What's up guys we are back with another podcast episode and shortly after we talk about our trip here you will see an interview with Leia Jansen that is the majority of this episode went well over an hour long I believe but we just had some news we wanted to recap before you get into that interview so we'll let's talk about this trip yes PPA Desert.

Ridge yes we so we came here for a couple things so we're in Arizona we came for MLP first because we wanted to get a bunch of podcast episodes with the pros it was me Kyle uh will Shay Squad yeah we basically had all the content creators we also got to meet up with uh Brianna's and hang out with him a lot uh it was a ton of fun and then we stayed.

Through the PPA Desert Ridge because well we figured why not stay for the tournament yeah if you're already gonna be there I felt it was a mistake which part no not the staying part but staying specifically for oh for the PVA Desert Ridge because it was meh yeah it was pretty mad I wasn't that impressed okay well I mean from a streaming and I guess.

If you're watching at home I guess it wasn't that bad oh that was great yeah actually energy was there crowd was there but if you were there to play and also like spectate not great no I mean the venue was beautiful but no real places to sit and then if you're a player then they had the windscreens on every single fence and Corner imaginable.

Yeah so and those were temp tennis courts so you know obviously you're getting you know you got a tennis net right behind you serves are deep it's hard to return and then the windscreen for The Spectators there were tiny little slits that you literally had to put your face right up against if you wanted to be able to see through it.

Basically made spectating your friends just about impossible no it was it was really bad I didn't even I didn't even bother yeah if I basically didn't try either it's just I don't know it was just a giant pain so that was annoying no that was annoying and the real Annoying Thing was you couldn't even really spectate the.

Pros because that's kind of like what you go to these events that you kind of play and then when you're waiting between matches or if you lost like Chris and I did um we'll get to that yeah we would go watch some of the pros play but you couldn't even get on the stands unless you paid like extra or like had VIP I.

Think if you were a pro you could go yeah of course I did get through one time with Kyle they're like oh kayakai was like if you're a pro player can you can you go and obviously Kyle plays Pro and then I was thinking to myself wait a second I played Pro yeah I played Pro Qualifier I didn't make it that far but I was like yeah and then they let me.

Punch it through let me through in once but as soon as I got in there to watch because I was trying to watch Michael Lloyd's game I I got a text saying like hey your next match is on court blah blah yeah yeah it it I understand charging for the seats and whatnot obviously the PBA is trying.

To make money but I guess it's just an interesting shift where essentially all the other tournaments you've been able to spectate for free and there were ways you could watch the Center Court match without paying like you could stand on the grass and kind of see there were cameras and you could yeah but it wasn't good yeah if you were at least like a.

Five foot ten which I am not so I couldn't see anything yeah it it wasn't amazing and obviously we weren't gonna pay because we were kind of in and out of the venue we didn't go Saturday and then I I didn't get to go on Sunday because it was working on some stuff but yeah I don't know I definitely felt the PPA experience that everyone.

Complains about on Facebook for the most part I would say in terms of how it ran it didn't feel terrible except for my doubles matches I did have to wait well over an hour and a half match for my backdraw match when the first team we played played two or three matches after us before we got our first Baxter match so.

It's kind of like why are we taking so long but yeah I mean why don't you tell us about uh your experience with the Pro Qualifier oh okay oh gosh so Pro qualifiers who are on Wednesday my first time playing Pro Qualifier I didn't even want to play the Pro Qualifier it was my good buddy donco who convinced me.

Because he said he was gonna play pro but then he he ended up not being able to and then he bumped down to 5-0 but it was at it was on Wednesday it was at three o'clock P.M I went there I played a close three-game set against I think uh Dave Hall from Utah could have gone either way yeah it was close it was close and uh in the third game you know.

I lost 7-Eleven yeah I think seven eleven or eight eleven and then the first two we split like 11 2 11 3. yeah he crushed you the first one and then you crushed him the second one yeah I think it had to do with like the side but oh you remember this because I was losing and then Shake was behind me on the fence and she was like will don't.

Play like a little yeah and then as soon as he said that right I heard him and then I dove for this ball I literally got on the ground Elise Jones and then I got him he won the point and I won the point I was like yeah let's go that was probably one of the best coaching moments in history where it literally you took it literally yeah and.

It just it was it was great yeah anyways um great match uh third game could have gone either way uh but I lost and then I was like okay I'm waiting to like play the rest of the consolation bracket the losers bracket right that day then I found out that it wasn't played that day it was like it was played the next morning at 7 00 a.m and guys I know you.

Probably think oh it's Arizona it's warm no in the mornings it's cold like uncomfortably cold right for com in comparison to the daytime I think when we went it was probably like 35 degrees Yeah it was like 35 degrees and we we I mean the match started on time 7 A.M we got there at 6 30 and we had to drive there took like what 20 minutes 30.

Minutes 30 minutes so yeah we woke up at like 5 45 yeah you know to get warm up in and everything okay so next morning we go Chris I have to give a shout out to Chris because he woke up and drove me to The Venue and he didn't have to play that day until 1 30 and we were like we're just gonna stay there so yeah I just stood around all day.

Basically cold cold in the morning very cold in the morning I actually went in after you finished I went and took a nap in the car yeah exactly with the heat on because it was that cold so anyways I played the next morning um against a guy named Josh uh Killington I think I might say McKinley no Josh McKinley he's from from Georgia.

And I beat him 15-2 smoked smoked um I will have to say though that I didn't feel necessarily great about my win I mean yes or no because it was cold in our warm-up we cracked two duras yeah just just in the warm-up but not good you look annalize it wasn't even cracked no it was like it looked like Pac-Man like there was a whole smiley face like.

Half half of the ball was like cracked in half yeah I asked our friend Justin to go get us like three more balls and then during the game I think we cracked another three yeah and this is why I didn't feel great about my win because I think at least like three of those points or whatever I hit the ball it hit the ground it cracked and just died.

Immediately the ball didn't come up at all watched a couple of those yeah I felt kind of bad taking those points but also at the same time I didn't and now I know you're a pro no guilt for winning a cheap way I mean like I don't think it would have changed much I mean no I don't think and I was playing pretty good yeah.

Um and then after that uh oh yeah I get to play my good buddy uh Grand bond from Tulsa from my home to I play with him and I I practice with him and I was like wow I flew 600 miles just to play Grand Bond my friend my friend Hometown from my hometown again I lost him in a close one well like fairly close yeah yo I was I was up neck and Deck with him we're.

Close to around yeah when we switched I was like oh man it was uh it was rough yeah that was 137 15 8 I think it was seven seven okay I think yeah so yeah I mean basically got smoked in the Pro Qualifier yep minus one guy you got to play another guy who was your same skill writing trying to play pro right exactly oh and.

Also um let's see I was gonna use I don't know which paddle I was gonna use the first day of the Pro Qualifier I used the 6-0 double black diamond and I think it got maybe maybe it broke or got busted a little bit it did break we'll talk about that in just a minute okay yeah and then uh the next couple days uh.

I played with the vatic pro and did much better I was originally gonna play with the Legacy but I had the Legacy at MLP and I was hitting I mean it was like hot cold like I was either on fire with it or I was playing meh with it and what I discovered is when you play up with it it is it's difficult it is difficult it is difficult playing playing up a skill.

Level where people are just hitting harder that's where I think you start realizing oh wow this is resetting is hard yeah resetting I think resetting is hard like I could dink with it just fine but getting to the kitchen to get in like you know the game of dinking playing the short game is difficult when you're playing.

Really strong four fives or five O's and that's what I was doing at MLP the whole time with like uh you know Kyle kazuda Jennifer Tavernier and even some of like the pro guys like Jane I hit a little bit with James uh let's not forget to mention too that you were playing on a Franklin at home yeah came to a Dura in Arizona and it's colder and it's cold.

Like the air is just different yeah the air is different so the ball is just totally different game from at home yes totally different game however when I was like on point though it did feel really nice dude I got like eight years so many A's I got so many cases in like red games against some like pretty like really skilled players just like hitting.

Them down the lines hitting lines yep but yeah couldn't I don't like I think it was wise that I didn't I don't think I would have been in the morning there's no no one played with it there's just no way it would have been insane I don't even know how you would have kept it in yeah I I had the same experience I was planning to play with the Legacy this.

Trip and when I got here you know obviously the air is different took us probably a day or two to really get adjusted that kind of threw me off with the Legacy and then we got to play Leia Jansen in singles for a video and the first game I got pickled and I could tell short game if I had to drop or.

Anything I just couldn't do it just put it right up in her Strike Zone she just put it away so I was like okay I'll just go play with the carbon and then I got three points but I felt just play wise even though I got smoked I felt I played way better I felt I could more confidently drop and play some of the short game with her where I really.

Didn't feel like I could do it with the Legacy then obviously playing with you guys this trip is just same experience yeah holy cow this is just hard to use against more skilled players and then as you get more tense like you do in a tournament I was like there's just I just know why I could do it so I ended up using the carbon for the whole trip.

For doubles and singles that was my paddle of choice I felt like I used so many different paddles this trip yeah I mean we definitely messed around a lot I mean at the end of this trip yeah which is where we are now we're actually getting on a flight tomorrow morning at like 7 A.M uh I used the zero zero three today dude I still love that paddle yeah.

It's so I I just playing again with it today I was like dang I've like missed this thing yeah you hit with it really well I enjoyed the carbon 1X and the vatic a lot I think it was a lot easier to handle especially when we're playing against Shea and Jordan Briones and shout outs to Jordan like super like if you guys didn't think Jordan could ball.

