Welcome to indian wells california home of the 2021 margaritaville usa pickleball national championships presented by pickleball central join us as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and the coveted title of national champion this amazing action is brought to you by the city of indian wells.

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And margaritaville pickleball by head and it's time to get some gold how about matt wright and lucy kovalova they're facing off against the newmans the brother sister duo lindsay and reilly they're coming out of the winner's bracket so in true double elimination fashion a true double final.

Could it take place lucy and matt would have to win the two out of three battle and then an additional one match to 15 cameron irwin alongside dominic catalano and it is a rematch from the winners final here at the 2021 margaritaville usa pickleball national championships presented by pickleball central it has been a glorious day here at indian wells.

And we're just closing out with a great matchup what do you expect from this one dom it's a rematch again a rematch exactly what matt and lucy want they want that rematch they want a chance to avenge the loss earlier they were not happy about it they came back took it out on tyson mcguffin and annalee waters to earn the.

Right to be here right now so what i'm going to see you're going to see a lot of firefights out of matt and lucy and you're going to see lindsey and riley trying to slow everything down well before we get to that match starting it's time to take a look at our pickleball central hot shot of the day.

Now that you got a three-point advantage and served tyson mcguffin finds the other sideline head up and how about that and i seriously think stephen waters annalee's dad just jumped higher than tyson mcguffin did well.

They got beat by kovaleva and wright in three to try and get back here we watched that match just prior to ours and as you can see how all these players got here newman and newman took out waters and mcguffin and kovalevan right to earn the right to be here and then kovalova and wright.

Took out waters and mcguffin in the last match that we saw after waters and mcguffin took out catherine parento and the young j.w johnson to get into that bronze medal match well our competitors are sitting courtside they've now officially warmed up which.

Is saying something as the temperature has now started to drop in the desert as it usually does once that sun sets but we're under the bright stadium lights here at indian wells 49 total courts in action over 2 300 participants here at the national championships from the pro division on down.

Kathy dimitri all over it she's got the ice cream in one hand and the newman heads in the other lindsey newman and riley of course working with gamma pickleball their sponsor lots of dancing taking place meanwhile they're still waiting on.

Lucy and matt lucy and matt have played a few matches just in the last few hours and one of the things you know to dom is maybe a little bit of pain coming from the left side of lucy kovalova so something to pay attention to see how she's feeling and how she's.

Moving something the newmans are going to figure out right from the get-go cheers are happening and this is pro-mixed gold quick trigger from lindsay newman and i tried to get something out of lucy.

Kovalova in the interview about that left side she was not giving me anything she did not want anybody to hear about it i love it hey but i gotta ask those questions what a tough reporter you are i'm so i'm so so hard-hitting cameron erwin alongside the hard-hitting.

Reporter dominic catalano it's been so fun i've been hanging out with you the last few hours we have had some fun today watching some great pickleball matches a little bit of a quick trigger again lindsey newman the first to speed it up yeah we haven't seen much of that her being the initiator with that she was.

There but they come out on the short end of that how about that shot from newman right up the gut wow usually you don't see that middle wide open like that with lucy and matt but almost look like matt was coming up very nonchalant to the kitchen line and got stuck in the transition area.

God lob riley is able to run it down paired with some finesse and right on the shoelaces of riley newman riley newman loves to work that backhand both him and lindsay.

He plays that right side maybe opening up a few extra feet there on the forehand side and scooping that ball is riley newman and kovalova right there just overhits that if she just takes something off that and goes right at lindsay newman forces her to block that she may block that up.

She gets the next ball like a wall it's lindsey newman one reset after another wow just grinding her way in the transition area is lindsay newman i feel like i need to have a conversation with lindsay about her grip strength and where she's at because she can reset those better than anybody i'm.

Like how is she adjusting every single ball like that that's the thing is too is she is adjusting every ball right whether the pace it depends on the pace of the ball depends on where she's getting that ball it depends on where she is on the court as well a couple forehand blocks from lindsay.

And there's an angle matt wright flying through and you heard matt wright call lucy kovalova off in the middle of that saying mine he was fully engaged in that point and wanted to end that himself oh matt gave a little head fake like he was going to the middle and i think riley saw that and tried to.

