Hi i'm joanne russell past wimbledon champion doubles 1977. and now i've found pickleball and i love it i'm going to teach you how to move once again this is a practice drone and you can do this with your partner i want you to remember you're going to call me and say yes we did this we practiced this this is called the one foot in one.

Foot out because if you jump in like this to hit a ball that's not going to be very good you're either going to lose the point or lose your serve so one foot in and no crossing one foot in move to the ball one foot in okay give me a backhand over here one now i want you to don't step across yeah right.

There step with your left foot forward left foot forward that's your right foot but that's okay go that's your other left foot so go there yeah good and go and everybody moves because somebody's going to get that now call it yeah who's.

Going to get that and who's getting that one there you go go now where's your backhand where's your backhand come on now don't step over there like that because then i'm gonna do that so ready so think about where the next ball is.

Gonna go if you go like this even an inexperienced player they're gonna go oh look the middle it's wide open and they're way over there so you want to keep yourself available to maybe get back so if i go there remember you move one step because there you go so now if i go there everybody moves.

Good so if i go there everybody ah there you go call that ball so now you move this way don't move the wrong way there you go perfect now get that good now make sure you make it okay so she goes over there get to the middle because that's where i'm gonna go that's it now get over there now you're in the middle so where are you going yes.

Good shot so now you're up there move over yes good go yes and go and who's got the middle now give me a backhand give me a backhand what's wrong with your backhand nothing there you go now you got to go all the way over here and you get that perfect perfect rest.

rest that was perfect and you see you can do it and plus this person over here you think well they're not getting anything yes they are they have to catch the ball they have to catch the ball throw the ball and once again they're working on.

Their tracking so if somebody says oh no you know i'm just standing there no i'm moving with you catching the ball and creating different scenarios for you hey you're over there and i'm saying hurry hurry get to the middle because okay line up in your regular positions.

So how many openings are there yes you are a1 student a lot of people can't they go what do you mean openings or holes like where are the holes and i said right so how many people are playing on that side two there are three openings two people so you must cover the highest percentage so always always somebody has got to cover the middle.

And so if the ball comes to me here what is your number one priority to cover you've got that partner over there is pretty quick the line because i can hit down the line now you might play somebody they've never gone down the line in their life but don't worry you're moving up.

So people are going to hit down the line so if we're over here where where should you be you're covering the number two hole which is there now look where i am this is the highest part of the net so.

I could possibly miss this but you're there you you move really well so you're covering the middle and right away you see no she's not going there she's going to the far corner now everybody shifts see so now you're in the middle so now you cover and i'm over here at the line somebody else covers the middle so now you're there.

Okay good oops let ball and there's the middle good now back come to the middle so now don't move where do you know where where's the ball going see you already moved over there see i'm going to go down the middle don't move before the ball comes out of my hand so there it is yeah and what do you get you get the.

Middle so what do you get you get that oh what happened there what happened there all right so now you get that and make it fun make it fun yeah you gotta oh wait everybody chips where's that ball going all right now get over there go go reset beautiful there you go and go.

Perfect perfect that is great but see look you can make it fun you throw it up in the air you hit a vault you're like wait a minute we were hitting ground circle well not anymore you know you need to hit all types of balls because that's what happens somebody hits it too high boom you get your volley all right that was great.

Without proper footwork to cover the court in pickleball, you are vulnerable to an attack from you opponents. Joanne teaches this “One Foot In, One Foot Out” Drill so you can practice Pickleball footwork with your partner 👌

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