Tonight in Las Vegas Nevada the sport of pickleball will reach New Heights as it takes a huge leap into the new year welcome to the 2023 Major League pickleball draft live on the tennis channel skyrocketing into popularity making it the fastest growing sport in America.

And now some of the most successful and popular athletes in the world are adding their support to grow this sport so tonight with more teams more stars and more prize money we begin a new era of Major League pickleball The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is where the major league pickleball 2023.

Draft presented by Margaritaville is taking place and we're just minutes away from revealing where 12 of the biggest names in pickleball will be playing in the new year and good evening everybody we're so thrilled to have you here live in the Santa Monica Studios of the Tennis Channel Cameron Irwin alongside.

Pickleball Pro and coach Morgan Evans we will happy join shortly with the third member of our team Hannah Johns is live in Las Vegas with all of our Pros awaiting the reveals of this year's draft for the 2023 MLP now Morgan the MLP has taken massive steps towards 2023. there's more athletes more events more money and even more team owners.

What do you know about this 2023 season well I think if 2022 is anything to go by 2023 is going to be huge the game is booming this new merger between MLP and the PPA has meant we now have the very best of the best about to do their thing well I'm glad that you mentioned the merger between the PPA as well as the MLP there is a new stock of athletes.

Coming into the MLP and there are some big names who do you think might end up the top of the draft board it's very hard to go past the two juggernauts of the game Ben Jones and Anna Lee Waters I tell you these two have done more for the game in the last few years than possibly the last 50. there's a look at Ben John.

The number one ranked player in the world as well as Ben Johns in terms of the men's side of the game so fun to watch these two oftentimes they are partnered up alongside one another but we also have so much taking place with the MLP we're preparing for 2024 so 2023 well it's a little bit of a preparation year right so let's take a look at how.

The MLP will work in 2023. there are 12 teams in each the premiere as well as the Challenger levels these will happen simultaneously teams will feature Two Men and two women we'll have two seasons each with three events there'll be a championship at the conclusion of both those first three as well as the last three events and there will be a redraft.

Where teams owners will get to pick new players so there's gonna be a big shovel halfway through season one into season two but the big one is highlighted the bottom five million dollars and here's a look at your first 12 teams yeah I am jealous of the New Jersey fives they get the first cut above the ranks and I think it's going to be tough again to go.

Past either Ben John's or Annalee Waters in that first pick those two can be the difference makers all 12 teams have a great chance though and what I love about this system is the relegation element I think after the end of season one obviously one team's gonna drop down another team's gonna come up and that's gonna apply some real pressure so this.

League is not just about the owners and they have made national headlines week in and week out and one of such actually James Blake even mentioned just yesterday take a look at this he's tuning into our coverage we're so glad to have you joining us James of course joining in here on the tennis channel but he's not the only celebrity.

Owner we have Morgan we have a Full Slate of them let's take a look and see who we have with the MLP in 2023 these are just the first 12 reminder the challenge of draft will be coming up next week but look at the names are you kidding me the king is in the house LeBron James you also have Kevin Love dream on green there's a couple guys.

That know how to shoot some hoops uh James Blake is right there as well as Travis redmeyer well we might see him potentially on a team he's also a team owner Florida Smash and then garyvee he's got that top spot right now for the New Jersey fives uh in terms of the number one overall pick garyvee yeah he's the guy I'm looking at.

Travis rentmeier I think he will be doing double duty he'll be hopefully playing well for his team but one of the owners of Florida smash very exciting things coming up without a doubt again these are just the first 12 there'll be an additional 12 in to the next Challenger level but right now we also have some special guests and.

The third member of our crew Hannah Johns is live in Las Vegas with a special guest well Kim kleister is no stranger to the work on the tennis court but she's here on a pickleball court today alongside Caitlyn Kerr or your co-owner uh Kim talk about why now is the time to get into pickleball what is so cool about.

This sport I fell in love with the sport two years ago when I moved from Europe to uh to New Jersey to the states um Caitlyn actually introduced me to the sport and I fell in love with it I was able to watch a sport from up close on the on the pro tour for the MLP tour in Ohio and um and loved it even more so super excited to be part of a team.

Um and um yeah excited to share it with some great team owners so Caitlin we have you to thank for bringing Kim into the sport thank you for that but I want to talk about being a team owner there's a lot of responsibility that goes with that you have to draft well you have to study these players you have to analyze these match-ups talk about the work that.

You have put in yeah so pickleball has truly been a passion of mine for the last two years so it was sort of a continuous flow of going to Pro tournaments watching how players interact on and off the court studying some film looking at their stats I also was interviewing some players on pickleball chick my social.

Channel so it's just sort of been easy and a flow um our team Las Vegas night owls truly wants to elevate the sport to an elite league in the United States thank you ladies enjoy the draft can't wait to see your teams former number one in the world Kim clister in the tennis world she won four.

Majors but here's a look at your season for 2023 there's actually two of them I mean double trouble why not Morgan Evans exactly right after the first three we will have a little bit of a changer that relegation system whereby one team from the premier level will drop down into the Challenger level and vice versa so I think that's going to add some serious.

Excitement to that last matchup that Challenger level is going to be so fun to watch as teams are fighting to get into that top spot coming up after the break though we'll we will have our MLP commissioner Brooks Wiley with the number one overall pick we'll be right back after this foreign.

The two entertainment capitals in the world Collide this evening for the 2023 MLP draft presented by Margaritaville Las Vegas and Los Angeles we are just moments away from that number one pick being revealed so let's take a look at our draft order the New Jersey fives are up first Frisco clean cause will be last in round number one that will reverse of.

Course in to round number two we are just so excited as I know that so many of those athletes right now in Mandalay Bay are as well what might be some of the emotions maybe going through their head preparing for 2023 well AJ Kohler has already lost at the craps table so he's probably nowhere to be seen But I tell you these first 12 athletes are.

Jumping out of their seats to find out where they're going and which team they're going to be with all right well I think we've made you wait long enough and I hope AJ didn't lose too much money because the good news is he can earn it back on the MLP 5 million dollars up for grabs this season let's go though to the number one overall pick who will it be.

With the first pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the New Jersey fives select Anna Lee Waters from Delray Beach Florida and here is a look at the 15 year old soon to be 16 year old pickleball Prodigy that's exactly right she is a prodigy started at the age of 12 at the professional ranks just astounding play.