Go behind the last second well last second flip but ends up right in the net riley giving her the nice shot called we've seen so many teams do that against lindsay try and lob over the top of her and same play matt wright matt wright playing an onyx panel evoque.

Premiere yes sir score four one two and looking to step in front a few extra speed ups again going right out to the body of kovalova one more one you know it's funny dom you're talking to lindsay after their last after after the winners uh final.

She talked about how how their game adjusts and shifts dependent upon how she's able to reset the ball she said she was frustrated after that but they played so beautifully like you wouldn't even be able to tell that she was frustrated with her resets no cheeky from riley newman.

Great inside out going backside on matt wright looks like he's going cross court just slides that paddle along the length of the ball your referees here in this match don stanley is your lead referee and your support referee is marcia freso from detroit michigan.

Newman working all the way to the opposite side just undercuts that ball slapping to the middle yeah and lindsey just sits at the baseline hoping to play some defense behind her brother uh.

Nice coverage switch is on another speed up and the length they're going to call that ball wide newman just trying to go inside out right there sails it just wide one.

Man you can see how active matt wright is right now trying to help protect a little bit more of that middle right there's the perfect example lucy's on it matt had shifted and it kind of gets them in that out of position opening up some holes on their defense oh and newman just gets that and it's apex.

But can't get anything on it unfortunately matt wright with the winner newman above six foot that was just out of reach i mean perfectly placed by matt wright there was a football violation on.

Matt right lindsey newman drives lucy trying to get nice and low to get underneath that and try and flip that through the middle but riley newman doing such a good job of keeping that low and just out of her reach they've tried.

To attack lindsay newman a few times just on that high right shoulder because lindsay sits a little bit more backhand she's only able to kind of punch that ball back with the paddle straight up in the air lindsay always having conversations with herself as she turns away from the net.

Matt right with some advice for lucy defending the middle and patrolling the entirety of the court is riley newman sitting middle playing defense open forehand five one and the ernie from matt wright great read he just uses his length again.

So well and then his athleticism watch him hop over that line clear the line referee's making sure that he doesn't step in or on the line six five kovaleva and right still on top lindsey barely missing that.

Oh and a good leave whenever you hear the no call you know it's coming from the newmans they're very emphatic with their crystal clear with their player communication with each other i wonder if they used to talk like that.

When they were kids i feel like it might have sounded a little something different a couple of baby dinks and matt wright's sitting there yeah matt does such a good job of moving his feet to the ball just step in right there as he was on his side and then just takes one full.

Step to the middle able to get a good paddle on that ball put that ball away wanting it to intercept that is matt wright but a great location from newman to be able to just drop that short enough.

And lindsay shifts again bradley just able to take over a point 61. that's a great save by lindsey and kovalova this time she had a cover for her partner matt wright who is basically in the front row trying to regain his balance and get back into that point.

Look in the flip we've seen him run around those forehands off so often this afternoon gosh damn newman's are so annoying they don't you know matt wright had four good balls right there and lindsey duman handled every single one of them and got him back and forced.

Him into an error and that is what makes lindsey newman so incredible right there not only is she able to reset but when they do try and put her in an uncomfortable situation she still performs that ball over the top of her head is not easy.

that's a big time side out lindsay and riley trail by just one riley one of the best at just undercutting that ball so much backspin on those things a foot fault has been called in case you couldn't hear it.

A foot fault has been scared upon everyone in the stadium making sure we're all aware i like it he loves his job as much as we do adolfo what a dig will it make it no.

Oh just sure it's about about as big of a smash as you can get lucy kovalova using every inch of her tall frame to reach in there not allow that ball to bounce well and that's one of the the spots that you can hit against the newman's that forehand.

Side we've talked about it so much in regards to lucy kovalova she does love to sit a little bit more backhand but if you're willing to just give up one or two of those and make about 50 other shots with your backhand makes sense how about that reed wow matt moving full speed to his right and then pulls.

This back to the left it's just hard to anticipate that it's great recovery matt wants lucy to keep coming and get that but that ball is so close to the sideline if she's there to get that if that ball goes back over there's nobody home.

And we're starting to see the same pattern over and over dink dink wait for the speed up down the line right but you saw riley there too roll his head because he was like he can't believe he let that happen matt wright was right there to put that away and missed it.

