For the first drill we're going to work on in the neutral dinking session my friend Daryl and I are going to be aiming towards a cone so this is again a dink that is not an offensive dink this is a dink that's just going to keep you in a Long Point so we're going to start by aiming at these short cones notice if that ball is going to be short in the.

Kitchen I may step in and my goal is to try to hit that cone if possible when I hit these dinks I'm going to work on my backhand and my forehand oh he was close there we're going to go until someone hits that cone.

Once you hit a cone you're going to switch angles so Daryl's going to go Cross Court and again we're going to continue to hit these lift neutral dinks we're not trying to be aggressive if that ball is short we're going to step in once you hit that cone.

We're going to switch to the next angle straight ahead again on this side and then once you hit that cone we're going to complete our cycle with the last Cross Court angle and Daryl hit the cone there so again the purpose of this drill is to work on stepping in hitting a neutral Dink and being soft and developing our.

Touch as we hit
Although not an aggressive shot, the neutral dink is often crucial to staying in the point in pickleball. Wes Gabrielsen teaches us the basics of dinking and shows us a dinking drill to practice this critical shot!

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