They are really targeting Lee Waters with those lobs that's the third time and she is not happy about it she's not happy now I have never in my life seen somebody mad about using the elements that is awesome Kiana grish Kane is getting the crowd into it love this.

Action Bluewater did not like those lobs in the sun they're gonna probably do it more I would I hope so we're gonna get a little adrenaline going now Lee Waters and Anna Lee says we are taking a timeout mama you got a cool off a little yellow.

To cross the net that is perfectly legal Jan Michaels that's absurd that she would even have an idea that you should say something about her strategy being utilized it's part of racquet Sports I'm sorry look at that again pick this up at the right time so she had already whiffed it two.

Overheads does it again and now she's just mad how dare you use the sun don't Lop me into the sun that's part of the strategy we talked about earlier about whether you want to receive and which side absolutely big big key and the third game you get a switch side mid game but after each game you of course switch.

Sides make it fair it's two out of three in this match it's reader lifts right there I can't see Brandon Oaks coach of the waters and uh lee is well they've already moved back off the net a little bit that's the only thing they can do she's already got sunglasses on if you can't see you can't see it I.

Don't know what to say figured out bounce the ball have her daughter take it I'm in nine eight one nine eight one who did not help them to lose control look at this all of a sudden we got game points in Mike goes along.

Headed to a decider will we tap paddles oh we will ah she pulled away a little bit all right we're headed to a decided third game can't wait for this
Womens doubles pro pickleball Leigh Waters and Anna Leigh Waters vs Yana Grechkina Newell and Regina Franco Goldberg. Leigh Waters don’t like lobs much.
This happened at the 2022 PPA Champsionships in Vegas.