And you thought he just didn't talk no he can ball the man balls out of his mind real hard yeah yeah before we move on real quick I do just want to talk a little bit about uh thermoforming I talked about this in my Discord Channel if you guys aren't in there that'll be linked in the description we just you know we talk about all things pickleball.

In there but on this trip I talked to a couple pros and they talked to me about several things where they basically were saying have you noticed with these thermoformed paddles that eventually the face kind of changes and the ball becomes a rocket and each of them kind of described it differently some people described it as the core breaking some.

People described it in other different ways and then my 6-0 actually had this issue so I got my production model one and within about four sessions in Arizona it felt great I was actually really digging the paddle and then all of a sudden it started playing really loud and when will used it in the qualifier.

Yeah several people were commenting holy cow Wills paddle is really really loud I honestly didn't notice when I was hitting I don't know how he did because it's so loud it sounds so different now and I you know I played with it more and more just to kind of figure out what was going on and what from what I understand at this point and what the pros are.

Describing I just think a lot of them don't they're not familiar with a lot of the paddle stuff so I don't think they knew how to describe it but basically the face comes unglued from the core and now when the ball hits the face the face is like smacking the core because there's a gap in between and I think that's creating almost even more of a.

Trampoline effect because my 6-0 hits even harder now and several Pros mentioned um carbons vatics doing the same thing and I've I did some more investigating and this is definitely a thing that's happening how widespread the issue is only time will tell only time will tell I don't.

Just to be very clear people should not go and freak out about this yet it's a couple incidents right now and Pros are a very Niche category of this they're hitting way harder they're playing way more yada yada I was told that my 6-0 is the only one to have this issue in all of the ones they've made so far so I don't.

Want people to freak out and think oh my gosh all these paddles are just going to start breaking I know some of the companies are already proactively trying to uh make sure this doesn't become more of an issue but yeah it's a it's a very interesting thing paddle play is different and it's just a rocket I don't know just just be.

Aware that that might be a thing you guys hear me talk about more in the future and all of them it seems like have this issue yeah um but honestly almost that we hit this past weekend of the tournament were Rockets Even in our doubles right did you have the same kind of experience when you were playing doubles well.

You're playing you're only four five yeah I mean it was fine I ended up going 0-2 which was a bummer in in both events uh my first singles game I did get beat pretty good uh that was by it was actually one of one of my fans is in my Discord server he's like he's you know watch my stuff yeah silver yeah he got silver so like he he played legit it was.

Jake I don't remember the score line exactly both of them might have been 311 or 411. he definitely beat me pretty convincingly um it didn't feel that bad but for sure I got beat the second my backdraw match man I I started up 7-1 or something I felt great felt like I had this guy.

Figured out then he gets to eight before me gets the switch I think I got up again we kind of kept going back and forth anyways we get to 1413. I served my ball out and then he just cleans me up oh that's a rough on a serve yeah I really did not feel like I should have lost that match that one was no I will I felt the same thing you know me too I.

Had the most heartbreaking I think in my first uh round match uh split sets with the guys from uh poach and I think the names was uh Brett Forsyth and Brogan edgel shout outs to them really cool dudes in the we split sets and then the third game we're up like seven one or seven two yeah and somehow we came back they came back and we lost.

It like 12 10 yeah and you know I was hitting service out and stuff in the net yes it was rough and then loser's side same thing I think we were up like eight two yeah yeah blew it yeah that's rough it hurt it hurts I I really felt I could it both in doubles and singles are first in doubles our first game one to three every game was seven eleven.

Um felt like we definitely could have won that I just played really tense uh my dinking just felt off I just wasn't playing very confident and then our backdraw match same thing I just played absolutely horribly uh I just don't think I was in the competing mindset really but I I think moving forward I will continue to stay in that bracket it.

Didn't feel like I got demolished where I was like oh holy cow I do not belong in this bracket but I'm sure you know it would take a while to probably grind my way up and and win a tournament in four five so I don't know plan is to stick with it for now yeah we'll play together in four or five yes carry me well carry me well I.

Mean we had some well I don't know I would say we had some decent points against uh Briones and Shea we play a lot we had decent points but we definitely got smoke we got smoked which is to be expected yes um but before we continue we we want to talk about this guys because this was kind of a theme of our trip what.

Dura sucks yes this is a piece of junk ball is a scam ball yes plan obsolescence at its finest like it's so bad I the only reason anyone likes this ball is because it's what the tournaments use and you have to use it to get ready for the tournament but the ball itself is horrible we broke so many dirts so.

Many ungodly amounts of expensive they break and then they they deform so then when you get really like good shots sometimes ball just doesn't come up the ball doesn't come up or it pops up more more like a crazy amount if you get it at one of the Bulge areas like it's so bad the the only thing the dura does well the.

Only thing is that it's fast that's it that is literally it I think that's the only thing people like really like about it is because it's faster they feel like they can put balls away and they feel like they're good at the same I I don't know I I'm so tired of the ball after this trip and how many we broke and how often we.

Have to ask someone for a Dura or does anyone have a Duro we can use like it's just yeah we we did try the oh so and if you guys have seen that one on no so Fury yeah that was so Fury if you've seen that one on Facebook it's their newer ball supposed to be a Dura competitor um you guys felt like it didn't play.

Exactly like a door I think you guys said maybe somewhere between a Franklin oduro that's perfectly fine with me I think it feels pretty close to a Dura but maybe I just need to hit a Franklin Endura and the oso side by side and really decide but we use that ball in all sorts of temperatures for probably 15 plus games and the ball didn't break.

Until we passed that threshold and then even then it was small micro small crack but it kept its shape yeah really well so shout out balls or any other ones I think Shea says he likes the core balls he does like the core ball Kyle we asked Kyle and he's like yo I hate the duras so I'm glad for at least all in agreement that.

Yeah the dura suck I I would love to see it stop being the ball I think at this point it's just a bad ball and the only reason it's being used is because the door got a bunch of money to pay the tournaments to use that ball but otherwise maybe there's some conspiracy who knows who knows but the ball sucks yeah we just wanted to rant about that.

Because we broke so many of them right on this trip well I'll tell you what doesn't suck all the people that we met during this tournament during this event so I'm gonna give a few shout outs shout outs to Phil Nate Alex Warren Nam and young Lex yeah for uh you know hitting us up taking photos with us uh let's see also another guy Father and Son Randall.

And Andre you know they came out to us you know really nice I got to play some wreck games I don't know if you got time to play with no I didn't I wasn't there for that gotcha but you played directing someone you played with someone with like Warren and uh we warmed up we warmed up we warmed up for the tournament that was about it right right.

We didn't mean we did meet a lot of cool people it was a fun me anyone who came up and said hi at the tournaments we appreciate it we think it's a ton of fun yeah definitely don't ever be afraid to come say hi yes also we gotta give a shout out to Mr Michael Lloyd uh you know our our guy had head we said we're gonna make him earn the shop yeah.

This is the first time I met him in person I know you've met him before but it's the first time I met him he's giving out free shout outs these cost money will he did perform pretty good this tournament he did yeah he got a few wins he won the backdraw points for singles yes made it out for mixed of the.

Qualifier and a pro yes played with Vivian Davis Sister Sarah yep David yeah so yeah Michael's Michael's an okay guy but he's got to earn his place we can't talk about him anymore I guess this has already gone over enough for him I guess I do want to just talk about uh something we learned about the new PPA format I don't know if the.

Masters did this and I just didn't catch it but if you get sent to the backdrop before the semi-finals now I believe the best you can do is fifth or sixth you can't even grind your way back up for bronze anymore I think that's fair I don't really know where I stand with it I guess it probably Falls similar to like a tennis tournament or something.

Where you know once you get knocked out no one cares yeah it's a single elimination for most tennis tournaments yeah like no one even cares who got third place it's just who got first right that's all people care about first second but it's I mean there's some drama when if you can get through the backdraw which is which is cool I don't.

Know I'm used to double elimination I know I think the double elimination in pickleball is nice because you get some people who will grind their way back yeah and I think that's cool but I don't know the new format is interesting so when you get to the semi-finals yeah the team that loses there they will immediately from what I.

Understand go play for third and fourth yeah uh to determine and then you know the backdrop people don't come up from there here's a hot take I think that they could reinstate the backdraw coming back in all like coming all the way back and winning first place again if we went to Rally scoring why just because time yeah time yeah.

Probably right wouldn't surprise me but I don't know I think they want that I think it's funny that they even call this a double elimination bracket anymore because it's a single elimination bracket if I go out right away and the best I can do is fifth or sixth is not double elimination who cares if I get fifth or six it's just.

Points his point well I mean we the thing is because we don't know what those points mean like how many points matter and how many points you can get so if you're trying to become bro and those points do matter then potentially yes but also at the same time I also think that those points are right now in its current state arbitrary because yeah.

It's who you know you I mean the PBA has the ability to change up the draws and the brackets how they see fit they have wild cards to give out I mean Sam query got a wild card into the last one yeah and I don't know there's some people like in the main draw and some people in the qualifiers that I feel like are good.

Enough to be in the main draw right yeah so I know yeah only time will tell stuff to figure out there um but otherwise I mean I guess we'll just go over the the winners of the event if you don't already know you can probably safely assume that Ben and annelie triple crowned everything yeah what a shocker what a shocker it.

Honestly it wasn't as exciting to see or watch especially coming on the tail end of MLP yes oh I mean after MLP nothing is exciting anymore however we do have the uh you know talk about the one crazy upset right all the Sarah annsbury Bobby yeah yeah that was pretty nuts later on they beat Cali Smith and Lucy kovalova the number 17 CB and their number one.

