Hello everybody i uh sure hope this uh works out uh i am at uh my uh my new house i am not fully moved yet but working on it so uh but i'm excited for tonight so i hope that this goes well yes uh this is a super cool concept as you guys noticed i think it was about.

Two weeks ago simone announced that she was looking for people to submit videos of them playing so that way she can kind of coach and and analyze the different points to be able to help you out and luckily you guys came through uh and i'm going to do a quick little introduction as to kind of what we're looking for going forward.

We want to make sure that if you're going to submit videos they are shot in landscape not portrait landscape preferably that the videos have all four players on the court showing up in the video and we want to make sure that you can let us know exactly what it is that you would like.

Help with whether it's your third shot drop whether it's your footwork whatever the topic we just want to make sure that you let us know what we can help you with because i'm sure that if simone looked different things that uh that we could all consistently no oh boy uh and just to let you know the.

Way that you can submit these videos uh you can email over to eddie at eddie and webby.com maybe in the future we'll have a different email address for these but for right now go ahead and send it there uh and you can either upload it to youtube you can try and email it to me directly if there's um you know if if the video file is.

Small enough you oh did we lose you there for a second uh i froze it for a second sorry i have no luck internet okay oh my god yeah we're we're all good here um no i was asking if there's anything that you want to be able to go over before we jump into our first video.

No uh again i think uh this is uh something uh you know world is for some fishing uh always right uh it's just more so the that i i i do believe that i can help and and i have the experience uh you know coaching and and uh and playing so i hope that this is what uh you guys are looking for so.

Let's let's get the show on the road all right sounds good so this first video here is actually from cat martian tomlin i hope i'm saying that right and uh basically kat is practicing her overheads.

And she's hitting it up against a lobster ball machine and so i think what she's looking for is perhaps just some advice on uh on her overheads and she hits about a dozen or so of these okay.

And the cat uh so i and i again i don't know the situation here with the lobster uh but there's a couple of things that i would make the adjustment so footwork wise that she would be better off like you'd be better off starting at the kitchen line and actually working on your footwork.

Going back uh because because in a stationary area where she is she's getting the repetition but it's not as real uh being in a game situation so the friend that i would make is going starting off on the uh at the kitchen line.

Uh then um as far as so that because again where she is there the footwork looks good but if she was to do the same footwork at the kitchen line she would probably step in the kitchen does that make sense it does make sense yep so yeah so going backward versus going.

Forward uh there you go so like now she's forward yeah so see that is the issue there so you see how she just jumped up with both feet so so instead of doing that it's it's turning turning her body first so so that way because right now so all she's using is arm.

On that overhead so so the first thing that i would want her to do is take her right foot and and pivot and turn turn her body face uh the fence over there uh and then and then when she comes through her body should then turn forward uh and i think there is you know i i.

Think a really good uh video that we have attacked attacked up front in the wrist now gotcha great advice cat hopefully uh hopefully that was very helpful there um just you guys give you guys a quick update i highly recommend.

I really recommend her uh just kind of uh when she's doing this to start right off the the the kitchen line which is makes it much more realistic gotcha so stand right at the kitchen line almost like she's just finishing a dink right.

Yes because i would want her to practice also on her overheads practice going back so she wouldn't use her footwork going back gotcha great great advice dad we can do a part two that is not a problem but i i need her to start from.

The kitchen line and then go back because one thing that we emphasize is no back paddle right no back pad whatsoever so that's why the first movement is to turn to the side to turn the body sideways so then the the left shoulder is actually facing the court and then as she goes up.

Then now she's more like her chest should be facing that fence that she's got on the view of the video awesome great advice uh and as simone said there is a video on the on the youtube channel um if you just search for overheads on there i'm.

Sure you'll find it and it gives a lot of great great details on how to how to hit those um next year we have a video from uh kim last name is s-z-e i don't know how to pronounce it but kim is actually from brazil simone so do you know the proper.

Pronunciation of that last name uh how do you what was that oh brazil s c s z as in zebra e wow that's that's uh z see i i don't know it's actually uh.

Probably she's got some you know foreign background as well so yep well it's a it's a him he's in the bottom left corner playing with the paddle tech phantom um and he wanted me to let you know somebody that he is a huge fan of yours and ironically when i watch this video.

Uh i aspire to play like he seems like a very solid player so i'm just going to go ahead and play this at normal speed and then if we need to back it up after through after it uh we can definitely do so here so again he's in the bottom left look at my brazilians.

