Like this game is called invite me and how it works as you see behind me here there's two orange zones they're the about halfway in between the Baseline and the kitchen line aim the game is to keep the ball past the orange line as long as possible thus the name invite me in because if you like your ball unsure they can come into the actual kitchen.

Which is really important you can only come in when invited though and also when I invited it doesn't mean a guy coming right away you can come in it has to go past that ball at that line the whole time all right guys let's give it a go here shall we all right good good there you go all right invite's open good invites oh folks you.

Can come forward as yeah no play well done thanks exchange there where both teams came in but in that case Paul had a tough time because Paul came in without Fred and that meant that there's a nice divide in between them good it's an invite invite good.

Good so uh that's a really good example there where both sides of Queen back and forth in a line you don't want to be have that separation all right guys that there is invite me in it's super fun game you can do it in both singles you can do a variety of levels as well 3025 all the way up to Wheeler car around now three.

Five four oh and a little bit above some of the levels so thanks for watching that is invite me in next time bye there if you like these drills and want to get more head down to Performance we have a variety of free drills which you can sample each drill has a PDF attachment which gives you the drill in more in depth we also.

For those that want to become a member of the website you can get the rest of my drills which is a lot all have the same thing they're video attached but also a PDF if you're a player looking for a drill you can take it to court with you rather than bumping up your phone or if you're a coach you can take these PDFs and the video and take them.

On call and help other people learn pickleball alright guys thanks for watching see you next time bye
Are you looking for a fun but exciting Pickleball drill that almost any skill set can enjoy?

Check this one out, and it is called invite me in. It forces players to maintain depth but punishes players who fail to keep their ball deep.

You can do this with players up to around mid-4.0 level players. I have found it’s also a great way to encourage players to recognize when the ball is short and move up quickly towards to kitchen.

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