James do you know I I assume but some of the following Major League pickleball this season has been a little more difficult than last year some information is unclear but can people make trades in between each event like last year I think so and I can't tell you why but I actually know so.

Okay I know so I actually think that you can make trades before the first event really so we are recording um we've got Chris Olsen uh the pickleball Studio on Instagram and YouTube on the podcast he was nice enough to get me on his podcast and some.

Said in the YouTube comments that that was actually the greatest podcast in the history of all 10 or so of Chris's podcasts you know they did say that and it was really unfortunate because like this is going to inflate his ego so much when he sees this comment yeah I knew I knew during the Pod I knew about halfway through that.

Just the flow the Rhythm me with my sixth or seventh roast towards you I was I knew that that pod was going to take off and uh it got less views than Anna's pod which was unfortunate but expected but I think the comments were more um maybe maybe even more positive but I'm not gonna lie when I was editing it I was like I wonder if I cut some of.

These roasts out so he doesn't look so bad I was like if you don't know James this might sound really aggressive yeah it was it was a lot it was funny because so for those of you that don't know Chris came down with pickleball will and uh Kyle that pickleball guy on Instagram to Nashville and they came down we did.

Content for a week or so maybe a little less and for whatever reason um the four of us when we were hanging out we all mostly me but all of us had a tendency to just start roasting Chris at any moment we would go in on Chris and it was quick and it was natural it wasn't really.

It wasn't even something that we had to try to do they just kind of it just kind of flowed and I think that was the funniest part about it though is there would be times where you guys would start making fun of me and I would start to like rebuttal like thinking I didn't I didn't realize it was a joke initially was like oh okay we're just in one of.

These again yeah what was your uh what was your what was your feeling on that trip oh it's great I mean I thought it was a ton of fun I was here's what I was worried about I was like this I knew not that much about you obviously I knew you were a good pickleball player but I know anything about your personality but I.

Was like this guy is gonna have to deal with three of us for several days in a row I hope he has a personality that enjoys that otherwise this is not gonna be a fun time and thankfully you seem to just enjoy it the whole time so it worked out great I had a great time that was one of my best weeks in Nashville I mean I uh.

You guys saw my apartment it was not there was nothing to do it was not fun and uh yeah would you use your new place like that it's way better it's weird it's way better good yeah it's not that I'm gonna let you into this one but it's uh it's nice it's it's uh I mean kazanna's here I'm with Anna so she's making.

Making things a lot nicer than this so it's not for because you made it nice it's because Anna made it nice oh it's mostly almost all Anna yeah I'm not I don't know anything about um anything other than pickleball yeah that's how it went with my wife too if I uh when I moved into my first apartment if she wasn't around I wouldn't have had.

A dining table she was like why would you not have a dining table it's like I can eat at my desk she's like why would you do that and I imagine you're the same way except you would just be like I could just eat on the floor why do I need a couch yeah yeah I uh well yeah that was a great weekend or.

Week but uh now it's time to get into it so share it this is what we all want to hear from Chris we are going to have tears for our Major League pickleball Premier League teams there's going to be an a tier um for the best teams uh B tier and a c tier and I figured that would be the.

Right way to do it with Chris because Chris has his tears for pickleball paddles that's kind of what he does so I figured this could be easy for him he doesn't have to you know this is an easy transition so that's right three tiers 12 teams four teams per tier so I think how he should do it is Chris you go first with your a tier and then I'll.

Tell you my a tier and we'll talk about it all right sounds good my a tier and I'm also realizing this just now I should have based this all on what pickleball paddles they were using that would have been really on brand for me but unfortunately I didn't do that that's a good idea it would actually be really funny to do uh but my a team is.

NY Hustlers Seattle Pioneers fives I hate that I have to put you in there and then the heartaches oh yeah okay okay so I have in my a tier the fives uh you know I gotta put myself in the eight tier um the Seattle Pioneers Ben's team uh the hard eights and Milwaukee oh you put Milwaukee okay okay yeah so.

We have three teams in common out of those four yeah yeah that doesn't surprise me I mean of those teams like they're all really good so that's you're gonna definitely see some overlap there oh yeah yeah I think I mean I just don't know about the hustlers in terms of men's um and in mixed I don't know how much I.

Can say about that uh because I I you know I love both of those guys I just don't know how they're gonna mesh with with Tyson on the left um I think he's arguably the best right side guy in the game one of the top three right side guys in the game such a good forehand cross-court dinker forehand you know his drops his drives.

But in the Premier League on the left I don't know how that's going to go and I just don't know how their styles are gonna mesh because Rafa is so aggressive and he's got really fast hands great power likes to speed it up and Tyson is um you know probably the most solid guy one of the most solid guys in the game likes to be more patient uh does not.

Um you know I don't know if his bread and butter is those fire fights as much especially on the left side where he's got to make a decision instead of just slide to his backhand well when he plays with Jay do they do they stack him on the right I feel like I see them on both sides all the time but maybe I'm recording that wrong no you're right.

About the okay so they started the year with Tyson on the right and Jay on the left and they didn't have much success at all Tyson and Jay as people know we're not the team they'd hoped to be and not to say they didn't have any success but they didn't have as much and they tried to switch it up but if you watch them play for whatever reason when.

Jay's on the right he's still taking the middle so Jay actually comes over and takes the Middle with his backhand so that could be something that does play to Tyson's Advantage because Ralph is a lefty so he could take the Middle with his forehand um and maybe but I just don't know I mean.

Um breaker though it'll be a good team that's going to be a really good team they've got you know three out of four of them are good singles players uh Tyson's a great singles player Tyson's probably the you know the second best singles player in the game and uh Roth is good although I've beaten him pretty badly every time I've played him but.

I've seen him play well he'll just have to hope he doesn't go to a dream breaker against you yeah I've heard about it him him being good no I know he's good at Singles and uh and um the only concern there is Lacey schneeman uh I don't think she's bad at Singles but I don't you know she's not she's not gonna be a liability but uh.

