All right guys welcome back to the road to protoday i'm going to walk you through how to go from not having a spin serve to being able to spinserve in literally five minutes now it's probably not going to look like the one you just saw inthe intro but it'll at least be a spin serve and you'll have the tools that you can progress withover time to get a really nasty spin serve in your arsenal prerequisites for this number one you haveto be able to snap your fingers i'm sure there's tons of tutorials on youtube how to do that butyou gotta be able to snap your fingers on your non-dominant hand if you don't know how to snapyour finger just really quick maybe this will help you we're using our thumb and our middle fingerspushing them together super super hard your thumb wants to go up your middle finger wants to go downand eventually that pressure overtakes it and snap.

So you got to be able to do this prettyconsistently that's all you have to know how to do and you gotta have a pickleball other than thatnothing else required learn how to spin serve five minutes for all five minutes we're noteven gonna pick up a paddle so for the first two minutes take the ball in your hand i'm usinga franklin x because it's a little easier to see where you're going to hold the ball on thesefranklin x's i like to put my thumb on the x and my middle finger on the x like this and like thatand when i snap it i'm just putting my thumb up my middle finger down so for the first two minuteshold the ball in this position and just get used to getting that motion going just start flickingit around see if you can get some sort of spin going it doesn't have to be very fast the wholepoint of this is you're going to have the tools.

To know how to get this ball to kick okay butfor right now you don't have to worry about how fast it's flicking a lot of it can be used justfrom your wrist even just grabbing the ball and kind of like flicking it over like that without asnap is going to work perfectly fine for getting a somewhat effective spencer do that for two minutesas you get towards the end of that two minutes what i want you to start thinking about is youneed this ball to spin on a perfectly vertical axis so going like this if you imagine a wheel ora tire going down the road it's spinning like this and if you want to turn to the left the wheel justslightly turns this way to the right just slightly turns this way right if it ever starts spinningsideways you've probably wrecked or something so same thing with the ball to get this ball tokick and move along the ground it has to be going.

Perfectly up and down like this okay soit's really important it's not sideways it's straight up and down so for the nextminute just work on getting that straight up and down motion and it's okay it doesn'tmatter where the ball's going at this point we'll fix that in just a minute here but forthree minutes by the end of that third minute you should get some sort of straight up and downmotion another important thing is it's mainly your middle finger that'sinitiating the motion and the flick and it's really just going around your thumball right so now we are three minutes in we're gonna go to a line so for the nextminute minute four we're going to actually turn our hand so that now the ball is going tokick to the left and how we're going to do that.

Take your index finger on your dominant handpoint it in the direction that you want it to go make a c with your thumb and your middlefinger on your non-dominant hand like you're about to snap the ball so point yourfinger place the c directly on that finger that's how you're going to hold the ball so nowholding the ball in this position i can get that ball to rotate that way so it'll kick to the leftso we're going to go to a line and your goal here is to snap this ball so that when it bounces itcarries along the line so if i snap this ball c on the line here snap the ball it's going tokick along the direction of the line so for the next minute just come up to the line you can kindof turn your body more if you need to but just flicks and see where this ball jumps it doesn'thave to be fast remember but it has to be pointing.

In that direction this is the entire premise ofthe spin serve if you can get this ball to kick in the direction you want it to gowhen it bounces when you hit it with your paddle it's going to kick that same exactdirection okay so just get this ball to bounce along that direction now last minute what you'reprobably seeing is that when you flick this ball up sometimes it goes to the left sometimes itgoes back towards you sometimes it just goes straight up how you adjust that is the angle ofyour fingers so if my fingers and my thumb and my middle finger are perfectly flat and i snap thisball it should go pretty much straight up pretty much straight up if i turn to my middle fingeris lower than my thumb it'll shoot to the left here here so for me what i want to havehappen is i want this ball to go up.

And land on my right hip so i can hit it with mypaddle so for this next minute what we're going to do take your thumb so that's slightly belowyour middle finger so rotate this way right here and snap like this and you're going to try tocatch it in your right hand so this should ensure that the ball is going to travel up over and tothe right like this this is where you get all that consistency from just being able to flick it fromleft to right sometimes it's a little bit awkward it gets kind of towards your body if that happensjust catch it and keep trying really focusing though if i were to let this ball bounce itwould bounce and kick to the left still like this okay so we're done that's five minutes at thispoint you should be able to just take this ball flick it up and then hit it with your paddleand you should get some sort of a spin serve.

It might not kick a lot but it shouldkick enough to where you can see the ball somewhat move in that direction so here andserve i'm going to share a couple of other tips with you that are more advanced so we can holdthe ball this way like we've been doing if we want the ball to kick to the right we just takethat c point our finger where we want it to go place the c on your finger and thenwe snap it this way and the ball kicks to the right now same thing go to the line holdit like this and you'll see that ball kicks along that direction if you can't snap it with yournon-dominant hand i have seen people have success snapping it with the dominant handand then hitting the ball like this hold the paddle with your non-dominant hand at thetop snap it with your right hand and then serve.

Like that totally legal you can also get kick thatway if you throw in this variation of the serve the way you snap the ball is going to look thesame but it will actually kick the opposite direction so with my right hand i snap it itkicks that way with my left hand i snap it still open open wrist it kicks the other way soif you can add that in too it's really going to mess with your opponents the third advanced tipis that if you're using a paddle with more grit on it like a carbon paddle or an electron paddleyou're probably not going to have the same amount of success because the paddle will generate morespin on the ball than you can generate with your hands for the final advanced tip i found a lotof success personally mixing in the different variations of spencers so i actually createdthis way to spin the ball using your middle.

And index finger instead so doing this spencerwill give your opponents in a different look and will make them a lot more confused and havea lot harder time trying to return your serve because they don't know what's coming at themif you want to learn how to do that variation of the spin serve then click this video righthere and you can learn that one pretty fast too
The Pickleball Spin Serve isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, I believe you can hit one successfully in only 5 minutes with the proper steps! This serve has become such a crucial part to my game and has pulled out some wins for my team that we definitely would not have gotten otherwise. It’s super simple once you learn the mechanics, take the time to learn it!

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