All right guys uh the game that we're going to show you here um it's going to be wrapped around punching and blocking um or i i i guess more so from a counter-attacking standpoint um gauging how much time you have and then categorizing if you should punch back or if you should block back the drill is going to be wrapped around.

One side that's speeding up and then the other side would be counter-attacking yeah i think one of the things teaching with you tyson that i learned i think it's a really great way that you explain it is if you see the attack coming your default should usually be to counter attacks you want to beat your opponents with a little bit of aggression if.

They're trying to bring that on you but if you're not seeing the attack coming in time you've got a little bit more time to block and try to get back to neutral so just something to think about as to when we do each option yeah i i think too i mean even and i think this is where like you you probably go against your ways a little.

Bit if you're not comfortable going head to head with your opponent if you're not comfortable going to head to head and you see the speed up i i think it's a great time to to block back recognize that if you've lost hand speed battles time and time again don't keep going down the same path don't keep losing the same way if you're.

Not comfortable going head-to-head with your opponent and you see them speeding up i would i would go to a block okay guys uh the game here coach kyle is going to be is going to be um he's going to be attacking i would be counter-attacking he can be attacking off a ball out of the ear or off a ball.

Off the bounce main focus for him is sly main focus for me is recognizing how much time i have and then choosing whether to punch or to block okay ready here yeah very good here we go zero one all right very good once there you go yep one and i'm waiting.

Uh-huh no he was there for it though okay i want to yeah nice nice in the net yep he's focused on speeding up obviously he's keeping in mind uh you know stable location yellow zone great job for me to really work on countering i like doing these.

Situational base games is because my primarily my primary focus is only on countering right after we play a game to 11 then we change roles his primary focus would be on speeding up and then you change rows so it's nice to have one specific idea you know um in this type of setting yeah absolutely i i think if you saw how long.

Some of those uh dink rallies went i'm really just focused on waiting for the right ball to attack and then once i attack my mindset is thinking about the spots where i know my opponent might be vulnerable right but i would say the most important thing is really looking for the conditions with that sly of waiting for the right ball.

To go ahead and choose that calculated speed up
When your opponent attacks, you need to know how to reset the ball into the kitchen OR counterattack to catch your opponents off-guard 😳. Pro Pickleball Player Tyson McGuffin teaches how to handle the speed up with this PUNCH or BLOCK drill so you win more points!

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