we will be witnessing here on championship court on both sides between the fives.

And the jacks as we sort out the mixed doubles pairings yeah it's it's it's important you know you want to be you can go either way do you want to be the team that throws your team out there first or do you want to be the team that does the matchups.

So the fives announced theirs first it's simoni sharjeem and rob nunnery and on the opposing side the jackrabbits let's listen in on their counter brooks wiley the mlp commissioner the jack rabbits choose mary brusha and aj kohler.

Have a short warm up and then jake your thoughts initially on this match-up here dom so nunnery and aj against each other and then you got mary brusha against simone jarjim so that's your match up as far as teams going against the ladies against the guys.

I think you're going to see a lot of aj kohler trying to get very active in the middle with mary brusha we'll dive in more on the strategy after this short break but stick around we've got plenty more mixed doubles action coming your way on championship court right after this.

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Hold them back on championship court an aerial view of this mixed doubles match up the first of two we have here today the fives.

In the orange with the two to nothing series lead simone jarrejeem and her partner rob nunnery leading off the serve against aj kohler and mary brusha on the side of the jackrabbits this is a must-win situation obviously for kohler and brasha aj kohler with a good start down the middle and that's what you're going to.

See right there from kohler is him really trying to be active he's going to try and take advantage of henry's immobility but looks fine right now that is a great ball there from mary brusha down the middle and a good start.

Here for the jackrabbits a start they need they obviously felt most confident with this team in a must-win situation rob nunnery sets himself up nicely for the backhand cross court finish server turns to his side if you're just joining us it's rally scoring games to 21 points.

Serve rotates on each side according to the score even odd so smart with her placement yeah it's a little too much right there from kohler in the high part of the net right there trying to flip it on a low ball from jargin she controlled beautifully what a finish rob nunnery with limited mobility in the middle still finding a.

Way to get it done and i do use that term loosely limited mobility only reason i even use it is because he said he's only at about 70 but he does look good right now aj with an easy finish on his side the jackrabbits keeping things close.

Tying things up what do the jackrabbits need to do against jarjim and nunnery kohler does need to stay aggressive but aggressive at the right times that's my whole key with aj i know they get into that firefight right there and some great shots from both sides but kohler sped that up from.

A position that was very tough one of the most unpracticed and non-talked about shots in the game of pickleball is how important that return is right on cue return into the net.

But getting that return nice and deep causing a difficult third shot shrugging in disbelief the jackrabbits keeping us a one-point game tying things up here at here we six what finish aj kohler makes it look easy yeah one two combo there from kohler and a.

Little flip backhand to the put away forehand he tries to go a little tricky a little undercut forehand on the serve but into the net what a grab from jargeen perry brashout putting an end to any hope on the side of the fives yeah.

Finally and fuller getting away from everything that she's touching right now is coming back over just wide for nunnery did you like that choice to go line it's not a bad shot but just not at that time right there that when they have a one point lead now you give them a two point lead.

That's tough it's full extension there from kohler trying to reach that ball that barrage is going to be able to reset trying to make something happen there though one point away here from an end change first set up with that textbook lob.

Yeah the lob is absolutely perfect corner to corner beautifully placed upside with himself right there looks like he played an outball aj kohler commanding the kitchen good spot right there from kohler as they will take a two-point lead here on the end change.

Great job and good answer here from the jackrabbits this is an essential game for the jackrabbits to win looking to edge their way back into the series against the fives who have the two to nothing lead aj kohler and mary brosha working well so far in this one.

Yeah watch the spot look at the placement on this ball from kohler on this last put away steps up nicely nice and calm and then just finds the hole in the middle again it's about where not how hard so placement over power for you guys watching at home is the key for that shot right there as kohler gets a little.

Confusion in the middle they take that two-point lead what's the theme right now on the jackrabbit side for kohler and brasha what are they attacking against jarjim and nunnery they need to attack spots and what i mean by that is spots away from jarjim and nunnery get them fully extended open up some holes on the court because everything that.

Simone jarjim touches she pretty much gets back in because her hands are so good and nunnery playing very active right now um again it's gonna be very interesting to see how he lasts in the long run but right now nunnery looking like the nuggets it's just a little ambitious there from color i'd like to let him.

Let russia take that reset that back in that hockey wrist action coming into play aj uses his length and his wrists as well as anybody 13 10. what an angle drop around.

The placement over power you see the angle he hits on that kohler can't even get a paddle on it coming right back at you here in your living room as you're watching the 5's within 2. that's tough because russia going up against one of the best cross court tankers of all time in simone jarjim she.

Will wear you out on that cross-court tank because of her consistency or her placement or both every bit of it all of it the jackrabbits maintain a two-point lead that's so hard right there everybody looks.

Everybody thinks it's so easy but when you're preparing for speed and the ball clips off the tape and then slows down your whole mindset has to change so not only physically but mentally you have to reset aj kohler basically playing singles at the kitchen just falls short top of the tape the fives.

And rob nunnery take back the two-point deficit yeah i mean you want to talk about turning defense into offense as brasha and kohler had nunnery and jarjim on their heels with a couple overheads but great resets back in it 14 15.

Within one aj's ready for that even if simone hasn't pulled that shot all day aj's ready for it his reach is so good and we have a one point game on championship court the series joined the fire fight just barely misses.

The jackrabbits steal the two-point lead i feel if jackrabbits get one more here you may see timeout here from the fives they give up that point it's a.

Three-point lead now they're three away from taking this game you want to stop that momentum quickly mary brush on aj kohler have been remaining patient on their side the jackrabbits are in a must-win situation they're looking to get this game in the next game to push a dream breaker tie breaker matchup.

But so far what is paying off for kohler and brasha well kohler's just staying active regardless of some unforced errors from him on his activeness we'll call it um he is putting pressure on jarjim and nunnery so get this game in the next game to push a dreambreaker tiebreaker.

What is paying off for kohler and brush is staying active regardless of some unforced errors from him on his activeness we'll call it um he is putting pressure on jarjim and nunnery so get this game in the next game regardless of some unforced errors from him on his activeness.

We'll call it um he is putting pressure in the next game but so far what is paying off for kohler and regardless of some unforced errors from him on his activeness we'll call it um he is putting pressure regardless of some unforced errors from him on his activeness.

We'll call it um he is putting pressure but so staying far regardless of some unforced air is from aj kohler was everywhere on that point game point for the jack rabbits.

Rob nunnery closes the door on that pop for now so the fives take back the serve we are both frozen on each side the jackrabbits must win on their serve the fives can only earn points on their sir from here 18 20. so both teams frozen here at 18 20. no luck fernando throwing.

Not on purpose but amazing play by aj kohler throwing in the lob and then mixing in the angle mary brusha with game point on her paddle keeping the jackrabbits hopes alive of pushing a dreambreaker they can earn the victory on the second mixed devil's match.

Once again closing the door the fives can only earn points on their serve as well we'll look to do just that putting up the pace mary brusha throwing her hands in the air in defeat timeout called on the floor for the.

Jackrabbits the fives right back in this now trailing by one what's the discussion on the side of the jackrabbits well i think it's more or less a momentum breaker for the jackrabbits right here as they're trying to slow down the fives you watch this last point nunnery just come in full force here.

He was going to end that point or get a side out regardless it was on his paddle he knew that i thought we had a good reset there from kohler in the middle but nunnery just sped that back up again he wanted that point and they got it now within one of tying this thing up again jackrabbits need this game now even if the jackrabbits did lose this.

Game we would still go to a fourth game because that fourth game is essentially they need that for points and so we will play that fourth game regardless but they want that win still here can't have it without this one rob nunnery with the server.

A huge side out for the jack rabbits and a big miss for nunnery mary broshaw looking to close in on a victory that one hurts for aj kohler football calls on the line these guys still having a good time the largest person pickleball history.

Major league pickleball cutting edge with the sport and the jack rabbits get back to serve that is huge well eventually you gotta end this and not let the five stay in it crowd starting to pick up sensing on the fourth game point here for the jackrabbits.

jackrabbits have been holding them off from tying this thing up aj kohler has done that a couple of times with his angles yeah his reach is tremendous and he can create.

Such good angles on those drop shots right there causing issues beautiful shot tiptoeing behind the kitchen line with that reach lob attempt by aj kohler slammed in his face by rob nunnery he didn't get it up as high as he wanted to right there i don't mind the idea watch nunnery's dug.

In right there but then as soon as kohler drops that paddle he retreats quickly aj kohler so fast with his wrist and he's such a bad ball hitter and what i mean by that is when you think you have him handcuffed he's there so it's beautifully done by aj kohler.

Game point number six the jackrabbit's looking to close in on victory and so the serve goes back to the fives deja vu here on championship court the only thing i'd like to see all right so russia's getting stuck going across.

Court with jargin that whole time definition of doing the same thing over and over again with no insanity right go behind nunnery go behind rob involve him a little more he's creeping in the middle go behind him back into this again and then you're allowing rob to step in.

From sealing the match somebody just yelled finish the game crowd is animated here in newport beach california dominic catalano and michelle mcmahon here with you in the booth happy to bring you 12 hours of pickleball coverage here today.

Aj kohler earning game point back on his side again oh just wide for kohler who had it right on his paddle he knows it tried to hit it with a little too much authority right lives right back in it.

31 21 back to serve nowhere to go on that play rob nunnery capitalizes and now the momentum has completely shifted on the side of the fives unbelievable can't convert and now game point number one for the fives.

And the game and match goes to the fives rob nunnery and simone jarjim stayed patient stayed resilient punched back every time finally earned game point and they closed the deal what happened up.

Kohler just trying to make something happen right there unfortunately just a little too far out in front and underneath a good reset and the fives come all the way back fighting off seven game points seven game points and they did it their owners gary vaynerchuk ryan harwood certainly.

Pleased with the first victory of the day here on championship court the series lead now goes to the fives up three to nothing we still will have another final mixed doubles matchup as dom said that matters in terms of the points system for pool play as we check in with cameron blackwood with the winners.

Being down most of the second half how are we able to change the momentum and take that win ah aj's aj's a beast out there right so it's so hard to find spots to actually get away from him he moves so well laterally that we just try to really get into mary's corner he still came over and made all the balls crazy but uh we.