Seed yep they were the number one seed I think so yeah wow okay uh then they beat Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop obviously very solid teams and they had beat one other team before these ones but I didn't recognize their names and then I think after that did they just go was it straight to the final did they beat one other team I don't.

Know guys you guys can look it up and let us know yeah we're we're it's very tired we're fried from this trip it's been a long trip yeah little uh more disorganized than normal but yeah basically they had a great run oh no they had to play Leia Jansen and uh at least Elise Jones so after that uh in this Sarah ansbury and Bobby won the.

First one Leia Jensen and Elise pickled them next one that's right I don't remember the score for the last one but yeah they Elise Jones and Lady Jansen made it to the final and they they were actually fighting pretty good it was it was an entertaining game to watch you mean at least you're just diving for the ball I mean that was pretty crazy she's.

Just everywhere on the court on the ground at all times do you think now it's just like her thing do you know do you think that she goes into a match I think I gotta dive for a ball just to stay on brand probably doesn't think that but it does make me think of Christian where it's like I probably gotta hit a tweener just to keep people.

Just keep people excited so yeah that was kind of the the recap of the trip for the most part I'm trying to think will if there was anything else I mean it was a super fun trip obviously being with all the content creators was great we got to do a bunch of stuff yeah all the podcasts with all the pros playing against selling them.

Good with uh oh let me just put it out there I got more points collectively over Leia than Chris got hey but do you want to tell them what Leia said at the end okay we'll tell him what Leia said I'll tell what Leia said then Leia I asked Leia hey Leah who's better who is harder to play against Chris or I and she said okay at at your Peaks at.

Your Heights well you were you were tougher but overall Chris was tougher because he had more stamina yes and will ran out of juice real fast halfway through the first game was like he like I was sucking in air but I was tired from like I don't know what I was tired from oh I think it's because there was a night of drinking involved.

For me the night before oh here's excuses so why don't drink I don't have that excuse okay well I mean it doesn't matter because throughout this whole entire trip I pretty much wiped the floor with Chris anytime we played singles anyways well that's a true statement we don't have to talk about it I did think that was funny when she said.

That though because I was like oh I didn't see that one coming yeah and she also said I think if I played her first I probably would have got more points because she was like well you know what the best comment she made what my favorite one was after you got up like Five Points because you just started on a tear I did and I was like what's your.

Rating and you were like I think singles is like a four nine or something and she's like dang plays another point and then she goes man I thought this was gonna be 3-0 pickleball if I had known it wasn't I would have warmed up more yeah so you know my ego went up just a little bit I was like yeah and then she said that she thought I was harder to.

Play and his ego deflated real fast no not really probably not but yeah I think that's pretty much all we got yeah upcoming is the interview with Leia Jansen which was super insightful I think that was a really fun conversation yes I think you guys are going to enjoy it a lot so make sure you stay tuned and uh yeah ladies and gentlemen here's Leah.

Jansen what's up guys does she practice that to imitate you oh wow you know people it's it's a tough one to imitate so Leia I just need to know okay why is it that in the highlight reels I I don't know if you you know this but I messaged you once like a long time ago on Instagram or I made a comment I said yo is it just me or is Leia Jensen on the.

Receiving end of all these highlight Clips like you're always on the losing and losing but you're always someone else's highlight it feels like 2021 like last last year at the first MLP that that shot wasn't even that great that Andrea hit and like I messaged the kitchen of like why it's like the most viral point I'm like why like it wasn't.

Even that great right and you you responded back to my comments like thank you I have to say something I was just because I met you like once it was at like 2021 PPA in Rockwall Texas or like in in Dallas I think you you were training you're getting ready for the finals I believe I think believe it was against alien Waters probably well I.

Mean you're putting in work like that's I I just remember like man yo like that's what I became because I just saw you were just like going out there and you were just like working on your game like constantly and I was like all right at least one to watch out for I'm a fan and then to see all the clips or whatever and I was like dude this stuff.

Is so I didn't know if there was like a secret cult against you or something that's what I wanted to know no I I thought so too I still believe so who's the leader of this cult yeah but I see it all the time too and I'm like well I don't know I mean you are in a bunch of the finals so I feel like it it makes sense with the people you're.

Playing but still I don't know no there were a lot of Clips especially last year that kept on going out I'm like you know I'm a decent singles player too like because you want to show any of the points I hit that match no no okay yeah it seems like it's always just anally against you or something right exactly I thought we'd ask because I was curious.

About your take on that but the main one of the main things I want to talk about is just MLP this past weekend and just kind of how you thought the whole thing went what did you think of the team you guys had well I mean honestly I love RT but uh I was like it was kind of like the craziest adrenaline high like I feel like I have an adrenaline hangover still.

Oh sure you know like of trying to like regulate everything and kind of come back too I'm playing the PPA this weekend will be interesting because it's just totally different and you almost like literally I just feel like I'm coming off of like the craziest weekend I've ever had oh yeah the dopamine High isn't like just yes it's not just it's.

Not going into PBA I would have thought that all the players who played MLP this weekend would go into the PPA this upcoming weekend with just like pumped up like I mean I think maybe but it's also just a little bit different like you're you're going to be playing against your teammates and stuff like that you're going to be uh you're.

Playing with people who you were just competing against true and getting chippy with so it's just it's it's definitely different but it's uh the amount of energy at MLP like the the slogan describes it perfectly there's really nothing else like it it really does I mean even just watching we were both at the venue and watching on TV and.

If you turn on a PPA most of the time it feels like a snooze Fest you generally know who's gonna win the match it's normally not that close or exciting and then MLP everything is close the players are significantly more hyped yeah than they usually are wave you guys were pumped I was like dude somebody I was like something is in the water like the.

Water bottles they gave us are or something they jacked you guys up with I don't know yeah the energy was pretty ridiculous it was insane yeah it did feel like to us though watching that the guys on your team dropped the ball a lot this weekend ish Hayden did was pretty clutch in one of the dream Breakers I don't remember which one it was but it's.

The first one yes yeah I think he was maybe not the reason you guys won it but it was didn't wasn't looking so hot and then I remember if he won three straight or four straight but DJ had match points and he like he had a good look at a forehand he completely shanked it yeah he told me he was really tight I mean dream Breakers are tight and then Hayden.

Came up with a few big forehands and then Annalee came in and the clutch coming in against Cali like she usually does yeah all I can think about Big H right now is the finger wag memes I do have to say though when when he when people give it back to him though he needs to he needs to become a little better he gets a little frazzled when.

People give it back oh does he yes yes why does he just get upset like I can't believe he's a little upset and so I mean I think that's just part of his Youth and everything but um yeah if you're giving it out it's gonna come back oh and you better be ready and you better be getting ready to get it like twice as hard as you gave it right for.

Sure he got it from everybody I felt like and he tried to give it back or and he did give it back to almost everybody but it's just the the difference because I don't know he just looks punitive compared to everybody yeah he's so Chinese you know but I say that because but also Aiden is probably taller than I am you're probably bigger than me I.

Can't even say anything and he came in clutch I thought I thought he was he was pretty funny but I mean there was a several watching all of your guys matches it seemed like you and Annalee were pretty strong considering time and it seemed like the guys just kind of choked Under Pressure even I remember I think it was one of your.

First matches or second match I don't remember which but uh daska was like yeah we just targeted James the whole time in mixed yeah yeah so that I mean that was an issue that we had and I think uh we're going to address moving forward is like you know I kind of felt like the I felt like the toughest were the.

Girls and like meant like to me like uh there's a few guys like if you ask Julian Arnold to go play mixed with Anna Lee Waters he's gonna be like yeah I'm gonna win this match and I'm gonna show Ben Johns that I wanna like I should be annalize partner yeah and I felt like both our guys kind of really didn't want to step up to that task and.

Right you know the one with pressure on that situation is me like I could be I was like you know with me and Anna Lee lost the match together I'm going into a tough rally scoring situation uh playing with Anna Lee Waters where you know even if you're not watching the match and you see we lose you're like oh well it sucks and I didn't really feel pressure with.

Her she is a great partner she really really does not show bad body language towards you you feel extremely comfortable with her on the court so that was one of the issues that I really feel like we have to address going forward like someone needs to step up and be like yeah easy job let's go yeah well I noticed one of your guys's.

Matches I should have wrote some of these down it's hard there's just so many matches this week it's hard to remember which was which but it was a tight one in against Tyson and I was the hustlers and you guys switched you put you on the left and James on the right what was the deal with that because it seemed like.

James was still playing the exact same he just came over and took back hands instead of four hands well which is his stronger shot um I like being in front of the girl I feel like a lot of hand speech favors me and um you know I was playing that side with Anna Lee the whole time so I'm getting a lot more comfortable over on the left.

Now so when we called the time out actually Lee and Anna Lee didn't really give to me X's and O's they just kind of told me like Leia go do your thing meaning like go get in their face I said and you got in their faces and then um and then James said we're gonna switch because uh he's a big Riley Newman fan.

He was actually talking to me about it before the tournament of like what do you think when we play mixed together you being on the left I'm like well let's start traditional you know blah blah blah but I didn't know he was going to take that much court and be that aggressive and it really worked because you can body the girl up and if she.

Counters it goes back to him or if like she was counting to me I sit heavy forehand and it was uh and you know Tyson was never really ready for that recounter I think we like pegged him quite a few times yes you did and it was really interesting I think that the tone when the switch happens seemed to change a lot I felt like the.

