hi I'm hey hey what's up what can I do for you well I just from here to get some lessons I'm a beginner so I just want to start off slow and see if you can help me there's anything specific you want to work on it yes I would like to work on the pace and how.

To better control the ball I think I can help you so follow me today I'm gonna give you one of the biggest secret in pickleball we call it Pace okay face is the ability you have like to take the speed of the ball and slow it down all right when you're a beginner or you are intermediate player you don't know how to do that and if you.

Know but it's very hard for you like to get used to it to apply it in your game so we're gonna do a drill a simple drill that gonna create muscle memory so you can do it like naturally okay so what what I'm going to do right now okay I'm gonna put one corn on this side okay so the idea I'm gonna have you like driving the ball hard at me okay so what I'm.

Going to do I'm gonna take the speed of your ball and I'm gonna slow it down so I'm gonna try to hit the horn I'm taking the pace and slow it down you see that yeah Okay so eventually she's gonna make a mistake control is very important in pickleball okay but usually people think it's hard.

But it's not you just have to know what to do okay so the first thing you have to protect yourself okay you got your parallel point of view every time that ball come let's say in your chest or in your face all you have to do you just open the button and block it okay you don't do nothing like this all right you just do it like relax and your.

Grip the tension on your paddle should be very loose let's say in a scale of 10 3 4 okay so when you have it like this you open it and you can just reset the ball and this is what we call the pace the ball is gonna go it's gonna go slower than the waist down okay but if the ball when you're gonna block fight.

Any tension on your paddle that means you're holding the paddle too tight that's what it's just gonna fly away but you don't want that this is why you lose your grip when the ball come no vibration it's just gonna come back slowly okay let's do a drill okay you ready so I'm gonna throw some ball.

At you you're just gonna block them okay here we go nice don't do this so no you can go back all right you can go back you have to move okay nice awesome uh-huh nice so now that ball is going too fast.

So always try to have The Sweet Spot okay uh-huh nice here we go boom boom come on Boom Boom and boom last one oops boom boom those are like some simple thing you can.

Do remember first thing keep the bottle in front of you like a loose grip okay every time the ball is coming at you you just like protect yourself okay and try to not put tension so when the ball hit the paddle Is Not Gonna Fly Away okay so if you can control that you're gonna see how your game gonna improve all right.

Everyone all right how was your lesson it was great my lesson was awesome I really enjoyed it I learned a lot about pace and how to control the ball and yeah I can't wait to come back I'll see you next time oh yeah for sure okay this is my car oh thank you okay you can call me if you.

Want all right foreign oh that makes sense
How do we call the ability to take the speed of the ball in slow it down in pickleball? learn how to do that using those two drills.

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