Nice bounce ernie saved ball stays in and he loops it around newman's ball wow and matt wright doesn't think this ball is going to stay in and it does and he's got no other option than trying to flip around it and get that back but can't do it game point for the newmans.

Another great dig reaching for that ernie trying to work the side leg finally after about the 30th shot matt wright able to find that aggressive angle and that's the key right there to the angle right so matt wright goes away.

From the baseline on the overhead he goes to the sideline seems like there's a few getting popped up just right there in the middle matt writes had his way with him nine ten kovaleva and right need a little push and how about that recognition riley's.

Seeing where kovalova started to shift to all right but he holds it on his pedal holds it on his paddle both of these partnerships starting to bump into one another just a bit every boat buddy going to keep the ball alive we're tied up 10 all oh what a spot by riley newman.

He had lucy kovalova kind of moving in towards the kitchen line and he goes sideline ball ends up behind her lucy looks a lot more active in terms of working around that sideline a little bit of deep middle dink first change up we've seen go right back to the same pattern.

Lucy doing her best to keep the ball off the ground taking it out of the air now when she lets bounce the dink rally of the day and you can see it all over lindsay's face so frustrated as that ball just sat at the top of the net it's just hung up there for about a second decided what it was going to do drops.

Back over on the newman side great defense there from kovalova and wright and that's how we started this game lindsay newman a couple speed ups just at the body that time great kovalova able to move out of the way now they find themselves at game point on the opposite side kovalev right.

and back to back errors and just like that the game flips directions kovalova and right the number one seed they're coming out of the contenders bracket looking for game number two and the party rolls on here from the 2021 margaritaville usa pickleball.

National championships gold medal match game one has completed game number two already underway lindsay newman with the first error as a reminder the newman's on the winner's side of the bracket sokovalova and wright need to win the two out of three and one more to 15.

In order to pick up national championship gold is it in it is flipped back over riley newman's there quick and easy last shot for lindsey newman how about the hustle margaritaville.

Loves this one and all matt wright can do is say oh yeah after that because lindsay newman had an absolute phenomenal shot behind him a couple great defensive plays from riley newman and the easy one.

Isn't that brutal it's just awful you hate that because but again riley and lindsey newman are so annoying because you got all these balls that you think are put aways and they get them back no can't get that one but yeah we're trying to jump that right there right.

The amount of touch it takes to get these back they make it look so easy lindsey making small adjustments every single play yeah you hit it right on the head cam they make it look so easy from the transition area just dropping balls back and drop the balls back in.

It just takes tons of work to perfect that like they have and lindsey's doing a really nice job any time it's gone to that forehand she's gone back to the backhand side or the backside of matt wright but that time he was well prepared and spiked straight down yeah i feel like i'm watching volleyball.

Yeah that's a yeah it's it's uh yeah you're welcome all right newman just gets on top of that so well but again it's the angle right he hits that angle to the sideline on that overhead that's the key there.

one so most of the plays end up working to that left side with both lindsey and riley sitting in the same box the length of riley newman playing in his favor.

Able to protect pretty much the middle 75 of the court and that same right side yeah they what we call they shorten the game up right they make the game smaller and how they do that is by playing like one half of the court they force you to play on that side and then riley's just tempting you to try and go behind him.

And another football violation on matt right take a look and they're just landing on the sideline correct call he was all over that sideline and just out of reach shortening the court but look at this riley getting all the way back to that.

Right side quick flip perfect placement and that's exactly what we talked about is he wants you to think that that's open but it's not it's closed riley's there and another big spike from riley yeah you shoot your shot i see you.

I'm right at you right there i love it but again newman they can't lob up over him so athletic can get up and get that handcuffed finally able to get them to hit one into the net they're just so good defensively so hard to get the newmans to make a mistake.

wide just to come and cover that middle ball and lindsey just stepped off and was like here riley you take it you're in you know already engaged in this point just got out of the way let him do his thing staying well outside the kitchen is.

Riley newman another great athletic play that's one heck of a third short return but the amount of sauce that ball had on it you hit around the head though cameras the short return that sets that up.