Well she might be a bit of a liability especially against us if they play the fives we're gonna beat them in a dream hey but three out of four that's that's a lot better than some of these other teams in the league so I mean if as long as the other three can do a good job like they're they're fine.

Yep so what I want to hear your thoughts on because I don't disagree I mean I think the hustlers are at the top of the beat here so what are your thoughts on the hustlers yeah I mean I think what's going to be interesting to see is a lot of people talk about MLP being so energy based and obviously like it's not only that you.

Have to have a good team but you're literally going to be able to hear these guys from like across the country while everybody's happening it's like three of the loudest people you could have put on one team like so I think that's going to be really fascinating to see I really don't know that much about Lacey like I've heard.

About her I've seen her play a little bit but I don't know how that will go and mixed and I'm curious to see what pairings uh they'll do a mixed witch guy with which girl but overall I feel like they're gonna be a really solid team and like we said a dream breaker they're going to be really good so I think they're gonna be fun to watch probably.

One of the more entertaining teams to watch of the better teams probably the most entertaining I mean that's gonna be crazy they uh yeah that was something that I that's one of the things where like Zayn said it I think he said like MLT MLP is all about energy and that's gonna that's gonna be the team that has the most energy yeah so.

For sure I think yeah that's that's tough I think that they have a good case to be in the eight tier I mean they I I guess oh will look we got him joining in six minutes early we have a surprise guest is he in I'm in hold up there he is yo what's up what's up yo how's it going.

It's going good so sorry I'm late guys um we played some pickleball we went to go have lunch I had one too many drinks that's why I need extra time and you know one too many drinks means I had one you know so and we do have half of one well done okay so will let me fill you in I don't know if you have the tears I mean.

You definitely don't have the tears but I know I don't know if you have all the players or all the teams in front of you but me and Chris are doing uh tears of Premier League MLP teams we've got a tier B tier and C tier so I don't have all the teams in front of me no um on the major league pickleball Instagram while uh James and I talk.

About the rest of ours yeah yeah I'll pull him up me and Chris are already almost done with the a tier so I guess you can't pull them up and then as far as like B and C tier then you can join it you think that makes it okay yeah I think that's good so my question is.

Oh go ahead go ahead oh I was just gonna say do you have Milwaukee in your Beach here Milwaukee is in my B tier yeah okay okay I honestly think that if you if Milwaukee plays if Milwaukee plays the hustlers I think they're the favorite because I think in women's and I get what you're saying.

About the hustlers they got they have the energy but I think in women's Lucy and Cali have got to be the favorite over Lacey and Anna because Lucy and Cali are both solid uh they can both dink well and they're not gonna get overpowered by Anna and Lacey and Aaron Lacey both have fast stands they both have power but Lacey her dinks are.

Suspect um I know you know how that feels Chris she didn't deny that I'm not saying she's a you know she's she's more of a she's not a three five level dinker but her dicks are prone to and this is my other issue with with them in mix I mean Lacey we just had her at our at our.

Place I think she just left today not she wasn't staying at her place but she was down here training with us every day and she got better she's got fast hands she's underrated in my opinion but in a mixed context I don't know how solid she is I don't know how that's gonna be and DJ and Andre dieesku as a men's team DJ on the.

Right because DJ is good on the right now he figured out how to play the right that's about time it's about time I was trying to tell you did you teach him you taught him you taught him well right James I mean I think I think he got good on the right because I was so bad on the right at MLP that he figured we've got.

To clean some things so so now here's my question though looking at looking at Milwaukee is I mean I'm not I don't know how consistently uh they ask you plays but with DJ I feel like the thing people always say is when he's on he's really on but when he is not on he is just like you know kind of crashes and burns so I.

Feel like that's like the question mark in my mind because that could compromise a mixed game and a men's game potentially yeah yeah whereas I feel like the uh NY Hustlers would just be more consistent potentially yeah I mean if any of them like pick DJ up though like when he's down because I remember when James when he played with.

Uh you guys on the ranchers and he would play with Anna if he was feeling down like Anna would pick him up you know bring that energy and like kind of like take over a little bit and just kind of bring him out of the slumps so I don't know if uh who else on Milwaukee is a Cali and uh Lucy right yeah like I don't know if they I mean they probably could.

But I don't know I don't know how well they Vibe with TJ you know yeah I think they've definitely got a they've got different personalities than DJ it's funny DJ DJ's personality fit in well with the ranchers I mean we were all very um you know we definitely had a good rapport but Cali Lucy and Andre they're.

Very different from DJ they're both they're all very very professional seeming I mean I practice with Andre here and there he beat practices intensely not to say that DJ isn't professional but he's he's a little more a little more like me yeah so we'll see but I think one thing about DJ is he is a little hot and cold but if.

He's on the right side it kind of minimizes the decisions he has to make so that's kind of why like you know when will would play with Chris you'd want to put will on the left and Chris on the right because if you've got a guy like Chris who has a tough time with a lot of things but with it's a lot he'd have a tough time.

Reading the whole list out but but I would say that when it comes down to decision making you want the left side guy to be taking you know 60 of the Court nothing crazy but they're going to be taking more of the court and you want somebody you can kind of trust to make solid consistent decisions and the right side guy generally doesn't have as many.

Options so it's easy if you're up if you're hot and cold there's more of a concrete specific um option and it's so now here's my question though who do you think between those two is a better left side player overall I would think but I think it's Andre.

Yeah he really think so I think so too okay I guess I just haven't seen enough of them play I've Just Seen more of DJ play so well DJ is more talented than Andre Audrey does not have a lot of power he uses the O2 and his power levels are you know not high he's not he's not hitting the ball that hard and it's.

Weird because he's like six five and you think that with that paddle he would be clobbering the ball like me but no he's not he doesn't hit many people can clobber the ball like James no and definitely not him I mean he's got so it's funny because he's so big takes up a lot of space takes a lot of court but he's not really.