Were able to do enough to get away with it and when the score then gets locked at 2018 does that change your strategy no but this is where like we're talking about how we got to play to win at that point right whatever the score is uh because because it's so long to get to.

That point that you get in a in a kind of a zone where you're just kind of kind of fluctuating through it and then when it gets to that moment it's like whoever takes more chances but plays smarter in a way is going to be the winner if you're just playing to like not to lose in those moments.

Unfortunately that doesn't play out very well well you definitely played to win you guys are up 3-0 on to the next mix back to you michelle cameron thanks so much simone jarjim and rob nunnery two of the best in the circuit and we will get you set.

For the final mixed doubles matchup between these two squads right after this short break don't go anywhere are we ready to get this started welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping texas.

Thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow i mean we saw so many things there we saw speed look at the crowd standing up.

Over there everybody's got a standing ovation on that shot let me show you how it's done let me show you.

let me show you back on championship court for our fourth and final mixed doubles match up in this series between the fives and the jackrabbits linda padigamaite and her partner eric lang.

Kicking off this game against west gabriel we just saw a game ago potika maite will lead off the surf hey good start here for the jackrabbits they need to get on this early we apologize for the technical.

Difficulties we're experiencing here in the truck now we'll do the best we can keep you guys informed on one zero eric lang back to sir catching lane just a little off guard should the jack rabbits have put gabriel.

Maggie brusha out against jeremy the first matchup no i like that matchup with kohler and mary um just an execute again what was it seven game points on their paddle opportunity was there just didn't finish.

Right at the body of maggie brasha with a powerful backhand it goes right at that right shoulder of brusha she can cross the plane if she makes contact with the ball if she does not make contact with the ball she cannot cross the plane so that's the difference right there with that.

Call from referee bob swiss helm all right so the match-up's a little different in this mix match-up too because maggie brosh is playing the left typically you'll see the women play the right but wes is left-handed is gabrielson says he's been playing ambidextrous with multiple sports since he was six years.

Old includes basketball what a counter from eric lang in the middle right there reading that speed up from russia the fives off to the early lead eric lange hey how are you at the kitchen.

setting him up for success again it's look at eric's position right there he's straddling that center line so he's getting really big in the middle taking charge eric lane once again the enforcer off the efforts of lina padiga might say.

A great set up again watching the slide over again eric is straddling that center line and checks his feet all good that's a little heat check shot there from eric lang see how he's.

Doing how hot he is overhits that backhand just a little c he tried that shot again but i think he thought twice about it he was about to pull the trigger and tried to lay off it into the net.

Six nine gabrielson rarely gets caught off guard that time he was the fives jump out to the four-point lead talk about someone feeling really good right now it's eric lang he is stepping in being really big in the middle here.

Wow i mean their eye formation right there are him and padigamate helps that he has a seven foot wingspan with his stature the five's the first to eleven so we'll be switching sides there so money jargin pursuing the coaching role what do you think she's saying well she's just right now it's it's all encouraging right now.

So she's just telling eric to keep doing what he's doing he's doing such a good job of it and pedigo mighty playing such a good assistant role in this situation but now i gotta see gabrielson get a little more involved here maybe speed some balls up but speed some balls up at fidegamite try and cool down eric lang.

Because he's feeling it right now how do you cool down eric lang who's got the hot hand i'll try and ice them out but what i'd also like to see is if pinches that hard in the middle he's recovering well if brasha thinks crosscourt back to him i like to see west pull that ball back over when he.

Gets the ball carrying a five-point lead for the fives who have already won the match just looking for bonus points here in this series day one of this format is all pool play so everybody will face each other in their pool one time.

And then we work towards a single elimination format based on points and wins a good start here on the end change for the jackrabbits eric lang once again on the back end maggie just couldn't catch up to the play that time well gaberson does try and go backside.

Online not suggesting go hard there try and drop one in there just get him back on his side atp attempts gone wide for eric lang opportunity was there maggie broshaw back current college student balancing a pro pickleball career.

Half balls wide the fives continue their run she discovered pickleball by a friend who she used to play table tennis with every day introduced her to the sport she entered the circuit and very quickly became a pro the prolific tennis background.

It's just too much eric lang right now and jack rabbits just need to get him out of play okay oh a powerful punch.

Running the courtesy of his buddy eric lang on the other side countering with any sort of luck it's tough to go over the top of him like that if you're going to lob you got to go cross court with that gabrielson's in the position to go cross court he tries to go flat over the top of eric.

Lang and that's tough because like you said he's so tall maggie finds the perfect opening on the court keeping the jackrabbits within four points they're just trying to get any points in this match-up the fives are looking to.

Clean sweep dessert that ball just catches the line what a play by lang who just throws his paddle in cameras i'm trying to get that backhanded overhead he just gets over his paddle.

let's go right here 13 16. how about that for a finish i mean there's some great resets there from gaberson and brusha but eric like finally able to get that overhead put away jack rabbits called the timeout trailing.

By four do they have any shot of getting back in this and if so what do they need to do again you know try and get eric laying out of play right now he's just too good too much and would just love to see them try and ice him out right now but it is just so tough he's taking up so much of the.

Court cameron blackwood has more what are you seeing in this one cam sitting down here with the jackrabbits they're still very very confident they know they need these points especially in group stage play so they're looking to sit keep the points lasting a little bit longer take eric out of this looking.

To maybe go behind eric a little bit because he's squeezing the middle so much see if they can't close out this match they need these points back to you michelle thanks so much cameron they do need these points because we know how this can turn out in the change of events.

That can happen so quickly with the steep pool play especially as we look ahead to the remainder of the schedule yeah points are so important they do need this game right here moving forward so consistent testing the backhands of both players just comes up short there linda.

Patigamaite takes it do you like the speed-up choice there it's tough you know i it's just a tough shot and you're going to eric lang at that point so i don't like it just because of where you're going and who you're going thank to around the post right there i mean she's.

Feeding off of eric lang right now jack rabbits continue their pursuit despite game point being on the side of the fives wes gabriel sent back to serve 14 what to play maggie finding the backhand of eric.

Finally forcing lange into a mistake but a lot of work to do here one more maybe timeout here from fives do not want to give gabrielson and brusha any room here any confidence gabrielson speeds it up it works.

We have a three-point game jack rabbits are still very much alive three quick points against like they heard me but again i i like it because the timeout comes at a time where the jack rabbit's rattled off three quick points this one had a 2013 lead and the serve for the.

Game and the match it just doesn't come through and now jack rabbit's within four and creeping back in this creeping back in they are what are they exploiting on the side of the fives they're just putting pressure on right now right and so the fives know they can't score unless they're serving.

So the jackrabbits are taking advantage of that with the rally scoring still on their side they have two more points till they freeze at 18. let's see if they can get there here out of this time out 17 20 is the score.

The fives are frozen on this 20. they have to win on their serve they have to win by two maggie brasha so so you just short for eric lang.

Maggie brasha and wes gabrielson very patient and very smart with their placement on using that whole paddle for the fives that ball is wide no calling it in you are correct that is in so.

The jackrabbits two points away they are now frozen at 18 with this modified rally point scoring system almost snagged by eric lang and the jackrabbits pull within one down 2013 all of a sudden it's 1920. what a shot from maggie brasha testing the backhand of eric lang.

Keeping him honest tipped it off her paddle everyone kind of froze no one really knew but our angle right here i saw the trajectory of the ball change lang just catches it awesomeness so are we some men some women some young some old.

But at the end of the day all hearts and we both believe that fortunes are gained on the trading floor especially when some of the biggest influencers in the world also happen to be our owners wrap that in the highest prize money in pickleball and well there's nothing else like it.

New york's not so bad either major league pickleball there's nothing else like it major league pickleball brings its world-class talent to southern california as we welcome you back to championship court j.w johnson on the side of the floor to smash.

He and his team will be taking on team clean for our second matchup on championship court one of the top players in the world and we will see why in just a moment our first match up here between these two squads is going to be featuring a women's doubles matchup then we will move to men's.

Doubles and then two mixed doubles match-ups michelle mcmahon and dominic catalano with you in the booth get a chance to catch up with jw johnson just a moment before this matchup one of the best in class as for this women's doubles match-up.

For team clean in the white and purple tank tops it's maggie raminsi and her partner regina franco taking on the florida smash with the green flavor on their t-shirts michelle esquivel who was acquired through the same trade that maggie.

Raminsi was acquired and her partner lee whitwell dinking cross court at the moment cameron blackwood our pro women's pickleball player on the sideline has more insight on this match up cameron what are you anticipating well we are right in the middle of the coin toss right now deciding who is home.

And away what's interesting about this is if you pick home you actually get to be the second to counter your mixed doubles but then you also have to be the first to put up your singles if it comes to a dream breaker so we'll listen in to see who's going to choose home in a way coin toss is underway as cameron mentioned let's listen in for more.

Firstly more on that in just a moment for right now lee whitwell the left-handed 47 year old one of the best in her class one of the most entertaining players to watch on the circuit at 47 years old dom how has she been.

Able to maintain her level of performance on the court she's not only just playing she's winning right she's a veteran of the sport and a veteran of racket sports in general a very high level tennis player in her day and everyone wants to.

Discount previous athletics that players have played and you really can't especially with the tennis players coming into pickleball it really relates so closely and lee whitwell after being a great tennis player in her own right comes into pickleball and even at like you said 47 ripe years of age still able to compete and her partner will be.

Michelle esquivel who was acquired to the florida smash in a trade between these two teams team clean acquired maggie raminsi in exchange for michelle esquivel now on the side of the florida smash has a 5.52 duper rating what stands out about michelle esquivel and what she will bring to this partnership with lee.

Whitwell well michelle brings a lot of fire and on the other side so did maggie when you know her and lee played but this is gonna be the matchup that i've wanted to see is because florida smash finished second they were right on the brink of winning last mlp and they made a move which was shocking to me let's.

See if that move pays off and on the side of team clean it's maggie ramsey and regina franco you mentioned it maggie ramenzi has been so solid not only in this tournament but her partner in this series what is it about maggie ramsey's game that makes her such an impressive player she's one of the most solid.