Though nice play by matt but it's not enough starting to recognize riley attacking him up the line able to get the first but can't come back eight to one the newman's on an absolute route right now in game number two and instead of speeding up down the line.

He goes at kovalova yeah and that's the wrong spot on kovalova we all know that we've seen that all day today it's just ready to go she's got that hitting position set before he even hits that ball there yeah but i like that dink location right where's that thing yeah not quite knowledgeable she wasn't all the way up.

To the kitchen so that's a tough ball kind of at that left foot and about a foot off the kitchen line as well nice shot way to come back lindsay newman makes a mistake with the last ball that she had and then she makes up for it right here finds a hole in the middle brother riley gives her a nice little.

Clap on the paddle and that's a beautiful shot from kovalova lindsay does a really nice job like i mentioned getting that paddle up above her head when she's kind of getting handcuffed that time ended up on her left shoulder there's a fault as it is the wrong.

Server and another adjustment it was the correct server so they will reserve lucy jumping around that forehand now watch what she does with her body here this is where it gets so intriguing to me see how she starts to lean to her left setting up recognizing that speed up combing at that forehand side better.

Prepare for it and lucy got caught up because lindsay went right at the body of her and she was half inbounds half out of bounds a little indecision they're not sure if you want to take it off the short bounce or out of the air is that in between can you make lindsey newman.

Have to think about the shot she wants to take she loves taking him just short hop into those defensive plays counter this time she shifts to her right setting up the two-hand backhand shot same thing sees the speed up moves over great counter that's what.

We've been talking about earlier too with annalee waters how she clears those hips that's exactly what lucy kovalev is doing she's clearing her hips out of the way and creating space and a miss hit just off the edge guard great riley calling that in but he looks to the crowd to say what did you see.

I'm not sure they can make the call for you riley no definitely can't wow kovalova going one hand block and then matt wright coming over with the big forehand to finish so at five to eight that's enough riley newman puts his paddle down and says it's time to take a break we were up.

Eight to one in a four-point run for kovalova and wright as they had picked up game number one and it was remember it was game point the opposite direction in game number one the newman's had the advantage yeah you're talking 10-9 they were up with game point on their paddle kovalev and right run three straight off to win.

12-10 if that was different you're looking at three points away from a championship here a little change-up so can kovalova and wright find that exact same equation in game number two they're gonna have to dig deep they talked about it having to find it on the.

End change right when they were facing off against tyson and anna lee waters they were trailing even in that one same exact thing and they were saying hey we just got to get two or three before we hit that mark from the end change and all of a sudden able to come back in game number three and end up victorious in that bronze.

Medal match up so kovalova and right they feel pretty comfortable playing from behind yeah they don't mind it they've been there before they're veterans of the game they've been in matches in gold medal matches dozens and dozens of times so let's see if the magic can continue for.

Those two and a lucky bounce and every time they're able to get that ball to the right-hand side of riley newman they're scoring points yeah and it's matt wright being aggressive in the middle right now he's just creating.

Angles off his big forehand and there's the success of lindsay we've seen her score some points just that half deadened ball right up the gut that time matt thought he was on it so back and forth the dinks continue who will be the one to take the first shot.

Pushing riley wide little bounce the longest rally we've had thus far clearance above the net is only a few inches keeps pushing it back cross court a test of will at this point matt wright making a little fake.

This crowd's going to erupt getting backed off the kitchen line a bit more communication now starting to be even greater at this point you can hear matt wright starting calling the ball and there it is that had to be a hundred plus my goodness my eyes are burning.

Wow kovalev plays with an onyx riley trying to step in front and the side out i like the aggressiveness there from riley not a bad shot talk about a lob some big time swings for riley newman.

That was a big time hold for lucy and matt yeah my goodness yes it was went from one eight now seven eight big hold snoom has had a second shot and there's the half speed little roller but it's the hold right hold hold hold now go right he can he made matt wright commit to cover his.

Side and then he shoots middle you talk about holding two is there's another big one we have two different definitions right holding the score and then also kind of delaying at which point you actually make contact with the ball to try and delay it as long as possible making it deceptive.

Right back in it here and you knew you knew right away that lucy was shifting for that two-handed backhand yeah she set that up beautifully and she attacks that from the transition area too and just her pure power right there forces riley.