Um at the premier level as a left side guy he's he's more of like a a solid guy he's got great defense he's a great good dinker he gets up to the kitchen really well it's tough to put the ball away on him and it's funny he's kind of like in my opinion he's he's more like a safe he's like a six foot five Federico Stacks route.

He is yeah nothing against obvious but I noticed that yeah when he attacks and stuff it's they're always safe attacks for the most part he'll reach in and he'll play aggressively um but it's a I don't know he's always waiting for that that second ball I would say unless he gets it overhead and I mean I would not be on the other side.

Of Padre when he has an overhead oh my gosh one time he hit it at MLP indeed Newport and it like went into like the stand when I was stabbing or whatever and decobar was defending that was the time and he hit it so hard there's no way he's coming this way when he hit this crazy angle and then decal like was gonna get it back and he lobbed over.

With the umbrella that I put it to block the sun like decals lob like hit underneath the umbrella and I felt really bad I was like oh well my bad foreign yeah all right do you think it's time to go to are you ready will for for yeah I mean I yeah I pulled it up but I don't.

Know who you guys put in eight here so uh oh that's fine what we'll just skip your a tier because I'm sure most of that overlaps and I'm sure I just wanted to be similar well this is your beat here so let's hear your B tier first and then Chris isn't it no let's let's go Chris because I mean I got pulled up but I have a chance to like really like look.

Through them look through them all right you hear that James he's just gonna copy my answers I'll get them first I'll go first yes okay so my B tier number one in my B tier is the hustlers we already talked about why um and then we've got blqk and Florida Smash and the Mad drops and.

I would say if there were sub tiers within that b tier I think that B I think that Florida smash might be a little better than blqk and I think blqk is a little better than the Mad drops um so yeah let's hear uh let's hear Christmas hi Chris all right I've got uh you know I'm seeing an overlap here let.

Me readjust this uh all right okay I think I fixed it all right I've got in my B Team uh blqk the Milwaukee Mashers mad drops and then the night owls yes I also had night owls blqk and I actually had the Mashers you had Mashers in there too yeah I had Mashers in there what was your fourth.

Um uh let's see the map I guess no ah let's see going through probably the bad drops I think you had bad drops in there already right yeah yeah I already had mattress so I guess it would be ATX pickleballers okay okay yeah okay well because it's it's all I and I mean we talked about this on our pod because but.

It was just like if it comes down to energy right because Zane said it's like yo uh MLP isn't about it's about energy and you know and I don't know if ATX pickleballers will bring the energy and you got Jake dub you know gave you a tardio I mean the cow motos you know can bring some like I don't know I feel like they're kind of reserved you know like.

Would they get loud I don't know I don't know James but can you chime in on that I mean you played with them no the kalamotos bring hype like like crystals for sure the short answer is they don't they they might think they do but no no I don't think they think they.

Do either I mean they bring a lot of things the kalamotas are in my opinion they're Rock Solid I mean I think Jackie when I've played with her it's like she's our probably the best mix player I've played with and um it's just you know shocking how consistent she is but yeah I've got ATX in my seat here also but um so who do I have in my B tier so.

I've got I've got blqk the hustlers Florida Smash and the Mad drops so that difference in mine was Mashers and night owls I think right yeah so okay so then I so the one that I have in the beach here that you have in the seat here is the Florida smash okay yeah right yeah I have the Florida Smash in the beach here I personally.

Think that the Florida smash has a very good team probably a contender to I think they have a they're built in a way where they could beat pretty much any team just because Jesse Irvin in my opinion the second best mixed player in the game yeah she is mixed doubles really good and then there's Travis if she plays with Travis that's a team that.

Nobody wants to play I mean Travis and mixed is you know you got bronze with that are right at the PPA in Dallas he is a really good mix player he's getting better to every tournament I think he's I think he's a stud and then Travis and Colin that's a good team like team yeah they match up well and then Georgia.

Is very very talented prone to inconsistency so that could be it but I think in an MLP style situation it's if she's gonna stay engaged yeah they're definitely a dark horse um Contender for me I think just kind of flying a little under the radar but yeah I think they're I think they're solid you know and.

Obvious I'm a little biased just because I mean I play for a floater Smash in minor league so you know um obviously I've talked to Travis a little bit and whatnot so yeah so basically Will's opinion doesn't count there's too much of a bias okay well you say well well I'm just telling you like it is yeah.

Yeah no that I I think those all make sense I think once you get to B and C tier well okay there's a couple teams in CTR for me that are just definitive C tier but you can kind of swap some of them around where it's like some could move up to a some could move to C like they could kind of go either way exactly and just like you said now I've.

Got my definitive C tier teams I didn't want to have to do this but I don't have to and I'm still gonna do it um okay definitive C tier team number one well I'll tell you my seat here so my C tier.

Is the night owls ATX um those two are not definitive C tier teams and my two definitive C tier teams are Cabo vamos and clean cause yeah so I my list is basically the same I have I have vamos clean cause and then.

I think that's where our two swapped for the last one but yeah I Zane I really don't want his team to be in CTR I like Zayn a lot but I just look at the team and I'm like there are so many variables in there and then ATX I feel like has good people but I'm like this is probably going to be the lowest.

Energy team in the entire league so they got a talent though you know I mean JW the camera I mean cardio it's just that's why I put him in b yeah I mean I could see it but I don't know the issue with ATX is that the cow motos are at their best when they're not playing with a J dub Style mix player j-dub isn't very impressive yeah like.

Jdub is mildly aggressive but he's not gonna take 80 of the Court he's not gonna be clogging the middle he's more of a guy I mean if you watch him play he stands his ground he hits a lot of dinks and he's in almost impossible to attack and he counters really well and that's what makes him maybe the second best men's doubles player in the game maybe.

Third men's doubles player in the game but it mixed he's not going to take a ton of court I think if for Jackie and Jade to be as valuable as they could be they should be playing mixed with somebody like well me I knew it I knew I knew it and I'm not saying that I'm better at mix than J dub I'm just saying because.