Players out there she's steady she's solid but she plays aggressively too it'll be fun to watch her and regina and see who becomes the dominant player with this matchup because i know regina likes to play aggressively as well raminzi a former tennis player out of western michigan works full-time.

At a software company doesn't have a ton of time to train which makes her performance at this level even that much more impressive gina franco will kick off the server there's the fire right off the bat michelle esquivel well yeah she's getting fiery really early 1-0 so.

If she can keep this up so the server point goes to keep it clean a little extra rivalry playing against their former teams michelle esquivel and ramenzi what a reset from ramanzi and a well-placed shot from the veteran lee.

Whitwell regina looks really good right now she looks a little more focused than she did in the last mlp already right off the bat early 2-2 here in this first women's matchup what i do like though for the trade for michelle esquivel is it puts her in women's doubles on the left side.

Automatically that's where i think she is the strongest because of her backhand because of that shot right there that little roll backhand of hers where she can do three options from it she can go flat down the line or she can do this roll in the middle or she can go hard roll cross court lee whitwell appreciates.

The return on the investment of that shot point answer returns to team clean you've said it all series long all tournament long for major league pickleball this first match is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the team's performance lee whitwell is all.

Over the angles right now yeah early on lee's got the touchdown dialed in gina franco with the serve rally scoring games to 21 win by two lee whitwell just as well as she can do finesse she can power you off the court a big forehand winner here from whitwell.

Again she's got both sides going right now with the touch and power that's great pressure drink there cross court from romenzi that's the only way you're going to eliminate and kind of deter esquivel from doing anything with that.

Backhand is putting it hard and at her feet well with an easy roll earning the point and the serve florida smash out to the early two-point lead i like that spot all day.

Franco a new mom balancing full-time pickleball with motherhood that's a nice attack there from franco both ramenzi and franco seem to be targeting the backhand of michelle esquivel and again at the body of lee whitwell.

Was maggie raminzi johnny goldberg regina franco goldberg's husband very actively cheering early on in support of his wife basketball answers a little pull right at the body of franco gina franco finds the middle how is she able to set herself up well.

She goes backside first on esquivel almost handcuffed her because escobar didn't take that off the backhand she took it on a forehand dank opened up the hole hard part about that lob right there she's going over the left shoulder of whitwell and whitwell is left-handed so.

It's a very tough lobby taking the one point lead frank go back to serve has a strong racquetball background starting the age of 10 transitioning nicely to pickleball 10 10. on camera off.

Fire fight begins at the net team clean so far with the edge this game is neck and neck cameron blackwood our pro women's player knows a thing or two about matching up against these women on the court cameron what are you seeing so far in this matchup.

I think right now just having the two getting traded to the opposite sides of the teams i see a little anxiousness between the two teams trying to just settle in and figure this out that's why it's neck and neck right now i think they're gonna settle in on the second half and you're gonna see a team go ahead and take this one all the way.

Through but i think right now they're still trying to get the jitters out of having them switch teams right now so we'll see who wins this little extra edge on both sides as you mentioned any str strategic insight that you're noticing on either side dom no i mean it's as close as can get and what team clean has done with menzie and.

Franco is they've added some pressure to their dinks to escobel not allowing esquivel to step into that two-hander whether she rolls it cross court to the middle or flips down the sideline they're putting pressure on her and eliminating that so they've done a good job of adjusting and taking her out of that attack mode.

Regina franco based out of florida 27 years old 5.51 duper rating back to serve and she turns around and applauds well and escobar getting those back and.

The florida smash take the one point edge michelle esquivel doing what she does best florida smash starting to pull away well a little shake and bake off the.

Esquivel drive lee getting active oh and here one she will dream about at night regina franco cutting the gap to two back to serve just short for esquivel once again caught up on the backhand one point game.

Trading side outs and momentum here on championship court 13. regina franco coming to life with that forehand yeah she did a good job of backing off the kitchen liner she saw esquivel is going to speed this up here stays back there he's able to get that forehand.

go regina franco goes for the speed up sails it long florida smash get the point did you like the choice to speed it up not in that position no because the ball's on the side near the sideline.

She's got to go over the high part of the net and basketball kept that ball nice and low so not the right decision at the right time i don't think lead here great little wrist flick on the backhand.

Side from whitwell 15 16. maggie raminsi with some fans in the house cheering her on another good speed up from franco going right at the body of lee whitwell and.

They were just down by two and take a one-point lead now this team 16. miss communication from rascaville and whitwell recovers she'll take it.

1780. put defense for the floor to smash just comes away short the reed is right but she's about a half step behind it unfortunately for her and esquivel that ball sails long cameron blackwood is noticing more from.

The sideline what's happening on your advantage point cam i think what's really interesting is we're used to seeing lee do a lot of fake ernies coming over on the side i don't think i've seen one fake earning from her because she is squeezing that middle and staying really big so i just wonder what the strategy was behind that i would.

Like to see her do some fake ernies maybe keep them on their toes go behind them a little bit at least give them a different look they're strategizing on the sideline with their male counterparts and on the side of team clean maggie raminsi and regina franco have been able to pull away in this one to earn game point how dumb.

Again they've just been solid as can be they put pressure on esquivel with the dinks cross court they're not allowing her to set up the backhand where she has options from they know that it's michelle esquivel's favorite side of the court to play that left side which she's able to use and utilize that two-handed backhand.

Franco has game point on her paddle this would be a huge win on the side of team clean wow let's see what what a reset there from whitwell first and foremost right there okay that that was the point was over the game was over but then they get to asheville.

Right there her strength and you're in trouble when you let michelle escoba do that keeps the pressure on michelle esquivel sends that one long so team clean with another chance to earn this game we're frozen now on points.

Team clean has to win on their serve florida smash is frozen until they get points on their serve as well what an angle lee wentwell unstoppable keeping team clean deep yeah i love it watch this angle though from windwell that's the key right there an angle can't get that 18.

Florida smash within two michelle esquivel so energetic that is a huge fist pump here at the kitchen line what happened how did you create it covered middle beautifully again that's just cork coverage for you.

Guys watching your partner slides you got a slide you got to close those gaps michelle escobar does it beautifully and it is a one point game here timeout is called on the court team clean had the advantage for most of this one florida smash coming back what what's.

Changed on their side dom again it's michelle esquivel getting active when michelle esquivel is active that's trouble for team clean they've allowed her to come back in these last couple points now you got to start playing behind lee whitwell and that's what cameron is talking about is that'll.

Allow whitwell to get out there and do those fake earnings if they keep coming back to her side but they've eliminated that cameron blackwood has more insight on this matchup and what she's seeing what are you seeing kim so intro that's what's really scary about having lee whitwell and michelle.

Esquebel on the same team when they get energized and they get into this match it is hard to beat them so i'm glad they called the timeout they needed one big time to slow this momentum down and i don't think that team clean needs to do anything extra i think they were doing just enough staying within their game plan and finishing out this match.

Cameron thanks so much for the smash within one from tying it up team clean just needs one side out for their chance to close she that ball is just wide from esquivel team clean with another chance to win this game game point gina franco.

Same story we've seen multiple series basketball just missed that one right there the right shot though yeah 100 just missed it there's an angle to hit she's got it i mean it's set up beautifully by the one-handed backhand from whitwell 1-2.

Combo backhand for him inside out back to the side of team clean another chance to close in on this game how many times have we seen game points drag on and on in this format all day so far oh.

He went well says not yet the team clean same story where did she find the edge it's a different leigh whitwell right now you're getting a little more aggressive and she's being really aggressive on the back end regina franco.

Setting herself up there what caused the separation it's reminds me look at romance's pressure on those things right and so it just causes eskimo to take that off her her front toe um gets popped up atp from lee whitwell.

And the reaction to match i mean an atp on game point that she has to make if she does not make this game's over there's one word to define lee whitwell it's swagger and a miss serve there by michelle esquivel brings game point back on the side of team clean on regina franco's surf.

like 20 is like the most unlucky number here so far this morning reminds me closing the door on the efforts over gina franco yeah i mean romance is going to get all the credit for the put away here but watch franco that's the setup right there that ball.

At the left hip of lee whitwell by franco what a shot from regina franco taking on the backhand of lee whitwell keeping her honest team clean on the board first in this one what impressed you the most about raminzi and franco i really liked the game plan they had going in they.

Were gonna go at esquivel for the most part and they were going to her backhand and they pressured it so they did a really good job of pressuring that backhand not allowing esquivel to extend too much sarah ansberry helpful influence on the sideline for ramenzi and franco.

And what a finishing shot for franco to see that opportunity cameron blackwood with the winners with more maggie you're playing your former team the florida smash what is your mindset going into this match honestly i just want to win for team clean like it can.

Be any team out there and i'm just happy to get the win for our new my new team well you did just that regina you guys had six match points at 20. how did you close that out well we just figured out whatever we were doing we were hesitating a lot we just got a little tied and after that i'm like maggie let's just trust.

Ourselves and that's what we did there you have it team cleanup one to zero onto men's doubles back to you michelle that's right cameron on to men's doubles we go it's joey farias and deco bar squaring off against jw johnson and travis rettenmeier we will talk about this matchup right after this short break don't go anywhere at least.

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Welcome back to championship court this is the second game in the four game series between team clean and the florida smash we just witnessed the women's doubles match-up team clean coming away with the edge there up next it's men's devils deco bar his partner joey faryo squaring off against who else but jw johnson and.

Travis rettenmeier beginning with jw johnson the duper leader here in the tournament with a 6.91 duper rating 20 years old so talented what makes him what makes him a good partner for travis retmeier well it allows travis to be active emotional because that's the type of.

Player he is and feeds off of jw johnson you could walk onto a court and not know if he's up 19 nothing or down 19 nothing just pure emotionless stays calm and stays within himself and then like i said we said on the other side you have travis ruckmeier out of st petersburg florida a 6.45.

Rating and again at the age right young age of 38 years old but again how important is that win for team clean and women's doubles going in and up against j.w johnson and travis rettenmeier who are playing so well together.

On the other side joey farias and deco bar we'll be kicking us off with a serve that's what you're going to see early it's exactly what i expected from florida smashes they are going to go to joey ferriss as much as possible try and isolate decobar out as much as they can.