Game was more aggressive before that or maybe the hustlers were a little more aggressive and then once you guys switched it felt like it was a lot of dinking just waiting for one specific ball to put it seemed like everyone got tight I don't know if it was for you guys maybe just the hustlers but I don't know I feel like it slowed down more.

Than it had been in the game yeah go ahead oh well I think obviously it worked because it got slow because they were scared they feared on the left so they were like okay we have to watch out now well yeah I think James actually has more speed UPS from that side oh really yeah and if I were to play a tournament with James I think that's how we would.

Play and you know I think that's where Riley was very good with Catherine I mean Catherine was always standing off the court just hitting Four Hands yeah and Riley was just applying pressure to the girl and didn't really matter where you countered Riley was there yeah so it's it's a different look but it takes a certain person to do it James is one.

Of those people with his length support coverage and the fact that he like Riley likes his backhand more yeah that makes a lot of sense it seemed like I don't remember if you actually ended up getting any rnas but it just felt with how much Court James I'm just taking it early I missed an Ernie at 2020. like oh the whole crowd like I saw James.

Reaction when I watched the match back and he like sprinted back because I missed it it was like yeah it was a ballsy move at 2020. I think you just hit it out right like you did I mean it was a good look it was a good look I it just like her ball died as I was hitting it and I just mistimed it I'm just curious like because this MLP I felt.

Like the court was a little bit smaller than the one at Columbus did you feel you had enough room did it feel crowded because you weren't at Columbus right no I wasn't oh okay okay that's right that's what it was because we talked about this before and I just felt like Court was a little bit smaller and with everybody crowding in like.

Would you be jumping the line more because I don't know didn't somebody hit the ground running for I mean I'm sure Julie like hit the ground running for a few atps or whatnot into the crowd I was like oh my gosh I feel like there should have been more room but yeah Columbus it felt like the court was just huge like you had for the players the same way you.

Had essentially unlimited space and this one was a little tighter though I do think for viewing it's nicer you're so close to the players it's like you like really feel the energy from them but I've never seen a crowd like that before or like during our Hustler is this your second MLP you play the first one right I played the first one which was an.

Awesome experience but this one was just like completely something else it sure seems like they've really am I mean I loved Columbus and that was my first one thought it was a great experience but this one definitely was A Step Above like production coverage seemed better uh the replays were really good on the screen I don't know the whole thing just.

Felt really good speaking of replays what did you think about the call of James's Stomp the split stuff well I think everyone saw a reaction I went back and watched that and I laughed so hard I mean the thing is like the funny thing is I know a lot of people have like comments of our Behavior but like I I mean like I truly.

Do love Lee and Anna Lee now I I get along with them so well Lee waters on the bench was cracking me up I like don't think we would have been the same team without her sure like James James it was hilarious too so I mean I think we just really embraced it yeah and um I feel like if I'm on the team we're just going to be the villain team honestly.

Let's see what what's so interesting about the whole villain thing with you is I feel like a lot of people on social media portray you that way and I remember for a period of time feeling similar so the PPA last year like I might have seen just a couple games of yours like while I was watching and I was like oh my gosh it's like just.

Really angry right now I can't did you break a paddle there at PPA Minnesota last year is that indoor venue oh yeah after I lost I I had like I hadn't lost to Cali I was coming back from a terrible Health scare it was a terrible beginning of the year because you know I had someone like in the public reaming me.

Um and I came back after basically not hitting a ball and like feeling like no one really understood My Health crisis I come out I lose to Cali I haven't that was the first time I've ever lost to her oh okay and then I lost to Irina in the bronze match and then yeah so I think it was really funny it was really funny too because Connor the owner of the PPA.

After like I broke my paddle he was like the next day he was like Yeah someone was like we came here to see Leia can we have that broken paddle that's really funny well the reason I bring it up is because for a long time I was like ah it's like man just I don't know it's like I don't know why she's mad all the time but then I feel like.

Once you started doing commentating stuff and I just got to know you a little more I heard some podcasts and just things you were on it's like I feel like you're just very misunderstood yes I I truly do believe so and I always say people have a different way of competing I kind of need a lot of adrenaline to keep me going so like you know.

I always say like Michael Jordan always made an enemy on the court like my opponents are my enemy and it's funny because I consider Lucy kofalova like one of my best friends on tour I Love Lucy like we chatted after that match but she always gets up in my girl during the match and I get back up in her Grill and then but we both need it like Lucy.

Needs that to play well and I need it to play well and we just like that's what happens and then it's like so you were feeding her during that one was it the one where you threw the ball like like I thought I don't know who started it but there were a few like that's out that's out stuff so I was like okay well let's do this then do you think in that.

Moment she was upset with it at all I I don't know nor do I care that's that's fair if anything she helped Lucy play better he's like she Leo's doing her favorites here I'm trying to pump you up here get that ball okay way better then I'll play better and I'm still gonna beat you and then we can you know hug it out later if we want to probably not I.

Think a lot of people like sitting on the sidelines can have a lot of interesting things but like we're on adrenaline so yeah and we're playing for money so I always say like adrenaline's the craziest drug yeah ever you know like you kind of lose your mind you literally go into fight or flight yeah I go into.

Fight yeah like you know like I would say hate and win to flight this weekend like it's literally like you're in an altered state of mind so like yeah when you're sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and you're like well that's on Sportsman like yeah shots fired out there so like a lot of times when you're on this has been my.

Assumption as of recently especially as I've gotten to know you better but like your body language will look upset a lot but I assume most of that isn't directed at your partner it seems like it's just directed it yourself most of the time I would say every partner who has played with me has like said I'm a great partner it's like I I actually my I.

Don't even feel like my body language too much is terrible because if you notice like there's not a big carryover I'm not really slumping my shoulders or anything like that and like I think if you were to ask Annalee this weekend how it was playing with me she would say like I love playing with Leia sure like I think a lot of people I'm always good.

To my partners it's just like I'll verbally assault myself yeah then that's what it looks like I feel like I see you talking to yourself a lot after if you miss something it's like yeah I just see you like looking at your paddle or you know talking to yourself or whatever so during the draft when you know Italy was obviously picked first did she have a.

Lot of sway into getting you on her Squad as well or it was that just kind of kind of look in the drawer how much of that was influenced by her and like you guys I think I mean Anna Lee pretty much chose our team I think I I was not in on I actually didn't even know I was getting drafted like well I mean because I got a text saying like you you might.

Be a top pick um so just be by your phone and then like that time period like left and I'm like I'm not getting drafted like it's two hours later and then I I think I reached out to somebody and they were like oh you're on annalize team and I was like oh okay and Annalee called me and said that but um I honestly think we.

Got a little bit like lucky with how far I fell because um like looking at these looking at these teams like I don't think Annalee could have played with Lee Whitwell this year and darn as well like the teams were very tough rally scoring makes it a little bit tougher yeah for sure yeah I think she chose everyone she James was.

Her pick and then she had the swing around so I became her woman pick I see I see yeah it was really interesting to see the teams because I didn't look at the what the actual standing was for the shocks but when we had done a podcast episode just kind of picking our top teams and bottom teams when they were formerly Cabo vamos or whatever I said.

They were going to come dead last and then to see them go close with you guys I was like yeah that's at least a little bit MLP obviously they're not bad players but you know I just think that's kind of the nature of MLP rally scoring too and people kind of forget this was me and Annelise first time playing rally scoring so we went into this being like.

We're gonna drive and crash and by the end we figured out we just like the driving crash was losing us most of our points if we were like just by not getting to the kitchen line so when we play in Daytona there's going to be like literally not a ton unless we there's a suited matchup gotcha I see I think I even heard Anna say that somewhere she.

Was just talking about she felt it was a lot better at MLP to be dropping rather than driving did feel like teams were very aggressive this MLP though I don't know if that had to do with weather conditions especially because it was a little colder but it seemed to be a lot of third shot drives all around yeah I think a lot of it was a lot of players.

Had not played that format before they're tense and this is the first time a lot of the players are going back to playing uh rally scoring like you know like you we have not you haven't done it in a while so it's you know rightfully so that you guys are a little bit more tentative and then trying to amp each other up to you know take y'all's games.

To what it should be or what it usually is in regular scoring you know yeah was it a lot nicer playing with Annalee this time rather than against her all the time for sure yeah for sure I mean uh I've I've always really respected uh Annalee and Lee just because I think like they're such competitors so I resonate with that sure and the fact of.

Like even when they're playing terrible I always thought like you know Ben can check out sometimes but the waters doesn't matter how like terrible they're playing they will like they're focused in they'll like scrap and Claw just to get through and I've always really respected that and obviously Annelise skill is awesome but I was just truly.

Surprised by her energy on Court and how much like I truly loved playing with her like probably my favorite partner I've ever played with what do you think was just as a partner not even necessarily skill level but what do you think made that so nice for you I I just think it's like her energy and like how she treats her.

Partners she's very easy she like will always be like you got this Leia She'll always make you feel comfortable you know and then she like it she doesn't over fire up yeah like so you feel a sense of calm but she'll like it was like kind of like easy right away when we would fire up together but like I see and you know she's not going to like.

Scream and like cry about stuff she's gonna fight with you yeah that makes sense it's funny you mentioned the competitive nature of you guys because you did mention a comment before we started the pot but you could share it with it if you what you said that when you guys get competitive and you lose you act certain way the water is.

Actually in James acts a certain way did you want to share the three I found like me James and the waters bonded because we're both just so competitive you hate to lose we hate to lose James handles it a certain way I handle it a certain way and Lee and Anna Lee handle it a certain way and then we all just kind of like come to like so I.

