Welcome to community news media my name is Lori Nussbaum and welcome back to the fastest growing sport in the nation our pickleball show before we get started I want to thank my our sponsor today Cole wreath Medical Supply they have been serving the south Florida Community since 1980 they provide a comprehensive line of medical.

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Also uh sell pickleball socks so that is a wonderful thing you can go there so you can visit them at 14307 South Dixie Highway they're open Monday through Friday 9 to 5 30 and Saturdays on 10 to 4. um okay and I'd like to now introduce Our Guest today we have Carlos David who is a pickleball instructor.

And Cheryl Schechter who is a pickleball Nana and a court advocate so thank you both for being here today really my pleasure so happy you're here um let me just Begin by saying that Cheryl and Carlos I've been playing pickleball with we started playing together it's been almost two years now that I've.

Been playing and um I remember my first day you actually were helping me and you and I we play together on a team now yeah and we played last night we played last night and Carlos is her coach isn't it so um so anyway welcome to the show and um let me begin asking you Cheryl.

Um please tell us your pickleball journey and what is pickleball Nana look upon Nana is what my grandkids call me I have four grandkids and to differentiate between the grandparents because there are a couple divorces in there there are a lot of grandparents I am pickleball Nana um and uh two of my grandkids play.

Tennis so they're my future of pickleball Partners McStuffins Partners we're gonna we're gonna get them into pickleball um I started playing pickleball about two years ago when covid really started before that I had been a gym rat and a runner um yoga and I wasn't comfortable going.

To Studios anymore and at the same time I got divorced and I got bought out of my practice so I have a lot of free time to kill I was driving down Sunset and I saw these courts and people playing and they looked happy and they were smiling I have no background no tennis background no racquetball never picked up a paddle or a racket in my life but.

These people accepted me with open arms it's the most inclusive Sport and Community ever absolutely you can just walk on those courts not knowing anything and they will teach you how to play and you can in 30 minutes you can learn the rules and be playing and there are very few sports that that can happen and intergenerational there are I play.

With 80 year olds we play with teenagers and the fastest segment of the sport growing segment is now under the under 25 age group so we know the longevity is there we know the players are there all we need are the courts at this point so I play a lot but my biggest problem is finding quartz courts yeah okay we'll we'll get to that we're going.

To get to that so um okay Carlos tell us your journey with pickleball and okay so so I started like like I don't know if you guys started as essay also Salvation Army yeah Salvation Army we play I know I think my journey other than I say it started really with my parents they got into it first I was going to mention your family yeah I don't know and and.

They they moved from New Jersey to Florida and you know they being new to Florida they were just looking for activities to do they happen upon pickleball and at some point they just get addicted which is I would say the one way that people describe pickleball it is very it's just very addicting um and so I'm always trying to look as.

Soon as I knew that I was going to have my parents here close to me I was just looking for things to do with them activities to do with them and to share spend time with them and so they told me like you should come play Pickleball at first I was like pickleball yeah it sounds silly yeah it's weird I don't know about that not something a young.

Person would want to play not something I would be interested I love basketball I love let's talk about a baseball volleyball but pickleball I'm I'm not so sure about that Mom um but I went um regardless and immediately got hooked immediately like the first game it was like Oh that's oh okay oh and.

What's this that's a dink oh that's awesome what about Kevin oh okay oh the kitchen you can step in there oh that makes it interesting okay so it's not that easy now I can't I can't reach for a ball I can't step in there okay great and immediately got hooked so it's been like about about a year maybe a year and a half now that I've been playing.

Um and it's funny that you mentioned that when we met I was trying to help you I wasn't a coach back then thanks to so many people this goes to Cheryl's Point um so many people being inclusive and so many people being helpful right it just grew into a I would say a small passion of mine to just help others get better.

And thanks to always yeah Carlos is one of the most generous players out there always has been even before he was a coach he was always very generous of this time in his knowledge and I appreciate it I appreciate I love that you know it's because so many other people did it with me like Felipe Duran we all know.