Tennis player nice anything in particular that you saw so proud of my brazil i'm so proud of my brazilians i love it seriously look at them they look like they know what they're.

Doing it's amazing it's awesome so i'm guessing his he wants more a little bit more tactics possibly yeah that's my assumption too so i mean and again i you know with this point honestly he played pretty well i would say.

The only thing is uh one begot uh so that's good uh i would say that uh this ball here not not this ball actually one that was a little higher so i think it's coming that one yeah because see how they hitting hard but they are hitting downward.

So so often on those balls they because though their opponents are not in so instead of hitting um see that one now he's gonna hit it and it's still coming back because it's a wiffle ball so the ball is going to actually and that's a really good choice to think that one.

But but the one before if you are go back to the one before um was it this one here where he has a huge follow-through so so so he has to let that one bounce so now i think this one so now the ball is high above the net.

And i know that like his opponents if you look at the opponents are they're back they're not in so instead of aiming like to go downward like more like an overhead i would almost go like a sidearm so it's a swinging volley but the follow through has to go forward so that way when he's actually.

Aiming this ball he's actually hitting the guy's shoe like not the you know where the part where the gym is you see how short he hit in the kitchen yeah okay so now the point goes on much longer than it should because of the fact that he went short so when the ball is above the net even though like it's.

Easy to hit an overhead on that or or a volley uh because of the opponent's positioning uh he needs to be aware like like most players sometimes is more awareness of what's going on in the whole court right it's not just.

About you he still hit a good shot it would have been even it would have been great had his his opponents been in like inside of the court because then it would have been to their feet but now because especially like the guy without the shirt he is even further back than the other guy that ball is gonna hit in the kitchen.

And then it's gonna bounce up which is gonna slow through the year and give plenty of time then the point goes on a little bit longer than possibly it should right they could have won the shot had he gone a little deeper with that ball that he had uh and then i would say the only other.

Thing it was a dink where he he was undecided on whether to take the ball um so if you keep going so now he goes on good choice there very good choice see that one he was gonna take it out of the air and then he didn't i would almost i like that ball.

And then he went down the line with that ball i would say that he and especially because he shifted towards the middle i would take that ball cross court and and and shift if he's gonna shift to cover middle that would be a better choice going down the line i mean the guy in front of him the guy again the guy without a shirt he.

Could have won that point if he had attacked that ball down the line like kim's that line see because look kim hit that ball and shifted middle they were both cramped like in the middle of the court so again i would just say that all around is more about.

Again partner yourself like position yourself um to where you want to receive the ball so if he sends that ball down the line he has to be aware like that one that that shifting middle uh so that one i would take it down like court.

Instead and then cover come middle but not hit it down the line and go middle they're both in the middle gotcha okay so if the guy across a man with no shirt on was you know a top level player he probably could have gone behind him.

Yeah i think possibly he didn't he didn't he didn't that's i would say that sometimes it's not even that i think it's just that you are so worried about yourself that you don't really look at the other side of the court so potentially the guy the guy without the shirt didn't seek.

Him like move to the middle where he could have either like done a deeper dink down the line and it would have hurt him uh i would say i would highly suggest that go cross court on that dink if he wants to cover that middle uh or hit that down the line and stay and stay put stay in front of the ball.

Got it great advice and it looks like kim is actually tuning in on youtube so hopefully kim you were able to get some some good nuggets from there that was awesome and i can i uh is he on because uh does he uh did he write to you import in english.

Yes oh awesome look at that now even prouder of my brazilians i love it that's gotta be cool seeing your home country represented here and the pickleball taking off over there oh it is it's picking up i think i think that that's gonna be in uh bello de.

Zonti it looks like uh yeah there's quite a few players there that's awesome okay the next video comes from someone that uh you're very familiar with on courts that you're also very familiar with and this is from betsy ventura and um.

Yeah um basically uh she she wasn't looking for any one thing in particular except for the fact that she was being picked on there's actually a couple other faces on there that uh that you'll recognize as well vanessa i think.

She was playing with vanessa yeah yeah so i'll go ahead and play it uh oh okay so this is this is interesting so apparently chad already looked at this video oh so so chad looked at this video and already gave his critique now now we got testing if our critique matches.

All right so for those of you guys who don't know who betsy is she is in a blue hat in the top right of the court and i'm going to go ahead and play at normal speed and then if we want to slow it down or anything just let me know go against maria i can see mariah so one thing that uh i think betsy.