Thought it was good um I know like our results this weekend weren't the best but I'm extremely proud of how we all thought like I felt like we just scrapped and clawed our way almost to the semis yeah you know and when really the the a game wasn't there yeah no I I felt so too I feel singles James.

I felt in the dream Breakers James drop the ball more than anyone else I feel just watching James that's not the singles game I usually see him play no he almost feel like he was the weakest one in the dream breaker to me no to me as well yeah it just seemed like a lot of points were getting scored on him that I was surprised like when he was.

Playing Rafa I was and Ralph is a great singles player but I was like I did not think it was going to favor Rafa over James Rafa went for it yeah you know like you just saw it like that's what the dream Breakers are about you gotta swing and you got to be aggressive and he was a little more careful just trying to miss balls and that's why I got it.

Like that's why Rafa's so good at MLP he swings yeah oh yeah I mean I think my favorite shot he hit was in that dream breaker where he banged James because he's like right in front of the net and just full swing full swing going for it yeah that was going to the bleacher that would have been big because it would have been 2018 us yeah yeah that would.

Have been huge that was a very tight dream Breakers you guys went through I feel like you guys played so many dream Breakers we played all three right yes all of them are dream Breakers all dream Breakers that's crazy how tight it was what made you guys switch um I think the very first match that you guys played James was was with Annalee.

And then you guys I think you switched it after that for the rest of your matches right yeah so I had played with James before and James was not going to play with Anna Lee that match just to make sure we got a for sure win and Annalee was just gonna try and play with Hayden and um then James and Anna Lee lost and we.

Were not planning on that I mean that should have been a 3-0 win that kind of set the tone for the weekend I think of just like you know come on let's let's bring it through and um then uh me and Hayden got clobbered so James and I had played a tournament together before and we went into and.

James didn't really want to play with Anna Lee at that point so um he wasn't ready yeah he was shocked by it because we were gonna we switched the lineup we were gonna have me and James just to make sure we got the for sure point and then we switched it once we got up to zero and he was not ready for it well he did.

Say something like in a post-match interview he was like all I could think about was don't screw this up because if you lose it's your fault that's what's then you're going to screws yeah exactly yeah it's a self-fulfilling prophecy at that point uh so the next match we split um woman won men lost so then uh we decided to put.

Annalee and Hayden out hoping Annalee could bring us home um and I think they made a switch with Anna Lee on the left which we should have done the rest of the time and they almost made a comeback the me and James played well together so then we just kind of wanted.

To keep it that that way yeah um it seemed like that was the better Arrangement anyway so it just seemed like everything kind of flowed yeah better in that way I was playing confident yeah I mean I watched me and James last match and the energy we had together on court was like it was great like I didn't even know we were getting.

That fired up I think I was like chest bumping him after every single point I think it is one of those things where when you're in the moment you don't really realize I'm sure a lot of players probably felt that this weekend if they go back and watch like I didn't know I looked like this I didn't know I was doing this like I was cracking up at Lee.

Waters on the court just like every single poem coming out there it's so funny people weren't talking about the people on the sidelines of the the coaches GMS whatever they were like every point they're on the coach or on the court like clapping whatever hi five like they were like how about we just make them sit on.

The bench so that the points Move Along quicker but I one of my uh good friends called me and she's like always watches and she like would always watch Lee talk to Anna Lee yeah and the first thing she said is like okay what is sleep Waters constantly saying because she's always talking and she's like I gotta know what it is and honestly she did her homework.

Or not honestly it's it she's such like a it doesn't look like it but she's such a calming Force out there she's like one of my mom's a coach and she kind of reminds me of Lee and the fact of she's so competitive she wants it so much and she's like invested in every point so like literally she would come out and be.

Like okay drop and wait for it and then by the last time she came out she said new plan we're just gonna drop and just go for it do you find that that type of coaching is actually helpful or do you find like you tried and you're like this just isn't working at all and then you go back and do something else how do you.

Feel about that I I think her delivery and just like to me Lee has been there before she knows the emotions she has a great way of delivering it's never like you you're not doing this it's always like a positive thing and then she follows it the best thing is it's always simple like it's not like it's like you gotta.

Play the middle more you're giving too many angles you got this go you know it's very simple things that just kind of help you focus in I understand why Annalee loves having her on the sideline so much that makes sense and on the court who was more of unless it was just Lee the whole time but on the court like with you and James.

You and Anna Lee who kind of played who was more the strategic person and who was like okay I'm just just tell me what I should be doing um I mean annalize like I I felt like we were just kind of more on a flow State together and we would just like kind of feed off the stuff and then it was always Lee at least.

Do this and we're like okay let's go well that's good in that Co in that type of coaching because obviously you guys know what you're doing and she she trusts you guys to know what to do and how to do it it's just like you said that calming factor to for you to trust your game and give you that kind of confidence so you can perform at your.

Best and I think that's what's great about her coming in every time and like you know hyping you guys up or calming you guys down yeah no I mean she's hilarious and the thing is like all of us appreciated her it wasn't just Annalee like during the hustlers match like during the mix like James kept him turning the lead and be like I I want it.

Lee I'll do a good mom and then like when we're about to go in wee like where's Lee and he's like you gotta James he's like yeah I do I got orange peels for Orange is for you after the match no it wouldn't have been the same experience without Lee Waters that's so good I did.

Uh there was I think it was after you guys won a dream breaker or won a match to go into a dream breaker but I saw Lee like Jump Off the Bench and I was like careful don't don't tear the ACL again I was like did she have her surgery yet she's she's having so she can't travel if she has her surgery so like and after being there this weekend like there's no.

Way in a league wants to compete without her so she's getting her surgery I think like within the next couple days and all after or after this tournament the next tournament in Arizona and then the rest are in Florida in that time that she can't travel I see that makes sense oh so she planned it out strategically yeah and yeah that's smart I do want to know.

Because this was another big talk about your guys's team was the line calls people were so mad about the line calls online did you guys feel like you had any bad line calls so honestly like the ones that I got overruled on I was shocked they were they were in like sometimes like it's uh no one's talking about Jay's call that they challenged.

That was like you know this far in like it's like come on like I saw a lot of bad line calls oh yeah all around for sure annalize was uh like we even told her like don't do it because I think she looked back back and was just kind of like didn't see it and was kind of hoping was this the lob or whatever yeah yeah because that ball the only reason.

That we didn't overturn it is because Anna Lee said she needed the timeout um so I I was telling James this morning of like you know first of all we're playing for a lot of money yeah every like a lot of people were doing it yeah and we have a challenge system in so like for me if I think it's out and I get overruled on the big screen okay.

Yeah um I saw Fetter like you know when they put all the shot spot in you saw like Federer challenging calls like after you know would like stop points and be like that was out and the ball was like this far in on the shot spot like I mean you know they're using it for are you using it sometimes as a extra time out for you.

Guys just saying collect yourselves or not because I mean you could technically no strategically like the ones that we like the Tyson challenge I think Annalee thought it at first and then she just wanted to use it for her timeout I see like and that one like she was just kind of in a panic so she wanted the one against Cali so she.

Wanted to use it for a timeout so I mean it's a lot of a lot of people complaining about it that was like kind of like the pot calling the kettle black it's like yeah okay you know whatever I think lion calls and pickleball are an interesting thing too besides maybe some individuals I think generally people are pretty good about their line calls or.

They're not trying to be malicious it feels like to me yeah maybe they are but I just think when you are in that moment you've got this loud crowd your body is full of adrenaline yeah like you're just gonna your brain's gonna see what it wants to see a little bit or things are just happening so quick you don't get a good book like it's also getting like.

Quicker and stuff like that there are a lot of Shadows there like the one that I got overruled on both Sidelines like legitimately thought they were out yeah okay like you guys and like both of them I had plays on like both of them I made the ball yeah wasn't like I was behind in the point so I didn't really see them as that malicious or anything like that.

But and people are gonna get overturned and overruled I mean yeah yeah yeah it seemed it was such an interesting thing to say online I I'm seeing these online though wait was it specifically Leia's call or was there were a few that were about I think I don't remember which match it was I was just in my Discord or whatever and a couple people were like.

Holy cow Leia's making the worst calls I've ever seen but there was bad calls all around I just for sure there were like bad calls all over funny that lay was targeted at maybe you're you're a villain Persona I think it yeah I think it just goes right after that yeah I think it's I I actually one time told nml of like why I received so much Flack.

I'm like it's just like kind of the likability factor but a lot of people once they get to know me like understand me and then yeah but I I will never apologize for how I am on court I don't think it's super unsportsmanlike I feel like I if anything I retaliate a lot yeah um and everyone's doing it it's going to.

Be part of the sport I mean I hate to pull this but um I also feel like a lot of guys were acting in a fool this weekend for sure I got called out quite a bit because they're not like because I'm a girl doing it yeah I do think there is definitely a little bit of that where for guys they just people let it go it's.

Like oh it's a guy and then when it's a girl they're like oh they're not supposed to do that which isn't really ridiculous the flag that Lucy received for her behavior this year with like on the forums and stuff and like oh but then Colin and Riley are like going at it and everyone's like oh this is so great I'm like Lucy it's the same thing.

He's doing the same thing like I I don't understand people get upset about like a finger wag or something and you're like dude calm down get out of here yeah how often do you think on the tour there's actual malicious banter where people are mean and then it's like off the court it continues that way versus it's almost just having fun in the match.