Yeah look she brings everything to the table except maybe a driver's license she's so good everywhere on the court there is no weakness in this young lady and what I love so much about her game is she can play equally well on the left and the right side that two-handed backhand in the middle has changed the game well and she has changed the game.

Age 15 years old the number one women's ranked player in the world again making that Pro debut at just 12 years old and I know Hannah Johns is soon to chat with her we are so thrilled to see what this 15 year old has to say about Bing number one well Anna Lee Waters the teenage Phenom here with me now Anna Lee what were your.

Emotions when you got that phone call naming you as the number one pick of this draft yeah honestly I was here in Vegas it was super loud I got the phone call and I was like wait what did you say like are you sure I was super excited uh I'm super excited to be a part of the fives as well and it's just an amazing feeling.

To be picked number one overall both man and woman well I want to talk about the format that MLP brings to the table it's so cool they've got that singles dream breaker they've got the rally scoring how does that change the outcome of these matches yeah it definitely does hopefully I don't get in a dream breaker but if I do I'm super excited I know the.

Energy is going to be amazing and I love playing singles so I'm just super pumped to see what this season has to bring congratulations Anna Lee Waters well I'm glad that she brings up the versatility needed to be able to play in the MLP because it's women's doubles it's men's doubles it's mixed as well as she mentioned the dream breaker which.

Comes down to a tiebreaker and a singles competition Anna Lee can do all of those all of those and she does it better than anyone else that's the big thing it's not like there isn't just a no in the armor situation here she is the very best of the best in all three disciplines I think she actually wants to go down to the dream breaker I think.

She does too because she gets to compete against a few fellas I think that that would definitely be on annalize radar but one more question because in terms of her style she has been an innovator just like her partner on the PPA tour Ben Johns what does she bring in terms of the aggressive style of play yeah she has become a complete player when she.

First started out yes there was a lot of banging a lot of staying staying back off the kitchen line and really looking to grip it and rip it at every every turn but now she has learned the soft game so beautifully and when she hits that nice rolling two-handed backhand it keeps every man and woman honest on that left side well we're going to keep.

Honest to the time as well because it's time for the number two overall pick back to Vegas with the second pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the Seattle Pioneers take Ben Johns from Austin Texas all right Ben John's a true innovator of the game.

He has experimented he has crafted and shaped this sport like no one else yeah and not just that he has crafted and shaped his own pickleball paddles the material engineer has really changed the game we've talked about that a lot he is the goat there's no one out there who can compete in the three disciplines quite like him and I think just like.

Anna Lee he's going to look forward to some of those uh dream Breakers we call them just 23 years old six foot one but one of the best foundations in the game and take a look at that the number one men's rated player 50 pro turbo crowns I mean that's an astonishing number but I think it's time that we head to uh Ben John's sister Hannah Johns.

Well I'm here with Ben Johns already a legend in the sport I want to talk about what makes the MLP format so much fun uh I think it's just an incredible experience for all the players uh you know we're out there in doubles you know often together with a partner but the the team format really lends a lot of uh chemistry and excitement the fans get.

Really into it and I know the players get really into it you know supporting each other so it's just so fun to be on like a team where you can all just have like a more of an experience than just a normal tournament so it's it's an amazing format and uh really looking forward to playing it this year Well Ben you captained your team to victory in.

The first ever MLP event uh one year ago do you think you can emulate that experience this time around in 2023 no question I'm uh definitely confident going into this next year there's a lot of great teams of course but I'm really happy with uh our prospects and uh and our team so uh Seattle's gonna take it home a bit I think are you about to tell.

Me part of your teammates here uh no no no comments yet but uh no I'm definitely uh looking forward to the team we're gonna have all right we're gonna have to wait till the end of tonight to see who you selected in that draft congratulations Ben well I'm glad that she mentioned the first ever event in 2021 for the MLP it.

Was a victory by Ben johns's team which was the blqk now called black bears the California black bears but now he's playing for the Seattle Pioneers so we'll find out if they can get it done but is there even a weakness in Ben John's game because he looks comfortable and controlled at any given moment on the pickleball court yeah it's very.

Difficult to find a weakness he moves so well around the court he doesn't play on the right hand side too often so the only may be if he has another player on his side that potentially really wants the left side and that could be tricky but I don't think so I'm just gonna say I'm never gonna bet against Ben johns but let's get to the.

Number three overall pick in this year's draft with the third pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft ATX pickleballers select J.W Johnson from Boynton Beach Florida J.W Johnson now with the ATX pickleballers became the youngest player.

In pickleball history to win a men's singles title just at the age of 19. my goodness he had 47 medals in 2022 alone there's a look at the big smile from J.W Johnson he comes from quite a family of pro pickleballers he really does he and his sister Georgia Johnson they rule the roost from the app tour and I think if there's one man who is closing in on the.

Goat Ben Johns it is J.W Johnson some of the fastest hands in the game I think there's a few people in that conversation but for me the first step laterally and the quickness his hands have become there's nothing like it it's amazing deadly hands from the 20 year old right now he's standing by with Hannah Johnson.

That's right JW cool calm and collected on the court and off JW talk about what you felt when you got that call and you were able to start drafting your team yeah I mean I was super excited I really loved the MLP I love the format love the inner love the energy uh you know the crowd gets into it the players really do and it's a fun experience well you're.

Known for your persona on the court to be very calm you hardly ever yell on the court you actually told me you don't want to make noise on the court you prefer to stay in that that cool mindset does that have to change when you go into something like a team event where your team needs you on the sidelines cheering really loud a little bit but.

Usually I just let the team do their yelling um as past experiences they certainly do so I don't have to do too much healing all right JW can't wait to see what you do in next year's MLP congratulations so JW Johnson comes in as the number three pick but there's the number one Anna Lee Waters in this year's 2023.

Draft we'll be back with more picks after this The Mandalay Resort and Casino is the home it's a 2023's MLP draft presented by Margaritaville you just saw Legion stadium in the background this is all lights for this year's draft take a look at our first three picks Anna Lee Waters.

Ben John J W Johnson the New York Hustlers are up next well let's get to it again I'm Cameron Owen Morgan Evans and we have just finished up our first three picks the real question is who might be coming in at number four let's find out right now we'll send it back to Vegas with the fourth pick in the 2023 Major.

League pickleball draft the New York Hustlers select Anna bright from Boca Raton Florida a huge jump for Anna bright just an incredible Talent she has been phenomenal in just one year as a professional I'm pretty sure it took her less days to become a professional pickleball player than it did for her to.