Newman to hit that out of bounds because he's behind it and just wide the frustration continues to mount another solid hold for matt and lucy they are just grinding right now defended the atp and there's a point it's adal great defense of the atp by matt wright.

But on the defense of the atp matt wright actually does something with it and forces newman to pop that up matt's able to come in and put it away and it's seven straight for wright and kovalova i mean we were all but counting kovalova and wright out of this game oh yeah.

After newman and newman jumped up 8-1 quickly and twisting up lindsay newman right there the lob just gets them back and off the kitchen line yeah riley was not able to get much on that overhead yes.

They finally get her to pull out the forehand three shots later yeah she was wanting to get to that backhand to put it away but just newman and newman forced her to hit that forehand and she overhits it just a little bit you can hear the conversation too on.

Those thirds lindsey newman calling back lindsey newman on the right cross court dink battle with the ladies this is where we got into that long rally this cross-court battle that's a great dink save right there and matt wright baited it kept taking.

Those steps towards the center and on the perfect timing covers the line yeah he was all over that he was not fooled for a half a second on that still looking for that same the quick speed up up the middle and it's not working now no matt's reading everything that either.

Lindsey or riley is speeding up they had some success with lindsay kind of going with that quick speed up the roller up the middle and all of a sudden things are starting to shift kovaleva and wright now have match points it is 10 to 8. long time.

nope lindsey newman still just doing her best impersonation of a wall every single ball blocked right back it's not really an impersonation when that is what she's doing like it's just it's ridiculous she gets everything back no matter where she's at.

Different there it is the game the match saved by matt wright and lucy kovalova out of the contenders bracket and you know that what that means here at margaritaville usa pickleball national championships that means we've got one.

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And it all comes down to this here at margaritaville for the pro mixed doubles matchup one game one match to 15 points it's the newman's versus lucy kovalova and matt wright they just lost in the two out of three and two straight games but now a chance for redemption cameron went alongside dominic catalano here on championship court number one.

49 total courts but it's right here under the bright stadium lights that matters most and just a little too much on that block from riley newman i mean the hands from lindsay newman lucy kovalova was bringing everything she had right there and lindsay newman resets every single one of those balls that were coming at.

Her i can greatly appreciate the slow returns you see from lindsay newman because she gives herself so much time to get up to that kitchen line she's never trying to like get there in such a rush that she's throwing back those returns as quickly as possible she's just nice and steady gets herself in.

Control of the kitchen nice defense from that right whipping that high to the left shoulder of matt wright yeah what a shot there from riley newman is he kind of shocks matt wright to his left shoulder and forces an error into the net and a side out.

A little inside out and a little inside out out inside out out yes but yeah that's a good shot right there the first one.

Just wide a little more energy stands are starting to get behind the newman's a second more and that's a great dink it's so interesting to watch different dinking styles you've got riley newman that just undercuts the ball like crazy and then on the other side he's going up.

Against lucy kovalevo takes so many uh out of the air tries to kind of go against the grain a little top spin on some of those you can see here lifting the ball there matt right really dipping that right shoulder looking like he can always beat the ball up even from a low point of contact.

Can't get out of the way right there riley and lindsey up 3-1 here trying to take the gold medal they took silver in 2019 so they are in the same position they were two years ago but looking for a different color metal this time around and they're off to a good start but.

Remember last game they were up eight to one and then it was the comeback from kovalova and right right now they're up one or excuse me three one serve on the other side and we haven't talked about it yet dom i've been waiting to because i just wanted to let her play.

Show and speak for itself but what you might not know is that when you watch lindsay newman and all those balls she gets back the great defensive plays the way she's able to move about the court lindsay newman is actually six months pregnant believe it or not i actually don't i don't know if i.

Believe it still watching her play yep no change in her game she still plays the same exact way nothing has affected her play-wise at all congrats to lindsay move in riley from his left to the right the ball is wide what a point great footwork here from riley newman going middle to sideline.

And lucy just overhits that a little lucy and matt in 2019 where our bronze medalist so they're already moving up a level regardless of what happens in this match they took third in 2019. it's interesting too whenever you play the new ones you've got to play a little bit different because they keep riley.