Sometimes is not aware that it's not only uh about uh her being picked on necessarily it's more so that her positioning there she's way over the middle when vanessa takes the ball down the line so yes it.

You want to cover but the moment that especially when the ball like vanessa sent that ball that that uh oh my gosh sharon sharon gosh sharon huckle she was able to take that ball out of the air which is gonna take from betsy at that point she stagnant i mean her foot is way over the middle and.

So i i like that would be the first thing that comes here uh the reason why also people don't understand that being on the left side you are going to end up getting a lot more balls it's just the the the game of pickleball tends to be played more so on that side and the main reason for that is because most players have a backhand there and that is.

That's where the ball tends to go if you want to get your play off of it here uh when she goes pushes that ball like it's it's almost impossible for uh sharon to take that ball uh like on a that angle day.

Sharon was just standing there when the ball came back from vanessa so that's where they got in trouble uh because i thought that betsy's ball crossboard was pretty good but then once like they have to really delay that if sharon is out of the air uh betsy kind of got a move already by the time i removing the.

Ball was ready yes so that's that's kind of in a way i think that in my opinion here vanessa could have definitely attacked that ball and then i think they would have been fine uh had that ball like out of the air that had been attacked it's just that now look at all in in that middle is.

Wide open at this point but again it's it's being it's almost like going back to the other video that i i just looked at sometimes we gotta look we got in order to get better at this game you gotta be looking at the whole court you gotta be looking at the other side because sharon is just standing there now she's going to take this ball.

Out of the air which is going to take time away from them and and and again um this becomes an issue because of the fact that now she betsy is there um so again i i think a lot of choices that happened.

With that ball unfortunately that vanessa hit that got her burn there so uh i think that taking the ball you got to be aware of where your opponent is taking the ball when you have a a full positioning if you're taking the ball right back to your to your opponent.

You you lost your your your your advantage now you're giving them the the move so that's kind of where you know uh i think vanessa was hesitant to attack um but had she attacked i think the point would have played out completely different so i think early on in that video in the beginning of it as well come here.

Because if you're not going to stand here yes yes um no early early on in that video too where betsy's hitting the ball at maria and i heard you talking before about hitting down she hits it's heading straight down so the ball's pop staying up and and then going straight to maria so it's.

Making it easy for marie to keep working forward yes he's just yeah right there's not a whole lot of depth on that so if you can't get the depth create a little bit of an angle or even shorter or short or shorter or anything but you know there's there's not a ton of pressure trying to change it up a.

Little bit there but again it's still all through the middle it's not spreading spreading them out which allows them to work their way up to the kitchen and that's the thing about also uh good defenders is that they don't over commit coming forward.

Too soon unless they know that they have positioning advantage uh and again i think here is where they they got in trouble i would almost i would say that in order to avoid that sometimes too because that ball was a little higher i would almost rather see betsy then attack that continue to attack.

Be like attack and stay aggressive because because maria and sharon weren't quite at the kitchen yet so why not just keep attacking them instead of thinking but that's one thing that i know you work with betsy a lot of like staying aggressive versus versus getting in giving in and saying okay we're gonna go.

To thing uh which again i it's a it's a it's a mistake we see a lot where people uh they they like the thinking game yeah even though it doesn't benefit them they got too soon too quick so does that make sense so like if you're in charge of the point if you are pressing pressing pressing.

Keep pressing unless unless like they both get up to the to the kitchen line and the ball now drops lower like well if the ball drops lower than the net then sure then you may need to like okay.

I i i let you like now you're gonna you're gonna come in because it's not me letting you you kind of earned that opportunity but but in that case i think the ball was still a little higher so possibly she could have attacked it but i would say that again i think the the.

The play there could have been being a little sting a little bit more aggressive yeah i like it the two takeaways to kind of summarize i think i heard from you say was first of all it's not necessarily the last ball that was the the decider it was all the shots.

Leading up to it that allowed that point to happen to push her wide it was also her her position on the court and in addition to that um while she was on the offensive she should have tried to stay aggressive not allowing the opponents to work their way to the net is that good yeah not not just you know.

Uh okay now we're gonna dink you know linen in the kitchen and now we're gonna dink not necessarily i think that's that's me and betsy you know that we talked a lot about that that uh because she loves thinking it doesn't mean necessarily that you.

Want to go to that um as soon as the opportunity is there um i think that uh you go to that if you have to go to that if if again if you are in the position to stay aggressive and you have the upper hand on the rally that just keep it nice.