I'm not but stylistically O'Reilly or an AJ or a me or a DJ even would be probably the best for that team but uh let's get into why we think Frisco clean cause is a definitive C tier team and I'm sorry Zane Zane you're a great kid um yeah Zayn's a good egg but everything.

This is going to be a pretty good men's team Matt and Zayn is going to be pretty good I think so too and the only problem with the fact that well I don't think I think I think they're stylistically going to match up well so I don't think that's a huge problem because Matt actually likes to play the left he's on the right with.

Riley because that's just how things have gone and Riley's a better player yep but um Matt will be on the left there and Zane will be on the right and they're a pretty good men's team they're not a world beating men's team and the problem with that is that that's the best part of their team.

Um the best part of the clean cause team is their men's team and their men's team is going to win maybe most of their matches but they're not going to beat the best medicine they're probably going to beat me and Hayden we're not the best man I I I love James actually finally said one where he won't win it I'm shocked I.

Mean at this point because I said that we probably will but just to prove you wrong Chris I think now you've just instigated like a seed in James's heart to like prove you wrong that's okay I'll I'll be at the MLP we can do an interview with James right afterwards oh gosh okay but yeah what are your thoughts what are Chris's thoughts first.

On clean cause yeah I think I mean you and I talked about this a little bit just before the podcast but if they go to a dream breaker that is gonna be really interesting I think Jana's at least they sent out singles right and then obviously Zayn but I've never seen Lena play and Matt Ryan have literally never seen him play and.

There's no way that's gonna end well I'm not sure Matt can hold his own didn't he play a lot of like tennis um you know coming up yeah maybe 20 years ago that's 46 will okay wait is he 46 I thought it was 40. so according to he's 47. according to the site I Major League pick them all he's 47. what yeah I did the senior Pros better be.

Terrified only three years he's gonna tell me let me let me say this I mean I've seen Matt I've watched Matt play men's dubs probably 30 hours of my life honestly probably 30 hours of my life and I was not like I was focused on Matt but I was watching the whole match and Matt was a part of it for 30 hours I've seen him in.

Some good drives he's had some good forehand drives he actually has a he hits a two-handed backhand on his backhand Drive um but I've never ever seen him do a backhand drive like ever I feel like well he can do this because Riley exists yeah yeah I mean he can do it but the only issue is that can he cover the.

Court in singles I mean he's not gonna knock on mad it's really not at that age It's just tough and yeah there are guys who can do it you look at the senior Pro men there's some good like Matt or I'm sorry Matthias Johnson or Johansen is very good at Singles mircha is very good at Singles Paul LOL and they those guys can move but can.

Matt move like they can no not sure and it's already a problem that that's even a question can Matt move like the top senior pro-men that shouldn't even be that way is an issue that we're asking about and it's just you know so I think that that team in mixed I mean Matt is Matt's the best doubles player on that team I know it.

Was Zane drafted above Matt I think so yeah I think so but Matt's Matt's a lot better than Zayn in my opinion and everybody's opinion in doubles I mean he's got so he's got such fast hands he's got so much yeah total stud but in mixed he's not a elite player and he's gonna be there.

There who do you think their mixed matchups are going to be I think what would make the most sense is to put Lena with Zayn uh because Lynn actually likes to play the left or maybe she doesn't like to play the left but she's seen as a little more effective on the left and mixed and Zayn can play the right and mix probably more willingly.

Than Matt would um I've never seen that I mean obviously Matt can play the right in men's but I haven't seen him um play the right with Lucy I mean I would hate it would be interesting to see Zayn on the right though because I I feel like he's of his three events well maybe besides singles I'm not sure but.

Mixed is like one of his better events isn't it um I don't think he's a great I mean he's good at mixed but at the Premier League level is he like a guy that's gonna carry a mix team I don't think he would say that even I don't think I mean he's a smart he I don't think he believes that.

Um sure I'm just thinking even from the last MLP I feel like I mean obviously he had Paris but I feel like he he played quite well in mixed but maybe I'm not giving Paris as much credit as I should be foreign so if it's not clean cause then who is.

It no it's it's clean cause and I hate to put CT I mean I agree with you guys in the CTO team and I hate to do it uh like I mean almost in seat here because uh Jade really is my guy and I always move from no matter what but I mean considering the rest of the fields I feel like I have to put them in seat here and then I'm not sure who else I.

Put in seat here to be quite honest it's pretty tough for me um and honestly like I don't know I just feel like I don't watch enough pickleball and seen all these guys playing and ladies playing as of recently to make a definitive answer but.

Just compared to the rest of the field you know Obamas and clean cause um and I go with the same thoughts that you guys do about clean cause I also haven't seen much of Jana play and also Lena aside from MLP um I just feel like everybody is just to me.

Just seems stronger and I don't know that I don't know if you guys feel the same way I mean you guys put vamos in seat here for a reason I don't know if you guys have more definitive answers on why you put them in seats here yeah I mean I would just really quick basically say that um first of all like for clean cause I.

Mean Yana has some really good mixed results she got bronze with Thomas and she's a she can get some really really good forehand cross-court dinks that are just biting and aggressive and um she she is good everybody is good in the Premier League that's the thing I just don't think that team is great I mean that's the same thing with Cabo.

Vamos I think that Cabo vamos looks like they would be a solid team in 2022 but now we have the PPA pros and I even so even as Cabo vamos is built now I wouldn't even really consider them to be I'd say maybe they're you know their top three team top four team last year yeah not even an overwhelming favorite last year but if you look at the fives.

Or the um you know any a-tier team if you put that team last year it's a wrap right like so I mean Jay is that was the issue Jay it's seven yeah yeah I just was talking to JW on the podcast and um he said the same thing he said that it was too high way too high and I think you go with the.

Dylan Fraser there I think Dylan provides more value across the board and that's not going to be a strong women's team if not maybe the weaker or one of the weakest women's teams Simone and Elise I mean they're really attack they just I feel like they're just steady and they get a lot of balls back but they don't I mean yeah do you feel Simone.