Hike the Pacific Coast Trail 113 days there's a look at Anna right right there picking up her Jersey but she's a force to be reckoned with a standout player from Cal Berkeley in terms of tennis but my goodness has she taken the pickleball World by storm she really has from where she was just six months ago watching her play Then watching her play now.

Yeah I think if you didn't know her the game you'd think well it looks similar but she has got the nuanced of the touch game down pat she's always had fantastic power but the kind of teamwork she's doing with everybody now it's phenomenal to see her grow so quickly and I think she's really hunting young Annalee Waters a lot of the movements a lot of.

The patterns you see Anna Lee Waters doing on the court you see them in Anna bright and it's can't uh can't wait to see her in MLP 2023. some of the greatest grit and competitive Spirit comes from Anna bright right now she's standing by with Hannah Johns and a bright one of the fiercest most fiery competitors on tour uh Anna bright.

When you got that call letting you know that you've been drafted by the New York Hustlers by owned by LeBron James and other owners what were your emotions oh words can't describe I was so stoked I think that I got on the team that everyone wanted to be on um no offense to all the other owners but I was so happy I was like oh my God.

Like that Meme like LeBron James like that's how I felt so I was so stoked and really excited for the rest of my team to be announced as well we've got a great Squad and I'm so excited for everything that the New York Hustlers are going to bring to Major League pickleball and to Pickwell as a whole well in terms of experience you are one.

Of the few out here actually the only one who've been in the sport uh the least amount of time what does it mean to you to be drafted fourth overall and the second female perhaps making you the second best female in the world oh that's that's so kind um but so honored I'm so thankful it's been such a really really crazy ride you know the first MLP.

Event in June uh was so much fun it was my favorite event uh throughout the course of the year and to be drafted so high was such an honor I really didn't know what to expect but I'm really excited for this year and what major league pickleball is going to bring I think it's going to be just just as excellent and amazing experience for.

Everyone congratulations Anna right the future is surely bright for Anna bright and I know that's a bad pun but at the same time it's it's the honest to goodness truth she's played one year and her game has just exploded yeah I watched her recently in the Orlando event and I saw a woman who had the potential to really take over obviously.

Annalee Waters is at the top at the moment but Anna bright is on her way with the kind of intensity that you need and the nerves of Steel when it comes down to the stretch and those type third games are happening I haven't seen her blink yeah she brings a ton of weapons to the table I I think consistently about her two-handed backhand role and.

What she can do in terms of the dink I mean she is a force to be reckoned with but there's also something to be said about the grit the energy she brings she's never out of the game no never and I think when you think of it from the eyes of the opponent when you see that kind of intensity in someone's eyes it's really difficult to firstly think.

You can match it if not go above it's incredible so what she's done already is amazing and I think 2023 is going to be another standout year for her well a major step for Anna bright picked fourth overall but it's time to go back to Vegas with the MLP commissioner Brooks Wiley for number five with the fifth pick in the 2023 Major.

League pickleball draft the Los Angeles madrops select Catherine parento from Naples Florida the Los Angeles man drops with an incredible pick right here Catherine parento is just so Dynamic she really did she she went first round in the inaugural event and she deserves.

Certainly to be in this number five spot a staple at the top of the game for over half a decade now the kind of things she's done in both singles mixed and women's doubles are really Second To None her style is absolutely gorgeous when you watch her hit these forehand third shot drops I tell you be still my beating heart.

Well apparently that's something we're gonna have to pay attention to at 2023 but I believe Catherine frento is standing by with Hannah John here with Catherine parento one of the sweetest Smiles in the sport of pickleball Catherine you're on a team whose ownership group includes Drew Brees how cool is it to see these.

Athletes making their way into pickleball and leaving their stamp on the sport it's amazing I mean I used to watch Drew Brees play football and now that I got a phone call from him on Monday it was incredible and I'm just super fortunate to be here and looking forward for next season well you're certainly not used to it having played.

On the tour all year long but rally scoring is a hot button Topic in MLP how is that going to play out on the court and do you like it I actually liked it we've been practicing today a little bit on for the upcoming weekend we're going to be playing a lot with the rally School ring and I actually like it it's a little bit different but I think it.

Will bring a lot of awareness to the sport and I think people will enjoy it congratulations Catherine Drew Brees has been awfully busy also making headlines today a big congrats to him the interim assistant over at Purdue his alma mater but uh he's also making phone calls for his team you gotta love the involvement from these owners and.

Catherine prento is an incredible steal to have on your team for sure and I love that Hands-On approach everyone knows that this team atmosphere really requires everybody to get involved and Catherine parento is that kind of team player she can play left side and right side I think she's equally suited to all the disciplines and I think it's a.

Fantastic pick for them she's got five Majors to her name 16 PPA titles as well you mentioned she can play both sides of the court but she's also somebody that spends a ton of time on her game not just in terms of her contact but also her physicality something that she really focused on this past year yeah for sure she has a full Entourage.

Physical trainers people working on the mental game a coach her partner Athena they're all working together as a team so I think this format really suits so well yeah she's a definite team player but let's head to our next pick in Las Vegas who will it be with the sixth pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the SoCal Hard.

Eight select Riley Newman from Phoenix Arizona and it's in the hard eights select Riley Newman out of Washington Whidbey Island actually all the way up North but take a look at that I mean this guy is outrageous has a very unique style to his game yes some people are saying that his men's doubles can compete with that.

Of Ben Johns and his mix doubles the mixed doubles National Champion already I tell you it is hard to imagine a team that can't do well with this man he is a huge presence on the court tall very very fast more importantly he makes great decisions and he is the best defender in the game well let's head to Hannah John's now.

With Riley Newman to hear what he has to say about band number six Riley Newman the man with the hands of gold is here with me now Riley you're known as one of the most analytical players in the sport and you certainly need that when it comes to those Team Dynamics and the strategy on the sidelines how confident are you that you.

Can lead your team to Victory well uh you know I'm really really looking forward to MLP I took last year off and I'm just ecstatic I'm pumped I'm gonna get super analytical I'm gonna be X's and O's just like what I did in basketball break it down uh but really fortunate so I just want to say thank you to Tim parks for drafting me uh so.

I'm really looking forward to it well Riley unfortunately you're only able to make two of the three events in season one but you still drafted incredibly High even with that fact what are you gonna do to make sure you're still out there leading your team to Victory and establishing that leadership yeah I mean uh I have a booked a trip to.

