Foreign we're gonna see if we can add an offensive weapon to our repertoire right if I'm reaching in and I'm shrinking the kitchen on my opponent a it's going to put pressure on them maybe they'll Miss more but B if they pop it up a little bit I can then attack it if I utilize what's called a a roll.

Volley fed would you mind taking us through how you sort of execute a a roll volley yeah so first of all your stand is going to be a little you're gonna have to bend your knees you're gonna have to get low in order to get that ball and then you're gonna lean in with your chest take your pad out so you get the most.

The most region you can okay so you're trying to get the ball in front of you here but if you're here then you're gonna you're not gonna be able to tear it anyway okay so you really need to be leaning in the kitchen okay and then from there you're gonna try to face your paddle down a little bit and then just leave with your shoulder again okay.

Don't try to put that much of risk in it okay you can start with your shoulder then if you want to add some wrist that's fine but to focus more on your shoulder holding your shoulder lifting up they call it a roll volley because the ball is kind of rolling forward off of the paddle generating a bit of topspin like fed said you want that you.

Want to start your paddle below the level of the ball so that you can swing a little bit upwards I think about the um the swing path being as if we're swinging up the net or brushing up the back of this net whether it's a backhand or whether it's a.

Forehand and a really really important piece that he just said is don't mess around with your wrist yet if you watch me if you watch Fed if you watch Susanna yeah sure we're flicking our wrist right but the stuff that we do is is different than many of the things that you do I didn't start out by flicking my wrist.

At these shots I built it over years and years right so I would recommend not utilizing the wrist right now until you get really really good at hitting topspin without it okay um one other quick thing to note is fed is not swinging across his body here right he's not ending up over here he's.

Brushing right up the back of the ball on the forehand I'm not swinging across my body I'm swinging right up the back of the ball because if I swing across and fed smacks that ball back at me now I'm toast additionally I don't need anything over here none of this helps my swing all I need is a nice compact swing right.

In here okay so the drill that we're going to do is fed would you mind going to the the mid Court so right in the center of the box there fed is going to try and reset everything he's gonna try and put everything into the kitchen and I'm gonna work on generating just a little bit of topspin on every shot I hit I'm going to swing.

Low to high work on some of those roll shots even if it bounces in front of me I can still work on generating just a bit of topspin so fed try to try to actually reset it like you might in a match perfect there we go even if it's off the bounce I can still.

Work on just getting a feel for some of that topspin and that's all we're trying to develop right now is a feel for a little bit of topspin even if he gives me something shoulder High I'm not going to murder it right now I'm just gonna get the feel for some top.

Also what context do we use this shot in when would we use this shot is an attackable dink I think somebody said keeping them back when they're in the mid court right if I'm if I have a ball up above the level of the net I don't need Top Spin right I'll just crush the ball.

If I'm have something a little bit below the level of the net that's when I want to add a little bit of brush so this can be used to to keep our opponents back it can be used when our opponents are in that mid-court area and it can also be used when my opponent is up all the way at the kitchen and I'm trying to hit sort of an offensive shot.

At them okay so it's a very valuable shot it's a difficult shot but a valuable shot to have if you liked today's video please feel free to share it with a friend and make sure to subscribe it helps me out and helps me grow my channel
Zane demonstrates how to develop a roll volley shot by adding topspin to balls that fall below the level of the net.

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