One of the tournament matches her playing that is by like playing three all tournament or something like that what a what a change she's made in like 22 years yeah she's she's good you know I didn't even bring my paddle I got everything else good morning just uh getting some coaching lessons from coach.

David here beautiful Lake Havasu City and uh today just working on a lot of uh dinking and block shots and third shot drops pretty much all your your basic uh Improvement shots alrighty because we're just gonna start taking come here starting me to see where you are just go.

Let's just go straight forward here come up to that line all the way it's all warm up probably the best are you gripping that paddle up super hard yeah loosen up yeah way loose I mean my pedal almost fall out of my hand okay so I I do like the clearance here.

So when we get these ones to our side to our hand side yeah either side with two more of a drop step okay that's gonna just that one hip alone will save your game because you're just trying to take it without moving your feet okay and then you get jammed especially when something comes in the paste okay so bigger I can crop step the more I keep.

The ball in front of me basically but we don't want to hit it behind you okay that that's going to change your whole game so drops with that left foot on that there you go you know just in the beginning I will overdo it just to over emphasize yeah that ball that was pretty good.

Where when we do our drive we can still out in front of us but it's to our sides kind of the digging we more keep it keep it from our chest really thank you foreign we've already.

Forehand foreign I'm ready ready for one though I made my whole about my whole game I'll be ready more than other here.

Because of baptized is that but thanks again what's up here bringing her.

Bring her to come back we'll paint from here it's hard for a tennis player because everything you do is got a lot more time to get ready so if I put if I see a Looper man I'm gonna just pressure dinks at him because they aren't going to have time to get their Loop down or they're going to pop.

It up yeah yeah so I usually just set my paddle down and then lift the set lift set lift okay I'm getting ready back yes now I add I'll add the looping the ball is going to kind of set up for me because then I can really carve something but if you're trying to carve everything.

Yeah yeah you're gonna get beat yeah so let's kind of focus on down keep it down set the paddle lift set lift okay set lift foreign only when I can make makeup all the time so you're kind of letting the ball bounce okay then rise so now you have.

Even a harder timing nightmare letting it rise and then looping to hit it where I would just rather pick it right up and Skip Hop okay right up the Skip Hop with this 45 degree angle I could say I'll take it off super simple I made this game so easy you really can't make a mistake somebody.

Has to force it out of me there how easy is that foreign foreign that's all I'm gonna do so if you've got if you don't get a little aggressive on it um just going to keep sure doing it until I.

Get like Paul um you'll just constantly reset from here so I just keep giving that reset until foreign foreign right so what are we looking for when we're drinking.

Um so you think and now what are you looking for a bacon I'm looking for depending on where the ball as well okay right I'm looking for an attack that's it just be ready for an attack okay everything else you can adjust to that's the difference.

You know and then they get attacked whoa I dig I get ready for an attack I can always adjust off of that but you can adjust from a particular position so whenever I think that's when my paddle comes back already am I ready so that's what I want you to think about every time you hear a shot be ready be.

Ready sometimes I'm more ready does that make sense yeah if it's every time there's a lot of time on those I try to just block it yeah and that's why they're they're not going forward I'm looking to attack your attack a lot.

To take away your time so once I hit my shot I'm looking for to reattach your attack or likely foreign foreign a lot you actually go up levels it's just a horrible shot.

For one you're taking your carpet time away at this perspective my partner has plenty of time so that's just so we get really ready for attack s all right let's go ahead and get me I had to get my.

But when I see there's going to be an attack I can go out there okay a little bit back out in front anymore foreign foreign foreign Jojo.

I don't think you guys come on mine goes off 100 . foreign all right okay backhand forehand quick drive and we'll.

See if we find a weakness and if we do that's the game plan for the next five or six shots you know until they adapt yeah I'm testing right off the bat on somebody a lot of times anymore foreign foreign.

All right excuse me I even thought about should I change it if I change it a little more and they're gonna two-handed yeah that's why you're letting it come into you.

Because you don't feel your brains anymore so that's where the description that falls in front of me sucking your two-handed dates I'm already that's the same thing one left she was a girl you could never get it.

Anything above in this country right right so anybody did I go off thank you all right and I really hate to change two years later because you can see that it's limited yes yeah I always knew okay you know I was new and so like well that was one of the things that I wanted to.

See okay can we do that yeah certain Pros that can do it but the majority of people foreign lift Ed yeah it's not getting the pain I mean I like it it's gonna be awesome.

Come on that's where it's very awesome if you see your hand creeping it so I tried to go chest but you let go and got it yeah foreign anymore a bottle comes deep to this kitchen it's probably getting growing anything that's about it used to be you've never.

Attacked the children above the net right now or anything above the knee will get confident yes hopefully the hopefully the audio is working good okay we're going to move this back and we're going to do.

More from mid Court and then I'll go on that side okay I think this should be our main focus today you know major changes really oh yeah foreign you have a trouble of Bali foreign when I go.

When I see that person has an attack I really get it out there no foreign look at here this is a shot drops or a lob here right now.

I'm getting ready to hit that's not big enough yeah get ready foreign right at this picture right and a lot of times we wouldn't go forward on this game right but there's time where if you find the.

Weakest shot of the weakest player in the tournament that's where we would be going forward and it's a much more difficult shot if you could be able to pull that okay all right yep foreign.

That's where it's easier there's power on your slice where's it gonna go yeah cross cord is straight forward that's where your tennis hurt you a little bit back here would work and then when it went from.

Here instead of just taking it easy after you turn and try to get it here I had nothing you're giving me nothing and then once you floated one up it's done foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you and I'm not trying to win this attack backwards a lot of times I'm saying too much but you'll be able to be okay otherwise huh.

Foreign I know let's see on my clock here okay we got like 15 minutes to cool singles type yeah yesterday at this time all these corks were full wow up there down here I'm like oh crap this lesson why not.

Go up well foreign surprised my wife's not here yet or maybe that's her okay so now we're gonna play game shot you think.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign they're not about the line.

What happens foreign foreign foreign there.

Is oh my God foreign all right all right foreign.

I know because I know when I put it on this side again you actually drop this way I get it okay we're working every where.

Foreign release that foreign foreign all right all right thank you all right good job
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