Because they love those backhands on the right side so the ladies play more often than not straight up as that ball goes wide off the smash from lindsay newman but a lot more than just dinking heads up between the ladies well yeah you're right you know cam is that easy to do no everything's backwards.

When you play the newmans it almost seems like your game plan has to be totally different everything is just backwards like you said they stack backwards they put lindsay on the left riley on the right four three that's a different speed up that's the first.

We've seen where riley instead of going to the backhand side goes to that right shoulder i like that different look you just keep finding new wrinkles each and every game like what else can you pull out both of these teams oh and a nice bounce.

nothing riley can do right there off the tape other than shake his head you can see the change of pace right there three different shaped balls and speeds from matt wright to lindsay newman still able to handle them all trying to throw her off just a little that was a perfect view three different.

Combinations just wondering when that lobs coming back yep is it in it is lucy putting her hand out saying ball is good.

And that's an amazing shot because that was well behind the body of riley newman and that's a change we've seen almost every single shot with lindsay's paddle up above her shoulder go the opposite direction right back to matt right but that time she goes at the feet.

Most people are just worried about getting that ball back over she's able to redirect where she wants it to go exactly wow now all of a sudden it is newman and newman putting the pressure on it was all kovalova and wright in game two and now in this game to 15 is newman newman putting the pressure on.

And getting kovalovan right on their heels i think the fans are a little more frustrated with with that shot from riley than riley was could hear everyone gasp again looking for that right hip oh what a counter from matt wright.

He looks so nonchalant in his approach just standing at the net paddle somewhat down but if you do watch him closely you can see him adjusting every single time the ball goes over the net slight movements moving those feet and anticipating what's coming his direction.

A rare mist there from newman right there it's interesting you see same thing lucy reach into that middle taking some of those from her backhand another great dink saved and ball called wide 100 i didn't see it i was trying.

Making the adjustment riley saying that 100 was in bounds and the sportsmanship on the other side saying all right we believe you second serve lindsey newman getting low sliding that left foot out long dink rally this time going the opposite direction fist pumps from riley and lindsey newman.

Just wear you down well and it's interesting too because a lot of people the two-handed backhand dink they're gonna be rolling that ball right some topspin over the top but if you actually watch she kind of undercuts with two hands nice play two-hand backhand slice.

Dink one point away from an end change here in this game to 15. tough spot there again for newman to attack the two-handed backhand of kovalova no one's really found any success there today i don't think anyone's found any success.

There in last year i'm not sure what just happened with lindsay newman did you see that yeah she jumped up because she she wheeled the third shot over the newmans are very dramatic that dramatic animated animated it looked like she was trying to send some sort of fake out like angry bear.

Moves something because she looked like she was scratching and calling clawing after that she hit that ball my goodness that's something i have not seen in the game of pickleball but i think it needs to stick around lindsay we have now hit the end of change the newman's are up eight to four and you.

Can see matt wright and lucy kovalova again they are trailing but that may be a position of power for those two we'll come to find out just a few points left in this gold medal match-up our second match newman and newman in control here on the.

End change this is a very important aspect we talk about kind of checkpoints in this game to 15. your first checkpoint is who can get to eight first so you got your first checkpoint is eight lindsay and newman get there first your second checkpoint is who can get to 10 who can get the double digits.

Then your third is who can get to the teens first who can get to 13. when you get to 13 now you're two points away from winning so you got those three checkpoints get to those checkpoints use those and newman and newman are off to the first one here and against all odds folks dominic catalano can count to 15.

Just in case you were wondering i'm so sorry buddy you just made it too easy no but you're 100 right there are checkpoints and they're they're kind of mental landmarks to kind of keep yourself engaged in the game and especially for the newmans after they trailed one eight and then lost that second game i think those are critical.

So it's a great point to bring up what we call it's the game within the game right you have to come up with like you said like checkpoints you have to come up with those mental kind of where i want to be at a certain point in the game yeah.

Just i was i'm so glad we had the close-up there great job by our camera crew animated was the accurate word yes quick whip man the draw for riley newman is so small but it packs a punch yes it is and it's just he's just so aggressive yeah it is but it's.