Kind of plays aggressively enough to you know attacking them I don't know about at least I just know she gets like she has the craziest kid she has some of the craziest gets and digs that I've seen Elise is a stunt she Elise is a great mix player and she is uh and so is Simone but in women's they're not going to be great and um.

In singles they're not going to be great and it's great I guess Simone is getting old but she used to play a lot of singles okay I mean there's a lot of really good skills don't go away there's a lot of really good singles teams man these are some really tough singles team and Eric Lang.

Eric Lang knows what I did to him last time I knew he was going to mention that I don't know if Barry Glenn is going to be great he might not be great in dream Breakers just because he's still emotionally scarred from that last that last point Eric's a great guy and he's a stud men's player and he's a solid mix player I'm.

Actually looking at the list or I just scanned the whole list again and I I don't see a women's pairing on there that I think would be worse and it's not because I you know either of those players are bad I just kind of feel like combined I don't know what that's going to look like against all these other women's teams.

No I mean you know what women's is it's a rip Fest it's just yeah there's not a lot of dinking and there's just it's just hands and power and Elise has good hands and Simone has good hands but the power it's going to be tough to keep up with Anna Lee and Leia yeah that's it all depends on how well they can kind of reset and soften up.

When when they're being attacked like who can play who's game right you know and James do you know I I assume but some of the following Major League pickleball this season's been a little more difficult than last year some information is unclear but can people make trades in between each event like last year.

I think so and I can't tell you why but I actually know so okay I know so I actually think that you can make trades before the first event really that's what I I that's my um I'm pretty pretty sure at least because there was some talk about it that I can't get into but there was some talk.

Um that I was privy to that would be really interesting if there was a trade before the first event yeah but how how does that work like like do the builders just get up like hey I'd like to trade like is there an exchange of money involved you know it just I don't know I assume it's just people.

I I actually I'm not even gonna speculate I have no idea I don't even have a guess I think Chris was on it it's probably just people just just the players I think the players are the driving force behind trades um unless it's blqk because Richie is like making crazy trades every every weekend you know I mean remember last.

Year but uh trading you know we wouldn't even need to get into that those trades but uh thanks Richie for for that title and um but I uh I don't really think that the owners usually have a huge say in it I think it's mostly the players that drive that stuff but yeah yeah that makes sense it'll be really interesting after.

This first event to see what the the actual rankings end up being of how all the teams placed and who ends up wanting to trade who yeah yeah James real quick do you know how the events work out I I heard somewhere that the uh Challenger um in the premiere like flip-flop at the second half.

Of the year and then there's like some sort of point total so everything is dependent is set up now so that who then this decides who plays Premiere in 2024 right is that Howard can you explain a little bit more in detail that's exactly right I don't know the exact point total details but I do know that um each team's gonna have half of the.

Year so there's six total events obviously three events each season and each team is going to have one season in the Premier League one season in the Challenger league and I'm not sure how they're going to combine I'd imagine they're weighted evenly and however each team performs um is combined in each league and then.

That's gonna be all added together and the best teams are going to be in the Premier League next year and the worst ones are gonna be a Challenger at each event are they running the Challenger and Premiere simultaneously like are they just gonna have enough courts to run all of those matches at once or how's that work that's what I.

Was told I can't confirm that but I was told that so that would be pretty high if all like yeah challenge Premiere in theory that's like running Four Courts at a time at least if you look at Columbus we had two courts it'll be interesting to see what four looks like just because you would potentially split people in a lot of different ways or.

You're just gonna have the Challenger Core it's more empty than the premier courts um true um I yeah you'd imagine that you'd want the crowd to be focused on maybe two courts just for that energy and the hype but yeah yeah all right so let me get into one of the.

Most important questions I want to know this about both you guys okay I'll start with Chris how and why did you get into pickleball yes so I uh I had a friend who just he was like oh dude we should hang out and I was like oh what do you want to do and he's like oh we should go play.

Pickleball and I was like what the heck is pickleball I was like I have no idea what that is and he's like it's kind of like tennis and since you played tennis you'll probably like it and this friend he had never played a racket sport in his life I know he plays soccer and hockey he's like you know he's he's pretty athletic but uh we get there and.

I was like oh it's just small tennis I was like I will run last geriatric tennis yeah I was like this is gonna be so easy and I think I got pickled 111 311 like I couldn't understand how I was being beat so badly in this song after that is just another day in the life of Chris Wilson it still happens.

Hey but I probably wouldn't lose to him now okay I immediately went to Dick's though bought some paddles got my siblings into it my wife got into it like pretty much right after that everything I did like pickleball just kind of consumed me and I had never planned to you know I actually told my wife and friends I said I will never.

Make pickleball my job I was like I want this to be a hobby that doesn't burn me out and here we are it's not my job so follow-up question Chris um why or for what reason other than your obvious lack of skill.

Do you choose to focus on content creation see I I really just felt bad for people that also had a lack of skill like you and me so I figured if I use my content to make lesser Pros look good they might have a better chance of making a living so I'm trying to do you guys a favor thank you Chris that is oh man you're.

Doing God's work out there Chris oh my God I know I know no one else was gonna do it for James I'm I'm really an angel for James making other players feel better about themselves making his opponents feel great about themselves yeah make them feel real great them some atps give them some overheads.

You know the whole nine yards yes but yeah the content side of things I just it's you know something I've done my whole life I've done filmmaking for like 10 years I've done YouTube since I was like 12 when I did speed cubing and just when I looked at YouTube and pickleball I was like there's no one really making high quality pickleball.

Content I could still tell the content in pickleball was very early and I felt like I would have a head start if I started doing it and so I said I'd make one video and if it did well like maybe I'd consider it the video did really well it was like 40 000 views in a week or something and I was like oh okay like there's clearly a demand for this I.