Like what percentage do you think it is I mean I don't really think anybody takes the time to be like super mean to anybody off Court sure it's just kind of like I mean we see each other all the time too like are there people who I started with on court that I don't like off court yet but I don't pay attention to them off.

Course you know I see we have Rivals now sometimes it's hard to tell when because I can't remember what I think like Tyson and Matt are maybe a good example where you know they'll kind of go back and forth and Chirp a little bit and then it just seems like they're at least these days decent friends so sometimes it's hard to.

Know when people are still friends or it's like oh they actually hate each other well that is like a good example could you imagine like a Tyson flip uh mat off like two times and he was like so proud of it said it on his podcast could you imagine if I went out there real bad and then Tyson would be the.

First one on the podcast saying oh she's on some on Sportsman like and it's like that's right you know yeah that's definitely definitely not fair I do remember that which tournament was that dude that was Texas open 2020 he did it twice he did it on mixed day and I remember like getting a photo from him and like being so proud and everyone was.

Like oh that was such a great Moment Like Lucy goes out there and does that like that's not gonna be you know it's gonna be like oh my gosh yeah it's not gonna end well yeah that double standard is just kind of weird in pickleball yeah so cut that crap out guys yeah yeah cut it out stop it stop being an online bully yeah well that cover do well do.

You have anything else you want to talk about from MLP before we move on or do you feel like that covers most of of your MLP experience I mean I I felt like we had a lot of fans there so like when I like people would talk to me like oh you guys are the most hated team it's like dude I don't know about that yeah the other teams just hate us because we.

Don't like any of the other teams either it's kind of like when you're playing for like your college it's like yeah yeah exactly who did you like it was always like that so um but I did feel like there were terrible line calls in the first place I know speaking for me the two bad line calls that I made legitimately thought.

They were out and I had plays on the ball um and that Court was also pretty shadowy they were really bad yeah so it was like hard to see I felt like a lot of people had line calls um and a lot of people like I don't know like.

Yeah like the Saint Louis team was being obnoxious as well like so obnoxious with lion calls or just as everything there's everything as a whole that's why you're matching the energy with um yeah Elise if anyone fires up on me like the first point and wants to do like you know a Cinderella move and like go in my face.

Yeah like okay then I will block you on the next one if I win the point okay now you did say you guys are partnering so I assume that it's clearly not in Bad Blood no no that's of course that's not in Bad Blood she's just like a super intense fiery player and like she even said oh like I'm so sorry after the match I'm like I don't care like what.

Happens on the Court stays on the court that's right respect respect yeah but you know they were definitely getting getting chirpy and getting hype so like okay I'm not going to just like I'm bringing the Ruckus boys yeah yeah you better be ready see I'm I'm glad to hear that though because I think I think part of the problem problem is you guys.

Obviously all know each other on the tour and know what's playful and what isn't but I think from the stream people just have no idea if I just saw that stream clip I'd be like holy cow these two hate each other yeah they're making stories up in their minds yes because you just don't know the other side of it right so like I think it's good to to.

Hear that obviously you guys don't hate each other if you're going to continue to partner no no like idea I just think uh a lot of stuff has taken a little bit too seriously and we're out of context yeah for sure yeah definitely both but yeah I don't know I thought MLP was it was great it was fun to watch I'm excited to see your guys's team and the.

Rest I feel like you guys will probably learned a lot from this one get more dialed in and then yeah as like you know very high on our when we're doing the tiers of our top three or like bottom three or whatnot yeah I I do think like the performance was not like if you were to look statistically wasn't great but the fact that we got as.

Far as we did yeah is good and then um I feel like we can you know fix it us thanks no I definitely think it'll be fixable I don't know if it was purely just nerves for James but I just every time I was like I mean it was it was a combination of things like you said the lighting was I mean I'm sure when the sun peeks in through some of the the.

Shading or the blinders on one side was probably pretty tough and then like the shades on the court like the Shadows on the court and the lion calls the refs everybody's tense you know yeah the way oh my gosh the Win Thursday was terrible you guys didn't play Thursday but that was awful when we showed up oh no we tried to practice that day yeah right.

Yeah it was terrible it's horrible the wind is just like I don't know as soon as you get off the court you're freezing like it I think MLP is such a cool experience in the fact that uh I look at Anna Lee Waters as like my little sister now I look at Lee Waters as just like hilarious and I can't even look at her without like we we laughed so hard on.

The sidelines yeah that's uh looking back on my match against the hustlers me and Leah when we're down in 2018 like I'm talking to her and we just both start busting up laughing I'm like that's why I won you know I was just having so much fun and in that moment I'm smiling and loose um and then you know I'm super close now.

With with James just from like we won a big match together I understand James humor so much more now I think he's the funniest guy so uh like it brings people together in a way that you can't in just a regular PPA thing I'm assuming yeah because obviously you're around a lot of these people but it sounds like you.

Hadn't really had these experiences with any of these people prior to MLP no no not at all not at all off Court I mean we guys are out of PPA off course is it kind of everyone just goes and does their own thing like no one really interacts with each other or what's kind of I mean you sit in the lounge and stuff but like once you're done playing.

Like peace like everybody for the next day you know there's a few people who hang out and stuff but you know I've never spent that much time with Anna Lee yeah I see but as his team like so you spend a lot of time obviously on court off Court practicing just having a good time yeah just getting to know each other you have to create that.

Camaraderie so then what did you guys do together if anything after I guess I mean we're just kind of like eat and yeah I mean like watch the other matches together and like just have conversation you kind of get to know like one another and everything and we've been such intense I mean not so intense I mean but obviously we play each other all the.

Time yeah and so like I've never really ever taken the time besides hey how are you I mean I've always had a good relationship with them but never gotten to know them I see wait so then you know when you when you're out there having dinner or whatnot I guess what you're all eating like what's your favorite food but also what do you guys talk.

About uh outside of pickleball if anything at all I'm just curious like or is it people all the time I talked about a lot of stuff outside of pickleball you know like you just kind of like to hear what they like to do you you get to hear what they like kind of think about things um you know I talked to Lee about guys.

All the like I'm like do you think this guy's cute do you think this I think this like you wrote your dating profile but you're not say this should I use this one I'm telling her I'm not online I will never be on one of those things and so yeah and you you just hear about like you know what Annalee did before pickleball with them yeah so it like.

Stuff that you would just never do and I think it was like that for a lot of teams okay well real quick before we move on what are some things that I don't know that you're into outside of pickleball or any other Hobbies or sports or things you like to watch or do I'm a big hiker I watch the office and Parks and Rec okay every single night.

Which one do you like more I I have to go with like the office okay just because Parks and Rec started becoming like oh I care about Ben and Leslie you know yeah yeah it's just like I wasn't into those storylines sure and um so I like to hike hang out with my dogs um okay advice you got they're just.

Pound dogs okay so yeah but they're awesome yeah um but a lot of my time is like you know spent on either doing this workout driving here doing this making food you know it's kind of like a full-time job nowadays let's see how many hours in a day are.

Pickleball focused for you do you think I mean at least eight with like driving trying to do my new workout program I do like that my neurofit program and then like you know two to three hours of practice and then I'm making meals in between it's like you know I wake up early I do all that by the time 6 p.m comes around I'm making dinner doing.

Maybe a little yoga and then going to bed going to do it again well it seems like you're very um I guess focused on your health and I think that's the next part of the pot we have some interesting questions Chris did you want to go into yeah I just wanted to know with the diabetes like how that affects pickleball as a whole.

Because I feel like last early last year you had yeah I don't know what the health problems were I just know that they were pretty severe and I remember you saying you weren't even sure how much longer you were going to be able to play Pickleball yeah so I for and this is why I also think like I'm really misunderstood sure I don't think people.

Know what I have to deal with to play yeah what I'm dealing with when I play how much how high my blood sugar is like how you're just the elements I play on are not normal and since I travel so much it's very difficult but a lot before I met someone who helped me with my health because her husband was a diabetic.

Um you know I got diagnosed at 23 and until I was 29 I hardly checked my blood sugar like I just was in college and they said oh you have diabetes gave me a two-hour class and I went on you know like I didn't have a Dexcom I didn't so I was living my life as a constant up and down roller coaster which has like major mental health and physical health.

It likes uh things so it all kind of all came to a head at the end of 2021 because I did this crazy travel year where I was playing all the time and um in Vegas at PPA Vegas 2021 I just like almost like I was just passing out and Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold actually had to rush me to the hospital and I got there and they were like you.

Need to fix this like this is dangerous and I found out my A1C was completely high in everything so I got a Dexcom is that the thing you wear that's the thing I wear which sends me like numbers back but I had been so messed up all year like for years that it just put a spotlight on how bad everything was like Last Christmas I wasn't able to like.

Even leave my house like it was like oh wow because I would go from like a super high to a super low like the regulation was crazy and then uh and it was I tried I took a few tournaments off and then I tried to play at the beginning of the year and I was like almost done until I went to Port St Lucie and I got house with these people who helped me change.

It yeah and it's still been up and down but this past year has improved leaps Leaps and Bounds physically what are the things that end up being bad wolf like if you're super high you get super angry okay so I think that's like it's diet if people look up diabetic rage it's like a thing okay and then um you can't really see straight like you just get like a.

Little like you just kind of feel like your body's on fire and you're just like nothing's teamed up so it's kind of hard to play when you get low like the last time everyone was like gosh you should have just played like that in the third set against Catherine parento but I was I was coming off of like a low yeah and I had to like drink some coke which is.

Like my last resort if you see me I'm drinking Coke before I go out for that first game and then I get down like 7-0 because I can hardly even like my body feels like an anchor you know so and then like as it started going adrenaline started kicking in and my blood sugar regulated then I kind of became the player that I could play could be so a.