Travis meyer so fast with his hands former tennis pro newly turned pickleball pro just makes it look easy and his game has elevated so quickly despite not really playing that much and not really training that much ball is wide.

Johnson and rittenmeier looking like a well-oiled machine at this point remember the florida smash were in the finals the mlp austin event last month these two did well together then continuing where they left off here today.

Furious and bar on the board big serve here coming from deco bar a little confusion in the middle there from jw johnson and travis rettenmeier 2 in that transition area they catch him.

Moving right meyer catches faerius up high florida smash off to a fast start johnson back to sir we know he's a big body in the center what created this opening well it's the first region on the backhand he's able to reach that and get in and actually.

Speed that up and he's able to finish with the backhand as well four or five bars all over that but a little out in front of it actually on the speed up with the grin.

Thinking deco bar for the miss jw johnson countering the speed of deco bar effortlessly on his side one of the best counters in our game j.w johnson's not going to block much he's going to look to counter pretty much most of those balls so what defense.

On the side of the floor to smash and how about that for a finish meyer trying to chest bump j.w johnson he's like don't worry about it man just relax that's just a regular point for me how they were able to get some of those overheads back from deco bar is beyond me.

Florida smash up by four decobar makes it look easy on his own right then watch the third third should be driven and then he'll try and drop that fifth i don't know and jw gets into the backhand side nice job by johnson.

That's a great set up there from joey ferriss great patience cross court with ruttenberg and nefarious does keep that ball nice and low but with that backspin caused a little pop-up from rattenmeier joey ferry is back to serve team clean climbing in within two that ball sails long make it one.

Seven eight oh wow bar what a great job and a great setup there but just over hits the fifth how do you miss that he's asking himself another miss for decobar florida smash.

The score 10-7 just wide for joey farias despite an excellent attempt a timeout is called on the court florida smash with an 11-7 edge so far on this one cameron blackwood has more yes i see why they're having that big lead what's happening here is the strategy is pretty similar you see decal.

Really going at travis and then you see travis really going at joey so it's pretty interesting the dynamic i would like them to slow it down a little bit maybe really try and go behind those two players push them see if they can't create a pop-up because decal is going to be a force to be reckoned with so they got to keep him.

Staying out of it so making sure that they can go ahead and take this one for florida smash cameron thanks so much decobar one of the best in the game what jumps out to you about his performance so far dom well he just makes himself very active in the middle and he uses his length as well as.

Anybody we talked about aj kohler in that last matchup and how he uses his length aj's not even near the size of deco bar and he uses it well but decal really imposes himself he's known to ernie and so people will try and stay away from the flat dinking with decal but what he does so well too is he he.

Goes into the slow game in the soft game to set up his hard game but again they've neutralized him not so much neutralized him but they've gone to joey a little more than decal would prefer a punishable offense decobar handles travis rettenmeier all over the ernie reads it well and efficiently.

A perfect setup by jw johnson catching deco bar behind his back great job by red meyer on the reed that deco was going to flatten that ball out meyer so joey has one of the most interesting shots out there he's very kind of unorthodox would say he kind of wraps that ball right instead of just.

Cutting it he wraps around it he creates a lot of spin what he's looking for is for his opponent to pop that up off of that spin on the deck just when you think clean's gonna start to come back here florida smash is answered every time to maintain that lead johnson best hands in the league that's.

Why yeah bart just misses this forehand here i think he thought it was going to be harder than it was actually hit 14-9 jeremy johnson has the highest duper rating in the tournament in both singles and doubles to no one's surprise.

Jw johnson 10 14. i'd rather see bar attack that right there and he'd let that ball drop and get to his feet to try and reset that come in and attack that with the backhand flip foreign jw johnson.

All over the middle of the court yeah hard part is decal bar does not get much on this ernie and so joey has to get over there he does he gets in the right position for florida smash able to counter the ernie jw johnson joey farias and deco bar.

Looking for some momentum here rally scoring games at 21. just long florida smash back on top by six firefight finished by jw johnson awaiting the pop-up opportunity unfortunately i did not like the idea of the drop for deco bar try and bring them back up they should have just kept.

Pounding those overheads forced them to make a mistake but they got out of it brought retinmeier back up to the kitchen line and that was a difference maker in that point right there in a 18-11 lead florida smash comfortably on top in this one how have they been able to pull away against the big body of deco bar right.

Meyer's done a good job going cross court with fairies he's handling everything that he's got right there j.w johnson being a little more active and i've seen retinaer a little bit more go behind deco bar right now some he's got a couple of last ones he's gone behind him to set some stuff up giving them a seven point lead here team.

Clean trying to answer calling that timeout bar searches for answers rhett meyer and jw johnson playing loose on their side looking to even out the series one to one which would make mixed doubles that much more interesting.

Remember if the series ends up tied up two to two we will head to the legendary dreambreaker format which is singles and every player plays four points in the rotation across that bridge we get there do with a shot for days.

His fan club acknowledged by the former top tennis pro marcia freso our head referee for this matchup we might have our first challenge on championship court the ball was called out team clean is challenging the call we're going through.

The video review ball was called out of bounds as you may have just heard and team clean is challenging whether or not that call will stand if they are indeed correct they get to keep their time out if they are incorrect they lose their timeout challenge.

yeah big big call here because of again if this gives them and it's a difference maker of a two-point swing obviously in rally scoring here so it is as close as you can get it.

Look like it maybe could have caught the line on that one pretty tough almost looks like it may have caught the back of the line i don't know we need indisputable evidence to overturn the call is declared out of bounds so.

Team clean surrenders a timeout that's a better angle that ball was indeed out florida smash game point geneva johnson leans in closes the point and we have a tied series the florida smash comes away with that one what did you see dom again it was j.w.

Johnson being very active and then travis rattenmeier staying solid handling everything cross court wonderful job there here's that final play and j.w johnson just making himself active and being big in the middle he took over turned it on that second half of the game and him and rhett meyer.

In the floor to smash evening this up at one game a piece going into mixed double so we will see what happens with the choices of who's going out for mixed doubles will be interesting both of these matches will or these games will matter in the end so it's going to be very interesting to see coming out florida.

Smash your runners up from last year do not want to go and take a loss here in the first so we're going to kick it down to michelle michelle is on court with travis rettenmeier and j.w johnson so once we get set up we will talk with both rhett and meyer and johnson see how many words we can get out of johnson we.

Know we'll get plenty out of rhett meyer so florida smash even this one up at one game a piece here on championship court and we're going to throw down to michelle michelle what do you got for us much alongside the winners of that one jw starting with you how are you guys.

Able to counter the big body of deco bar well obviously i played him a lot so i kind of shot but he also knows mine and then obviously uh me and travis been getting a lot of chemistry together playing you know a day before the tournament um luckily he's hitting some dinks uh not too high so that's good i can't get attacked that.

Much luckily i post the last mlp but uh we're doing great otherwise a rare smile in the interview for jw johnson travis what about you you haven't been playing professional pickleball that long what was the strategy there from your perspective and how you guys were able to dominate yeah when i play with jw i just try to stay.

Solid it's important for me to not try to do too much and kind of let him work his magic and you know he kind of gives me tips throughout the day about the match he knows these guys much better than i do so i just kind of follow his lead and he usually is right coming up mixed doubles what's the strategy there oh we're just going to smash the hell.

Out of them and just dominate that's the plan fair enough uh we'll take a step aside here from for a moment don't send it back over to you thanks michelle and uh you heard it right there from uh travis redenmeier gonna smash the heck out ball and see what happens so.

We'll take a quick commercial break when we come back mix doubles here in newport beach at mlp hold up are we ready to get this started welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas.

thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was i mean we saw so many things there we.

Saw speed look at the crowd standing up over there come on everybody ovation on that shot let me show you how it's done how it's oh.

We're back on championship court this is a split series between team cleans and florida smash women's doubles went in favor of team clean men's doubles went to the florida smash and now we have a spicy first mixed doubles match up here to lead us off on championship court it's lee whitwell and jw johnson for the florida smash.

Taking on decobar and regina franco for team clean who has the edge and why in this one tom well matchup wise j.w johnson lee well very familiar with each other played together before won tournaments together before so if i have to go with someone i give them a little bit of an advantage because of.

Comfortability playing with each other and knowing each other but it's not like decobar and regina franco don't know each other i think this is a nice matchup for them regina franco leads off the serve side out lauren smash on the board first jw johnson.

Deco bar with the attempted ernie off the net florida smash fended off off to the two-nothing start 2-0 just wide for whitwell team clean takes their first point of the game yeah well's on it right there but just pulls that a little too much to the sideline again that's what.

Decobar does though he tries to make you be perfect different approach there from bars he goes drive third and drive fifth testing the pace with lee whitwell takes over at the kitchen as well deco bar taking over game three years old based out of dripping springs texas.

The fourth overall pick in this draft no surprise why and there he finds a perfect shot down the line with the backhand well he reads whitwell's ernie so perfectly here he feels her coming and all he does is just flip that out of her reach and then play.

Tickle bar again nothing getting past him i mean at this point if i'm floor to smash i gotta call timeout here it's a momentum stopper that goes taking control of the last four points yeah i'm calling a timeout two points ago let's see if they just try and weather.

This storm but you've got to kill this momentum gina franco looking to continue continue her run jw johnson with an easy opportunity there to put the run to a halt franco upset with herself because she thinks she heading around the post.

Opportunity that she missed c deco bar has been dominant how do you even counter him when he's playing the way that he is here in mixed devils well well johnson are doing as much as they can to keep away from him but when.

You involve them it can cause issues that's a heat check right there from bars he's trying to speed that up at the high part of that it's a tough speed up so powerful and the way he's able to redirect the last minute with these volleys.

Setting himself up nicely for the overhead regina franco with the surf j.w johnson coming to life on that play how was he able to create it well he just uses his length reaches in there and again his wrists talk about aj kohler and his shots jw johnson same way attacks so well gekko's just putting so much pressure on.

Right now giving this is what gets me right is they use this timeout at 10-5 okay you're one point away from a free timeout at that point you let it go all the way to 10. why not let it go to 11. when you were at 6-2 and getting in a hole and then use your timeout to slow that.

