hey everybody it’s LCA from rackets and Runners look it’s no secret that our pickle ball inventory has increased significantly over the past year and now that we’ve settled into the industry it’s time to set a few things straight about how paddles wear and the warranties that go along with that the.

Reality is pickle ball paddles don’t last forever making contact with a hard plastic ball like that will take its toll and I’m sure some of you have experienced paddles wearing if you’ve played pickle ball for a while now we understand that seeing a decrease in playability or even straight up seeing a paddle break can be extremely.

Frustrating especially now that prices are soaring up into the high 300s So today we’re going to talk about common issues that arise the best way to reduce the risk of them occurring and what safety nets are available when they do become a reality when manufacturers started adding grit to paddle faces the whole.

Community was in awe it made for a huge Improvement in spin potential but it also opened a whole Pandora’s box for a loss of that spin over time sprayed on grit was one of the first methods for adding texture to a paddle face but it wore very fast so it was quickly overtaken by raw carbon as the primary spin generating technology in large part.

Because it’s so much more durable still carbon wears over time there are higher grades like Tor t700 that last longer than others but there are also certain precautions you can take to keep it lasting as long as possible the most important thing you can do is clean off the paddle face after each session as the ball makes contact with the paddle.

Urethane gets lodged between the carbon’s Grit which makes it wear quite a bit quicker a rubber eraser is the most effective way to clean off the paddle face it can be used on any paddle with a raw carbon surface and by the way we have some pretty awesome rackets and Runners branded ones now still even with the use of an eraser that grit will wear.

Away and you’ll experience a loss of spin expect most raw carbon face paddle to last between 6 and 8 months if you play five times a week of course that varies from player to player but spin loss is going to be a reality for everyone it’s not going to make the paddle unusable but that’s when you should consider replacing if you want.

Optimal playability now because a loss of grit is something that naturally happens over time it’s not covered under most manufacturers warranty I know it’s a little difficult to understand that a paddle is not going to last forever but it’s similar to strings in a tennis racket over time that ball making contact with the face is going to make.

Things wear out now let’s change it up to things that are covered under warranty starting with the bumper coming off this issue is uncommon but can happen for a couple of reasons one something happened during the manufacturing process and the edge isn’t properly bonded onto the paddle or two you made contact with the ground and.

It came off both are covered so don’t worry about totally babying your paddle at all times but Brands will also make sure you didn’t smash the paddle in a fit of rage because that certainly isn’t covered but yeah the bumper is there for a reason you have to get low for balls and pickle balls so sometimes you’re going to touch the ground they are quite.

Resilient so if they do come off you’re most likely covered and on that same note little scuffs and scratches to the edge guard definitely aren’t covered they’re made to absorb that at the end of the day handles breaking is an issue that caused quite the stir a couple of years ago but has since become pretty much.

Eradicated as an issue I’ll talk about why in a second but no the handle should not just randomly break from the paddle face this is another manufacturing error that’s absolutely covered under warranty again not if you’re Kung food shopping the paddle at the throat but under any normal circumstance a brand will replace a paddle with a broken handle this is.

Actually quite a frustrating issue because usually you’ve done nothing wrong and it can happen at any time but this is becoming less and less of an issue because of the use of thermoforming paddle construction thermoformed unibody paddles are made from one seamless piece of carbon spanning from the top of the paddle all.

The way to the bottom of the handle older paddles use glue to bond the handle to the paddle face which left that zone most at risk for breakage they’re pretty much indestructible there now but either way if there is an issue you’re most likely covered delamination is an umbrella term for core crushing and the paddle face.

Separating from the core both of these are major manufacturing issues that become pretty easily noticeable as you’re playing and they also render the p illegal to compete with so if you are playing a tournament it’s best to put it aside you’ll feel a major increase in power with a core Crush paddle that’s hint number one and then to confirm it.

Just press on the paddle face and if it compresses a lot that means it’s most likely core crushed face separation is much more obvious you’ll actually feel the face and the core slapping against each other as you’re making contact with the ball now it is important to understand that delamination is quite an obvious issue that usually arises from.

One shot to the next it’s not the same thing as the core naturally wearing out kind of like it was with Grit core will naturally fatigue over time usually causing a more muted softer feel and sometimes a loss in power that’s not covered under warranty now how about getting those warranties done well most of the time.

You should go directly through Us in fact it’s only with selker and their SLK branch that you have to go directly to the company the warranty period does vary for each brand and you can see more information on that if you scroll down our page usually it’s between 3 months and 1 year keep in mind that the warranty period starts from the day you.

Purchase a paddle so if you can’t remember just give us a call and we’ll check our records so if something does happen to your paddle whether you live in Vancouver or not email us a clear picture of the defective area to info@ rackets andr runners.com and if we determine that it’s most likely defective you’ll.

Probably have to send it into the store again depending on the brand then we send the paddle to the company who conducts their own investigation and finalizes your warranty claim keep in mind most brands only allow one warranty per paddle purchase also please understand that we are a small family bus business so if the defect happens.

More than 30 days after purchase we won’t cover the cost of either shipping the defective paddle or the new one but anyways that’s it for paddle wear and warranty we also understand that this can be a bit of a confusing subject and we’re happy to help so don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have any questions.

Rackets and Runers’ Luca Berg talks a little about pickleball paddle wear and warranty.

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