Aggressive right but he's so controlled with it too that's the thing a lot of people the more aggressive they get though they lose control he's got a lot of control with it we were waiting on that lob i mean there's got to be a point where you can't do that anymore i think he's about three for four in.

Terms of we'd kill those efficiency or kills in the game of volleyball which seems rather accurate in this regard 7.50 there beautiful placement so we got to put that in the stat book for pickleball now it's kills riley's got three kills cam's killed mark it up it's a new thing there you go.

Power of a microphone again digging those right out of the middle kovalev playing with a little bit of depth there against riley you saw that quick draw a couple more he save it what a hands battle right and kovalev kovalova come out on top.

And newman just whipping his head all around just frustrated and aggravated that hat is abused nice read but an even better recovery yeah well when kovaleva sees newman coming across as soon as she hits it she backs up so she gives herself another two three feet.

So that when he attacks on that coach she clears herself and clears enough room that she can hit a good shot good adjustment from her that's a great point the more space the more time sometimes it makes it more difficult but sometimes it's necessary right and that's the big misconception of you know people teaching the game of pickleball.

Telling people when you get to the kitchen line stay there don't move that's the biggest misconception in the game of pickleball if you pop a ball up or you have your opponents on the attack give yourself some room back up and then recover it's almost like you watch how often.

These pros go from the baseline to the kitchen line to the baseline to the kitchen line back and forth right especially now with the law becoming so much more part of the game oh my goodness like a ninja is riley newman and watch this athleticism he did have a little kick in there all.

Right find us on social media let us know what you call that play great hands from riley newman and another and here's the thing too is if you don't think pickleball players get streaky.

You're sadly mistaken because they do and riley newman right now is as streaky as it gets they need to keep the ball away from him right now well they're doing their best but he continues to step in front but that's a great way to do it moving to that forehand side instead of trying to play.

Keep aways he's shifting in front of lindsay move the other direction this worked out in their favor great play by wright and kovalova and that's exactly look they're starting to attack maybe a little bit more even from the baseline making riley play some of those on that right side keeping him more honest.

Nearly yet another time out when i say it's time to dig deep that is exactly what they're doing but maybe it's just not deep enough against the newman's will they be able to sustain their lead so dom what do you think it's going to.

Take for those two first good time out from kovalevan wright slow the riley newman train down that right now because he's just all over the court but then when you come back in it is the same thing it's about keeping him neutralized you have to neutralize riley right now how do you do that first and foremost get the ball to lindsay okay.

Try and get the ball to lindsay but then when you see riley coming over and pinching so hard go behind him right so go behind him make him play off his forehand and not let him set up and play off of that backhand so you got two things to accomplish right now one get it to lindsay two if riley's pinching so hard go behind him you know they did.

Have a little bit of success especially making riley play some of those on his forehand side just to keep him a little bit more honest coming up from that baseline too so i'll add that into the mix of your keys as they come out of this timeout this would be like 2b 2b.

With an asterix some questions as to the score the score is 11-6 so so uh so that one off was riley another extended dink rally.

We've seen about three or four about this length thought about speeding it up there but changes their mind is lindsay newman and patience patience patience for the newman's 12 now on the board did what we talked about got more balls to lindsay.

But just nothing they could do about her getting every single thing back if you watch lindsay only really shifts that left leg when she's up there at the kitchen huge poach big intercept thirteen six just two away for the the newman's.

Slap shot yeah matt wright getting big in the middle like he did in the first two games that's exactly what matt wright needs to do he needs to insert himself right there be more of a presence here uh lindsay nearly on the ground.

And yet they find their way back to the kitchen poach lindsay's there and it is within centimeters they fight off riley poaching right there and lindsey newman goes just wide and she's sad she's pouting right now and rightly so that was about as close as it gets.

That's a nice shot yeah that's a new one yeah we'll take it and matt wright will take that ball off the tape right now especially in the position they're in down by five and i like this riley newman says all right before his sister's even able to pick up that ball he goes it's time for timeout we're not.

Letting this get any further we saw the 8-1 come back and we're not giving up any more well one i think it's two things too i think it's the elongated point they had before that right so they're kind of winded they come right back and play a point where matt and lucy are serving they give up a point okay so now you got.