Momentum they don't and now it's just my thought process on it just it's not at the right time team clean running away with this first mixed doubles matchup with the series tied one game apiece franco and deco bar finding their stride.

Together although anyone that plays with deco bar would seemingly find their stride he's got one of the best dupers ratings in devils in the entire tournament so good job whitwell on the third shot drive from bars kept away the fifth from him by going cross court hard with her fourth.

Deco bar just powering the floor to smash off the court there's that free timeout on the end change here 11-6 lead here for team clean tackle bar so good with his footwork how do you pick apart the team of bar and franco if you're johnson and.

Whitwell what are you going to first so they're going to franco they're trying to get the franco what i'd like to see is maybe then possibly try and speed up at franco so if they can speed up at her maybe for some mistakes from her instead of just trying to go soft to her because when they are going soft to her they're allowing.

Deco bar to come over and take some of those balls so i think you need to speed up a little bit more at regina franco see if they can get some mistakes from her deco bar the clear front runner in this matchup taking over anything you'd like to see jw johnson.

Doing more of on his side i think he's doing a good job of keeping balls in play and taking balls that he should in the middle um don't try and force something though when he starts to force something and press that's when jw johnson can make mistakes well and johnson were loaded up and ready for the overhand overhead.

They both wanted this one here jw johnson so good at keeping bar and franco back at the baseline so johnson started with the speed up at franco but then he sped up at bar he's keep that at franco force her to make a mistake and the point.

That's j.w johnson doing what he does well and stepping in in the middle right there and speeding up when he needs to florida smash pulling within three ball is called wide despite the good idea from jw johnson well tried to sell this winner bar trying to run around that even if he.

Does run around and make good contact with that get that over he's got so much of the court open because he's standing off the court trying to run around that like see him drop that backhand just wide virginity johnson deco bar imposing his will at the kitchen line creating the error franco continuing the run.

That's just too good of a shot from regina franco she dropped that ball from the back corner cross court tight to whitwell caused the pop-up on the drop you are able to by six franco 26 years old based out of florida what's been the difference maker himself in the middle and regina being.

Solid she was solid in women's and now she's continuing that here next no time out here again and this is where the use we've seen this in rally scoring michelle how many times do we see it in austin teams come back from deficits.

Like this reset by deco bar catches jw johnson on a rare miss team clean with game point looking to get the series edge they'll do it team clean back on top in the series.

Two to one deco bar regina franco managed to pull back in or really remain on top the entire way what were they able to do to create that yeah i mean the biggest thing was you know deco bar and regina franco being solid as can be.

Decobar being big regina franco playing that you know robin roll to deco being batman and just well done and well executed game plan from deco bar and regina franco kind of shocked to see that you know whitwell and johnson no timeout they called one time out but at 10 and just the position of that timeout and then no.

Timeout coming down the end we have seen teams come back from bigger deficits you know in austin particularly particularly a couple times so gonna have to make an adjustment here is florida smash so they do not want to go down 0-1 here to start off this first match.

Is so important in mlp when you only have three to play you don't want to have to be forced to win your next two and then be hoping that you know it's enough for you guys in the end but uh great job there from team clean take a two-point lead or a one-point lead up 2-1 here.

And it will be maggie ramenzi and joey ferrius taking on michelle esquivel and travis rettemer a new matchup new team but before any of that happens we are going to throw it down to michelle where michelle has regina franco and decobar courtside.

Michelle what do you got rare that somebody can take down jw johnson and lee whitwell in dominating fashion how are you guys able to do it uh regina was rock solid over there setting me up with some some good shots we started well and kind of kept going i didn't let go and let's say yeah happy we got it got.

Up to a good start 2-1 hopefully we can clinch this last one regina what was your mindset heading into this kind of match-up against jw and lee whitwell um i don't care who we're playing against too i was just like i need to be there for that goal whatever he needs i'm gonna set him up and after that that's up to him.

All right that sets us up nicely for our second mixed doubles match we'll see where the series goes dom back over to you thanks michelle much appreciated and regina 2-0 on the day here took women's doubles took mixed doubles we're going to take a quick commercial.

Break here from newport beach when we come back our final mixed doubles matchup between team clean and florida smash don't go anywhere hold on are we ready to get this started live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas.

thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was amazing i mean we saw so many things there we.

Saw speed look at the crowd standing up over there come on everybody's standing ovation on that shot stay the same we picked nyc to announce mlp is back doesn't ring a bell.

How about now we're major league pickleball and the only thing growing faster than this city's skyline is our sport pickleball as the fastest-growing sport in the clemson the fastest growing sport in america fastest growing sport in america you think they've got the best street meat well our street meats aren't too.

Bad either they've got a garyvee we've got a garyvee pickleball i'm coming nyc is a melting pot of awesomeness so are we some men some women some young some old but at the end of the day all heart and we both believe that fortunes are.

Gained on the trading floor especially when some of the biggest influencers in the world also happen to be our owners wrap that in the highest prize money in pickleball and well there's nothing else like it new york's not so bad either major league pickleball there's nothing else.

Like it there really is nothing else like it major league pickleball continues in newport beach california michelle mcmahon and dominic catalano here with you in the booth time now for our second mixed doubles matchup between the florida smash and team clean.

Maggie raminzi and joyfurious in the purple travis rettenmeier and michelle esquibel earning the first point in the match in the green the florida smash been a must-win situation to push that legendary dream breaker format.

Looking to tie the series at two games apiece what an atp for maggie raminzi so good fire her up don't do it against his former mixed devil's partner maggie ramenzi yeah this is an interesting matchup michelle.

Because travis is player slash owner he was part of the trade part of the part of decision making the signing off of the trade and now he's playing against the woman he quote-unquote traded away mlp drama.

Maggie romenzy with the serve trying to get out of the way esquivel speeding up cross court that's a hard speed up rhett meyer with the serve full speed ahead towards ritmeyer reminder we have another stream going on our grand stand court.

Interested in watching the match taking place there is the heart eights against chimeras dom and i have you covered all day on championship court once again closing the door at the.

Kitchen line floor to smash pulling away with a three-point lead what's happening on their side i'm playing aggressive rhett meyer and esquivel both that's their game they want to play aggressive joey ferry is coming to life four six 7 4.

Smart choice by raminzi tough point to miss for team clean with an easy close yeah that's set up by a nice cross-court think there from ramenzi esquivel trying to go backside on ferry sphere is completely ready for it party tricks for rafa hewitt.

I mean on a put away that it's gonna be no one's gonna get but what a grab from me and david yeah six three three and we saw him make an adjustment in the men's doubles game where he took.

Something off it he's gotta do the same thing right there what a dig from tarashenko at the baseline on a ball that is out of the reach a huge i mean basically right there frames it up they get it back over aiming to keep vivian david honest falls short mad drops maintain a three-point lead.

David gets in between right there a rare mistake right there on a dink from david is thought you want to take that out of the air then couldn't had to let it oh drop there from arnold and david arnold just throwing one back up there so mad drops keeps getting to that.

Three-point lead but you can't get any further david attacking the body of rafa hewitt bold move i'm not scared of anybody vivian's going to go at you especially if you give her a ball up that's the right spot because he was ready with that two-hander grab.

Hero of that point coming to life that legendary backhand of hers irina tereshenko and rafa hewitt looking for solutions what do you think they're strategizing um again tarashenko going cross-court to arnold i like it as long as she can keep.

Him unattackable so if she can keep him unattackable she's fine but hewitt jumping in there and getting big is what i want to see i want to see him kind of involve himself a little more get that big forehand in the middle active we'll see if he can do that out of this.

End change chad edwards was listening in down court side what'd you hear chad yeah you know julian and viviane just got to keep this pressure on look for julian to keep that quick flick across the body of rafa hewitt and like you guys said if if arena keeps going in that cross court with with arnold she.

Has to keep that ball unattackable he has the ability to like i said do that quick flick with the wrist and then and then power to close great stuff chad thanks so much continue their push over on the grandstand court.

The pickleballers and the lions are squaring off in group c what a shot julian arnold a punctuation point yeah and watch him step in the middle there and read that coming over and poaching with that big forehand and they do get to a four point lead now.

David commanding the offense on that point good adjustment from tarashenko off the tape but just a little too much mad drops right here and they extend that lead julian arnold feeling really good right now in the middle and maverick walking.

On court calling a timeout for his team it is all mad drops right now though in this first mix doubles matchup that they need what do you like about what's happening on their side right now julian arnold is becoming very active in the middle watch look at where he's standing right there on that replay he is straddling that.

Middle line and vivian is doing such a good job of keeping them in points and so the combination of those two things right now it's just been equal success here for mad drops trying to force that fourth game that will actually mean they can get to the dream breaker well you know team.

Owner drew brees is happy about that watching courtside somewhere as this team looks to stay alive in the series and pull a huge upset against blqk i can see him from here he looks concerned he's concerned they need this match it's a big match for them.

Again you're facing off your first match of the tournament against the defending champion so you got something to prove happy about that watching courtside somewhere the cinderella story from bad drops long way it's a big match for them and you're facing off your first maxing.

Off your first match of the tournament against the defending champion and he gets the pop up for the forehand put away went on quite the run that sign out julian arnold feeling the energy on his side rafa hewitt back to sir.

miscommunication in the middle bad drops take the seven point lead that's a rarity between you know two veterans like hewitt and tarashenko dig for hewitt that ball had winner written all over it.

she's fired up after that too as she knows they need to put something together here in a row to get back into this game the lqk trailing by five david have started to pull away in this.

One 18 18 12. their strategy is working wow that's a tough ball to leave right there because that ball's floating for tarashenko.

It won't work by hewitt to get two of those back morning giving given on the court to robert hewitt bad drops closing in two points away from cutting the series lead in half all the pressure then would be on patrick and carr waiting eagerly on the sidelines.

It's the loudest i've ever heard vivian david david the enforcer she yelled at julian arnold you got it off the tape right there demanded yes get that ball how about game point on the side of mad drops what a shot by rafa hewitt pulling.

Arnold so far that he fell to his knees that's dirty from rafa hewitt right there a sharp angle on the backhand hewitt will try to close the gap mad drops can only win on their circle arnold with a finish set up by vivian david beautifully yeah that's all vivian.

