You're in the kitchen this is lunch game where jason and jared from the kitchen take on top pros and celebrities in pickleball lunch game is sponsored by yobo the most compact therapeutic massage pistol on the market check them out at the and relight the best way to stay healthy.

Hydrated and energized on the court electrolytes matter learn more at we're back another lunch game here in beautiful los angeles today is going to be challenging uh jason and i are playing sam querrey who is number in the number 11 in the world at tennis at one point tennis tennis not pickleball.

Tennis the same wimbledon he beat nadal djokovic and andy murray he got to the quarterfinals doesn't translate to pickleball though he's 6-6 and we're playing clay thompson not the nba all-star but another legend the number one uh ucla former men's tennis player and this guy is a beast so we're playing 266 guys so the strategy here.

Is i think it's dink right because they're very tall and they don't play pickleball quite as much no lobbying you can't their hands are gonna be insane and just prayer like i i don't i don't know what to do here i have no no idea give it away from both of them.

Yeah it's gonna be interesting but uh i'm stoked you know to be able to play tennis legends uh in the sport that we love it's gonna be fun and uh we'll see what happens uh hey everyone i'm sam quarry i'm a professional tennis player here playing lunch game uh i've played pickleball quite a bit in.

The past so i'm pretty confident i'd be shocked if i lose this game uh but i guess we see what happens and i'm clay thompson i'm a collegiate level tennis player not quite as good as this guy but not bad i haven't played pickleball too much but i'm a firm believer in my competitive skills i think we're gonna win and in all fairness the leading win.

The most wins at ucla is that right almost up there up there almost up there and sam number 11 in the world at one point is that right uh yeah i don't know if it how much to translate the pickleball but like i said have played a decent amount clay hasn't played as much but he's gonna be good there's a zero chance we lose that's really.

So we need to go after clay uh yeah we have no idea how good you guys are we're not bringing it but uh oh okay all right we're gonna win we're gonna try all right good luck guys i'm sorry one zero one sorry jason i was getting all hyped.

Cocky baby the necklace oh oh oh my gosh oh oh my god why why.

Oh oh yes four three oh that's the worst shot i've ever hit seven.

oh you missed that why you know why i know you had so much time there you go already let's go let's party yeah rock and roll i know but you're like a pro i thought your third would be really good.

What a weird bounce oh are you my bad my bad so so wow.

it really was boy so good oh come on.

Get over there here's what you did there oh god wow wait a minute i actually saw you take a second and decide where you're gonna hit me and you hit me right there damn.

We lost 4-1 but on the positive side we won a game granted we had matt uh come in for a stretch and wes yeah we that was they were good i mean they got better as it went on as well i feel like i've never seen anyone get better that quickly clay like when he started you didn't know what he was doing and by.

The end of it yeah he was like he was better than us so it was pretty uh pretty humbling but awesome to play with them they're so huge these guys are like six foot six the reach core coverage yeah they're just they're just hands are so fast the touch they have it all i will say though that was.

Uh for the first i think two and a half games the best we've played in the lunch game i mean i feel like we were actually hanging in there and and then it just all fell apart it was terrible you said everything would go wrong if we lost the game and everything went wrong how did you think our game was pretty bad.

I thought you guys were you were at the level i thought you were going to be at um like clay said we lost one game to you guys we won we won four you won one um and you you guys are room for improvement but uh we had some really good points it was really fun uh what do you think we could work on.

Fitness i have both you guys started to fatigue and not only physically but mentally late in that fourth game um other than that nothing really i mean i think you just worked on the fitness part of it you guys would be really good probably need to work on more stuff.

I i think you might be right well guys enjoyed it thank you so much thank you it was fun it was fun it was awesome very uh very appreciative and uh thanks for tuning in you
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We’ve decided to take Lunch Game beyond the butt whoopings from Pickleball pros and are moving on to (hopefully) greener pastures, by challenging top tennis pros!

First up, Jared and Jason take on Wimbledon semi-finalist and former #11 tennis player in the world, Sam Querrey, and the former #1 NCAA tennis player from UCLA, Clay Thompson. We had a little help from our friends Matt Manasse and Wes “Sweeps” Burrows. And yes, they did try to lob the 6’6″ tennis legends!

See how the action goes down! 👀

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