Guys dave wars here don't forget to like and subscribe on the dave works pickleball channel i appreciate everybody uh subscribing uh just hit that subscribe button and uh do a couple likes and i appreciate everything i'm trying to make some more videos that will be helpful uh to you guys um so today we are going to.

Do the one-handed backhand uh so the one-handed backhand uh you know you can do two hands you can do one hand but uh if you're playing singles one hand is pretty helpful and but today we're just going to practice i'm going to show you a technique i'm doing a one-handed deep court backhand uh so basically same grip.

Try to just you know right in the middle here so it's like a shake hand grip so what you want to do is you want to do is when the back hand comes the ball comes the back hand you want to turn sideways you don't want to stand flat-footed forward you can do it this way it doesn't matter because it doesn't.

Require that much power if you've got good whip uh but you can also what you do is you you split step and then you can try to turn sideways and snap into the ball so you want to start if you do hit the snap you can make sure that you're you have your paddle up a little bit and what you do is the paddle comes down and then you.

Snap over the ball and create topspin so what i'm doing i'm going to do the top spin backhand uh another time i'll show you the slice backhand so this is going to be uh so when i start start i turn sideways paddles up a little bit my right foot is very important to go forward and snap snap the ball because you want to lean.

Your your upper body a little bit forward to hit the ball if you lean back uh on your back foot and you hit you know you're going to shoot the ball up in the air and it won't have top spin you know the key is to have top spin to get it to arc so we're going to try to do is arc it high.

First and then gradually we're going to start slow and then go fast so please subscribe on the dave wars pickleball channel we're doing the one-handed backhand deep court top spin here we go so i'm moving my feet constantly i'm not stepping in so.

In order to hit the top spin you have to hit low to high because if you hit low to high it creates spin and the ball goes over so give me a couple more there we go i'm trying to stay forward i'm moving up to my backhand.

That's it that's it there we go so so the important thing is get your your swing your body and snap your wrist we'll do a couple more so what i try to do is when i do this backhand.

I'm trying to use this hand here to hold the paddle it kind of makes me rotate if i don't hold the paddle here i do this i don't really feel my body turning i don't feel control uh what i do is i try to.

At least try to get this here and just snap it uh two more and then we will call it there we go then come up it comes up okay guys uh thank you hopefully this backhand.

Topspin drill was a little helpful for you uh just remember you're going to try to use this paddle here to hit uh maybe hit me one a couple more and i'll show you the improper way of hitting the topspin backhand uh not doing it correctly.

Okay here's incorrectly you see my feet are together this way you won't really get any power on the ball but you know if you turn sideways you'll be able to you'll be able to snap the ball so.

Try not to get in this stance and try not to your arm try not to bend your arm uh go ahead fire up try not to bend your arm so much try to straighten it so you you come up and you're straight so.

That's this thank you and this will be helpful if you're playing deep court you need to hit some power on the ball with topspin uh this is the the shot so you'll make sure you have your paddle hand here this right foot is implant.

And go forward this left hand is going to mainly be a balance point you know if you don't have your left hand you're going to be off off balance and stuff so that's it for today so please subscribe on the dave warsh pickleball channel and uh.

Hopefully this was helpful i'll have some more videos for you uh coming so please subscribe it's important so i can get better equipment and uh and do better videos so here we go thank you very much appreciate you
Hitting the ball with pace requires balance and good tecnique