What were they stand there for over something yeah they said they're not for all everybody's everybody's been missing hat guy all right so microphone's working test test test test test test okay I'll start over there.

All right lots of sun come on back Linda so we just played a match uh we lost Eric and I lost 11-7 on the sun side yes oh it's gonna drop oh come on nice skill shot today we're playing with the Franklin x 40 because.

Their next tournament way to clean up in the look sideways I'm working on more drives holding my ready position a little more upright with my elbow height against my body and a new serve uh one zero two you oh I like to give you powder Puffs that.

Was awesome I gotta test my skills that was so bad it's up in the air she was already going backwards oh yeah I should take these because they're gonna be in your eyes nice oh no okay ball out it's right underneath the car grab that.

One in my in my uh uh chair brand new X see it it's right in the middle where yeah crawl for that one okay brand new ball that ball rolled under a car I don't want to crawl in there right now exercise.

Quiet Siri okay oh nice try yeah one one two morning okay one one shoot come on I served David thanks turned it on.

Two one one you yes you oh yeah I did not just so careful that should have been dropped you shoot oh sorry Greg you.

Oh there you go now you're ready foreign that sun makes a big difference just over the mountains like straighten their face sorry Eric says.

One five man I just cannot even look I don't know how you played over here who that's good I can run those okay all right yeah call me off I fall back gotta Focus ah Eric picking on the old lady.

Clicking on the old lady so Linda's got a mic I got a mic I hope they're working five three one three two good good oh Pro Shot I need you nice.

36. one let me in the game foreign I go you got it oh God I can't even look that way if I try to look that way I'm blind for like four points.

Nice play Grace kind of hit and didn't get ready well I keep my head down uh I try to oh lucky five six two five six two I couldn't get it away from The Middle you're setting me up nice one Greg.

Okay me hi Sherry what's up Sherry how you doing good okay six five two me.

Come on 752 it's me drop sorry Greg mine was too high eight five two okay drop oh it's going to be out out that way you don't waste your time running 58 back in the game one Eight's.

Hardest number to get by yes thanks it's just not ready now 68 . get ready ah oh sorry oh sorry sorry gotta hurt I was just trying to get that right here canal.

Those are the ones that hit your eyes oh that's that same spot that was a good shot game of Holly right in front of me shorts me out I was I hit that totally blind Greg I couldn't see anything.

Yeah I just wanted to get that ball back quicker YouTube me dropping me ah nice one Greg oh that sucked 882.

All right man I've been playing so good too oh well I like to focus I should have drove that one too yeah way to be ready Greg foreign why do I hit it so hard I know it's so bad.

Nine eight two ah I can't see diddly that was perfect yeah perfect eight nine one eight nine two me nice Linda oh good shot in front of myself.

To respond you you ah come on I'm trying to get it soft too soft come on 92. oh well nice try.

All right let's see if we can get a couple here yep me over there you're there paddle fell look at all sky hook come on too much come on come on.

Foreign you go 1092 me lucky I tried to do I just tried to get him in a little trouble here we go 9 10. one you.

Me foreign I pretended ah nice soft come on nice off David thanks you yeah ten nine two.

Yep you no ah too bad good game you guys can have this for this first six points that team will come in for me okay for you okay we'll finish our rubber match later uh let's go man Tom Tom you man okay let's see if these microphones.

Working anybody watching yeah let's go two people 100 years okay is this uh is everything working everything working okay too hot yet it's working all right thanks steel RZ Steel.

Ice all right we'll get Teemo in here we're good we got double cheeseboard power boards what is it again pbzpaddles.com uh me and you we'll leave this already they're doing that.

You got one okay we gotta warm time up Greg do you want to stick with the Franklin or do you care it's over here it's up to you I don't have a tournament you do there okay we're gonna do the Franklin just.

They got their next tournament frankly here you go oh yep there were 33 . 00 all right foreign.

Double paddle power foreign it's a good break for her yeah uh you sweat too much Tom will you wear a mic you don't have to talk okay.

Great sweat so much turn it off okay so we're down to one mic because the one life working One mic who is it me and Tom okay you know it was soft.

You okay foreign I'm just waiting on something to roll to that guy's forehand in front of me I usually pop it up and then I get the foot away oh Eric a little sassy.

You yes nice I'm like the shortstop that's what I was in high school shortstop and then moved a picture in college and Semi-Pro picture me drop in the middle.

Yeah I grabbed it for you sorry 311 so with the sun I try to play straight in front of me yeah so that's gonna you got it nice one yeah so if we keep it on that side it won't blind you you know.

You you that one normally the mic right you so good you you yep yes oh yeah great point great teamwork and he was behind me so he said switch.

That's good I'm not looking behind me he knows where he is you still playing someone one you me sorry thanks not bad yeah.

Hey I got it over me oh man eight one two okay drop you oh Eric had a good enough shot.

Okay thank you oh foreign thank you foreign yes switch switch you got it thank you.

All right yeah that's all I had there I burned I burn I burned all right thank you I'm glad it kept going yeah I don't know if I was legal I felt legal but.

You just don't know without a ref ER roasted Kenny Rogers roasted all right here we go uh he needs to leave me that middle here so I'm just I'd put it back in front of them I got a big lead because bye-bye.

Bye-bye no oh I almost killed my partner there he saved me you know why foreign two.

Let me drop me oh I go oh I did dig that one out 982 main drop oh foreign.

I should have went to Eric's back in there his left hip foreign I can't get that it's kind of giving volleys in front of me so it should be in front of himself if he gives a volley.

Me just trying so hard instead of just playing basics that's what it is foreign blue chair oh okay one stop here.

It's me yes yes heads up there we go I was clearing out of that one all right let's go 9 10 9 10 1. James drop you where is it where is it back to your left three yards.

I don't know how I even hit one of those balls I threw a pedal in there okay ten ten one you oh all right here we go yep foreign ten one.

Yes good game guys yeah yeah that was recorded okay I'll see it I don't know how they're doing it yeah you and Tom can play with the girls well I don't know if there's like John's waiting oh.

Yeah let's see what's up how you doing hey John John are you playing okay I'll sit Tom you're new so you say okay we'll let this run a little bit is it working here Linda I'm gonna let it run for you guys thanks.

Oh sorry sorry did you already play John thank you okay good this is a new uh a new X yeah next tournament the next but we'll probably mix it up between now uh Halloween not for another week Monster smash.

Monster smash
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