Australia so I'm teaching pickleball and I want to really glow the game I want to take this Global and so that's why I didn't want to back out on my my plans to Australia but when I come back to the States you better believe I'm gonna be coming with some fire some intensity I'm gonna bring it so hard eights you better be ready.

Well I'm so glad glad that he mentioned that he's actually going to be missing that first event he was very upfront about what he was going to have to miss before this draft even took place letting team team owners know ahead of time hey I'm not going to be able to play in that first one and it's interesting it actually caused a little.

Bit of a trade because who was supposed to be at that number six spot was actually the California black bears and so they switched all of their picks all of them which is wild and so they ended up at the 10 spot and all of a sudden we see the hard eights coming in at number six seems like a pretty good deal yes seems like a good deal to me and I think.

It speaks a lot to the quality of his play that he still goes number six and he will miss you know one third of the first season in 2023 an incredible player and what he brings the kind of fire and I think I think how he's going to be able to help guide the team as well he knows so much about the sport and that's a huge aspect yes he.

Absolutely does you know what I'm excited to see is a little bit of singles from none other than Riley Newman what are they gonna do out there on the single score the former tennis as well as basketball players but here is a look at our MLP draft this is 2023 getting ready for an epic New Year MLP draft is sponsored in part by.

Michelob Ultra it's only worth it if you enjoy it under the neon lights of Las Vegas this is the 2023 Major League pickleball draft presented by Margaritaville playing host is Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino we are so thrilled as we have found out now who are top six Pixar for.

This year we just named Anna bright Catherine parenzo as well as Riley Newman Cabo vamos is up next with number seven so I'm gonna send it back to MLP commissioner Riley or excuse me Brooks Riley with the seventh pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft Cabo vamos select Jay devilier from Paris France.

And here is a look at Jay devilier at number seven the Frenchman coming up clutch the flying Frenchman he's become a bit of a hot throb and his game has come along so well he partnered up a lot with Tyson McGuffin this year and I tell you watching them take down the Jones Brothers at the Nationals I started to really appreciate how much work Jay.

Devilier has put into his game the footwork especially and he's another one of those players that doesn't discriminate he plays men's mixed and singles at the very highest level a fantastic College tennis player in his own right but he's also standing by right now with Hannah Johns let's hear from Jay.

Well Jay devilier knows also known as the flying Frenchman here with me Jay more than 100 players were contacted and told to set aside time in case they were called and drafted in the top 12. did you expect to get that call uh no not really um you know I was just uh prepared just in case my phone was there I was actually holding my baby at.

That time my two months old and then uh my phone ranged up and my wife was like pick it up pick it up and then yeah so it was very exciting thank gosh for your wife well thanks to the MLP PPA merger we're about to see the best of the best compete against each other next year how cool is that for the sport yeah I'm.

Super excited uh I think it's great um you know just uh seeing everyone and um the matchups are gonna be a huge deal so can't wait to see all the teams coming up now thanks Jay congratulations well Jay davilia's birthday is also just three days away and uh as his birthday present World Cup finals why not France is in it right yeah they have a real.

Chance uh almost as much as he has a chance to win this Major League pickleball Championship watching him as I said develop in the game has been fantastic he has some of the shots you will you'll never see it's the kind of around the back he's done it he's done it so many times now he's starting to make that his signature move he has soft.

Hands he knows when to be able to use them he also is able to counter punch better than almost anyone on the tour so it makes him very unattackable for anyone in front of him well you talk about attacking and you also mentioned the footwork that he's really progressed on I mean where are some of those areas that maybe that footwork you've seen.

Progress and show up in his game yeah I mean just the raw agility his defensive capability he's always been a fantastic attacker he's a big man lots of power but a couple of years ago the the work he was doing in transition wasn't quite up to Snuff I've seen him use that footwork and really put in the work to make sure his transition Game and his.

Ability just to drop the ball back delicately make good decisions get back up to the kitchen line and then do the attacking that's the big part of his game that's impressed me well let's find out who is going to impress us now with the eighth overall pick what is the name with the eighth pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the Florida.

Smash select Jesse Irvin from Cary now North Carolina Jesse Irvin is the number eight overall pick for this year's draft and you see the space buns on her head but she is the queen of consistency she really is and atps no one does the around the post shot like Jesse Irvin one of the big.

Things about her is yes she stays very very solid and consistent in those cross-court forehand to forehand dink rallies but she has the kind of power that is unheard of the two-handed backhand she hits it harder than not just the women but most of the guys it's phenomenal she reaches forward is able to flick a lot of balls out of the air.

And her wrist strength alone can really change the dynamic of a game so you have consistency plus power in Jesse Irvin here she is now Jesse Irvin the queen of consistency here with me Jesse one of your team owners Travis rettonmeyer uh he also plays Pro pickleball does that make a difference when you have somebody on.

Your side who's able to help you with that drafting process no I think it's a lot of fun um I got the call from him personally and I'm super excited to be on the team and I think having him you know kind of give us some insight especially coming from tennis I think that just adds another element and it's gonna be a lot of fun well Jesse you're.

One of three in the top 12 picks who don't play singles generally on tour can we expect a few surprises if we go to some singles dream breakers out of you oh I'm gonna start training for sure I'm gonna start training some singles I'm gonna put in the work I'm not gonna let down my team uh you know I got some good ground strokes in there so I'm gonna.

Work on the coming forward and the transition and I'm gonna surprise you guys some singles in there I love it can't wait to watch what you'll do on the court congratulations Jesse was a former tennis player and now she actually turned a little bit into a tennis coach after graduation they believe she went to UCLA so now all of a.

Sudden we maybe have to see her in some singles competition she looked pretty excited for it though she she did and I've seen her on the singles court it's uh it's not quite as good as their women's doubles and her mix but I trust her when she says that she's going to be training and she's got a lot of good people around her to help her with that.

Yes and you mentioned where she's training she trains out of Los Angeles the courts of Piccadilly and she's welcoming to everyone that shows up she'll play with everyone including myself even though I'm not very great but Jesse thank you I'm just one of the greatest spirits in the game and um you know she brings so much also on that.

Left side I've seen multiple times she has this backhand punch roll thing she does that is just quite incredible I mean how do you start to combine all of these shots to create the most complete pickleball player well look it takes time you know it doesn't happen overnight Rome wasn't built in a day when she first started she lent on her.

