Hey everybody thanks for joining me today so i've got a great video on a topic that seems to be something that everybody wants to know about and that is footwork so we're going to take a look at one specific movement pattern that all top pro players do.

The good news is that the average rec player can also recreate this movement with a little bit of practice so we're going to walk through what exactly that movement is how we're going to learn and practice it and then make sure you stick around to the end because i'm going to show some footage of pro players actually using.

This movement in almost every single point that they play let's get going okay so here's a little scenario myself and my buddy zane are playing some practice points as usual i'm running him all over the court side to side.

Until he eventually runs out of gas makes an egregious error and then begins to cry uncontrollably so i chose zane for this very authentic reenactment because anybody that's seen him play knows he is extremely quick out there on the court now having said that there's some things that zane does that the average player can attempt to practice.

And replicate and then there's other things that zane does that probably aren't going to happen unless you're 25 years old and do yoga three times a week so the problem is is with each passing year most of us are not going to get significantly faster which means we're not going to improve on our footwork by getting quicker from.

Point a to point b so what i do think can be improved by most people is what happens when you get to point b meaning how well do you decelerate all of that momentum while still maintaining good balance and good body posture to be able to execute that shot that you're about to hit so.

Long story short i cannot show you how to be as quick and explosive around the court as a pro player but i can show you how to slow down and get under control like one and here's the magic move so what you see me doing on screen here i call clock lunges you can see that i'm.

Lunging in a circular pattern starting at 12 o'clock and then basically going around the clock face i'm always using the outside foot to lunge onto and i'm also focused on keeping good upper body posture and good control as i step forward under.

That foot so this is the first progression in learning and mastering this movement you'll probably notice that as you're doing this you feel more comfortable moving into one leg over the other or maybe moving one direction over the other everybody has a dominant leg and so our.

Goal with this drill is to get our movement balanced all the way around feel just as comfortable moving into our right side our left side forward back every direction we feel like we can do with good coordination strength and maintaining good upper body posture the whole time.

So after we feel pretty comfortable with those movements next step in the progression is we're going to grab a ball we're going to find a wall and we're in essence going to be doing the same thing but just tossing a ball and trying to.

Go in that same clock like circle around you can see as you watch me do this here that i am tossing the ball with a power level and direction that has me generally taking that next step that would correspond to going around that clock face this toss doesn't have to be perfect and.

That's kind of the point of doing this next progression because we're now tossing and reacting to a ball you have a general idea of what we're going to be moving but you'll still have to make some adjustments to what the ball is doing it's not going to be exactly.

Where you planned on it being so again our goal make that step with the outside foot try to maintain good upper body posture we don't want to be reaching to catch the ball we don't want to be bending at the waist and we don't want to be in poor balance during the catch so next we're going to transition into.

Another variation of this which is just mixing up the throws so i'm not doing a pattern around the clock face anymore i'm just throwing random some short some long some left some right mixing it up and trying to again always react with the outside foot react with that strong lunge and a good.

Strong body position i would stick with each one of these progressions as long as you need to until you feel comfortable and then you can move on to the next you can also go back and revisit any version of this progression because there's some good value in what you're getting out of it every time you.

Do this you're building coordination in the movement so you're getting your body more comfortable with moving this way as well as you're also strengthening the specific muscles that it takes to make these movements so this is stuff that i still do on a pretty regular basis all these drills that i'm showing you right now.

The last part of the progression we're gonna do here is again we're gonna use the wall we're gonna grab our paddle and we're just gonna hit against the wall at about dinking speed you can mix up all these shots and now the goal is that we are trying to react to the incoming ball with the correct step in the correct.

Direction so again you can see i'm generally using my outside foot here trying not to cross over pretty much just taking everything that we've worked on up until this point and trying to apply it to a more live ball situation this is pretty much it as far as drills that we can do on our own after this you would try to take these.

Movements take these concepts and maybe get a partner and do some dinking again slower speed stuff is better and then as you get better at it you can start to implement these movements into more parts of your game so as promised now we're going to take a look at some pro video footage for these first couple clips we have aj.

Kohler thomas wilson kyle yates and andre d'ascu who are four elite level doubles players what i want to do is just let these clips run in real time and see if you can spot the movements that we've been talking about in this video look for that outside leg lunge look for.

It moving in any different direction could be forward could be to the side could be more towards the back and notice how these guys are using that movement to gain the maximum amount of control in their body right before they're about to hit a shot so hopefully as these were rolling you.

Were able to spot those movements but just to be sure for this last clip i'm going to slow down the action and i'm also going to pause and hold every time somebody makes a lunge movement ultimately the most important moment of creating a good controlled shot is what are you doing right before you touch the ball.

If you're in good control if your body's nice and quiet if your paddle's quiet there's a good chance you're going to be able to tell the ball exactly what you want it to do if right before you make contact with the ball you're.

Swinging wildly you're falling off balance you're out of control then it's gonna be a lot harder to control the ball the way that you would like to so for these last two clips we're going to check out some singles action between ben johns and tyson mcguffin i'm going to do the same thing as before.

Where i let the first clip run see if you can spot the movements and then on the second one i'll pause and show you the lunge movements the main difference between singles movement and doubles movement is in singles you've generally got more distance to cover in between shots which means you're going to be coming into.

Each shot with a higher top speed because you're running faster to get to each ball so that means it's going to take a little bit more coordination and strength in your legs to get you slowed down and controlled for each shot since we're coming in a little bit faster each time if you have any questions or.

Comments i'd love to hear your feedback below don't forget to like and subscribe and check out some of my other videos see you next time you
In this video I describe step by step how to learn to move around the Pickleball court like a pro player. I show you what the move is, how to practice, and footage of pro players putting it to use.

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