Great advice i love you betsy now we have a video from sherry canlin uh sherry's the only woman on the court here and she didn't necessarily specify anything in particular she was looking for but let's go ahead and play her clip so there she is in the top right i think.

A pink skirt oh i like that so i i like how the point went actually i just think that she hesitated and didn't finish what she started so at the beginning i was gonna say her base is really wide she's kind of stuck uh and then she got better she got her.

Feet closer together uh so then so then she's more mobile uh yeah so that's good uh move back that's good that one a little bit of a reach but then she backed up so i think i think so here her partner.

Almost got her in trouble got lucky a little bit we talked about that right attacking cross court from a down ball but see how she attacked she attacked on the line the ball came to where she actually should want the ball to come to i think that the biggest thing is finish.

What she started so when she attacked that ball now she's got to the angle that it's coming from and how her partner is sitting a little bit back in she's gotta assume that ball is gonna come back through the middle and she needs to want that ball i think that's one thing we see a lot.

Somebody speeds when you speed a ball up it's not it's you're not necessarily looking to end the point with the speed up you're using it as a setup so she crossed his body there and then it came back to the middle that's a good time where she can jump across and finish with the with the force and that's where people people get get.

Like so so there's the black and white right forehand always takes the middle or is it the person like the axis so because i think she thought the ball is now this ball is my partners this is where i i i would say this is situational she started something.

Where she changed the the the direction went down the line and now it's coming i mean that the the the way the the her opponent is set up like favoring her his backhand he's not going to be able to then shift his wrist and take that ball down the line so the probability is very high that the ball.

Is going to go middle or cross so i almost like want somebody like that almost expected that ball to come to that to that angle because the follow through where his pedal is going to finish so i and her paddle is down at that point so i almost like pull the trigger up and then finish with a forehand.

But again it's it's kind of it's such a gray area it's not always forehand stakes the middle and it's not necessarily that it's going to be the diagonal person that takes that ball do you think that because she was the one who decided to speed it up that um based on her and her partner's.

Communication she should be the one who would be expecting to maybe take a ball that would kind of be in that gray area between whether she takes it or a partner takes it correct and i i mean honestly like i especially um we start something and then we when you get engaged in that heat of battle.

Um it's because of the fact that maybe her her opponent wasn't even expecting that she was going to speed it up so his stats point you know he doesn't know what's coming and and often her partner sorry.

Her partner so so because she knows what she's doing she shouldn't she's the one to anticipate the next shot that's why usually even if i'm playing on the left and my partner is on the right and they start something meaning they speed it up like especially straight ahead because that's what.

But that ball comes like gray area middle i i'm like take it with your back in and all take it because if i am a little bit over and i'm not quite shifting towards the middle if i'm reaching but my partner is not reaching with a back end and they know what's coming and they're expecting it.

They're more likely to be more successful and be able to finish so that's that's why there's so much gray area it's not black and white so i don't know what's that's what she's looking for whose ball it is which i i'm guessing that that's what she was looking for uh so this is where it's gray area do i.

Believe that her she should take that absolutely uh her partner our partner could have taken it had he known that she was attacking it possibly i i think with that misdirect if you look in the video there it it not only is it catching her opponent off guard with the change of direction but it's partner off guard.

Because he's expecting that ball to go back cross court again you see when right before right before she hits the misdirect you'll see him track with his paddle back there back the other way thinking that she's going to go across court so as we come through he starts turning the other way yeah.

So not only did not only was it a little misdirect trying to catch the opponent off guard it also caught the partner off guard by changing direction so that's definitely something where because she's changing the direction of it she has to stay within that that fire fight when she starts it see her you're you're mr good that you.

Fooled everyone in i love it yeah so yeah i mean i i i can see how that can become an issue for sure great very nice sherry thank you for the submission uh the next one we are going to go to is from jacqueline bradshaw.

Jacqueline is in the bottom right blue tank top with white shorts she also didn't specify anything in particular and she did win the point here so uh we should take a look at this oh nice very nice slow it down here if i was her partner she wouldn't have taken the backhand.

The other thing i was i was gonna say on that poem i mean the her opponents so so her opponents totally misjudged her athleticism completely because they are covering she's so far they are way over so i mean she hit a great shot but she is i i'm guessing she's young she's athletic.