David on the around the post puts the pressure on here and it just allows arnold to step in julian arnold and vivian david with a huge upset over rafa hewitt and irina tarashenko how were they able to do it dom i mean julian arnold was playing.

Like a man possessed in the last half of that match he got so big and so active in the middle and allowed vivian to just play that setup role and he was able to just take over and they walk away with that victory and now there's a lot on this next mixed doubles matchup the pressure is on patriquin and carr as they take the court but before that.

We'll check in with the winners standing by with chad edwards chad thanks michelle here with julian arnold vivian david fuelled by fire fueled by smiles what do you tell yourselves going into that one we played them the last mlp season and we kind of we knew the patterns i think.

We got that one last time as well so i think coming in head to head having that victory underneath us already we have a little bit of confidence going into it um but i mean julian it's all up to julian like when he starts moving his feet all over the court i'm there for backup and just positive reinforcements and he did awesome so that's kind of my.

Job well you're pretty you're a pretty strong backup player right there uh we saw you take a a run there toward the end of men's doubles that carry into mixed doubles here you went behind hewitt a little bit more um yeah you know i think uh hayden and i made a good comeback unfortunately couldn't quite pull it out but it.

Definitely gives me confidence going into the next one but yeah i mean i i like that matchup i don't mind playing with a lefty in front of me rough and i always get into some hands battles and both are high energy players so it's a lot of fun out there and good entertainment for the.

Crowd awesome guys well we've got another mixed doubles coming back we'll see if mad drops can tie it up back to dom and michelle thanks chad our fourth and final mixed doubles matchup coming your way after this zayn navratil and paris chad for blqk corinne carr and hayden patrick.

Quinn looking to pull a huge upset stand by for more hold up are we ready to get this started welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs two backhand texas.

oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was wow i mean we saw so many things there we saw speed look at the crowd standing up over there ovation on that shot.

so so for our fourth and final.

Mixed doubles match up it is mad drops hayden patrick quinn and corinne carr taking on zayn navratil and his partner paris todd blqk the clear front runners in this one zayn navratil and paris todd play very well together you're carr and patrick win how are you approaching.

Again what you're gonna so what you're gonna see you're gonna see i'm pretty sure we're gonna see navratil on the left and todd on the right and so the match-up is going to be paris todd versus corrine carr cross court corinne carr will lead us off to serve.

Mad drops needs to win this game to push a tiger mad drops needs to win this game to push a tiebreaker in the form of dreambreaker singles format okay corinne carr trying to speed up right away against zayn naverto that was an interesting.

Strategy to start off that well sails long blqk off to the two-nothing lead tough to get anything going against paris todd and zayn navratil they rarely miss and they don't give you much julian arnold on the sidelines getting some work on that knee done from when he.

Went to a knee committed to his craft hoping to get to that dream breaker but it is not a good start here for mad drops b.o.q up for nothing paris john back to serve a crafty ernie at that for zayn navratil leaping from about four feet away.

To close in on that one watch right here and you see zero clearing that completely he did go past the plane of the net but he makes contact with the ball so all is good see that's what happens here when you gain a lead like this is now blqk with todd and naverto they're gonna start to play even more loose.

They could take some more chances here and when they're able to take more chances they play a little more freely not a good combo for matt drops bad drops on the board trailing by five patrick will take us back looking for any sort of momentum what a crab from patrick ooh.

Closing in just misses what do you even do if you're mad drops to to counter paris todd and say navratil right now paris todd and zane navratil are playing hard and fast so you gotta try and slow him down here so i'd like to see corinne carr get involved here and get some going get going some cross-court dinks.

With time trying to get tricky trying to spin that backhand right at the body of corinne carr car was all over it though they're on cruise control here climbing within six patrick come back to.

Sir todd speeding nearly everything up she was ready for all of it correct that's nice he steps into this one-handed backhand just punches this right at paris todd good pressure from patrick.

One more maybe a timeout zane navratil loaded up and ready down the middle yeah i think it's correct as soon as corinne carr pulled the trigger right there she wanted to take it back because going at that backhand of navratil is dangerous.

Three-point game mad drops are right there never say never in major league pickleball ultimately sending that one wong the lqk the first to 11. we will switch sides back drops starting to come to life here though what what have they changed on their side they really are and they've.

They've slowed some points down but they've gotten some attacks when they're attack a bull they're not trying to force anything so letting it come to them and i like that corinne carr has done a really good job of being that alpha right now and that's setting up patrick quinn chad edwards is courtside chad what are.

You gathering yeah look for a car and patriquin to keep going into the body of navratool and todd that's where they've had their their success on the other side navratil and todd are looking to get that ball extended so they're potentially going to look to move that ball around a little bit stretch car and patrick and out at patrick quinn out so.

That way they get that extension and can really take advantage of the power that they have great stuff chad thanks so much navratil and paris john still maintaining a comfortable lead how do they continue to stay on top dom well it's it's exactly what chad said is you have to not let navertill and todd.

Get extended what he means is by getting their arms out in front of them and being really able to rip the ball and what carr and patrick would have done really well is when they attacked they're attacking at the body and so it's jamming them up just enough up 12-7.

Lead referee on championship court for this matchup round one group c great to chad's point that's exactly what patrick quinn did right there instead of letting todd get extended he goes to the body she pops this one up right there and able to get that put away.

8 12. mad drops staying alive three-point game patrick lynn was testing the speed of paris john she was ready for the pace to her backhand what could have been a better choice there for patrick.

I mean the ball off the tape just kind of threw that point off for patchquin so not much he could do what a shot corinne carr found the open space they found a hole in the middle as todd and naverto were tandem one up one back opens that hole in the.

Middle the oqk back on top by four a punishable offense by zane navratil on that lob aristotle calls it outside todd called it out but and i think tarashenko is right on that line on the bench and i think she looked.

At navato and goes yeah it was in nice to have honesty sportsmanship on both sides there's chad puts that one to thank you so atp for corinne carr new husband adam stone over there in the.

Corner trying to get everybody fired up that's a beautiful around the post from corinne carr crowd husband on the sidelines yeah so carr tries to body up navratil again but he's able to get his arm out in front paris chad.

Finds the wide open court right on the baseline cross court naverto was creeping up on that but todd was like don't worry about it i got this she steps right in front of him blqk three points away from a match victory over mad drops no time out here bad drops i'm surprised.

Back to serve she keeps everything so low so to actually block this ball you have to hit up on it and when you hit up on it you have navratil creeping in oh no after all that work from navato and todd ball takes a funny hop on todd.

Patrick lane just rolls it in blqk must win on their serve with match point on their side and a chance to win it all returns to the side of blqk 2013. paris john seals the deal blqk takes down mad drops but hayden.

Patriquin and corinne carr put up a good fight against the defending champs both last season and in austin what was your biggest takeaway on the side of blqk dom again you know great job by the veterans and coming through and weathering the storm they could have kind of got pressure put on.

Them after you know julian arnold and vivian david took that first mixed doubles matchup but a great job by paris todd and zane navato coming back and sealing the victory 3-1 for blqk good start another look at the final point of the match as we return courtside with the winners paris todd and zane navratil.

Standing by with our chad edwards chad thanks michelle here with zane and paris you guys went into that one needing to clinch it what's your mindset going going in there and and staying aggressive all the way through it uh we don't want to play singles we just want to win and.

Try and finish it off before the the dream breaker make sure that the fans don't get any good entertainment and the uh but hopefully we had some good enough points that they enjoyed but i'm just really trying to make sure that i never have to play singles against you know a very good.

Female uh a singles player like that's a no win it's a no win so that's what makes it so interesting that's that's the beauty of the dream breaker so madras went on a couple of runs there what was the adjustment that you made as they started they're getting into the body a little bit more what was the adjustment that.

You meant we were just trying to stay aggressive and stick to the game plan and stick to the system and uh try and set zane up as much as i can and try and help close and just let him do his thing and kind of be there so that's pretty much it awesome well guys congratulations we look forward to seeing you later in the day dom and.

Michelle back to you chad thanks so much we will continue our action on championship court as we get you set for the next series and we will have more on that in just a moment don't go anywhere we've got plenty more pickleball coming your way in just a bit.

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So yes uh not here i'm back matt's not here welcome back to the major league pickleball here at newport beach.

We've got our next matchup between the jackrabbits and the and the bus we saw both of these teams a little earlier in the day jack rabbits of maggie brasher mary brasher and then aj kola west gabrielson losing their first one to the fives.

Four zero on paper not as close but when you look at the scores could have gone either way in that one taking a look here at milly rain of the bus and then we got mary brasha wait take a look at the bus.

Losing a close one to the ranches in the dreambreaker lauren stratman milly rain carl yates and west burrows west borrows a new ad here for the bus being picked up in part of the the trade after the austin mlp back in june matt minassi joining me here in the.

Booth matt pleasure pleasure what's going on wes is under the radar player wes uh burroughs he he is we've got we've got a couple of those uh we've got a couple of those here uh doing a he does a little bit of coaching with the stars much like himself huh he does a little he dabbles.

Um doesn't advertise it as much but he does plenty wes uh i know we've done some stuff with randall emmett west working with him quite often so matt what are we uh what are you looking for out of this matchup here on.

Paper teams are relatively close as far as their power ratings with dupa yeah i mean do we know the first match-up going on yet so women's women's doubles coming up first with milly rain and lauren stratman for the boss against the the brash's sisters yeah i mean the brasher sisters.

Obviously being family they know each other like the back of their hand they work very well together past you know year and a half they've been coming up and they have as good of hands as anyone uh maggie looks very unassuming out there as a player but somehow gets it and milan done is coming up lauren stratman probably.

The veteran of the entire group here we're going to look to see her kind of take over do the coaching on her team and let me just see how it starts we gotta we gotta see the the good matchup but stradman should be the one creating out there what do you see yeah like you said.

Stratman being more so of the the veteran player out there she's been on the tour for a little while now i definitely think uh to be successful here for the bus stratman definitely has to take that that role of um controlling the point and then millie kind of is there as the.

Support now she's another one that that has more power in her frame than what you would you would expect um so with the with the bus i definitely think strap i would beg to say that we are we're going to see stratman on the right.

