Okay put it in the mic I am all blue so it should be working we are live day 11. 11 days left baby come on okay here we go okay Tom we're over on this side okay this is this is live live streamed zero zero two.

I can't edit that out geez one of my favorite shots oh well nope out all right I missed you play smart one zero two oh yeah.

There could have been a Vortex that could have just okay zero one one me close that pretty quick yeah I thought I could get a bounce on them I shouldn't be hitting to that forehand.

Okay one one one you yeah there you go Tom 2-1-1 maybe not if I have to reach it doesn't go well I had to reach.

Nice shot oh yeah and I'm trying to do it with open Santa I need a closed stance more practice foreign two one one oh you know that's a good dink when he's Frozen.

Three one one me three one two three no you would have hit the net then me David I just paddle just paddle.

You know come here he was all twisted up eventually we were gonna get it good try all right good run okay no no I put my paddle up and then tucked it.

In but I'm just lucky didn't hit it really okay middle two-handed you game of volley game of volley we just need to bounce it.

For Greg ory oh inside out five two one you you know five two two.

Me ant middle me let's go come on angles angles me drop ran right through it.

Five two two oh good job man yeah for now unless we need it you know we don't need it yet six two two no all right come on six one can't let them scrap back in.

No nice return nice return here we go come on Middle gravy gravy all right we're switching signal there we go thanks Tom okay we're six five six five one.

Give me drop it's five dude anything yes okay right here Tom what's up stay stay stay stay good calm good talk you're in front.

Yeah this is right did we start over there this one we stayed the same yeah I think I started dinner no we stayed the same as the last one yeah this is right okay so you are here okay go see though I'm in front thanks Paul six five one.

Oh no that was great great shot seven five one I'm gonna drop he's got a pretty good backhand punch okay Jessie doll I'm in front I normally don't stack from this side so I'm always confused eight five one nine five one mate drop drop.

Yeah I should have let you follow I was off balance oh my bad are we in the right side yeah nine five two yeah me kitchen battle drop I'm just gonna stay.

Here for ten so we don't do anything weird me drop I'm over here okay stay put work Greg's backhand yeah yes no yep oh where are you yes.

I know we faked and then I thought hey I'm gonna switch okay because you were like right here it was a good fake I was giving a good fake because you said same thing yeah so I'm like okay I'll fake are we we're 10. I'm here okay ten five one Ten's always in.

You come on ten five two me oh my gosh all right just get it back yes there we go okay let's see what we can do here.

For the stay put up ten five one customers good job you wanna play one Tom okay okay so that's um game one of the live stream day 11. 11. here's a one 11.

Days to go come on thanks for following the journey all right how about those Bank Runs huh watch your cash that was a long game is that really 17 minutes holy smokes okay I'm guessing the audio is good.

Everything's green yep audio is good foreign and I think my problem is I expect too much for myself maybe I'm only three five in the tournament scene do you play tournaments no I haven't played any real tournaments I've played the pickleball.

Fest thing here yeah that's different yeah the three fives in the tournament scene are freaking they're the old four fives yeah they're really good hey drop there we go that's pretty good shorter Strokes you know.

Yeah all right it's hard you know the body muscle memory to get rid of one zero two yeah out yep lots of green lots of green that was good.

No it was a good one yeah ah that was so good out yeah no you're getting out of the way it was better than any shot me ah I never miss yeah it had a weird spin bounce yeah Pro Shot.

Pro level way to go Paul here we go keep it up I'm going middle here I realized yeah it was tough it was tough I'd rather practice letting it go then not oh come on.

yeah four two one hey all right keep going back look at that there five two two David.

I'm not even doing the basics right Cross Court screwing around hey there's good basics no cursing bleep come on no no okay five two one.

Five two one it was in uh five two two I've played this team middle you gotta play this team middle nice two five two five two one I mean.

No six two one me drop oh you saved that one thanks good job seven two one me let's keep going Paul come on one at a time.

One at a time eight two one me heads up geez my drops just suck right now suck like every time I'm doing this two-handed eight two two -handed backhand drop where I normally.

