Maybe Tyler it's like a 5-0 player Paul Gumby tin man that was a hell of a game that was a battle you have questions or are you just watching okay in the tournament I mean this was like.

Good for I mean this was good play here yeah I get it it's like I got the plague they won't hit me you know what I mean yeah well they keep it away from the better player yeah the four fives are playing four rows now 24. everybody's so good.

And make sure this little blue things solid yep okay you yeah you got oh thank you good get Sir Paul zero zero I need my sunglasses no that's not it take that earlier you.

Need the ball thought I heard it all right yeah hang on oh nine last game that's not gonna work two out of three all right zero zero two go oh that's a good lead though thank you uh one zero two good hands good hands there good rally.

Uh two zero two oh nice try nice try here we go cool oh that was nice good patience there Greg son zero two two God nice try nice try trying to get to his backhand.

But his dick is so hard you know uh one two two you nice angle good put away all right keep trying all right two one one I'm gonna get my sunglasses here's how cold it was really yeah.

that was yours no I'm kidding white boy's got hops on the ship yeah how many quarts did they have no kidding was it busy or yeah okay that's good that's a good number.

That would be nice okay like windscreen or just a net yeah no no exactly yeah okay that makes sense probably let me make sure that thing's blue.

Yeah solid blue yeah yeah you're good all right now I'm ready Paul here we go Bud come on no that's why I came summary all right thank you well our way to bail me out on that one that was a bad shot uh four one two.

Thank you uh five one two no yeah get down nice try Greg good hands there all right our turn ah one five one good hands good battle ball thanks Gord can't see it quick enough thank you good hands you too oh well shots Greg.

Me okay oh just wide oh no no side out uh five one one I'll play it Paul come on man we are having so much fun nice shot no get up reset that come on.

Nice shots okay one five yeah one five one give me no he thought about it me no oh nice try ready drop.

Heads up oh you're all over it that was good that's right you're all over that all right big stuff here we go break it it's me yep no nice spot Greg there we go there we go uh five three one got away with that one.

Foreign ER there you go get that down nice spot Paul good shot that's my bad drag all right oh you're on that come on three six one you.

Hustle four six one me drop no let that come down let that come down nice third thanks five six one maybe drop foreign Greg.

That's all right let's set up all right let's go right here we go they dropped oh yeah nice try here we go big stop let's go seven six one me drop oh.

Nice Shot Paul all right Greg come on here we go let's go two big stuff six one there we go come on one more get set up one more here we go thank you no no second serve hey let's get off at eight it's I hate eight here we go come on nice set up there we go good hold.

It's the worst number all right let's get a couple here 681 oh not with that drive one more Paul let's go better than that uh six eight two thank you uh seven eight two thank you.

Oh I was not getting that one over come on tape nice try Greg Hall big hole no points here hold him at eight seven yeah eight seven one oh he faster good hands sorry Paul that was my All or Nothing eight seven two.

You you you way to keep him back nice shot good hold there all right seven eight one you oh you oh you oh oh there we go Paul Nice Shot Paul come on damn you gotta right here finish that.

Oh buddy come on Nice Shot Paul gotta get that shot down that was my fault Greg I set you up on that no I think that was side we served that one yeah yeah we Greg served that eight seven one drop yep there we go.

One more one more big hold here look his hands are good eight seven two come on you you there we go good hold again good hold again all right let's get one uh seven eight one.

Hey don't even go over there anymore I smell you're opening up the court he's not gonna when you go that soon he's never gonna put it over there like that and you just leave me dead right here uh eight eight one got it you almost shot.

uh 981 nice shot good spot Greg one more here we go buddy thank you all right 10-8-1 hands man good hands good game good game good games hey good game though yeah good plan.

Ah that's frustrating there's really just no setups uh we can't do the attack game on those guys because their defense is so good so we had to set it up but we had to stay in that game and we have to get our third over you can't miss.

It is what it is that's good good play good playing Greg all right being great good morning Mark how we doing oh me and Greg let's do this good rally.

All right here we go all right audio working having fun yeah yeah you're good yeah it started off at 40. said it was your rotator Cafe and it's still not 100 he wants that sun.

Coming like what about since January have you had anything start I feel like when I was here in January I know it was bugging you you haven't had any surgeries or anything yeah like are you doing any physio or anything I mean for a long time didn't really help yeah yeah.

Does it bother you day to day or just when you're playing like Rocket Sports fair enough and it's not really about the pain it's when I go to swing at twitch you know yeah yeah gotcha all right zero zero two foreign sorry Greg sorry thank you.

Yeah yeah that's fine stock yeah I don't mind uh 102. you shot so there when they're in this configuration yeah you want to switch or hold back like that all right let's try.

