You want to hear the truth LeBron James you can't handle the truth the truth is LeBron James find an MLP League drives prices up economics 101 and is bad for pickleball LeBron James and his longtime business partner and friend Carter Williams I believe that's his name I didn't even check it doesn't matter to me it's a tax shelter for him he's going.

To get taxed up the wood Zoo if he spends his money and he's smart but don't say you love pickleball LeBron James I love pickwall I know a lot of people that truly love it I literally don't have money in my bank account when I go to tournaments I stay with people because they love pickleball and they truly support me I drive a long way to.

Tournaments this is family this is not business to me unlike you you've met with Warren Buffett several times you made it clear your goal is to be a billionaire and if you truly love pickleball you would build a ton of courts in Akron Ohio where you grew up where they needed but you don't if I had a million dollars if I had a million.

Dollars I by your love in full disclosure I did have a plan to buy a team with investors get some of my really good friends and pickleball lovers to play on a team like BJ Cliff David now Mike Forrester I can name more at Perez you know who I'm talking about the Italian Stallion how about having Christina Bolton on the channel but no.

You buy a team for a tax shelter and that's good for you your smart businessman but don't say you love pickleball because I truly do and a lot of pickleball lovers that love and support me truly love pickleball but don't go on CNBC saying you love this game because you don't you love basketball you're not a bad guy but.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not Beast we see right through that if I had a million dollars if I had a million dollars I'd buy your love and look LeBron I know I'm singling you out it's nothing personal I'm not a big Lakers fan your ego is so big that you needed to announce on national TV that you're leaving Cleveland to go to Miami.

To play with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade because you couldn't win a championship alone you did go back to Cleveland when they're really good you made that franchise mortgage that future look at them now if I had a million dollars if I had a million dollars I'd buy your love then you left them to go to the Lakers to play with Anthony Davis in an.

All-Star crew you're an amazing businessman probably a really good dad but you don't love pickleball so don't say that on another note you're a horrible actor Space Jam was truly horrible pickleball lovers is LeBron James buying an MLP League good for pickleball leave your comments I'm Joey I'm all in and maybe you should be too.

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