Do a one-handed yeah oh I wanted that I want to save it is what it is I need to just go back to my game I keep practicing everything you you got it you got it.

That's Pro level scramble I'm gonna go back to one-handed for now I think singles I need two hand doubles I need one hand yeah good try just couldn't get anything on it 2-2 perfect think.

92 you all right Ten's always in ten two two me Al good game great job Carl that was that was the best I've seen you play right there.

Just smart everything's smart okay that was good I'm just missing some shots because I'm trying everything two-handed we're normally I'm a one-handed player so I think as I'm practicing all doubles two-handed it's leaking into the doubles game so I have to go back to.

Just my everything soft game drops drop drop drop drop drop drop ding ding ding ding ding ding so that uh aggressive game doesn't leak too much into my my safe game that I'm known for okay see ya.

I mean no Boop this is a live stream okay we'll do one more okay everything good I think we're running this one again I don't know yeah just a little three and then Greg's leaving I'll probably leave and then.

Okay one-handed safe all drops okay thank you step out yeah he said he should have let that bounce and I agree unless you're real good at those people mainly pop them up.

All right nice all right last game last game and I'll come back this afternoon oh nice yeah that one you did yesterday you were you hit the line oh did I just barely was it was it in or out did I get the.

Point well we counted it because we couldn't you faulted yeah well I edited all the videos I don't know I think so I was clear here we were talking about yesterday or the other day yeah yeah I was like I know what you're.

Setting up I hope you are doing it and you did that was great it's really good uh yeah two one one two one one two one two well I should have stayed back and let you drive nice shot I think I no we'll just go one-handed.

Here wow yeah I'm not the best dink on my part two two one so I'm trying to hit a deep service yeah that's good you can be pretty aggressive on the first serve and then I have to be less aggressive on seconds or two two.

Me drop I got it that was so risky because Greg doesn't move to cover his partner so I gotta remember that there you go Paul it's nice I mean you beat Paul by the soft game not a hard game.

Nice heads up side outer Mike uh nice great job three two one oh yeah but don't stay in the fight you kind of you kind of stopped keep.

Going three two two it's good oh okay good call good call good try middle no no you.

Nice drop nice drop foreign nice how do we three three one three three two see what happened well you went up and created a gap when I put the ball in.

Front of you but it wouldn't have see that wouldn't have mattered that wouldn't matter if you're in the right spot yeah yeah behind me you created The Hole by going up ahead of me when the ball was over here and that's why.

I'm done I'm done somebody's trying to tell me where to be in position it was that close anybody shower she says good so you guys good with that.

Okay what are we five three five three five one me three five two oh great eye three five one.

Okay hey let's switch and this is my last one I got out to get it over to you yeah three three two yeah I barely I don't like my forehand Return Man it's very iffy.

Three six three six one all right four six two oh sorry guys going out or not no you're not lucky on that one.

Seven six two all right it is uh sixth their sermon six seven one yeah six seven one middle whoa just caught just caught seven six one save the camera.

Replay replay I know replay replay yeah replay because you couldn't go straight David 761 right replay replay so the rule is save the camera replay the point he had to move out of the way.

Not that he could have got it but that's the rule me Kayla what's the C stand for in GCU oh yeah Grand Canyon six seven oh sorry all right.

Seven two you good okay seven eight one out eight eight one hey drop.

Yeah north to south don't do that again hey in the kitchen too uh yeah I thought you serving right here too me that's what I thought you think what he said yeah that's a good leap.

S nine eight one nine eight two oh little Greggy that might have been a double Greggy ten dollars in yep good game guys.

All right thanks guys appreciate it that was fun I think that's my ball I will take with me I'll take my ball and go home okay that was fun all right thanks for watching hit subscribe button hit that like button um.

Probably you know 404040 so that's the game we're playing uh I mean you can see some setups aren't there lots of aggression people out of positions that's that game I have to try to adjust it's difficult but I do my best and you can see that I don't get any thirds to hit.

They were all going to Paul right which isn't fun because when I play pro game I get every third so but it is what it is all right thanks Boop who's that John Russia thumbs up thanks bud
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