Oh I shocked the spot one one two okay oh you're on it here we go Greg nice what are we two one yeah two one two two one two me oh that was nice thanks David off that skip.

You want to stop I Gotta Serve to his forehead all right come on you oh Greg where'd that come from holy what a shot nice spot Greg uh one two two good spot to the right here yeah trying.

To handcuff him chicken wings can't play strategy man it's okay uh Triple Two do my best I go you oh my bad yeah I should cover that he's there this middle open other times the outside girl no that's all right yeah so right now.

Punish that backhand me ah sorry nice shots get that down you oh wait a fight nice shot good guys nice try all right here we go big stop.

Here we go I haven't hit one single drive over four two two three I got you get up good switch nice shots there we go yeah coming to me now five two two I think five two two yeah.

You got you out great job Greg you're playing both games all right no worries six two two let me drop all right here we go let's get some points.

Two six one got it Nice Shot Greg foreign the way that wouldn't work Paul yeah you got that one coming to you me too eight two two.

There we go hey good run Greg yeah well he's starting to move to Middle now so that opens up that side two eight one you you okay oh Tyler come on such an easy dink shot.

Yeah 282. you nice shot there's one right there oh I guess yeah Mikey what's going on Mike so middle on the drop is getting squeezed so now we can move it around a little bit okay.

Eight two two let me drop me oh I did too come on is that too much no no I just wow she's so good and if I get it up at all yeah so now that side's open here nine two one two nine two two you.

Yeah great shot thank you all right here we go one at a time two nine one what is that right so bad holy man that's brutal you nice try Paul.

Nine two one me you got it thanks one more come on ten two one you got it oh you had it red and he got over there good job.

You know sorry Greg sorry sorry oh that's nice effect 210 one gotcha you there we go nice shot.

You guys have ten yeah three three ten one three ten one got it oh good eye I got it I got it it's my favorite shot Greg too hard uh 410 won get up.

Nice try that's all right going little got it phew oh that's a great return thank you a little bit you you got it out great job gray let's try.

The game there okay Paul got stuck on that left side so I went middle left middle left all right thumbs up ever hit thumbs up come around come around oh I try not to give people their favorite shots which is.

Paul's backhand Tyler's backhand so I try to do all four hands on them and that's what worked sometimes it's the other way around a lot of times it is actually Four Hands weaker but they're both super strong backhand.

Like crazy and all attacks are off their backhand beforehand they just try to get in play my attacks are off my forehand my defense is on my backhand that's the game yes wrong line good plan.

It's never manly a guy putting on ChapStick it's funny great job yeah you have to make up for it so don't feel like you have to step in front and stuff like that you can just play your regular game and I'll try to keep uh getting mine up to my normal no no no that.

Sounds good that sounds good do you want do you want us do you want me to start or do you want to okay yeah gotcha zero zero nice shot good try foreign nice try.

Uh zero zero two oh my shots great nice shot that was my bad uh slide out yeah yeah zero zero one nice shot me great shot great shot so one zero zero zero zero zero two.

I'll cover you I don't mind that it's good pressure you saw that in it was right at my feet good shot thank you zero zero foreign nice shot that's good hands Paul that's all you no me one uh 102. 102.

Oh are you there yes okay all right I'll let you take that that's my bad I thought I could sneak that in there no yeah yeah yeah that's fair me all right I got it nope nice shot Paul you want me to do Greg anything nice spot keep it more on.

That side yeah okay or do you want to play over here I'm good with that too let me try to keep it in front of you uh zero one two oh it's already working nice try one one two okay drop oh Wicked that was a sneaky little shot.

All right we'll figure it out yeah on that side so I can get out of the sun you all right that's all right nice try return middle here we go got it no great yet Paul let's go nice get off this now that's good Paul no yours no you.

Two yeah not did I I thought it was 212 though now and Mike yeah yeah that's what I thought I just don't know because I came in at one and I thought we lost that and now it's two one two three oh nice shot way to pay him back for him.

I don't know what to do but I appreciate it okay foreign okay oh good that one was lucky even I thought that was traveling long yeah I thought that was traveling for long.

Hey I gave it right to that's such a bad shot but to keep your feet planted ah that was my fault Paul such a shitty shot hey Greg's three three two yeah I mean three three two three two three two it is yeah I thought it was Greg.

Yeah cause you came over at one I thought it was Greg yeah because he just served to me I have no idea that's a great shot a spot Paul nice shot all right threes on one shot I feel you can hit those so if you go to Ernie and he comes back to me I'll.

Put it back to him yeah like you just did maybe that's not your shot and he won't be expecting it right uh four three one sorry sorry no you're there no that's my bad let's talk about that yeah that's that's my bad you're there.