Lot of the times like I leave the core in the tournament and just think like if people only knew like sometimes I want to give a press conference about it like oh well Leia was mad I'm like well you go play with 300 blood sugar and you're playing and you can't pull out on your partners because you don't want to do that and and you're playing you know.

Under stress so it's like it's a it's a disease of the central nervous system so yeah sometimes my central nervous system is out of whack you guys try is it hard to keep it regulated during the tournament or do you feel like you've gotten it under control enough to where you can keep it fairly level now uh I'm during tournaments is still a struggle.

Okay day-to-day life it's completely regulated my doctor can't believe the turnaround but uh you know tournaments are just kind of like a free-for-all yeah it's a crop shoot I'm really working on like taking more time making sure I'm eating you know but like I said adrenaline's a drug it's hard to eat when you're playing and then.

Because adrenaline is in your system you spike up so it there's no perfect way but um it's a lot better than it used to be okay which is worse for you while you're playing being high blood sugar or low I mean I'm sure both are terrible but low for physicality okay high for like mental I see I see I wanted to know because you know you're going through.

This these health issues and why not you're trying to manage it how great is it on I guess MLP or the PPA or any of the tours um the health I guess support that you guys get like during a match like you know no I mean not very much I have to give Sam flaxman a shout out.

Um and Conor Ogden they're always running and getting me sugar drinks whenever I ask for them but there's not I mean yeah there's not there's not much of it yeah too much that's gonna be a huge Improvement I think for the players because I mean if you guys are out there and you're putting in you know all this energy and this work and I feel like.

That should be like you know there should be Personnel like on site just in case anything happens to anybody MLP had someone this weekend who was a chiropractor and she she was helpful um and they that they had more of a staff but yeah it is it it's really difficult too because especially I don't like uh my doctor said like I've never.

Because he I work with a guy who works with diabetic athletes that's kind of why I went to him and he's like I've never seen a tougher diabetic sport than pickleball because it's especially for me because I play singles it's Thursday Friday Saturday then Sunday he's like this is like a a triathlon a four-day Triathlon and then you're doing it every.

Week you're doing it 30 times a week so we're really overworked we're really you know there's a lot of stuff that people don't really see behind the scenes so that then people get out there and it's like well like imagine the year they've been having so much yeah that's crazy yeah and this year is only going to be.

Crazier just because you have so many events I feel like a lot of the pros I don't know about you have such a full schedule this year like are you afraid of like your mental health like burnout yeah I'm trying to play it a little bit safer this year but for sure it's it's destined to happen it's going to happen um you know I think Adam Stone has.

Spoken publicly about you know the mental health of everything like that I was actually surprised when I heard that episode because at least for him it was like went a lot deeper than I probably would have thought it went for a lot of people yeah yeah I mean performance performance anxiety is a huge huge thing.

Um that's why a lot of people like to make fun of my reset and like oh what's the point of that I'm like this is scientific like I I like I can't make fun of your what the server reset which was actually going to be what we're going to talk about yeah if you want to just chat about that a little bit your server team well I work with a guy named.

Jim Costello a neurofit and um he is uh a neurologist that went into this and it's basically it it's so complicated but it's like brain and body connection and it's repairing your central nervous system by doing physical movements um he works with autistic children people with ADHD people with anxiety and he's also worked with a.

Number of pro athletes and a lot of celebrities just for all different reasons because it's kind of like a foreign threat model of where he can like re-engineer your brain I see essentially by forming new neural pathways through this new Pro through this program that he's been working on.

For a long time yeah um instead of taking like medication or Adderall or any of that kind of stuff and um what he he gave me this routine at the beginning when we started working together it's uh you know hitting all my pressure points okay and then making a figure eight with my foot and it just.

Helps my brain cross midline and reset and it helps me stay in the present moment how much do you think it's helped since you started doing it before versus before you did it well no one knew my name before I did it and then us I worked with him five days like I actually was pretty much just about to quit pickleball entirely I quit.

Pickleball singles because I just was like I remember going to Del Rey throwing up like not being able to even go out on the court to play and just like always felt like I was underperforming for my talent level and um just kind of like the universe like I remember like reaching out to sports psychologists and stuff like that and.

Like actually started working with a sham sports psychologist and you know that I knew it wasn't working but um and his wife is just very talkative and I was out of camp and he uh I just told her like oh like he was talking to Jay about what he did yeah and um she was like it's actually very interesting and blah blah blah I'm like.

Oh my gosh I have a bunch of anxiety I'm not playing singles anymore blah blah blah and then they came to the party that night and they were like I'll like I'll work with you blah blah blah and I think he told me later his wife talked him into it um because she thought like I was nice and wanted to actually be helped and.

Um I worked with him five days before the 2021 U.S open which was my first breakthrough where I got a silver medal I should have beaten Irene in the finals but the moment kind of got next to me and I just I just went on a tear afterwards and I've always continued to do it and I truly do believe without it not only would my life not be as good.

But there's I would be done like you know Leia Jansen wouldn't have been in MLP she would have quit Okay well that's that's really cool to see I I think the serve I remember seeing it whenever it started or whenever I first noticed and it was very interesting to read the comments yeah about a lot of the stuff are people hating on it that much or.

Saying stuff and I was like okay it's just so much everybody has to serve one guy wrote me and said stop doing your monkey dance and I was like are so ignorant I can't even like respond to this there is a lot of things I've seen I think even a couple weeks ago I just went back and tried to search some stuff up just to see what people.

Were saying and I think one of the things that was the most misunderstood to me and you can correct me if I'm wrong but so my wife has severe OCD and so like I'm very familiar with like that world and what that all entails and all these people were like Legends it just has major OCD like that has to be the problem and I'm like this actually fixes.

OCD yeah I don't I'm assuming that this is I'm not saying it could be at least from what I know that my wife has but I'm like it just was so funny to watch people debate this I was like I'm not even going to try it in this pickleball fans especially are just not don't know real Athletics shortestly.

Yeah like if you're doing a lot of people who've never played before watch anyone going up for a free throw that was a great athlete watch Rafael Nadal watch baseball players like we all have weird little ticks and stuff like that and like like so if something works for me and is my routine I will do it every time like I don't care what you guys.

Think it looks like it was that yeah I didn't know it was that I know these days it is I think people just Nadal does the same Crossing midline and dampens his uh it pulls out his wedgie yeah well he also like hits his eyebrows which dampens some Jim told me uh just some kind of nerve which it makes you less nervous.

And stuff like that and she's just making sure of it you know I see there's tricks that you can play on your brain that you that help you during competition and I do them yeah I think it's funny that it bothers people because I'm like dude it's just some people get so bent out of like if someone took this long distance there's.

A lot of YouTube comments that Pros read but I honestly never read from like any of the comments on uh it's probably better that you don't on YouTube I've started talking to people in a lot of Pros seem to not which is good I think you waste a lot of time if you do but yeah I know I like I I know some pros who I've played with who have and like.

Well this they said this or this and I'm like I'm pretty sure I probably get reamed in the YouTube comments but I don't know about it some people say I they I have some Defenders out there some people say no for sure some people say I really got the YouTube chat fired up a lot yeah every time I go to or I put on the stream and you're playing.

Like I feel like there's always your supporters are very like I don't know how many supporters but even if you have a little bit of sports your supporters are diehards yeah diehards die hards for you and I think they I think a lot lot of my fans like kind of reckon like recognize like there's a reason why they like me and it's probably like they're a.

Little bit Corky they're a little bit misunderstood and that kind of resonates right yeah and you're a competitor like you know and you don't give a book about what nobody's saying so yeah yeah I was trying to tell you that like it was like I was like who who cares yeah be you yeah I think the best approach I mean it's not always easy but it's.

Easier to just try not to care yeah you want to beat your chest over at Tyson man go for it do you most of them ever most of the people who are complaining about these things are just like some three out of court that think they can coach a professional pick of all players so it's kind of like well it's just no one who's.

Played a sport before you know yeah yeah and like that's why I I really like Lee Waters my mom was my high school volleyball coach and just like always screaming the refs like all like she was so into it she would throw her clipboard she would cry when we would lose like it's just competitiveness and passion my mom was a great volleyball player so she.

Never loses that gotcha so wait when did you make this I'm assuming you played volleyball and then I just played high school volleyball just because like I wanted to I see I see and then after it was College kind of a break for it right yeah it was tennis I thought this was always like my main sport but like yeah I just kind of played high school.

Volleyball just because I just wanted to play it I see I see very hard sport in my opinion yeah I haven't played but mostly because I think I'd be terrible at it so I just don't even want to try but okay I wanted to ask you about a an Instagram gram post that was after the Orlando tournament where I'll just read the whole thing so the viewer knows what.

It is but it was not gonna lie after the year I really needed this weekend has anyone seen so many pictures of me smiling on court I've gotten many Silvers in my career but this was by far my favorite silver I've received and then you know went on to talk about some of the tournament results and then talked about I think this is the best.

I've performed and I kind of feel like I'm back what what was that all about obviously there was I assumed some health related things it was yeah it was last year 2022 was a tough year like it was I was still trying to find my health and form I think liked Partnerships were just like you know not like I'm all about energy I'm all about people.

Wanting to be around me and people wanting to play with me and I just didn't feel like I was getting that from my Partnerships which made it hard for me to perform it just made me hard for for it for me to like pickleball sure and that was my first tournament playing with new partners and like I played loose I played free I felt like I was.

