Hey everyone this is scott coming to you with another lesson with clifford from cliff pickleball uh we're doing a basic dink drill here where he's got me on the move and i have to really try to keep the ball in front of me that really is the key is when the ball's in front of me and i can take a a short swing no back.

Swing really helps me control the ball a lot and this he's got me stressed and pressing me from side to side but it's all about control trying to move my feet get there and have control the back swing as you can see in this little clip i.

Took a big long back swing and nothing good comes from that it's usually a mess here just again trying to move keep the ball in front of me take a nice short swing and keep it in control he's moving me randomly too it's uh he may go.

Down the line again he may go to the middle he may push me all the way to the other side and so i have to be moving my feet keeping the ball out there in front of me rather than stretch one thing i've definitely noticed is if if i'm really stretched and reaching for the ball that's when i can be.

Inconsistent but if i get the feet moving and i get can keep the ball in front of me i'm going to be way more consistent and make a lot of better dinks and and not pop it up hey i won the dink battle against cliff in this clip you'll see an example of pretty good dinking um moving the ball around a little bit i'm.

Moving my feet moving back a little when i need to keep it in front of me nice short swings uh forced a middle dink there got a little pop up and was able to put it away a little more of the same thing cliff's pressing me he's really pressing that that kitchen line and corner to corner.

I'm having to move with trying not to stretch and and make good quality dinks keeping them in the kitchen it goes the same for for this drill from the baseline which is basically the same drill i'm going to hit third shot drops.

And i want to keep that ball in front of me i don't want to take big back swings i would just want it taking and then get a nice height and arc on the ball to make make drops down in the kitchen and even though he can hit it and push it back at the baseline i can continue to keep feeding those back one after.

Another until i get something i could approach on of course that's not the the object of that drill i'm not trying to approach and again that's kind of a sloppy see that long back swing that's that's the killer so keep it in front of you.

Keep the back swing short you'll be a much better dinker
In this lesson we do some dink drills while under pressure. Cliff is moving me from side to side or randomly to press me to make a mistake. This drill will get you tired and have your heart pumping which makes it hard to keep the ball soft and controlled. The lesson keys are to keep the ball in front of you so you aren’t stretching for it and to using very little backswing.
I post these lessons to give you a student’s perspective on pickleball training. Ask anything in the comments. Thanks for watching.
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