Him right um Brad Mixon which is our coach we take lessons with him all the time shout out to Brian shout out to Brad shout out to Felipe um they're just incredible people that just want you to get better thanks to them I was like you know what I want to help others get better to me that's how I really got into coaching but other.

Than that even if you're looking for like a hobby it's pickleball it's just such a great sport to just pick up a paddle and then go play that's no question inexpensive it's easy on the joints true for everyone and you know it's interesting the one of the first times I played um in in there were older a lot older.

Older people playing right now I see a young generation coming out but there was a man out there I don't remember his name and he's not playing anymore but he had Alzheimer's oh yeah and and I remember playing with a really good player and he could keep score well he couldn't keep score right he played really well but he couldn't keep we all.

Helped him keep score and and yeah so it just goes to show yeah that um it it was helping him it was actually helping him it's been proven to help with cognitive function and exactly older people just we know how hard it is to keep score and keep track of who serve it is yeah just for us and you know we're supposedly still mentally I.

Actually don't teach students I never teach them to keep score at first because it just yeah it just frustrates me yeah like forget about it just just learn how to play learn how to play the game little by little the score will make sense don't worry about right so okay so let me ask you this so I'm just going to throw this out there so we.

Know that Tom Brady is now and all the um the NFL players and the you know the the tennis players everyone is getting involved oh yeah um LeBron James Drew Brees has a team right Dirk Nowitzki what's playing the other day it's it's all over it's all over it it happened so quickly and and I and it's great I mean this is.

So Cutting Edge right and but I I still go to Tropical Park and I won't go there now I was there last week Four Courts waited two hours and played two games yeah that's a shame it's a shame yeah it truly is um it's you know it's about demand like everything else like if you have a.

Product how much people want that product it's going to determine how much of that product you produce and you sell so right now it's up to us I guess to show whoever's in charge of building cords and whether it's the government or private settings where people are interested in investing.

You know and trying to make money out of that or in some way or another but it's up to us to show them like hey there's huge demand for this there's celebrities getting into it pro athletes of other sports getting into it just normal people from the community from the community getting into it right younger people getting into it schools are.

Including it so there will be scholarships one day probably it'll probably be an Olympic sport that we have 70 countries it is for it to become an Olympic event it would it would happen I would say within the next two or three years yeah but when you go you know you go to Tropical Park.

And and the tennis courts are not even being used yeah yeah so do something and and I guess that's the most frustrating thing and I know Cheryl you're really involved with you can give us an update what's going on in Pinecrest I mean the the um when we went to that meeting um the neighborhood people that live.

There are complaining they don't want courts so yeah there are a couple issues uh some people do think the pickleball is a bit louder than tennis so um we try to keep the courts away from the residential areas when we can the lights at night can bother some people but it's important that we have lit courts because we have so many young.

Players who work and go to school and they really you know you can't utilize the courts during the day so that's very important um right now we estimate there are 15 000 pickleball players right now in Miami-Dade County and we have currently four at Tropical Fort Oliver.

And they just opened eight new Courts at Water Oaks Park which is in hammocks I have not been there yet I heard they're very nice you mentioned that yesterday yeah I was over there great courts beautiful spot it's a little far away right and they're not lit but so that's yeah that's 16 quarts with 15 000 people.

That's about a thousand people of court right so that's not a very good ratio and the sport is growing at 34 a year so as fast as they build quartz we're just getting further and further behind what we need is a really big facility like Plantation has like Naples has 60 courts right quotation has 17 quarts we have Four Courts at Tropical and our.

Population is so much greater um and it's just not keeping up not only is it not keeping up but we're getting further and further behind so we're trying to advocate for more courts there's a lot of issues there's you know politics or there's Commissioners involved right um the parks department is trying they are trying we just got.

Them to light agreed to light tropical parks at least on the weekends which is going to be a help because lights were not they were turning off and people couldn't play on the weekends in the evenings yeah so they are trying to work with us they're starting to understand the need I also have a group of adaptive athletes from Jackson Memorial Hospital.

That are really wanting to play Pickleball wow and um some of the courts that they've built are not quite up to specifications usapa specifications they're trying but they didn't really get us involved in the building of the courts so they're small if you notice at Tropical we don't have a lot of room right exactly so I want to.