Power game almost exclusively and she really uh did very well with it but she recognized that she needed to become a complete player but the one thing she's got above almost every other female is that ability to re forward and flick some of these attacks Jay devilio the previous pick he has something very similar we typically see them alongside.

Each other this time not so much no they will be on opposing sides of the net let's find out who might be on the opposing side yet again here is the next draft pick with a ninth pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the Las Vegas night owls select Vivian David from Dripping Springs Texas.

The Las Vegas night owl select Vivian David my goodness we talk about great spirit and Jesse well great spirit also in Vivian one of the kindest and happiest pickleball players but she's also a complete Warrior on the court yeah an absolute sweetheart what she lacks in stature she's not the tallest player out there she gets solo she's.

Able to reach forward and take so many balls out of the kitchen similar to a taller player but defensively that's where she really comes into her own her ability to move around the court especially in that transition that transition zone we talked about There is almost unparalleled it's fantastic she's really starting to take the gloves off.

As well I think her attacks are coming along and she's an asset to every team she's one of those wonderful team players that uh I think her team's gonna be very happy to have her and I'm not sure who built this graphic but I'm in the last line please with one eye open Vivian David she is a warrior and right now she's waiting to chat with us.

Well Vivian David the girl who Smiles both on and off the court Vivian how does it feel to be standing here knowing that your ownership and group includes Kim kleister's Tom Brady athletes from great other sports but they're here today for pickleball is so so exciting um Tom Brady is an awesome athlete obviously did I did not grow up playing.

Uh watching football but Kim klysters was actually my idol Growing Up So to have her as a team I own her is absolutely amazing and when I heard that she bought into a team I was like how amazing would it be if I was part of that team and here it is well you're one of the few who've been participating in MLP since the very first event do you.

Think that gives you an advantage going into this year I think so for sure I mean honestly uh the team atmosphere the team play is just something that I've I've never been part of a team sport so the MLP is just something that I really love and I think just the energy the teammates playing for each other and then the team owners having them on the.

Sidelines is just amazing and I'm just super thrilled to be a part of it congratulations Vivian and brings up a fantastic point this is a different type of format with MLP compared to potentially other tours it's a team Dynamic and Vivian is someone you always want on your team for sure no and she understands that better than anybody.

I think how well she treats her Partners how well she is able to play very complementary pickleball take Direction and also give direction you know she's an experienced player now and I think that's really going to play into her team's success well earlier you mentioned the defensive play from Vivian David but one of the things I feel like.

Makes her somewhat unique is her Mobility right her ability to drop down squat low especially that kitchen line in place some incredible defense I mean where else could that show up in our game and why is that so incredibly important and pickable yeah I for me watching her my hips hurt it's it's phenomenal how well she hinges drops.

Down and it's not like she's giving up any Mobility she's has this acute ability to be in a very mobile posture move around fantastically well and pick that one moment where she has to drop down get long and lean take those balls out of the air and do something very impressive with it well Vivian David coming in at the number nine spot now.

Playing for someone she looked up to her whole life Kim kleister is right there in Las Vegas we'll be back with more after this so 2023 MLP draft is happening right now and it's presented by Margaritaville it's taking place at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas as well as from Los Angeles here at Tennis Channel.

Now Jada villier Jesse Irvin and Vivian David were our last three picks but we have three more picks to go in round number one California black bears are up next books Wiley with a pick with the 10th pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the California black bears select Andrea Coop from Grand Haven Michigan.

Andrea Coop coming in at the number 10 spot and I spoke with team owner Richie touzon and he said man she is undervalued in an absolute steal he is so thrilled to have her on his team yeah one of the most experienced players on the tour she's not just a Powerhouse she offers so much wisdom to her team I think it's a fantastic pick for them.

She's moving very well these days her Cross Court dink she can stay in that rally for so long and that in itself is a massive asset well she's also a lawyer so if you ever need an illegal help you help you count other than Andrea Coop right now she is with Hannah Johns well welcome back to the court Andrea.

Coop here with me as you're known by it when you're on the court competing in MLP Andrea talk about how you come from college tennis and this is actually an atmosphere an MLP that's somewhat similar to that does that help you on court um you know I never thought I would miss my college tennis experience but when I.

Played MLP it reminded me of it I love the format I love playing for the team I'm super excited to play with my new teammates uh my teammates last year I had a lot of fun and I can't wait for the format again well your team's owner Richie tuazone has been the winner of three of the last four MLP events you're back on that winning team how helpful is.

It to have an owner that's so involved in analytical like Richie uh I love Richie I got to have the privilege of playing for him and uh the first MLP and he became a really good friend of mine he encouraged me to play more pickleball and I'm privileged and super excited to play for him again and yeah he was super involved in the draft and you guys will.

Have to wait and find out but I would bet that he's one of the more active owners congratulations Andrea and Richie is definitely very active with the team and speaking of the California black bears they've won three of the four events that have taken place in Major League pickleball yeah they are really creating a dynasty for themselves.

They're going to be tough to beat especially with Andrea on the team who knows maybe they can do it again and remember this is a team that fought for Andrea they actually traded to be able to get that 10th spot and pick up Andrea yeah Riley Newman and Andrea were switching splaces there and uh part of it was because Riley will be away for.

That first one but Andrea coop is a phenomenal player brilliant asset well and she comes from an incredible tennis background right also an NCAA Champion with the UCLA Bruins I mean we've seen so much happen from tennis now into pickleball there isn't a huge surge of tennis players coming in and really taking some names right off the top of.

Them yeah for me I'd love to see like a 5 10 and under League just so I can get back in the game but it is phenomenal to see all these new players coming in and it gives us a lot of uh reason to pause and just think how how is this game going to look in 2024 or 25 who's going to come in next it's amazing well who's going to come in next in this draft our.

11th pick is up right now with the 11th pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft the Milwaukee Masters select Callie Smith from Orem Utah the Milwaukee Mashers select Callie Smith and this is a Dynamic Athlete you have to love the energy the power and the energy that comes from Cali Smith oh.

For sure she is the epitome of hard work if you look at those guns the kind of workouts she does she has this Wednesday workout I've tried one I cried couldn't do it the energy she puts on the court that first step and the Never not ready attitude you'll see her on the court her paddle will always be up and her hands feed because of it is really.