That coming into play and now riley's like i'm not going to let this get any closer and i'm going to keep that five point lead 8-13 in your pro mix gold medal match-up it's game three or necessarily match number two newman's just two points away from margaritaville usa pickleball national.

Championships gold it's pretty on the mantle come christmas yeah and it is almost christmas isn't it so perfect timing but we'll see if lindsay and riley can hold off a comeback here from matt and lucy the long return of sir free point here can't have that at this juncture.

In the match and two unlikely errors from the ladies quick trigger by kovalova wow one attack one counter after another matt finding just enough open space to.

The right side so so calm miss lindsay lucy doing a really nice job moving from a forehand dink to backhand dink rolling those over the top there's the leave the no call from brother and sister it is officially.

14 to 9. championship point for the newmans waiting for the right moment again riley just slicing underneath a little top spin on that last look for riley to make something happen here nearly the recovery they needed.

But instead a side out kovalova and wright have a shot there's one this is kind of what you're waiting for on that last play riley stepping over in front of lindsay that quick speed up two-hand backhand.

Flip same thing backhand flip straight to the forehand so now they have two shots at this right so you got one from riley served one on lindsay served no matter what if i'm riley i'm trying to go aggressive here i'm gonna try and make something.

Happen knowing we have another serve for the match trying to make something try and catch him off guard here and there it is your 2021 margaritaville usa pickleball national champions lindsay and riley newman in pro mix doubles.

Let the celebration begin lindsay sitting a court inside her head in a towel just purely enthused so much emotion from those two riley's hat already off his head huge congratulations to those two.

Such a major accomplishment gold is theirs and then a huge congratulations to the other side lucy and matt they grinded all day long and you have to be so impressed with what they were able to put together today yeah absolutely matt and lucy played their hearts out all day long grinded through everything.

And to our bronze medalist anna lee waters and tyson mcguffin congratulations to them but i'm gonna jump down and have a conversation with lindsay and riley and see where their heads at and what they're thinking about this victory i'll be curious to see if you can get some of.

The tears out of those too but again huge congratulations dom is gonna head down dom thanks so much we've had so much fun chatting it up absolutely all right that interview is going to be coming up shortly right after this all right back here on championship court one more time tonight for riley and lindsey newman.

guys congratulations it wasn't the easiest route as matt and lucy come out they take the two out of three after they take that two out of three riley what are you guys talking about to kind of get back focused for that game to 15. well if you know uh lindsey and i there's not a lot of talking that goes.

On uh i think lindsay the big sis as she is she just gave me that look like it's all right it's time to turn it on but honestly for those of you that stayed in the freezing cold give yourselves a round of applause thank you so much thank you i mean it's truly i'm already got goosebumps i mean it's the first time i've cried in pickleball uh.

Lindsay and i we've gotten silver a lot a lot of times so it's just it's just so special to get the goal riley's a hot mess right now uh we just we uh what riley was trying to say was the last three or four tournaments we've gone to the gold medal match and we've been up and then lost and we were.

Here two years ago playing against kyle and simone and we lost that one and i think we still have nightmares from losing and letting so many people down so we're just happy to finally finally finally get a gold and we hope we made our mom and dad proud who are watching at home um so yes thank you so much for cheering everyone our.

Sponsors takea gamma babalot windstar properties uh just thank you so much well you took my thunder because i want to ask what it meant to you to be here in front of this crowd and a win like this but riley the emotions are kind of getting the best you right now yeah i mean it's truly raw emotions right now but i mean i'm looking at the guy who.

Got us started mark cook he got us started in 2017 so just a lot of special people that are here in the audience so thank you again everybody for joining appreciate it all right and lindsay like like like o'reilly said mark out you started he was your number one fan in the front row every good point he's jumping up.

Cheering for you guys what does that mean to you though it's huge it's it's mark cook it's duran it's jessica it's all these people that are just have followed us whether it's been four years or even we had a couple people come up to us today saying we started cheering for you today so no matter which side of the the spectrum you're on we truly.

Truly appreciate it and we are so happy right now we can barely talk clearly all right well congratulations to our gold medalist lindsay newman and riley newman you
Watch the dynamic pair of Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova compete against sibling duo Riley and Lindsey Newman.