Get these wheelchair athletes out there and we need some more room so we need some bigger cords but there's so many sectors of the community that would benefit from the health benefits the social benefits of pickleball I mean even even in Coconut Grove blend blend the lines the courts are a mess there are some issues with.

Blended lines as we know there have been some dissension between tennis and pickleball players there's been some vandalism I really would like like the dedicated course absolutely and I mean I'm all for that right at least let's get yeah if we talk about things to play the model of pickleball as it relates to tennis is really more like pick up.

Basketball let's say than tennis right so we need centralized courts and a lot of them same location because we rotate games are 10 to 15 minutes right you're in you're out the winner stay and split the uh next team comes on and then you play another game so having a couple courts here and a couple chords there that are shared with tennis it's nice we.

Appreciate it but it doesn't really fit the need that we have which would be the example with the places like Miller Park um where there's a lot of people that go and play and the way they try to tackle and avoid like the confrontation between tennis players and pickleball players because I don't think I speak for myself.

But I don't have any problems with sharing courts with the tennis players in certain days or if you got there first and that's fine I'll look for a different place yeah but I've I've been to places where they do have a problem with me going over there and playing pickleball and it's like you can feel the the tension of the tennis players.

Trying to like you know be aggressive over their territory are the courts at Miller or those Blended lines or they're they are yeah they are Blended lines and they have two tennis courts and then they turned it into four pickleball courts so right can adapt um with removable Nets but I I agree with Cheryl I just I just know for a.

Fact because we're spending time out there daily so we're at the same hour so we're noticing and we're seeing okay there's probably 25 10x tennis courts and only five of them are being used on a weekly basis throughout this whole time slot so maybe turn two four of those tennis courts into what you know double the amount of pickleball exactly.

And that way you can meet the demand because the sport is growing and I'm sorry for the you know for the residents that are complaining about the about the noise because it is a thing I was playing the other day at uh Sable Chase and in the middle of a game somebody came from the one of the neighbors just complaining but he was frustrated like.

It wasn't like hey guys it's a little bit loud no he was really frustrated yeah and I'm like Hey we're sorry at nine you know the center's open until 9 30 but at nine we'll stop he's like okay thank you and he went back to his to his home but um it is a thing but unfortunately the sport is here to stay I don't I don't.

See it going away exactly yeah and he should be here to stay whereas like tennis it's not an all-inclusive sport no and it's not necessarily good for everyone the same with basketball it's it's they're just not I mean it is it's a sport that everyone can play and everyone can enjoy all ages not not only all ages but.

Um same gender like right we play together and again yeah yeah yeah exactly like it's very difficult you can do that in basketball you can do that in tennis you can do that in volleyball but it's very difficult to find a sport that can allow you to be that inclusive and still be competitive in a high level because let me tell you there's some.

Females that would kick my butt they're so good they're so incredible they're so talented so gifted so skilled um and it's because the sport is about more more technicality than athleticism or physicality right uh more skill based rather than your how you know how strong you are how fast you are all right well you are those things do come into play.

But it's so inclusive that it's just an opportunity for a lot of people to socialize together that wouldn't matter how many families do we have where the husbands and wife play together right so cute right and that the kids and the parents play we have the sires family oh yeah that's salvation family yeah the whole family so much fun it's just such.

Genuine it's affordable they were playing at Riviera and you know and and it's more affordable to play it you know at Salvation Army or even the whole family go out to a public court well we want free public courts that's what we want what we want right because they don't need to be monitored the maintenance is not very expensive on the.

Courts it's a community sport where there's we have paddle racks so people come they put their paddles in before I go the next four come out the next four go in we don't need staff it's very peaceful very friendly very inclusive and uh they're just there aren't any other sports like it no no so where are you playing.

I play well last night we played at Riviera which is a private Court which we do have to pay for um and they don't have lights because it's close to the neighbors so we have to be done at seven o'clock last night we had to be done and off the courts um it's a great facility so much fun beautiful facility it's a great room but.

It's limited to 20 I believe six people in a session and yeah we want to get a lot more courts and a lot more people out there we also Play Salvation which is a private facility I play at Sunnyland sometime some mornings that's a free facility some days are paid some days are free um.