Uh so she got to that ball with such ease that her like her opponents are over covering the middle and uh and i think uh the friend here is covering and around the post so but seriously like like there's 17.

Different lines on that court so i think we're playing the orange one oh yeah orange oh yeah i'm like i'm so confused uh but even then i mean he's like way way over he takes another step even right yeah and he's moving as she's hitting the ball too yeah it's just that they shifted way way over so again i i.

I'm not sure what she's looking for here uh but yeah she i mean she hit a great shot that is that is definitely uh no she got there easy that she had plenty of time paul uh is it a lower percentage shock quite possibly for a lot of the.

Uh people struggle with that mobility but but because she got there with such ease no no issue i was gonna point out one thing that she did really really well to get to that ball quicker is and i talk about a lot so her movement when she starts going.

It's the the come together of the feet so when she moves she ends up on it on a steady base instead of taking a wider first step with that with that right foot and it's a lunge the feet come together and then we've got a good wide base if you lunge and then all of a sudden you've got such a wide base it's a shuffle and you're not.

Going to get get to that ball um yeah it looks a lot like more like a grapevine than than uh than a shuffle so she goes she goes short right and then the left crosses in front and then there goes launch yeah so that that's really good footwork and that's something that i.

Know i talk about a lot i know simone talks about a lot is china state keep an athletic base by going and a lot of time if you want to go if you're already starting with a wide base if you want to go your first movement is with your left foot come together so it keeps that one if you try to go right and move with.

Your right foot first when you've got that wide base you're not going to get there on that one where you said if you're if you were her partner she wouldn't hit that backhand you can go back just a little bit more eddie um potentially one thing to to change of she's right there where her paddle is so she's lined up on this side and then.

It's late a little bit later to the to the back end so potentially not sit so much on the on the forehand side when that ball's on the on the right side of the court but if if that person speeds it up she's not going to get to the back end and that and her partner's paddle's down at his knees he's not gonna get to a.

Sped-up ball there yeah either but i have to say that her partner knows her speed because he didn't even move when she went she got did you see that yeah he didn't even go anywhere because i got she got this yeah because because if you look at when when she gets pulled out wide he barely.

Shifts he's like i'll take one little step and i'm good but he's actually but he's actually in the center yeah he is he's just not rushing though he's not he's not bad yeah yeah exactly so that's again you know it's it's it's knowing your partner and what they can and cannot do that's pretty important stuff.

You know even even though she didn't ask for any uh necessarily feedback i think it's awesome to get your perspective on the things that she did really well even you know to to help with her and and the audience to uh to know what what things to emulate what are on the court now for work is i i.

Fool work is so underrated and people don't understand that less is more and especially in this case i mean she took literally she took two steps to get a re to a really wide ball uh where most take maybe three four maybe five and then the only option that they have on that ball is to go down the line so then they have.

To dink down the line or they lob or they bang down the line because that's the only only way that they can get the ball over the net uh where she was very efficient with her footwork had plenty of time to then send that ball back cross court so i think that the time is the is.

The big thing of i get a lot of people coming to me and saying that the game just moves too fast and it's not that not that the game's too powerful it's just that they feel like they're rushed all the time so if you do feel like you're rushed one of the things to focus on is footwork and.

Getting better with your footwork because then it's your time and when obviously when you've got more time the game feels like it slows down for you a little bit but if you're constantly you're moving or trying to catch up with the ball or or your your movements off then the game just feels feels too fast for you.

Uh and that's where you you try to do too much you try to overheat you try to make up for the lack of getting to that ball or the lack of time it's great stuff and the last video we have tonight is from crystal gallagher crystal is on the top right uh in a blue tank top she didn't.

Necessarily specify anything in particular but let's go ahead and play this video left side yeah so too many balls at the same time but yeah and also like i am i know so cliche and i say this a lot it's just playing.

At not fetch so what does that mean she's just sending the ball back over to the same spot over and over again i bet you if we put a cone she would hit it because it's just going right there and the guy is actually making her move.

Much more than i i guess like he's also doing a lot of work but she's sending the ball literally to the same spot over and over again so you know she's gonna go diagonal she's gonna stay committed to that is that she's gotta know that.

Um she's gonna make her opponent move otherwise eventually uh you become you know you're you're the the one getting attacked so she's gonna have more i would say because again i i think her for work is good the dink itself looks good so so so if i can uh i wish i had something so you see.

How she's hitting yeah it's it's you line it up with that and it's the same every single every time yeah so so so if i could like mark on the court i would love to see her hit a dink like where um uh put another like.

