle.

Now it's that same cross-court dink battle but we're going both from the right side shot up the middle from anna lee so when you change the pattern you have to change and jesse stayed wide right catherine was on the line and great just a little half flick by annalise so it.

Was crafty at just 14 years old just catching above the left shoulder of annalee felt like she had her paddle on it yes and that dink and that winner was set up by the previous ball and then the perfect pace that she's recovering in the middle great job by.

Emily nearly touching yeah anna lee was beat on that to the outside hip but got out of the way at the last minute no harm done for the waters interesting speed up there maybe not as much of a balance as leah expected oh it looked like off the tape maybe you'd get something to sit up and it didn't.

finding the baseline check this shout out from annalee waters and you can see katherine is so far to the left that jesse has to slide there and get beat on the outside shoulder didn't do it they're within two of a gold medal date tomorrow and the i formation is in.

Effect yeah anna lee just a little impatient to start that off the bounce and see if irving and parento can go it's getting late that does not help don't want to miss the third it is later.

Big slap shot well defended that ball is just getting worked right now they had two paddles on it oh my goodness now she is.

After that both teams are at the kitchen line one's attacking the other's attacking and then a edge guard oh we're playing let's here too by the way folks uh changing the spin of that ball working that to the outside as well.

Stepping in is anna lee sitting middle oh no little frustration so two points in a row the waters play perfectly have sitters to put away all and you have to remember lee missed that one off the edge exactly he's going i want it mom i want it.

And she'd done the work to produce that ball things are starting to get a little bit tighter now you can start to feel it too every single shot it's just that much more precise and the crowd can sense it a little bit too especially after those two mistakes.

On the on the very very winnable balls that were sitting there that they didn't finish can they get to ten they can these are just some errors from jesse urban that i'm not used to seeing a couple just easy plays right off right sitting on top of her.

Maybe a little bit off there for jesse maybe trying to make something happen a little too quickly are lee and annalee waters the teenager said i'm gonna finish this match right now but was late on the move match point again for the waters the match is over and irvin comes up with that.

Insane get and we play on cameron looking for a move here are jesse and catherine working the sideline really fighting that one off quick pace so frustrated she went for the speed up and wasn't able to convert the next ball.

Yeah similar to what annaleigh tried on match point number one just you won it so badly just overextended a bit so a side out again for the waters and another shot at match point the drive from mom lee waters sends anna lee and lee to the gold medal match.

Tremendous job they led most of game one and let it slip away and then come back and win 11-5-11-6 with some brilliant play in front of a so so.

So so all right dave fleming back here on championship court the waters are moving on to championship sunday what do you think everybody so lee.

Had the lead the whole way in game number one and let it slip away how were you able to recompose yourself and come back and take this match yeah i think we knew that we were ahead and a few things happened and i made a stupid call and we lost the game and we said you know we have the game plan let's.

Just stick to it and the next two games anna lee was able to take some balls off of me which really like took a little bit of the pressure off and i was able to be a little more aggressive and i think that's how we pulled it out so anna lee they had jesse on the left side they started with catherine move back and.

Forth how did that affect what you guys were doing well we definitely had to make adjustments to them switching but we are very comfortable on both sides too so i think really what was working at the time we were just switching and trying to figure it out but i don't think like one set position really helped us i just think.

You know how we felt in the moment and that's what we ended up doing so lee you had to battle through this one you're going on to championship sunday tomorrow what's the mentality here as you have asleep tonight to get ready for that you know the young lady to my right has.

Two matches tomorrow ladies and gentlemen she's in the singles final as well so what do you do to make sure she's ready for herself and then for the two of you well luckily we're used to the ppa format where the titles are also on sunday and annaleigh's been in most of the finals so we're kind of used to the two matches in one day and she's a.

Energizer bunny she's 14. she she doesn't get tired so that goes in our favor but i'm going to do the same thing we did in 2019 when we wake up i'm going to look her in the eyes and say we're not losing all right so.

We're not losing is the message from your mom anna lee i i just want to ask you one last question you're in front of all these fans they love seeing the mother daughter there was a point in the middle of this match where two overheads were hit at 789 miles an hour at your mother she got them both back you end up winning the point and you're telling all.

These people to cheer for my mom how did that feel i mean it feels amazing to be able to compete with my mom but when she made those shots i was like all right i'm just gonna sit back and let you do your thing so the message is clear from mom we're not losing anna lee wants him cheering for mom what a tremendous display.

By the waters here on championship court good luck tomorrow ladies
Watch Anna Leigh Waters / Leigh Waters complete against Jessie Irvine / Catherine Parenteau during the Women’s Doubles Winner Bracket Final