Milly rain on the uh sorry stratman on the left uh millie on the right and then for the brash's sisters maggie is looks like she's about the width of the pickleball paddle that's right rip the ball about 100 pounds soaking wet and then.

Mary just uh just recently finishing her stint as a college tennis player big two-hand backhand we saw her playing on the right earlier this morning against the fives mary on the left losing a close one to zhao jing and peggy amante 21-17 so the jack rabbits win the coin toss.

They have chosen we're gonna go home side with cameron which means thanks guys yes i play against these ladies like you said look for lauren take charge of this match but do not sleep on melon she has such a nice deal a lot with that and she also trains with.

The johnson so she is not afraid of a hands battle on the other side the borasha sisters some of the best in the game to stay in the point but look for maggie to be a little bit more aggressive and she has a really good flit cross court that pushes their opponents back and has created some pop-ups today.

On this far end thanks cameron so the jackrabbits winning the toss as the home team the bus choosing the side jackrabbits are going to serve first the home advantage here is pretty important as far as once we get to mixed doubles the away.

Team sits in mixed doubles lineup then the home team gets to adjust and set huge advantage get the match up you want so if you're just tuning in mlp format of rally scoring once one team gets to 20 they freeze and go to standard scoring once this the second team will.

Still stay at rally scoring until they get to 18 and then both teams will freeze you can only score on your serve we'll have four matches women's doubles men's doubles and then two mixed doubles if we do end up.

At 2-2 we'll go to that dream breaker where each player will play four points and it can be men against man woman against woman man against woman any any scenario within that that dream breaker the bus had a tough one this morning in the dreambreaker falling a little bit there at the end uh.

I spoke to wes burrows after that he said you know his first experience having that dream breaker he's a good singles player in his own right but he said nerves and that feeling of getting in that moment it did get to him at the beginning i think he missed his first return and.

Yeah it's an interesting uh spot for these players to be in it it is it is a tough one with that with that dream breaker i think we saw zane say it here in our last match if you're going up against a woman it's a it's a lose-lose if that's right you're playing against a woman and people say well you beat up on a woman.

If you lose points against the woman then you'll say well you got beat by a woman there's that power by lauren stratman that we were talking about early on she possesses the most offense on this court so i'm gonna see a lot of that today from her especially off that forehand side.

Great deception good ball by uh maggie brash it down at the feet of milly rain so we're at one so and like cameron said before we started mill is very good at staying in that dink but.

The brash assistants are going to punish you and that ball stays up there it is again maggie putting a ball down the line past marine i think just how the first couple points went jack rabbit's jumping up to a 4-1 lead good finish there by stratman going.

Across the body of maggie so we talked about the partnerships obviously the brash assistants play play with each other all the time how important is that camaraderie familiarity of the play yeah it's it's uh it's huge i mean not just game styles but personality like you have to get along with the.

Person you're playing with on the other side of the court in a negative way take its toll so personality is huge so we're all square at 4 4 here good speed up by maggie brasha coming up high into the body of milly rain wrap jackrabbits up 5-4 so we're seeing a little bit of back and.

Forth here what what what are we looking for to get uh somebody to really pull away yeah i mean it's a little bit i think a little nervous here earlier some sloppy play that you wouldn't see normally from when they get settled in i don't think we've seen what's going to separate that i think millie needs to tighten up a.

Little bit but just just long just a little long catching the net tape i think the brashes so far are trying to target uh lily rain a little bit too much maybe and being a little bit tentative i think they should be a little more aggressive with their tanks they can force the issue a bit um so i.

Think that's where you're seeing some of the misses there and i think yeah with lauren and milly kind of a new partnership here a little bit this weekend uh just kind of get comfortable with each other that was a better constructive point they're way better maggie does such a.

Good job for those at home when when a ball is sitting on the other side maggie takes that one or two steps back really quickly and then softens the hands makes it look way way easy unforced error there by mary scored back again tied at sevens well sailing just a little date from milly rayne.

What do you see there matt yeah i mean she's i think she's a little tight i think of the four on the court so far you know from our vantage point they have the slowest hands at the moment but with the format still a day at all.

Just a little deep from mary yeah that's one thing with this rally scoring you know even if you get down a couple of points you can you can jump back into this match pretty quickly good finish by maggie down at the feet of stratman yeah that ball is set up by a nice little attack right at that milly rain's.

Chest there popped it up and it's a good night irene for that one so we're all square at nines good spot for millie rayne that's what she needs to do a little more off for sure if they're gonna be hitting those tentative uh cross-court thinks to her she'll have time to.

Speed that ball up so very brashing with the big two-handed backhand through the middle just sitting on that one i think stratman hit one bowl in that exchange so they're definitely going off the milly reign here in time she seems.

To be stepping up though a little better to the challenge she's feeling it she's finding the balls out in front but six seven balls coming your way and that speed it's going to be tough so jack rabbits up 11 10. we're gonna throw it down to cameron blackwood down a court side cameron.

The last two points is exactly what the jackrabbits need to continue to do the basha sisters need to get these points a little bit longer and really set up that ball create a little bit more of a pattern so they can get that pop up because they're looking on the other side with millie and stratman is to play fast i like that millie is getting.

Aggressive she needs to stay aggressive if the bus is going to take this match back to you guys thanks cameron yeah that's definitely uh some good information from cameron right there we did see stratman and rayne start being a little more aggressive there and i think like.

You were saying if rain is going to be targeted like that she can't stay passive and just try to put that ball back yeah you saw her getting in position finding that ball in front and actually counter-attacking speeding it back up to them um.

Should uh pay dividends later on brash assist is looking to continue the point run here good speed up from rain extra juice on that one good exchange maggie finishing that bowl down through the middle all tied again at 12.

12 12. unfortunate especially in this format where you get a point on that ball pressure from stratman drive drive again for those at home just look at the footwork her getting around that want to create space and then driving through it every time you say somebody does.

Something well the next one not so much good finish by stratman big forehand yeah so mary there cheated over a little bit too much towards the middle and and rain hit a great aggressive uh ding cross court and set up that whole point maggie probably telling her i got the middle don't worry about it.

So we're we're tied at 15's here back and forth battle ball just catching the line oh sorry i spoke wrong 14 15. i think she was looking at that ball might have been a little wide but she thought she had the atp anyway and went for it yeah she was a little stunned when she missed that one.

Do point there a little miscommunication but brushes end up on top there little uncertainty whether that ball landed in or not only rain looking around for some help from his partner.

Excellent speed up from rain there stratton missing just a little deep he's trying to tough spot to miss a return into the net bus up 17-16 power finish from maggie some of that power that you were talking about earlier man and it's deceiving power too right she.

Backed off that first one gave herself a little time then so quickly can find the hands and turn on it yeah so short so compact generating that power green looking to end the point a little too soon well taking time out i think at this point.

yeah we've we've definitely seen the back and forth battle of this match the bus up couple of points now we're looking at jack rabbits taking that one point lead we'll take a look here at some of our.

Power ratings so the bus our team duper 23.95 the average of a five nine nine jack rabbits not that much behind with a 23 19 and a 580 we see with yates and cola cola getting the little upper hand there.

Gabe the two wesses basically the same they're at a 6.31 but we're seeing as we're talking about before stratman's got that power rating she's the strongest player on the court the other three are kind of in that that same mix here yeah i mean this match has been so much.

About having stratman trying to take reign with her and impose and find that pace the brushes they're just rock solid seeing if they can hold them off a little unlucky for stratman catching the net that ball just going a little wide.

Not a bad bad place to speed up there i think they've sped up a little bit too much all day too i think a little more at mary's right shoulder she tried to get there so the jackrabbits now frozen at 20.

solving for their game all sailing just out actually both teams frozen right now the new addition for newport coming off to austin so both teams having to sew for their.

Points now good move by it's coming really quick across the body to your outside you let it go those watching at home let that ball go if it's coming across your body that quick so we're gonna take another timeout here this time from the jackrabbits.

Leading 2019 and that's one of the important things that when people are trying to work on on a skill letting that ball go at times is quite difficult whether you're short caught there like on that one or if it's coming up at the body we see so many uh intermediate and even low advanced players still hitting that ball out of.

The air so we'll go down to cameron blackwood courtside cameron what do you see down there i really like what mary just did lauren is squeezing the middle so much that i would like mary to go behind her just like she did she was a little off pulling it a little wide but i like that idea go ahead and keep squeezing and.

Squeezing her and then going cameron back to you guys so we'll see if the boss can score another one here bring that match back to even there we have it a couple of good aggressive balls there.

From the from both lauren and miller speaking of squeezing the middle strap is that's probably that situation that cameron was just talking about where lauren came over took that ball you can't go back through the middle there you've got to go behind her and even if you make that ball bounce which is.

Probably preferred there a little tight there for mary with that drop potentially feeling the pressure here at 2120 for the bus two tight drops tell my clients pressure is not just for tires is it.

Good finish from stratman on that ball left just a little high yeah i think you know last time they had that point they went for a little more aggressive dink this one they let it sit up and as a result so the bus trying to close it out again here at 21-20.

Good read good counter attack so we see that back and forth going with the rally scoring and now with the freeze it's always difficult to get that last point whether it's whatever situation you're in.

Yeah you bring up a great point closing it out in any in pickleball at all on your own service tough when you only know you have one chance every time as opposed to two it uh adds to that pressure for sure that's both game point and the bus closing it out with a big strapman.

Forehand through the middle love to see it and from the start of that match i just love how rain got way more comfortable as it went on right she was the one that felt targeted early on was a little bit tight a little bit tentative and uh to see them come together as a team and find that offensive brand at.

The end was great yeah just like you just like you said it was early on it kind of looked like all four were trying to to find their their rhythm we saw millie gain that rhythm gain that momentum started speeding more balls up hitting the right spots but that back and forth the whole way the bus able to pull it out.

We've got cameron blackwood caught side with our winners cameron you guys were neck and neck the entire match all the way up until 2021 how are we able to close that out i fully committed to the poach there and i millie just played so solid the whole.

Time and yeah it was nerve-wracking you did a great job so when you're locked at 18 20 and you're climbing your way back in it goes back to traditional scoring how does that change your strategy.