Should just do more of it yeah I mean I think you're definitely at the top or I mean there's not a lot of competition right now in terms of content creation but you are definitely doing it the best um aside from pickleball will obviously I mean it's like uh there's there's just a professional nature about your podcast.

About your videos I think you have the Pat the paddle reviews are like very good engaging and also pretty funny the the Franklin one was hilarious my favorite part is the JW Eclipse yeah yeah I know I mean I don't know if you can talk about this on the podcast and if you can't I totally understand but do you know if JW has seen that.

Oh he's seen it he's seen it yeah he probably thinks it's hilarious well I think he thought it a lot I think well no no I think he thought it was a lot funnier than his mom did I don't know if his mom liked it because I know that his mom saw it and I'm gonna have to run this by her I might have to edit this part out but she saw it and she didn't.

Like it at all but she's cool I mean she's not yeah he's awesome she's not Julie is awesome we we both love Julia I definitely when I put that in there I was like okay this might be on the edgier side of things that I've put in one of my reviews but when I saw the clips I was like how can how can you not the.

Consumers need to see those clips because I didn't know here's the thing though I I can't feel that bad because every consumer who has bought it and messaged me is like dude I hate this thing like it is not a good battle so I I wasn't wrong no it's shocking there's people out there who like it right there's.

People out there who like it don't they it doesn't well I have not met I have not met one person besides besides the Johnsons who say they like that paddle yeah I mean I'm not going to speak for the Johnsons I'm sure they you know they love the paddle but uh I've seen you know I've got a friend Dave who used it and he said that.

It brought his game down about one full duper point he was shocked at how bad everything I mean everything was just yeah it's just there's nothing redeeming about the Battle it's like it's got It's it's the response is inconsistent so the control is bad but the grid is also weird it's not a real carbon fiber face and then the pop is also not anything.

Special it's uh James did you see I posted last night of snapping the paddle oh yes yes I saw you snap the unibody yeah so someone commented and said this is what happens to my Franklin paddle when I just look at it and I was like this guy speaks facts oh that's funny yeah yeah that's pretty great.

So will same question for you the second question it doesn't apply to you as much as it does yeah yeah um so let's see I uh got into pickleball kind of like everybody else like during the pandemic that's why I have a tennis Bachelor and I play tennis for like over like 15 to like 16 years mostly.

Recreationally um and I was playing a lot with my uncle and some of his friends and during the pandemic around Washington DC Northern Virginia they just they literally chained up and like locked up all the courts and I was sick and tired of just like climbing up like you know the 12-foot fence together just so I can.

Play tennis and then my uncle just hit me up he has a pretty large driveway it will come through and play some pickleball and I was like pickleball what's that and he lighted up I don't think I don't even think he had the right dimensions I'm pretty sure that the kitchen was six feet like a foot like closer to the net on both sides.

Right and it was real casual like he had some crappy like wooden paddles or whatever and and it was super casual like we were drinking while we're playing like I had beard in my hand oh this is great like you know and then it wasn't until I was driving through a town next over and I saw what I thought.

Were tennis courts and they were packed and I was like what the heck is this and I got closer and I was like this place is it's way too dense for this many people to be on a tennis court and there was 10 dedicated pickleball courts here and like holy crap and it was just filled to the brim and then I just decided to swing by in a park and go.

Check it out and somebody was like hey we need a four things like hey do you play and then I was like uh yeah and um they gave me a paddle and I got smoked by like you know this old dude he was like Named Sam he was like 75 years old and I'm like what like I was like there's no way I was like you know I play tennis I'm like you know four over.

Four or five and Tennis me and my team just came back from like you know Mid-Atlantic sectionals or whatever and I was like there's no way and I got smoked and I was like what the heck is going on and like I've been um got hooked I came back you know I went back and I was like training up.

Against like the wall at my elementary school you know it's got a more serious path yeah I saw I saw that on your uh on your last spot only oh man James had a similar experience yeah I came back look for Sam and it was but it was like three months I couldn't have I always missed him I was like yo he's scared of me he came back and I thought I was gonna.

Crush him but now he beat me again still and I was like crap what's going on it's like it's like he didn't show me his his true form okay well now you can see this is my final form and I just got like before he was just out digging me and then the second time around you're just speeding up I got I almost got hit by the back in.

The chest like five times like there was probably like an s on my chest from like the pickleball marks he made on it because you know that's how good he was and um uh after that you know I was just hooked I just went back like every day it was it was bad it's like an obsession it was so crazy people were wondering if.

I was okay all my old tennis buddies that were like around my age like well what are you doing dude I'm playing pick the ball he's like what he's like don't play that crazy some of them know about it don't play that crappy ass sport they came out to play with me one size but they just couldn't play because uh they play a lot of them play with like.

Western grips or whatever in my tennis game I play like with an Eastern like more like Roger Federer so transitioning was really easy but I wiped them and then in pickleball and then they haven't seen you for a while they asked me to come to the tennis courts one time and they're making accounts like guys I'm gonna still smoke you like it.

Doesn't even matter and that was the case I Still Smoked them and I'm like don't ever make fun of pickleball ever again I've never seen you guys ever again but I've been on a pickleball court and that's pretty much this sounds like how James's story would be like tennis buddies making fun of him and he's like.

I'll beat you in both I'll play left-handed and I'll beat you that's pretty much how it goes yeah man shoot yeah don't knock it don't knock it so yeah that's pretty much um it and then let's see the thing was like content creation and honestly so right around this time I moved to Oklahoma and I went to Detroit I just.

Learned the chainsaw sir I saw like Zayn do it and I was like yo this is sick and I learned it and I was just wrecking face at this tournament in OKC and the funny thing in Oklahoma is that people like don't like kind of like text your message if they get your number they just kind of call you so I've got multiple calls or people ask me like hey.

How did you do that how do I combat against it like you know and you know props to them because like they weren't just complaining about they were really trying to learn and like counter it and so I got so many calls I was sick and tired of saying the same stuff so I was like you know what I'm just gonna make a video I used to make videos beforehand I.