Unparalleled I think Fitness is her best friend and it shows up in her game you can see with her ranking right there in terms of the duper power ranking the women's number three overall at 6.0 just a fantastic athlete and also a fantastic mom she brings those kiddos with her just about everywhere she goes and we've got Hannah now standing by.

Well Kelly Smith the woman with the Rapunzel hair and the big ass backhand Kelly Smith talk about how you're feeling going into MLP and the excitement that you feel right now let me just say as I was waiting uh for a call uh my my heart was racing I had butterflies in my stomach I was sitting at the table with my family.

And we got that call and I was like yes I'm so excited Milwaukee Mashers here we come we're gonna dominate an MLP no offense to all of you guys everyone else just watch out we're coming for you well Kelly Smith you travel around with your family your husband Kyle your kids camber in Stockton are they going to be at all of these events next year.

Not all of them but I uh I wish they could be at all of them they are my biggest fans my biggest cheerleaders and I love them very much and excited uh when I when I do get to be with them and travel with them um but even more I wouldn't be able to do this without them so thank you I love you guys you're the best ever.

Congratulations Callie so Callie Smith coming in at the number 11 spot we talked about the backhand I mean how deadly is it it's as good as they get really I mean I don't know if Milwaukee will ever see a better backhand than what Kelly Smith is going to bring to the table it's not just that the Firepower and the intensity you know.

We talk about that as a weapon it's often underrated but what she brings in that department really can change the landscape she's able to play left side and right side but her big superpower so to speak and if you look like that I think you're pretty much a superhero that's fair but there's also a sense of maturity that comes from Cali Smith when.

She steps on the pickleball court as well there's a foundation and a steadiness about her I mean you see the players that are fiery and hot and emotional and that's their superpower but for Cali she's got both edge of the sword and she really does and I think the beauty of it for anyone playing with her is you know what you're going to get.

You're going to get Rock Solid performance you're going to get someone down the stretch who doesn't link who is good under pressure and that is worth its weight in gold well worth the wait and gold well were we even waiting to get to the final pick of the first round number 12 is happening now.

With the 12th pick in the 2023 Major League pickleball draft Frisco clean cause selects Zane navratil from Austin Texas Brisco clean cause takes Zane navratil he has quite a bit of experience playing in the MLP and he brings a lot of that a lot of yelling a lot of Spin and a whole lot of energy yeah and he's another one.

Of those complete players in that his singles game is as good if not better than is mixed and his men's he is so quick around the court I'm not sure there's anyone faster there's also an incredibly nice guy so as a teammate I think he's going to be a pleasure to be around and what he brings to the court so much Firepower very quick hands moves.

All over and I think he has the ability when need be to take 80 90 of the Court well he's also a three-time MLP champ so tons of experience it's on his side let's hear what he has to say that's right Zane navratil the only player in the top 12 who has multiple MLP wins under his belt how much confidence does that give you moving.

Into 2023 I'm just gonna try and enjoy it again and it's uh it's nice to have that experience that's for sure to have been there a couple of different times and know a little bit about the draft all that type of stuff um it's it's more fun than anything I play so what are some of the skills that you think you specifically can bring to.

The team in 2023 uh Just Energy um again this Sport's about quick Birds bursts of energy especially in the MLP format and I think I'm decent enough at that I I bring some some decent tactics and whatnot too and and yeah that's all I got congratulations Zane we'll watch you compete in 2023.

Well the first question I have is where did he get that shirt because that thing is phenomenal Zayn you win the Wardrobe of the night I don't know if I get to give it out but I am so why not but Zane navratil you already mentioned the kindness and the experience that he brings but can you maybe decipher some of the shots that really impress you.

When you're talking about saying never tell yeah one of the big things is how well he can move around his backhand when need be he quickly moves from the middle of the Court where he's a fantastic protector of the middle and when he gets a floating ball he doesn't need to just attack off the backhand he can move around play inside out.

Cross-court rolling dinks there's really no weakness in his game he's got a big two-handed backhand it does take a long swing for him to hit it quite as hard as some of the other players that's the only thing I'm concerned about with Zayn but if I'm uh if I'm looking at him right I think he's been working out I don't know he's quick as a whip which.

Serves him very well but coming up after the break we're gonna get a chance to catch up with some of those celebrity team owners stick with us here is a look at the 12 picks in round number one of this year's 2023 Major League pickleball draft presented by Margaritaville we just closed out with.

Andrea Coop Callie Smith and Zane navratil but some top tier performers in these first 12 picks now I mentioned that we had a chance to have some celebrity owners and a few messages shared from them uh I believe garyvee of uh the New Jersey fives has something to say I have so much confidence that by the.

Way let's just do it like all the owners that they are like LeBron Brady lazri like Blake Draymond Danny's selling like like all these characters like if somebody wants to do a significant side bet Drew Brees I'm not scared like we're gonna win this league this year put it down the fives are the Champs.

I love it he's already talking trash and we haven't even started the year that's so fun and of course joining him was Ryan Harwood uh their manager for the New Jersey fives but which time that we meet the rest of this team what do you think Morgan you ready I'm ready let's do it all right so we found the first round all 12 of those pick but here is.

The rest of the New Jersey fives James ignotowicz coming in as well as Leia Jansen and then closing out is Hayden Patrick Quinn this is a dangerous team incredibly dangerous I spoke to James earlier on today actually and he could not be more excited he's hoping to be able to play with Annalee Waters he has played quite a lot with Lee Jansen Leia.

Jensen sorry and uh that team could really work well if they do that it is going to leave Hayden Patrick win the young man 16 years old and he would be playing then with Annalee Waters how will the 15 and 16 year old go together that could be very very interesting well Annalee will be turning 16 in January so maybe the kids are you know.

Another month of help why not but let's take a look at the Seattle pioneers and who closes out their roster you got Etta Wright Megan Sheehan design as well as Tyler Loom obviously with Ben Jones at the helm you can almost do no wrong I'd love to see him partnering up with air to right she is relatively new to the game but has.

Already proven herself to be able to meddle in either tour I think Megan design I think she's going to be the X Factor her power game has come along so well while Tyler Long the king of the Ernie's will round out this team at a right is so fun to watch and newer to the professional pickleball ranks again this is a look at the Seattle Pioneers.

As we move on now to the ATX pickleballers J.W Johnson and then oh yeah Jackie and Jade kawamoto are on the same team and then closing it out Gabriel tardial yeah Gabriel tardio another one of the Young Guns only 16 years old but he is really doing well on the tour Jackie and Jade they will combine beautifully they have done ever.

