All right so now we're going to show you what it looks like to do less is more and to stay calm so we're dinking right we're at the kitchen this is where we play most of our game in pickleball the object of this this whole point of this little tug of war is just that I just want to get Dylan to pop up the ball so I can smack it at him it doesn't.

Actually require all of these body movements this is considered too much maybe I'm getting them in but I'm also being really risky and he's also being really nice and not smacking it at me can I get this ball over the net and into the kitchen by doing less watch this my body's moving less.

Maybe I have to move my feet but I'm trying to take one step at a time the whole point of our feet and pickleball is to get our eyes behind the ball so that we can hit the ball right in front of us like this so less is more nice and calm and then when you get your high ball you can go ahead and make them pay.