Did a lot of like Kung Fu like stunt Jackie Chan style like films with some of my buddies so I made a video on the chainsaw said it came around the same time this video came out and he took all my views I was like the first I think I was out like a week before and then Chris Hayden and he took all my views and I was like who the hell is this guy.

Like it's taking my shine I was so mad you know what I'm saying and he made good video this is the thing he made the video his video is actually good and it actually pissed me off even more and I was like you know what I got a challenge this guy and that's how the story of me and Chris man I literally hit up on Instagram like hey.

Man I saw your video I don't appreciate you taking my clout so I'm gonna come up there I'm gonna beat you and I went up there I'm sure he did I pickled him like five times the video's still there it'll come out soon but I didn't want to embarrass him like you know like he was he was growing followers and whatnot and I was like no I'm not that I'm not that.

Mean you know he's got a good shot somehow so um and yeah they became friends we started doing the the Pod together and honestly if I did it shout out to Krista because if I didn't meet recently didn't do the pause like I don't know if I would have stuck to making um pickleball videos and like trying to.

Make this like a full-time thing because like Chris it was just fun like I just wanted to play and just have a good time you know that's really what it is but now we're here and now we're you know talking to the Future number one player on his podcast it's kind of crazy foreign wow that's a great story that's probably.

Better than Chris's story not that I didn't expect that I guess that's what we're ranking stories now stories now that's right yeah ranking my story is 6.0 Plus Chris 35 at best you can take it yeah yeah three five being a three five is not just pickleball you know it's.

Everything it's a life it's a it's just who he is he embodies it and he Embraces it I dedicated my life to it I have I've fully embraced it here's a question yeah do you have a training plan Chris are you training to get good because it I think it'd be the.

Funniest villain origin story of all time if you decided I've had enough I'm gonna get in the gym I'm gonna start I don't know taking steroids doing whatever training for eight hours a day and I'm gonna take over the pro game and I'm gonna be the best player in the world be hilarious.

Could you imagine Chris in the gym like doing dumbbells with pickleballs are just like oh yeah it's good in his room in bed at night like refusing to like cuddle with his wife because he's like sorry I gotta visualize I'm visualizing because that's what I I mean I do that just literally all in so here here's the thing I actually I.

Mean I don't have a specific training plan right now but I do I mean just like anyone else I want to be as good as I can and I think within the time I'm playing pickleball if I could ever play a pro event that would be amazing I with how I'm currently trading content I don't know how realistic it is but I look at someone like Kyle obviously he.

Was already a high level athlete I believe he played D1 basketball it's like he he had that going for him already but he produces just as much content as I do if not more and he still finds time to train the balance that I have had to have is the most useful way for me to review a paddle and get a feel for it is just playing games like I can.

Drill with it and that's okay I get a feel for it but it's not great when I play games I get a perfect understanding of it so most of the time when I go play I have so many I mean I've got 160 170 paddles in my office I'm never gonna get through all of them so I'm always work working on one and if I want to stay up to date creating that content and that's.

How I make money it's really hard to train but I think what I ultimately just need to do is either every day or every other day just say like six to eight a.m find someone who will drill with me and like this time is literally just me playing pickleball for me to get better one because that would help my channel and two you know I'd I'd like to just be.

As good at the sport as I can be so no specific plan right now but I would I do want to implement that more than I am now okay that's a little bit less exciting of a response than I was hoping for I wanted Chris I'm here to train I'm gonna go home I'm in here here's the thing James before I die I will beat you in a.

Pro tournament that's what we'll we'll end with that with that training plan yeah the training plan was yeah I mean maybe here and there I'll try to games would have to die first like preemptively die prematurely die first and then you'd have to like hit a dink to him on his Tombstone for you to 11 times just you wait just you wait the.

When that matchup is on Center Court it's gonna be the most streamed match in pickleball oh I'd imagine if if Chris if I'm losing to Chris in a pro game in a pro man and any pro anything I've got bigger issues I've got to reevaluate everything I've ever known I mean my old reality is flipped start making it I'll focus on content.

Yeah yeah there you go we'll just swap rolls we'll just swap you'll be making content about what position my team is in for MLP oh crazy like different universe that's an alternate universe hey my name is James ignatowich I'm here to talk about Chris Olsen's team the fives.

We'll be called the three fives get out of here it is so good okay so we have about 15 minutes left or less so we'll just do one last topic um and I will let you guys take the most of the Reigns on this because I I read most of the article but I didn't finish it and I do have some info that I.

Could probably I'll let you guys start off with this but um the nml article the most recent one paddle modifications for top Pros is the latest issue in pickleball's paddle nest yes uh yeah I definitely have thoughts on this this guy's trying to steal my uh my podcast mine's gonna come out before before James as well well like you.

Didn't even know about it until I messaged you about it right did you did you hear about it before yeah no I was I was editing the Zayn doc when you texted it to me gotcha but the thing is is that the nml article came out but we kind of heard about it in um was actually thinking about this beforehand already but I think the nml.

Article just kind of solidified it because um but Chris would always say yo how is Emily waters you know doing so well how is she hitting some of these shots and there's rumors that she was using something else and of course when the post came up as well but it didn't seem.

That um big of a deal to me because I mean you know in professional tennis you know the rackets that the professional tennis players play with are not the ones that the consumers get they're like modified they're you know custom to the specs and they're just paint shops to make look like what's on the market so it wasn't.

That big of a deal with me so but I don't know I figured Chris would find it interesting so I don't know Chris what do you think about it there's definitely some you know some weird stuff going on with paddles within the space and I mean you've had some experiences with it that I hope that you know we talk about more because I don't know it just needs to be.

Put out there because some of the issues going on yeah no I mean I think everyone has known for a while that there's a lot of shady business going on with paddles I think the rules just need to change a lot obviously in tennis people can use painted rackets like you know they have them set up whatever but the way pickleball paddle approval process is.

