Thank you too I'm just here okay all right thank you.

Foreign to do this come on sorry foreign foreign.

oh my God foreign.

Hello the first server oh my God I don't know man remember.

Sorry guys oh thank you oh okay zero one one they do all right zero zero one one us on the board there it is people already okay.

Zero one one oh again one one two one one two battles like it damn it come on foreign.

Too oh no one two come on give me the juice man she got so much length to hit it two one on one oh foreign okay.

one on one two three I just served and then I do that thank you oh.

Sorry thank you you guys are catching up you don't get a freebie good job guys thank you.

all right stay back foreign foreign foreign.

Good job barely out all right thank you well okay ten seven on two from up here.

Ten seven one outside thank you first time me I need to warm up.

One more stay back George foreign you guys ready or not there come on George.

dude oh my God come on yeah I'll take it we need one point two.

Two together okay five four two one up thank you seven four two.

One one um if I stay back I'm not good foreign foreign.

Oh one yeah two one two it worked out Kevin a one together.

is that terrible one partner will be further away hey bye.

Tonight another one foreign thank you the car too my little one right you know what I'm talking about.

Foreign 501 foreign here thank you much.

involved wait wait wait all right thank you all right let's go yeah foreign which one.

Okay one zero two zero two three zero two four zero two oh nice fell on my face.

Five zero two yeah right foreign no no I thought I saw him find out foreign dude.

tensor one oh my God oh yeah.

Dude yeah yeah yeah yeah right now here we go foreign foreign definitely.

Foreign foreign foreign tomorrow foreign all right wow come on.

Wait sorry foreign oh zero one review foreign that one.

Okay right now YouTube okay.

all right two cheers thank you it might be what size one five one 351.

. foreign thank you see five one everybody.

Thank you let's see y'all uh that's good yeah thank you.

All right foreign foreign I don't know how to die foreign.

hahaha three two two foreign oh zero five one four two one oh okay.

all right foreign anybody.

Four five one oh my God that's right you guys get a point yeah four five one.

I know six five one um she bet.

S all right what hey hey foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign that happens the ball.

ET right thank you they only get one big mac dude what what's up what you want it.

Six to one extra stable yeah zero two years all right now is six four one.

Um hearing uh all right little kids four one wow 942.

Background oh yeah yeah I gave up on it foreign the nicer all right one one.

wow all right you say you want to hit it first time foreign.

foreign mm-hmm three guys.

six one I got my God 100 . we're just having fun YouTube yeah here is.

You nine what nine one nine one two oh you're gonna get in the serve a little I watched him if you hit it right here ten one two three thank you.

I think oh sorry goodbye oh quiet time.

One time zero zero one five seven six five thank you started.

one two one two three pick one two one two.

Three kids too a one two come on it's usually the other way around oh my God oh sorry.

what's happening two one all right foreign foreign.

Ten two one foreign foreign hahaha they're just calm you have no control day two.

out foreign perfect okay thank you yeah here here oh yeah thanks what all right six ten one.

Zero two hey what um foreign all right.

It'll be better when you don't switch paddles too much let me see all right two one one yeah yeah.

Good job thank you foreign all right.

2601 so you get a better sweeper three six one I hit him.

Foreign foreign no no okay nine six two haha foreign.

Thank you okay foreign foreign all right all right all right let's go okay honestly wait where's Allen oh we've got it.

come on foreign foreign foreign thank you.

411 yeah foreign all right.

Foreign millimeters man very close foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign thank you one two one two one.

um wow foreign foreign thank you.

Oh my God no no no all right foreign foreign.

foreign oh no wow already all right guys.

Here okay they're waiting all right foreign.

Foreign okay shot Andrew oh thank you oh my God two one is.

okay one two three oh come on what.

Are you guys oh yeah yeah yeah foreign thank you thank you.

okay oh no foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you thank you okay foreign come on.

Foreign my pleasure right here come on thank you.

Guys do one thank you everyone thank you that one okay I couldn't know.

901 foreign okay all right thank you sorry.

You got me two minutes you can't do anything oh foreign laughs.

a good night apartment tonight you mean yeah just a few times but very random are you going to the Irvine right now or oh I'm going cold I don't know I meant I meant to school are you in school right now.

Do you guys go to Irvine right now leaving everyone oh live in Irvine okay fair enough you guys are from Irvine you drove all the way out here wow dedicated
vuze360 vr180 3d when viewed from a vr headset