Our next guest is a Grammy billboard and five-time Academy of Country Music Award winner she's also and this is very exciting the cover model for this month's pickleball magazine this is our album is called humble Quest tomorrow she makes her first ever appearance at the Hollywood Bowl please say hello to Marin Morris.

foreign I want you to know that everyone here at this show it loves you and the last time you were here because the last time we were here you guest hosted the show for me and thank you for doing that was that fun for you yeah it I feel like it's not that hard.

Of a job it's funny you say that because they were saying yeah well we we wrote this um comedy song and she didn't even rehearse it and she did it perfectly she just went right on and did it perfectly thank you I was like oh no I'm totally kidding it is it's crazy how much that you have to do I mean you have to.

Ask people questions you have to appear interested that's true that is hard sometimes more about that okay did you have trouble appearing interested Willie Nelson was your guest that's easy oh yeah Willie Nelson I got to interview I'm from Texas so that's you know it's legendary anyways it's as good as it gets right it is yeah and you.

Had conversations with Willie uh personal conversations before I have but it it was nice to that he was my first interview for that night so it kind of felt nice to break the ice with Willie yeah and it's different when you're interviewing somebody because you don't typically batter them with questions when you're having a conversation yeah.

Like a job interview but then there's somebody like Willie Nelson you probably have a million questions for him you want to ask those I know and it's like you get such finite time and I don't know how you keep these interviews on the rails most of the time you know what the hardest part of it is in right behind you is Guillermo dress as a.

Cartoon character and it's distracting Jimmy she did a great job other than that it's easy yeah thank you you were my co-pilot I literally had no idea you were right there that's amazing he's easy to miss he Blends right in oh yeah totally you've been traveling around the country.

On tour on a tour bus on the bus with your husband Ryan Hurd and your uh your son is what two years old yeah he's two and a half does he like the bus he loves it a little too much like some weekends I have to leave him home and he freaks out like he misses the road life I don't know what I've created I mean I think that it's cool that he's so adaptable to.

It but I also I'm like this can't be right for him to be so comfortable on Wheels all the time like in a new city but he's he's loving it my kids are like that too because I got an RV and I now hate it and I um said uh I'm selling the RV and they just burst out into tears yeah because they love they love being in the bunks you know and does he have.

That he sleeps on the RV yeah he has like a little crib it looks like a cage but it's so he doesn't roll out or Escape during the night yeah so he yeah it's he's bolted yeah because if you make a like a hard turn the kids come flying out of the thing yeah you don't want that yeah that did happen to us yeah oh no yeah yeah so he's he's bolted.

In every night um but no it's it's fun because I feel like I've missed being on tour I'd never toured with a baby because you know he was born at the very beginning of the pandemic and so this is my first time being a mom on the road I didn't really know what to expect but it's like he's gotten to see every Children's Museum every aquarium every.

Zoo and every city so it's like he's two and a half and really cultured by the time he's 10 there will be nothing left he'll I'm saying that yeah I've been there seen it did it I know and I kind of fear I don't know I'll you know as a parent you support any of their dreams but you know my husband and I are like please don't end up in the music.

Industry is that right you don't want him to do we I mean we joke and we want him to be like an accountant but yeah because I bet this kid's gonna have a lot of talent I mean he better have a lot of talent really there's a lot of pressure with you and with you and Dad you know I mean really he's he's probably how old were you when you.

Started I was singing I was 10. 10 years old and I started touring then as well so because you've played in what your parents beauty salon right yeah I started there I've played every um Opry chili cook-off uh tailgate that Texas could offer before I was 13. in the beauty salon though so what like there would be like ladies with the hair.

Dryer going and you'll be there playing no no I mean they wish it would be a special concert yeah I would like I would serenade them or we'd have like Christmas parties and I would sing for the clientele I mean I was like kind of forced to but um is that right yeah but I mean it kind of all worked out the way it was.

Supposed to I'm sitting here so yeah right sure started I learned many really think about there aren't many musicians uh certainly not at your level who were performing uh um on the floor uh covered with hair yeah you know yeah that's true I mean we all have to have our start somewhere but when did you start writing songs uh.

Professionally um so when I moved to Nashville almost a decade ago I didn't really want to be an artist I wanted to write songs for other people so I mean I was a staff songwriter so I had like what does that mean a staff songwriter so I would go in Monday through Friday to my publisher on Music Row in Nashville there's two.

Streets called Music Row tons of Publishers um Studios line the streets you'd report to a like a regular job yeah and so I will look at my calendar for the week and they'll pair me with you know just people I've never met before so it's kind of like blind dating you write a song and you like pour your heart out.

And then your publisher tries to pitch that song to a label who's looking for songs for their artist or whatever but I mean I was like mildly successful at that I think I was always supposed to just be the one singing my own songs but um yeah Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw recorded songs of mine and you must have been so excited when they.

Picked your songs to record oh my gosh it was so validating I felt like I I was taken seriously for sure after that and then did you wish like you had that song back for yourself um you know I actually recorded the song that Kelly recorded on my first record it was a few years after she had done it and uh she's so supportive of it and and.

She's amazing but um yeah I never want them back really I never feel like they've been stolen I feel like that was my credibility card was like Kelly Clarkson a singing words you wrote and you pulled out of your ass so yeah that's pretty cool and also it helped really launch YouTube perhaps the Pinnacle of any professional career on.

The cover of pickleball magazine thank you I don't know why I am just purely delighted by this oh get your heart out you love pickleball I mean there you are yeah thinking about pickleball that's the bus your son's in the cage you're pickleballing.

Michael Ball also um yeah but we've we kind of picked it up on the road okay this tour because uh we would just set up courts outside the tour bus and play each other and it was kind of like a team bonding thing and then everyone got really into it is it competitive no apparently there's a.

Pickleball magazine they're all gonna be freaking out that we're mentioning this on the show tonight um but yeah I'm I'm the cover girl you are you sure are and so you'll play when you play against your like band mates and against your husband and do you guys have like set teams and it's something you look forward to and are oh yeah.

Years about we play doubles we have scorecards um yeah there's a lot of trash talking um we just do it after sound check and like before shows and it was just kind of a good way because I hadn't toured in so many years so there were a few new faces in the crew and I felt like that first night we played after the show in.

The parking lot they see there's no better way to get to know somebody than to play Pickleball with them that's I think the pickleball magazine motto will you now you're playing the Hollywood Bowl which is uh I mean everybody here in La knows it's like a huge deal to play the Hollywood Bowl yeah uh will you be pickleballing.

Outside the Hollywood Bowl before there's room yeah well there's room there's plenty of room yeah yeah are you excited about that I am I've never been to the bowl so we've never been even as an attendee no the last time I played La I did the Greek which is another great theater yeah but yeah the the bowl that's going to be some big shoes to.

Fill uh but I'm I'm really excited we've got some like special guests oh that's nice joining and um yeah it's gonna be a fun night Under the Stars well it sounds great congratulations on all your success this is the album It's called humble Quest Marin Morris everybody we'll be right back and music from Mary Morris.

Maren talks about guest hosting our show, interviewing Willie Nelson, taking her two-year-old son on tour, being ten when she started performing and touring, her job as a songwriter for a publishing office, being on the cover of Pickleball Magazine, and playing the Hollywood Bowl for the first time.

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