Um you just gotta believe at that point lauren is so encouraging and said just swing away and that's what i did worked out in our favor there you go bus is up one to zero we're armed men's doubles back to you guys thanks cameron so we've got our men's doubles match up coming up next.

We'll take a quick break and rejoin the action here at major league pick ball in newport beach california hold up are we ready to get this night in started live we're coming to you from dripping.

Springs texas thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was amazing.

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welcome back to newport beach for major league pickleball we're going to take a look at our men's doubles match up now with wes burrows and kyle yates of the bus wes you know.

Him quite well man i know him quite well west burrows at a thousand oaks california very accomplished tennis player back in the day unlv has been in the pickleball game for a while now but uh one of the most athletic guys out there he's probably gonna play the left side today with yates and uh i mean the dude can do it.

All honestly the drive and then we got yates what do you want to say about yates so it's it's hard sometimes when you say one of the most experienced players on the court is 27. yo but um actually kyle another finalist uh for the pickleball hall of fame this.

Year uh we actually have two on the court for this matchup um along with wes gabrielson off the jack rabbits so we'll look for kyle to kind of insert himself here in this one we take a look at aj kohler aj out of las vegas.

Ice hockey background he's come on big in the last year probably the top 10 guy right now in the world so he's he's doing it pick up the action here with the bus serving taking a quick 1-0 point 1-0 that's what we'll be looking for i saw this a little earlier when i watch them.

Playing the ranches west with a really good drive into the body called they had to put it away yeah you're gonna see a lot of drives from west a lot of crash kyle and vice versa that's their game style they're gonna look to play nice roll by yates behind kohler down.

The line so the bus up to a quick 4-0 lead what do the rat jack rabbits have to do here to try to slow this roll and they got to get a deep return and getting some of these points and that is not it right there so the bus keep applying the pressure here up 5-0.

Yeah so they're clearly attacking uh gabrielson here and then kind of trying to put him in that corner and a couple times aj is trying to close the middle and is caught a little leaning too much so finally the jackrabbits getting a point yates trying to reset that one just dropping into the net.

One six so that's the point they want there from gabrielson and kohler great dinks aggressive dings from gary wilson pushing yades just didn't come out on top but i like that way better than before.

Now that one's not coming back nope here we go good finish by cola cola's got to start getting a little bit more aggressive here way more aggressive he's kind of letting them dictate and isolate gabriels and he's.

Really got to make himself feel known here just missed baseline good shot there by burroughs so the jackrabbit is coupling grabbing a couple of points back four eight excellent speed up by borrows right into the body of gabrielson is not ideal.

A little bit trying to do the old scorpion over the headline yep a little overzealous there on that point but way to get back into it i thought i was watching jimmy connors for second of the open throwing up throwing up the defensive lobs and that defensive love can be very.

Effective at times hard to put this ball away so we've seen a couple of mistakes here by the boss borrow's going again they're not a bad ball but probably trying to do too much with it much better movement by cola.

Yeah i think west burrows now you know started out the game very strong aggressive and kind of poured that on a little too much probably needs to pull it back a little bit here a little unlucky there jack rabbit's in control of that whole point.

And then all catching the net skipping up into gabrielson's body from boros so we've seen much better ball control from the jackrabbits now and and cole is inserting himself a little bit more as well gabrielson seems to be way more alert out there making better decisions.

So we're going to switch sides now the bus up 11-9 but the jackrabbits able to close that gap as we're going into it here so we see here wes gabrielson out of mcminnville oregon born in salem 36.

He actually will serve right-handed and play left-handed really yeah he can he can switch it around a little bit but again one of those guys that's been around the game for a long time uh definitely very smart on the court and as you were saying he's he's gotten.

He's found his footing he's definitely more aware now as we're getting deeper into this so what are you looking for for the jackrabbits who here to be able to make up this this ground here like that happened i mean they're look they're only down two points in this format that's basically nothing um.

I think gabriel just keeps things solid attacking a little more with those those dinks his drops are looking better he's making some better decisions you know that a couple points ago he went for the lob when he was pushed out wide and kind of took away that ernie from uh west burroughs so and aj just needs to keep taking over like he's done.

Good shot by gabrielson going behind burrows borrow's trying to put that pressure on yeah he's really adjusted well he knows that balls good finish by yates so on the other on the other hand there what are we looking for from the bus to be able to separate themselves again.

Yeah i think they need to show a little restraint nice nice uh crash there so i mean offense is gonna be good but just know when to take the foot off the gas a little bit i've actually i've actually watched him.

Do that a couple of times uh today what he's actually done he's looking up to and just watching the their opponents to see who moves correct and then he takes his and then he chooses his shot the thing is if you know if you close that middle he has the ability to spread the court really well with a nice thing too.

That was a better angle from cola we started trying to hit the ball through the earlier that one took a little bit off it sometimes with this the angle is better than power great speed up there so the jack rabbits stealing a couple back now 13 14.

Not a bad time to reach in for that one i just think maybe there you wanting to do a little bit more with height control maybe not as much pace caller a little mad at himself with that one not a bad idea of the same shot before he actually got west so why not again.

So again we see is tied up at 15. not much separating these two teams on the scoreboard and now that ice hockey background strong forearm strong wrist.

Good spot from yay so again we're tied at 16. 16 16. makes up for it right there quick flick counter attack of his own back through the middle tied again now at 17. just a little wide from cola don't usually see that that two-hand.

Flick especially cross-court gabriel said we're going to take a quick timeout but right there even though you've got two forehands in the middle gates set that up really well caught gabrielson reaching caught kohler moving to the line of course you have.

That that dink on the outside on the line that you have to you know it's a sitting dink it's a passive tank it's sitting there you have to respect the line and it's the sitting duck you got to respect a couple different spots and he picked the right one there from yates so we've got cameron blackwood courtside.

Cameron what do you see down there a lot of ups and downs these teams are really going back and forth with momentum changes i like though that aj is staying aggressive he needs to he needs to keep wes gabriel um keep him confident when he's confident and he's being aggressive they're winning these points but when he.

Starts to back off a little bit and get a little tentative as you've seen there's been a lot of confusion in that middle so they need to settle back in aj needs to stay aggressive so they can get back up thanks guys appreciate it thanks cameron so yeah definitely that aggression from cola that's his.

Game style and you will see him make some amazing balls let's say he missed something we see the bus now sliding ahead 1917. a little too much adrenaline in the veins that's that west has a very.

Unique backhand there where it's so short you think you got him in the body and he pushes that ball back hard little too much power there borrows gabriel trying to stay in that point 21-19 not much that separated these these two teams there i think.

19 all burrows and yates just decided hey we're going to go for it we're going to have it on our paddles the offensive and definitely paid off again yeah and that's that's what we saw from them at the beginning of the game here they kind of got not back on their heels but they let up.

Just a little bit you know potentially after burrows got big a few times and missed and then jack rabbits kind of got back into it but then yeah definitely we see the boss step back in we're going to throw it down to cameron down courtside with our winners now is it true that the first time you.

Guys played together was yesterday yeah i think that is true actually no that one time santa barbara with slippers yeah that was so this being the first time with real paddles yes absolutely well did not look like it you guys had a great start getting up jack rabbits creeped back in got a lead you were able.

To close that out how are you able to do that well you know we tried to start our hot um we were playing really well with starbucks and they started grinding aj started asserting himself a little bit you know he's phenomenal player west stopped missing uh you know once he got tight there at the end you know it's anybody's game so just buckle down try.

To stay aggressive don't get tight you know forming like this you gotta you gotta stay loose if you get tight you're done so we just try to just you know keep keep playing hard keep chatting and take it to them and not you know take the foot off the gas pedal you know the bus gotta keep moving there we go bus is now up two to zero.

We're on to mixed doubles back to you guys thanks cameron so we're going into mixed doubles and trying to find out what the lineups are going to be so it looks like we potentially against cola and mary brescia what i watched mary and aj play earlier.

This morning good combination here very dangerous team i think this is we're gonna see i'm gonna see more out of strap in here being on the right side so the the jackrabbits.

Looking to take both of these mixed doubles matches to stay alive busts looking to take this one secure the win regardless we will play if the if the bus is able to take this one and they take the 3-0 lead will still play that fourth that second mix doubles for points.

Top two teams from each pool going through so what are you looking for out of out of the bus here with stratman and burrows to try to take this one secure the win for their team yeah i mean stratman for me is one of the very good mixed doubles players on tour.

With her forehand rolling dink it's so dangerous she can really push uh in this case mary brusha wide you're going to look for west to be as athletic as you can covering the middle um but then you know mary's solid.

She's great hands and then aj as dynamic as he is he's gonna be trying to do the same thing i mean it's about it's about wes and aj really imposing themselves how much can strapman and brasha really control these tanks and in this format like i said anything can happen what are you looking for yeah i definitely think you're right with that.

We're gonna see some explosiveness from from the guys um we look at the match-ups here so we've got mary and aj with a 6.71 and a 5.43 respectively duper rating.

Going up against borrows and stratman with a 631 and a 576. so they kind of even themselves out a little bit as far as overall team team duper power rating right there but uh definitely going to see something some firefights coming from the guys uh and the women are definitely going to be tested on how well they can stay in.

That point with it with the guys spitting those balls up at them so we're getting ready with the bus going to start the serve for this one stratman and burrows doing a little last minute strategizing before we get going here trying to figure out the ball is.

Perfectly uh circular and regardless of the ball here we're playing with the franklin x 40 regardless of the ball once you're getting out in the sun these balls have been out for a little while they're going to lose their shade yeah gonna be soft.

Thank you so if that's the first point if that's any indication of the rest of this match just buckle up i think we saw everything there we see stratman with a little inside out flick caller just sits on it flicks the wrist hole the ketchup barrel is coming back.

In the court i think burroughs is smiling but he knows how tough that shot was he was in the wrong spot but dynamic caller getting it done right in the left shoulder has got out so jackrabbits now going up 3-0 that's the pressure that we need to see from.

Them in order for them to take this one there's that tough top spin forehand rolling thing from strap and then i talked about earlier just hasn't had a chance to do it yet yeah we're d