Tropical Park sometimes again there's a huge wait there but we'd really just like a really big facility where we can all go we can all play any time of day and then we can have more leaks you know absolutely it's another thing these leagues are coming up yeah and instructors can have courts there that's how Naples does it yeah so.

You can get it's a One-Stop shopping they have a pro shop they have a little luncheonette you know they have the courts they and we can have tournament big tournaments there that are big money makers right the U.S Minto tournament in Naples brings in millions and millions of dollars in the surrounding Community the restaurants the hotels the yeah you.

Know so that's what we want exactly that's the whole point right so and Carlos now you're you're teaching so how did you uh get into that it was all um an opportunity that came my way through Felipe I I owe so much to Felipe I remember when I started playing at sa and I would look up to the higher level players and you would see Felipe out.

There I would look at him and go like Jesus Jesus guys so good the other day we were talking he's like bro you're better than me now I'm like I don't think that I don't think that at all that's a big compliment but it's like it's a huge compliment coming from him because I look like you know him so much right he's not only such a wonderful.

Coach he's a wonderful person yeah he is he was teaching at Riviera tennis center but he wasn't able to teach in the mornings right so he only had afternoons and weekends and so he was as we became friends he was like hey man I really like how you are I really like your character would you be interested in teaching because I really need somebody.

To help me out in the mornings right I said yeah I'll give it a try if it's just the morning I can do that and that's how I got into it I didn't know I was going to like it this much I absolutely love it I love working with beginners I love working with people that come in and know nothing about the game they don't know what the kitchen is.

They don't know how to serve and it's just like hey here we go a lot of new people coming in oh yeah a lot most of the students they come in from scratch they know nothing um there a lot of them are from tennis and they're transitioning from tennis typical about hey I heard a pickleball through my co-workers or my friends my.

Family I'm really interested in learning come on over um and you know with them it's a little bit more difficult because you got to take those tennis Tendencies away for a minute just until they learn the basics then you can bring them in and I have to share I just have to interject the last night when we played one of the.

Girls okay she's tennis basketball high-level tennis player a high level tennis player and they're great players I came in playing tennis and so what happens is you find that you're playing this short game okay because for all of you that play Pickleball there's dinking involved in all of that and then everything that.

You taught us goes out the window no we tried to implement the plan they were doing a good job of keeping us back but we were trying yeah when you're facing bangers you really gotta you really Gotta Lose the or shake the fear of resetting yeah because if you're successful at resetting they'll back off and it.

Happens to me all the time we were playing well not so much now because now I find that I play with a lot of people that like to play both the fast game and the soft slow game um they just switch it up and that's how it gets really competitive because then you got to switch Paces out of moments notice but.

Um when I was coming up I was playing against people like Jeff Epstein who I love I love esteem and he's become such a better player in the in the past year or so or a couple of months but before when I started out he was a banger banging every single ball and I was losing every single match I'm like how do you drop if this guy's just getting.

It straight at me and that's when I think it was Robert that told me just block him and I was like what do you mean and what do we call Jeff what's his nickname um lob call him love she has become a master at loving he still is he really is the master of lobster yeah it's like I tell my husband okay so if you're.

Watching or listening to me he's like he can't play now because he needs oh knee surgery so he's out for a while and he's a banger Robert is a banger but he's a great player he's a really good play he has a he has a disgusting serve in a good way um but like I was as soon as Robert said.

Just block him and I asked him what are you talking about it's like all you have to do is put your paddle in front of the ball and just let that Ball die right I started practicing that immediately my success rate against bangers went through the roof it's about like you were really doing well with blocking I got a lot of.

Blocking practice but yeah it is kind of difficult and the younger people the more younger people come into the sport the faster the pace that you get you see players like JW Johnson and yeah and all these young cats that are coming in and they just stand in their kitchen and you can't get anything past them and they're like.

Passing everything through you because they're so quick and so talented right I think that's important it's also important for you to not like stop playing the soft game and mastering it right and then also give yourself a chance to play the fast game and see how you do it it's a fun sport so much fun I mean what at this stage in our lives.