Since they've started playing on tour such a good unique twin team JW Johnson I'd love to see him playing with Gabriel really showing him the ropes well and everyone's really going to be buying that Jackie and Jade combo because they have so much experience playing together and speaking of experience playing together well there's also some big time.

Players in terms of celebrity owners with the next group how about Kevin Love Draymond Green uh Lebron James and also Maverick Carter um the New York Hustlers have a pretty severe and intense group let's take a look at this Tyson McGuffin paired with Anno bright Rafa Hewitt and then Lacey schneeman I mean is there going to be.

Like fireworks and like whistles with this team because there's just gonna be noise yeah I think this entire team was Bull and caffeinated honestly uh Tyson McGuffin he has played with Rapha cute before they've actually lived together I think their fans and they really work well Raphael the big left-hander he's going to partner well with anybody he.

Brings so much intensity so much power and we've seen already the highlight reels of Anna bright really trying to change the game Lacey schneemann has really made a name for herself as a team player and really saved the bacon earlier on this year yeah Lacey coming in as an alternative back in Newport for the black bears and I've played against.

Her a few times she has an incredible wrist very tricky when you have to face off against it against her so she's gonna have some fun with Anna bright Tyson mcguffs and Rafa Hewitt and then of course glacey schneeman here's a look at the Los Angeles madrops this is Drew Brees team you got Catherine parenzo Irena tarashenko one.

Of the all-time Legends along with some Firepower Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson who just continues to get better oh yes certainly for Me Julian Arnold is one of if not the most improved men's players in the game Irina tereshenko obviously the veteran alongside Catherine parento what stands out to me how though with this team is it is I.

Think the most well-rounded team there are no weaknesses here I think every person can play every side of the court and do it incredibly well well and I know we aren't the only ones fired up about this team Drew himself is also fired up take a look what's up everybody Drew Brees here uh representing the Los Angeles MADD drops.

Pickleball club uh I know I represent our entire ownership group when I say how excited we are about the 2023 MLP season about to begin excited to announce our draft class here too Irena Catherine Thomas Julian the rest of you guys are in trouble that's all I gotta say Andiamo baby here we come 2023 is ours let's go.

Andiamo because Julian Arnold is on that team but here's a look now at the SoCal Hard Eight you got Riley Newman AJ Kohler Mary brasha as well as Lindsay Newman brother and sister from the same team they are incredibly hard to beat collectively the best defensive mixed doubles team in the game AJ Kola has the quickest hands you have ever seen a.

Snake bite they call it and Mary Bresha you know a lot of people go around the back she goes one step further around the head it is arguably I think the greatest shot that's ever been played in pickleball if you haven't seen it YouTube Mary Brusha around the head yeah it's called Uh the Merry-Go-Round great advertising marketing on that uh call.

They're from the shot but let's move on here is a look now at Riley Newman again he came in at that number six spot and I mean we love the fact that we've seen not only Jackie and Jake get to play alongside one another but Riley Newman alongside Lindsay Newman as well there is a real Synergy to their games they know exactly where they're going to be.

Reminds me a little bit of the waters when they're really in unison it's beautiful to watch they fill the gaps and they've got so much power and their defense is impregnable well we cannot wait to see what is coming in terms of the rest of this weekend and also the rest of these teams but let's take a look and see what we.

Have to offer because yep there's uh some new team owners just around the corner in that Challenger level I think we're going to get a chance to catch up with a few and speaking of some great pickleball will help we've got a really fantastic weekend as well the PPA bubbly Team Championships also taking place on Tennis Channel that's going to be live.

Friday Saturday and then on Sunday it's also going to be on ABC you can join us and have some fun on Sunday morning well we have still a few teams to announce here for the 2023 Major League pickleball draft welcome back to Tennis Channel and here is just another Glimpse at the 2023.

Major League pickleball and exactly how it works 12 teams each in the premiere as well as Challenger levels uh we also have two men and two women on each team two seasons will take place just in this year alone three events and each of them with a championship at the butt end we will also redraft in July so team owners and all the players could potentially.

End up in a new position five million dollars at stake in this year's season more prize money more players more events we've gone through multiple times but there is also the premiere and Challenger level the draft for the Challenger level is just a week away I mean how much excitement can be drawn from that Challenger level because to me.

Every match matters it really does and you know a lot of players here you might think from home well there's this guy I saw he looks amazing well he may not make it it in the first round of the premiere level but there's a very good chance he'll be at that Challenger level and there's another 48 players there knocking on the door of the Premier.

Level and after the 2023 seasons are done we will have that relegation system and that just adds so much excitement much like the Premier League soccer in England yes that's exactly right so it's been modeled after that so there's going to be a switch between the 12 owners in the Premier level switching to the Challenger level in season two of this.

Year it's really the most Equitable way to really go about trying to find who will be in the premiere level in 2024. yeah Equitable and exciting yep hopefully we'll have the best seat in the house once again well we will also get to find out who new 12 owners will be in the Challenger level we won't announce that today it's.

Just a little bit of a tease but we have some fun because uh Hannah Johns is also standing by with one of our new owners well prakash you're one of our latest announced team owners tell me why pickleball why now well listen anyone that you talk to in any Walk of Life right now all they're talking about is pickleball it's the number one fastest.

Growing Sport and my personal favorite thing about pickleball is it's men and women I'm hoping to see some dream breakers out there maybe get some men playing against a woman in singles doubles I'm all for it well officially uh your other team owners for your team haven't been announced but can you tell us any secrets any hints yeah I'll tell.

You one thing it's a very impressive roster and if Steve decides to ever put on an All-Star celebrity owners tournament I'm back in our team putting all my dollars my rupees my Euros my Bitcoin everything I got on our team it's an impressive team I cannot wait for you guys to see it on Monday Tuesday next week well prakash I actually heard.

A rumor that you're going to be lacing up your pickleball shoes and stepping on court is that true listen listen during my tennis days I was able to move a little bit better I was built for go now I'm just built for show so I'll probably just be watching but uh I can't wait to get out there it's one of my most fun things to do these days well.

Congratulations can't wait to get the reveal of those owners and your players can't wait and uh love all the nicknames that you're given to all the players we saw some great athletes can't wait to follow them all season thank you prakash on the trash a new owner in MLP for 2023 on that Challenger side we don't know maybe who else is on his team.