It's like even if you just change a graphic on your paddle you're technically supposed to resubmit that and I know for a fact a couple of Pros that have used paddles with old graphic on it but it's a different internal so there's like there's no way you're going to know unless you just know a lot about paddles and you hit them so it doesn't.

So when this article came out it wasn't necessarily that it was surprising maybe I wasn't looking at the paddle Tech players that heavily like in the back of my mind it was kind of always like how on Earth does Annalee hit some of these Top Spin shots like in all my tests with the paddle Tech paddle the spin is you know one of the lowest.

It could be for any paddle and obviously Pro players are going to put significantly more spin on it than I can but I just think some of the shots I see I'm like this is straight up like a a Yola a power air or whatever like it's just unreal amounts it's easier to do you know I think it's not impossible like you know considering the skills of.

Some of these Pro players but it would definitely be a lot easier if you had more access to spin and spin potential no yeah so I don't know the whole thing it's the paddles the usap needs to fix stuff everything about it's very dodgy at this point it feels without someone coming forward and saying it I feel like we all know that this is happening well.

Okay I know for a fact this is happening with some paddles I'm just not gonna say who but uh yeah it's definitely happening like for sure and I think something needs to be done about it yeah do you remember when we were at app Atlanta this this uh in 2022 this past year because we were talking to uh was it was Byron right he was the he's one.

Of the head reps right and he said hey you talked about there's a pro match and someone was sponsored by a certain Paddle Company I'm not sure I don't remember the name he didn't say who but he didn't say who but they're they're playing with their sponsored paddle but he didn't really like it right um but he went back to his old paddle.

And the the pro player actually painted his old paddle to look like his new sponsor palette and he got caught yeah and I was like oh today what happened to him and I mean Barnes said uh not sure to be quite honest and that's the thing there's there's very little I guess consequences so repercussions for doing this these types of things.

With paddles you know because there's not enough transparency and I don't know maybe they need to like bring some fines or something just like because you need to make I don't know you need to make things kind of transparent and fair not not to say it's it's unfair like you know if Annalee Waters and like.

Um Coop are playing with carbon fiber uh paddles like everybody else's so why not just say that you are I mean obviously you're in your contract with paddle Tech or whatnot but still it's kind of just like if if that's the case Palestine like why if you're already making it right why not just make it official if this is.

True right why go through trying to hide it just makes you look bad it makes your players look bad um and it's just not good for the sport and the community in general you know yeah I mean James from your perspective like you know grit obviously PPA kind of started testing paddles but not really like there's been some things.

Implemented but from all a lot of the pros I've talked to everyone knows the great game is kind of out of control and out of hand from as a pro player does that bother you not bother you it does bother me because I know how fair Selkirk is and I'm working with them so I feel like I could be.

You know unfairly at a disadvantage because other companies are willing to go over the line and it's not I'm not sure I think I think the line should be where it is um I think 40 level Grid is pretty much I think PPA has it at 43. okay yeah I think they have like a five percent tolerance they have a five.

Percent difference or something yeah variance tolerability I think that's where it should be but I also think that it's tough because it's such a it's just such an unfortunate organization the usapa or whatever I mean the fact that they banned carbon and didn't ban Yola when when Yola was also illegally over the limit is just.

Comical like yeah they should be I don't know I'm not gonna say what there's got to be repercussions for that I mean that's shocking right so inconsistent I think that's what's annoying is that you know their British are inconsistent that's why people know that shady stuff is going on like it's it's silly it's absurd honestly and it's.

Not fair for everybody you know well and it's it's really all around because specifically with raw carbon fiber it is hard to keep it at a consistent level like it's it's not like oh I mean I'm sure some of them are intentionally going over but sometimes there can just be a batch of these paddles that get messed up and shipped out and now.

They're just way over like working with that material from what I understand is finicky so there's that the meter the stairometer that gets used has variance within it I believe it's a five percent uh you know plus or minus variance it's like there's just a lot of factors that go into this that make the whole thing a mess and I think there just needs to be.

A different standard of How It's measured or the rule needs to to change the thing with the pro division that I'm noticing is I mean it's getting better but there was so little checking prior to the carbon in fact there was no checking essentially you could have gotten away with almost anything minus crazy grit like if you just went like 80.

On the paddle like you couldn't get away with that but deflection you could have got away with that who was who was gonna know how would they know they can't I think that one thing that's really important is even aside from whether the paddle is customized or not if it is and I'm not saying that it shouldn't be customized.

Obviously it should still have to pass the tests but if it is customized I want to know if I'm playing against you and your paddle is not the one that I tried in practice two weeks ago it's a different paddle I need to know if I'm playing against you so that's something that has to be disclosed it has to be public.

Information like so now but do you think in tennis it's disclosed to the other tennis player I think generally every tennis player is using customized tennis rackets well right but like do you need to know what's customized or just that it is a customized I think I I think at least I should know that it's a customized panel.

I think if you go what's customized that could get a little messy because then sure we're gonna try to copy it but yeah if it's customized I gotta know that something's different so then I'm ready to challenge that thing if I lose okay well that brings that brings an interesting point James is it your paddle that you use right now customized.

Well it's called a different it's called the o2a it says it on the paddle oh okay okay it says o2a yeah and it's also on the approved list I see it's painted to look like a power I think I tell people that and they're like nobody play some power here I don't know I don't know if it's painted uh I can't can't specify what it's painted to.

Look like I just know that's where it's painted as I play with it people tell me if people say Hey how do you like Power air I say I like it I don't say I use it I don't say that I don't use it I don't say that I don't use it either if they ask me about the power air if they assume that I use the power air I'm gonna go with it I'm just like hey yeah.

It's good I like it it's great there you go James there you go we all know I mean I've played with it and I like it do I use it for tournaments no but I like it um all right all right 8 26 Chris's bedtime is in four minutes so that's that's.

Right we're really gonna have to wrap this up yeah we have to wrap this up but it's been great thank you guys for coming on um thank you I appreciate it
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