Stage of Our Lives when we're married we have kids but Lori and I anyway and careers you don't have a lot of opportunity to play in life anymore and I mean really the sense of play not just playing pickleball but just getting out there having social fun with your friends laughing enjoying it it's just it really brings a new element of fun to.

Your life right and I don't think the thing with pickleball is and I and I was a tennis player there's almost it is like an addiction it's like a drug yeah you feel the need to you just want to do it all the time and when you're playing you don't want it to end yeah well just let me get another one more game one more game yeah because the.

Games are pretty fast which is what makes it social you know and and you're not that far away from each other like a tennis court so you can talk between points drawing points work and meet others it is it is it really is it's also a great exercise like if you're looking to stay healthy and yeah you only really need about hour and a half.

To two hours of play yeah or you can get four or five games in and you'll burn a lot of calories even if you're just in the kitchen thinking like if you're moving around you can burn way more than that but if you're just in the kitchen thinking back and forth lobbing serving you can burn about it it depends on the person but a lot of calories in just two.

Hours so you could probably implement it into your health routine and it's a side routine throughout the week and and just stay active with a sport that's so easy on your knees and your joints and your whole body even though sometimes I feel like a truck hit me after I'm done playing but it's because I probably played for six hours.

Like I did the other night yeah it's a lot one of my sons is an emergency room physician and he tells me that um the typical person or let's say our age Gloria my age um who comes in who's sedentary their blood pressure their blood sugar their heart rates compared to the pickleball.

Player who comes in for maybe a sprained ankle or you know some kind of an orthopedic issue is night and day he says that's part of why I call myself pickleball Nana because I think it's funny compared to some of these Nana's who unfortunately you know they're walking with canes and they're right which is why we want to keep ourselves.

Right shape so that we can play the sport right um okay well first of all thank you so much for coming today my pleasure happy to be here thanks for having you and um before we go I just want to ask you one thing what recommendation would you give to our viewers who have never played the sport where can they come where can they.

Go play so and maybe they can take a lesson from you to learn you know but where can they play where they can really enjoy the sport learn how to play because I don't know if it's Salvation Army people can just go there and and play unless they do flex play yeah um well my recommendation recommendation.

Would be first of all buy a paddle buy a couple of balls and even if it's by yourself and you want to learn by yourself just to hit the ball you can do that on a wall um you know a racquetball a squash ball whatever but just buy the paddle by the ball and then if you don't want to take lessons which it would be as easy as.

Researching doing a Google search lab pickleball lessons in whatever City I'm living in right they'll pop up just like that trust me um if you don't want to do that there's so many great content in YouTube so many like there's pickleball kitchen and Prime Time pickleball and Simone is doing videos all the time on Instagram.

And YouTube and they're all great they all teach you from the very Basics to more Advanced Techniques to how to win points of effectively but I do suggest people that take less lessons in person is because it's a different touch today I was given the class to to a new client and he was like Hey I've watched so many videos and I try to fix it but just.

Having you here with me is so different because then you see what I'm doing wrong and then you fix it and he got better in like an hour he just played so well so that would be my recommendation just lose the fear buy the paddle go out there and start to start it's such an easy sport to pick up really right there are also camps and vacations.

And cruise ships and so many fun things to do these ships are having them now as well yeah yeah and but you can play with the pros like how many sports can you get can you get a clinic with a number one pro that's true for a weekend it's amazing it's amazing they better buy into that now because the more popular the sport you get the harder it'll be.

For that to happen absolutely yeah but right now it's it's a very high possibility that you can you know like Cheryl said just book a camp and just have a great Clinic with a pro the number one or the number two or the number three yeah yeah right out there playing with you they jump right on the court with you that's great very cool.

Yeah that's great okay well thank you so much for being here and um we'll come back again I hope so hopefully we'll have more courts to talk about when we come back as please I pray we're trying we're all trying definitely.

So thank you for tuning in and um please come back and watch our show on pickleball the fastest growing sport zero zero start thank you
Lori Nussbaum talks Pickleball with Cheryl & Carlos

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