I got it I got it for you are you me in there buddy that taste nice shot all right three four one you yep I was burnt ah that was an ankle breaker 441 let me drop.

Nice Shot yours 442 Greg four four two get down don't go over you son of a thank you Mark yeah I'll use this one for now yeah four four one all right Greg come on let's play oh.

Got it Let It Go good eye thank you oh nice try come on uh five four two uh no no I think it is mine six four two yeah six four two I just served that six four two.

Got it oh nice shot man 742. you let's go nope nice shot Paul get her any there good pressure volleys too many volleys.

Eight four two no game plan got it oh Tyler can't be missing those come on yep foreign why are you missing two easy shots me oh nice guy good setup.

Nice try save that just give it one more shot that's all right come on good setup you keep going here we go here we go hey that's all right big stop right here here we go oh we handcuffed me oh great catch great cats good try that.

Was a good handcuff he he got me on that drive coming here no seven eight yeah seven eight two yeah yeah seven eight two you guys switched we switched and then switched back yeah seven eight two me oh there you go use that neck break use.

Everything you've got that's twice he's got in that tape Greg enough for that it too you baby you me oh wide let's go.

I didn't want to let it come down though nice shots 982 me that's a great shot good redirect here we go there's a good one to win got it oh how'd you get away with that.

Good shot oh my God nice spot damn it no that was cheating though uh 992. that's a great shot let's go let's go one more here we go Paul here we go uh ten nine two foreign good resets.

Here we go no points nine ten one you know there we go I got it Nice Shot great finish one more here we go foreign here we go come on you can't miss that ah come on.

1092 you know get that down no side out Mike this way okay let's go extend it here my bad pump now that was okay just drop it wherever you think you can get over you.

Know nine ten one you what is that come on man smart shots being so patient they're not stupid shot ten ten one me no thank God I'm like there's no way.

That lob's staying in you don't have to worry about middle there I have it okay you know you there we go Paul nice shot let's go that's all you all you know oh.

Yeah let's go way to bail me out on that one good game all you know okay switch is six yeah zero one okay rubber match coming up oops finish those.

Something oh God foreign rubber match okay everything's looking good why are you here at 6 45. let's do uh everybody hit thumbs up.

No I wasn't either I was like maybe five after seven I was a little late yeah my knees are starting to talk yeah I was thinking about being done you're not 60. you're not 60. I was gonna say maybe 40 42 Max no way I don't even know right here what side.

Do you want where's the do we have a ball wait oh all right here we go yeah oh is that Jay devilier holy nice shot good get there David you oh mama there we go keep going.

There we go oh nice try nice hey nice nice try Nice Shot thanks you foreign you don't have to suck middle so much you can stay over a little that's the issue zero two two.

Three oh good eye good Paul thought he was killing you down you're on this side give me more middle that's all you that's a great flick beautiful you so good thank you.

That's all right we still got another one don't worry here we go forget about it four zero two I got it oh that's impatient that was too low my bad good little run there 041 me.

Yeah I think it's good oh no it's not it looked it looked like I will yeah I'll fan no I'll fan on it oh like you mean to actually play it yeah I can get that okay heads up because you're running in right yeah I'll take that don't worry yeah yeah yeah I can take that one fourth two thank you.

There yeah 4-1-1 those Shifty feet there how'd you get out of the way of that one Greg yeah one of those basketball Skill Drills four one two no me thank you.

Uh five one two you go there we go Greg nice shots good ghetto Paul foreign let's go big hold here there we go one five one okay.

Good hands Paul that's all you yeah Paul moves no great shots nice spot great shots big hole there five one one good plan good plan uh six one mine yeah yeah coming to you six one one yeah so it came in at five.

Six one one okay yeah that's my fault Nice Shot David thanks get that down uh yes yes yes we're gonna bail me out let's go thank you for bailing me out on that one another one.

I served here we go all right all you got right here thank you thank you burn City when you give somebody a volley 912. when you're squeezing middle back side impossible thank you.

I like it nice try oh that would have been pretty good I see one nine yeah one nine one all right come on wow are you kidding me Tyler hey good job here we go one more that's a great shot man great setup nice.

Finish yeah that's a great shot uh 9-1 thank you oh bailing me out again partner let's go yep nice shot good hands Paul yeah uh 10-1-1.

Good game great job good game you guys good game good plan the alarm didn't give up yeah you're feeling good there now David you and I um all right yeah okay I don't mind.

I think Greg's gonna bow out he's dying yeah I'm gonna go grab her okay so that's gonna be it for the live stream I'm turned off I don't know what time it is okay thank you coach see ya.

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