I would say you know personal bill what two feet to the left so like to the a foot inside yeah so the same depth that she's getting there because it's a dink uh that is is is like penetrating in the kitchen that one she unfortunately it went higher but.

That's because again i just feel like she you know she's in a battle that unfortunately i feel like she is setting himself up to lose so i would highly recommend it that that crossbow did my go to however uh make a move like a sideways um.

So it creates an opening because right now you know um i mean i just feel like she is just uh playing playing like i said playing catch with the guy and she can still hit to that spot but it's just i think um a lot of people get into the the same.

Thing of if they do go cross-court they go out wide all the time and then that person stops moving or in this situation they're just they're going cross-court but it's going to that same spot every single time even if you talk to the middle it's still cross-court so and.

Move the ball around with within an area but we also stayed in a lot too where the ladies will come and they're saying yo i'm getting isolated i'm getting isolated i'm getting isolated that ball that she's hitting there every single time is not getting her partner involved at all her partner can't help her in any part of that situation.

Because it's that same ball over and over and over again yeah so if she's going to to not stack and mix i would highly recommend that uh either she's going to make the move to create a ball for her or her partner or she's going to change direction and go down the line with her dink uh and then that case uh you know not just hit.

The same ball to uh to her opponent so i i just yeah i i feel like from the get-go she was kind of setting herself up for failure unfortunately so um again technique wise and for work i don't see anything uh but i just feel strategy wise it's just kind of you know and sometimes we do play a.

Little just kind of just making the ball i'm just gonna put the ball in expecting an error and actually we are the ones that create the air what's great stuff i love this i think it's such a cool opportunity that everybody out there has to be able to uh to have.

And and tonight we have both chad and simone helping with that which is awesome so love it uh and again too i just want to remind you guys that if you do want to actually get your your clips on there what you want to do is you want to email them to eddie at eddie and webby.com.

Please make sure again that it's in uh landscape not portrait that you get the entire uh all four players out there uh and make sure you send me just one point and then also what would be great is just let me know exactly what it is that you're looking for advice on whether it's dinking footwork drops whatever uh that's the whole point of this so let us.

Know what you want email it over to eddie and eddie at headynwwebby.com and who knows maybe you'll be featured here in another upcoming live stream so yeah so i mean i also would love to hear uh the feedback if there's anything out there if people think that this is you know this is something good we can definitely do it.

Again uh just because it's i mean it's um it's you know i i'm not saying uh i i don't wanna sound it's pretty easy to do so we can we can watch and i can sit and watch videos like that all the time i know i crashed the video but you know i was it was i was i was in the other room and i was listening to it i was like oh.

I gotta come and check out these videos too couldn't resist that yeah as you can as you can see uh we watch play or teach way too much pickleball so it's like uh actually we haven't talked too much about pickleball lately lately because.

Uh too many house renovations two too many houses moving and renovating and building a pickleball court let's go yes i can't wait to check it out when i get back to town lights are going up right now uh the the were the police had.

Already how many lights six uh six no uh it was an odd number oh seven seven yeah so now we we're putting five more so we'll have 12 lights in there and then uh and then the surface and we'll be ready to go eddie that's great i can't wait.

To check it out it's gonna be so cool and and funny story funny story for for people that are listening and watching this eddie looked at the same house as i did i know oh i was so mad when i heard actually i was happy for you uh but yes we were we were looking at that same property as well.

And you ended up with it but i think that it's it's probably better suited for you and what you're going to do with it that's for sure well you're just going to put an rv in there we're going to actually pick a phone i know you're going to use that space for something more beneficial that's for.

Sure i mean no no rain no sunshine uh no matter what we we're we're going i love it i can't wait to check i can just walk walk down the head there that's great why are we gonna be doing this again next week.

Uh yes we can yes i would the connection work out okay uh did we get anything about bad connection or are we good yeah it froze a little bit early on i think that was my fault though as i mentioned we had a huge windstorm just blow through here uh and i think it kind of screwed things up for me so that one's.

Totally on me i'm very sorry for all the people that are viewing out there hopefully next week we won't get the same issue but i do believe that the issue was on my end and not necessarily on yours awesome awesome awesome yep so okay well i am here uh i am uh.

I um i am i'm ready to go so uh but yeah so so if we can get a few more we'll get we'll get another five or six next week and we'll be good to go sounds good see everybody next week all right thank you everybody you.

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