Uh but you know there have been some big names announced just even in the last week in terms of who will be around MLP yeah for sure yeah there's a couple of players I think uh some would say Wes Burrows Susanna Barr perhaps maybe Sarah annsbury a couple of players I'm hoping to see in that Challenger level really coming up through the ranks well we have.

Still a few teams to cover in the Premier level let's take a look at our next team up Cabo vamos uh Jane devillier by the way you got to say it that way every time vamos you gotta have some Gruff to it alongside the goat on the women's side uh and then of course Elise Jones as well as Eric Lang uh what makes this team unique well.

I think as you said the goat of women's pickleball she has been so successful over the years really the the first and the first queen we had Simone she's going to add such a Leadership Model to this team and I think at least Jones she became a fan favorite almost overnight her commitment to the sport her commitment to every single shot her.

Ability to dive around the court is just phenomenal well and she's a form of and for a good reason but your love is a look now at Florida smash we said Jesse Irvin in that top spot but then there's also Georgia Johnson the sister to none other than JW then you have Travis rettonmeyer who's also the owner of the.

Florida smash as well as Colin Johns a brother to Ben and Hannah yeah and we've talked about Jesse and what she brings to the table Georgia Johnson for my money is the most improved female player in 2022 and if 2023 is anything like this year then she could be really knocking on that door for Annalee Waters Colin Johns has the book on everybody.

Literally he has a book where the crib sheet on how to beat every player out there so I think he is going to compliment Travis rettenmeier as well in that leadership role well I'm excited to see Colin play alongside Travis just in terms of Firepower and some calming energy between the two they could be really solid Duo now let's take a look.

This is the Las Vegas night owls we already mentioned Vivian David there is Deco bar that could be dangerous they have trained together for some time now Lauren stratman as well as Kyle Yates who's been around the game for a long time yeah Kyle Yates he was the goat before there was Ben just ask him Vivian David and Deco Barr they have combined.

Incredibly well before they know each other's games they live close by Lauren stratman brings real heat and I think she can combine beautifully with Vivian to do some real damage well I'm very excited to see all of these combinations now take place and this is what makes MLP so fun right for so long we see these Partnerships maybe they change.

From tournament to tournament but usually they're playing sets of tournaments or a full season together MLP you're seeing different teams paired together constantly yeah look what started as potentially an experiment has really worked out has paid off and I think the players are starting to understand that when they partner with.

New people they get better they have to learn new shots they have to adapt to survive adapt to survive in the MLP but take a look this is the party taking place there's Connor Pardo right there of the PPA also AJ Kohler in that lower left hand screen and then none other than the founder Steve right in the middle of all the action we're so.

Grateful there's the cheers from Steve we're so grateful for all that he has done for the sport along with major league pickleball providing such a fantastic home for these athletes and I know that we've got a few more teams to go but already what are some teams that maybe stick out as potentially a top tier for you what are you putting your.

Money on honestly it's gonna be a little hard to go past the New Jersey fives Annalee Waters has proven that she is the Difference Maker in so many matches with so many different partners my money's kind of on them oh well we'll see if that takes place because we still have some teams we still need to meet so uh who do we have dialed up next I.

Believe it is the California black bears they took Andrea coop at that number 10 spot and then up next and this is why they did a Dylan Fraser fantastic hands from the number 10 spot for the men and then Federico stacked screwed another fantastic singles player and then yet another sibling duo we have Maggie prasha the sister to Mary yeah for sure.

Dylan Fraser here for me is The X Factor he possesses hand speed like nobody's business he spins the paddle 47 000 times before he hits any shot however he's largely unattackable Federico stacksroot is new to the sport but he's one of those players I think this promotion into Major League pickleball is going to ignite him he is going to be.

Putting in extra effort to see where his game goes and it's going to be huge well so many people talked about what he did back at Columbus at Major League pickleball and how steady of a force he was for his team and somebody else that's been a steady force in the world of tennis uh is next up because he's the team owner of the Milwaukee Masters.

James Blake the former number four on the ATP I think we've got some messages as you take a look at his team Callie Smith Lucy kovalova Andre daskew and DJ Young Andre descu hey everybody James Blake here co-owner of the Milwaukee masters with Mark lazry what also happens to be the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and now.

He's been telling me for the last few years how great it was to win a championship in the city of Milwaukee and I want to join him I think we got the team this year to do it with the 2023 MLP season coming up soon I'm looking forward to competing with Cali Lucy Andre and DJ I think that's a team that's going to get me to be a.

Championship owner just like Mark lazri congratulations guys on all your commitment to the MLP congratulations on being drafted and good luck this year again here's a look at the Milwaukee Masters Cali Smith atop the list then Lucy kovalova a partnership that we have seen time and time again I mean they're going to be hard to beat as a woman's.

Duo for sure they have been at top of the leaderboard for much of 2022 and then we've got Andre de esku he is a man who can take over a game six foot four the tall Romanian DJ young will be playing alongside him and he is a maestro he can change the dynamic he has such a loose wrist I think one of if not the most powerful player up with James.

Ignata which I think in the sport today so that's going to be a team to beat well that's 11 total teams we've got one more to take a look at the number 12 team how about Frisco clean cause and their rosters they never till Atop The List alongside Matt Wright Yana gretchkina and Lena padiga might say Lena she is the Lithuanian Wonder Woman.

Jana grishkina I think outside of Georgia Johnson She is again one of those most improved players and the sky is the limit to see where they can go we've talked about Matt Wright so many times in every uh PPA event especially he is huge he has been able to defeat father time again and again one of the most experienced players but a real.

Force so we have a Full Slate now all 12 teams have been picked their rosters are full let's take a look though and see what those top 12 were what yet again that first round had some deadly forces and here is where they'll still show up season one to season two these are the total events that will take place in 2023 so you'll have Anna Lee Waters Ben.

Johns all the way down they never till closing out with none other than Frisco clean cause I can't wait to see those championships on June 19th as well as December 11th yeah for me the Rancho San Clemente one I just love that venue it's so close to me I I can't wait to get there looking to California that's my hometown so I'll.

Be there for sure hope to see you there well we have had so much fun with you tonight what a great start four major league pickleball in Las Vegas as we look forward to the upcoming MLP events in 2023. thanks to Hannah Johns and everyone's hard work in Las Vegas and thanks as well to our crew here in Santa Monica and congratulations to the first.

12 picks in this year's draft we're so thrilled to have you and again thanks for joining us for Morgan Evans myself Cameron Irwin have a great night foreign
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