Back on the court I was having fun again I was getting fired up again I just didn't feel like I was just like in a box just like you know just being like Oh my gosh I'm doing something wrong yeah right well and that leads and you can talk about this and not talk about it it's up to you but I was gonna ask about after Nationals with obviously the.

Whole drama everyone knows with partner gate basically I remember you made a post I don't know if you made a post or if I just heard it from other people but basically you were like yeah I'm not I'm not going to play with Catherine at this next tournament or just at all what was kind of the whole thing there I I just think that partnership had had run its.

Course and you know I just think a lot of people had felt disrespected by how they had treated people and I I definitely felt like the treatment of me wasn't great and it was just it was more so all about climbing like how can I get this how can I get this how can I get this and never just being a team I see and I was I'm playing with Elise this.

Year so that one just kind of struck a chord for me yeah yeah that makes sense just the way just always how it's done and just no remorse and just like suck it like I was just like well you know just put it put a bad taste in everyone's mouth like no one wanted to play that tournament I see I see yeah it seems like the do you feel like people.

Frequently get stuck in Partnerships they don't want to be in or is it just like occasionally there's just one that hits wrong I think uh for me like I now like signs were there for my Partnerships that I didn't enjoy last year and like the the signs are there and you you just kind of have to pay attention to.

Them I see I see well it's probably tough too because I remember Tyson and Jay were obviously together a lot last year I feel like the first half of the year was just really rough for them seemed like it got a little bit better in the year mostly just bronzes but if you commit for a whole year and nothing works like that partnership just really.

Didn't seem like it worked you can't it's hard to just find new ones in the middle of the year I imagine people are taken yeah and I think it's gonna happen like more and more like now that you know PPA tour is so big we were in a different place last year where there were only so many PPA touring posts now you have more options to switch it up.

And be like this isn't working and that's like a good thing as people and you know we're learning like before people go into these one-year Partnerships because yo you got to build and there really weren't that many people now I now there's more people you know you don't have to just I always say committing to a one-year partnership is.

Like moving in with somebody before you even date them yeah sure sure how do you know like how do you know I had no clue how me and Anna Lee were going to Vibe this weekend on Court and we like it worked out great but what if we committed to each other for a year and first tournament I'm like oh yeah I don't like this that's the same.

Reservations I had about Chris when I first met him I'm like man I don't know if I'm gonna get along with this guy but here we are doing to me I didn't fly to you I think it was the other way around but but yeah I don't know the partnership thing is very interesting do you think because I feel that obviously you want.

To know if you you gel beforehand you don't want to commit without knowing but I feel like if you Vibe and can commit to a longer period of time I feel like that's better than a lot of partner hopping that people seem to do I feel like you can build chemistry over the year you maybe you can train together more everyone's kind of all over the.

Place right now but I feel in theory it seems like it would be better than switching it up for sure you just kind of have to find your person you gotta find somebody who has the same competitive mindset as you who has who like you're comfortable with and who has the same game style as you so it's just you know it you got to play around you.

Know a little bit before you really find that yeah do you have like your list of you don't have to say who they are but just like a list of if it I could have these people all the time like these would be my go-to's oh yeah if Anna if I could have analy all the time that would be I do think that's probably how most.

People feel at least about annalize like we know Zayn definitely feels that way yeah you want to tell her what Zayn's quote was okay so we were talking about how mix should be played and uh you know obviously the guy takes up most of the core takes the shots and Zayn said something very interesting he said okay if you're playing basketball right and.

It's buzzer beater time it's it's game time who are you gonna give the ball to and I was like well the best player the person who's most clutch he's like yeah and typically the better player is typically the guy and then I said okay well if there's anybody you had to defer to on the women's side of the game who would it be and he was like without.

Hesitation he's like oh I'd be annalize I'll play I'll play permanent Ernie position I think I mean that's how I think uh her and Hayden should should have switched you know in that last match and Anna Lee could have brought it home I I think so yeah was it was she on the right she was on the right and.

You're like she's just not seeing she's not seeing balls so it's tough that's kind of where she prefers to be though right it seem yeah for sure when she when she's able to do something like I was able to work a point so Annalee could still get some looks and she likes it because she can cover back behind her better with her.

Forehand but to just straight up when you're getting completely ice get the ball I think she had to go to the left I mean I see to us she's essentially a lefty to us when we watch her play I was like yo she's she's a lefty she can play the right side but also I was just curious so obviously you've played against her a lot in a lot.

Of finals or you know near the end of the tournament what makes her so difficult to beat uh I just think it's a lot of her skill you know I think your skill is underrated and I think is it I don't think I don't know I don't think definitely not I'm not overrated but a lot of people are always like you're the.

Better athlete you can do it I'm like you guys don't know how good she is like sure I'm sick of people telling me like this that and the other thing and then um I think she's coached very well I think she knows how to play these players very well I mean I know what Anna Lee does to me I break down film she's just so good at doing it to me I.

Can't get off the defense yeah so she's kind of I think the waters don't have as much respect as the johns but they're kind of benesque in colonists training how smart they are how inventive they are I mean they they yeah the waters changed pickleball sure you know this is why it's fun to watch because Lee and Annalee came in and said.

F it we're gonna rip it sure sure I mean even watching Italy in singles it just literally feels like she's Untouchable it looks like it's how are you going to defend and balls hitting the line like when she's redlining you can't stop her you have to my problem is I don't I'm like too much of a and too nervous which I'm just gonna start going.

For but like once I can't get that first strike I have to go like what I'm bad at is when she is like not finding her game I don't take advantage and then I let her get hot and like I can't give her too many opportunities right you know it sounds like it's an example of kind of like you said you've uh you know watched the film and whatnot so it's kind of.

Like an example of I know what you're gonna do I just can't do anything about it at least right now and then when I can I don't take my opportunities that kind of like similar to what you're saying yeah I mean I I my backhand is not as exposable except really to Annalee Annalee just like cranks the ball there so I know what she's doing.

But like more I'm working on the backhand yeah no when she passes you sometimes I'm amazed because I'm like yo he's got reach like you I was like you're backing you got a reason I was like how did she hit that like past like I'm amazed every time I see it and the crazy thing is yo I hit a lot of mindless shots when I.

Had put aways and she's sprinting towards them and she knows where I'm going she always knows I go open court and every time I leave the freaking Court I'm like why didn't you go back behind her so it's like well I feel like with someone that fast that is a just generally good just because they already know where they should be going and just.

Yeah yeah I feel like I get burned a lot that way and it's very frustrating I mean she's underrated as an athlete and uh she's under like I think her her just like everyone's like well she's just a power player I'm like but she's very skilled she's very skilled yeah who do you think are the maybe like top three people in singles who can give her like.

Maybe are the best at giving her a run for her money I assume you would be in there yeah I mean when I'm playing well and I I get like there were a few times this year who that there were like three tournaments in a row that I really had chances on her yeah and I just didn't finish in the games I was up but I was.

Playing her really close um I think Salome you know but she's kind of figured Salome out sure um you know if I think Paris is game style when she has red lining can but I think Anna Lee has definitely surpassed her as well I think that that one in OC was.

A one-off well yeah it was a one-off and Anna Lee played tight because she was going against Paris Todd and Paris played free yeah and she had never played her before you know like Anna Lee would just come into the net now and be like past me yeah Nationals definitely proved it yeah I was gonna say Nationals definitely proved it I don't remember.

The score lines but I remember seeing the games and I was like oof this is rough yeah yeah really rough yeah no I called that everyone's like so do you think Paris Todd is number one it was so weird because over that two-month break that the PPA had I was like no it's still Anna Lee like you don't even.

Know I beat her last year and then she came back and kicked my ass like you don't know she Paris doesn't know what's coming that's great and then I called it you know yeah I mean I just think every I feel like you can just never be wrong betting on Annalee it feels like you will be right like nine out of ten times.

If you just I don't know just feels like no one can beat her she's on her own little island and you know after really getting to know her this weekend it kind of makes me mad that people made such a big deal about that because I think there's this thing in her head where it's like I can't lose I can't lose because she got like all over social.

Media was this match and everything about the Paris one yeah everything and everyone's saying Paris is this and Paris is that and you know that when she like that's why I defended her so much I was like you got to be kidding me she lost one match guys like one match and everyone was just blowing it up as as a 16 year old or 15 year old then that's.

That must have been tough I think that that is tough people frequently forget how young she is and also I think when you're at the top it's so much harder it's so much harder because you have nothing to gain basically it's like when I was in speedcubing and I would talk to you know some of the world's best like I was for a little bit too the pressure is.

I am expected to win this and if you lose it everyone's like how could you lose and if you win it people are like well we knew you were going to win it anyway so you don't gain anything for winning and when you lose you get reamed and everyone's gunning for you yeah I don't think me and Anna Lee are given enough credit of like we make every.

Single singles Podium and like we've been doing it for a consistent amount of years there's so much tape on us people are gunning for us and we're still aren't coming in yeah new talent coming in we're and we're still doing it and I I think not enough people know like my climb to the top was a lot easier than my stay at the top yeah for sure and I.

Think yeah you just always have a Target on your back once you get to the top and I don't think people realize why don't you have to fight when you put into the perspective of you know of course all the mental health stuff that you know you and Annalee were are going through and then also your personal health stuff for you to stay at the top and also get.

There is actually even more impressive now when you put it in that kind of frame yeah I mean it's it's better than a day job but there there is a lot of pressures that we face and now that the stakes are getting higher I mean both of us walked out there and knew every single match if we didn't play like lights out we were not going to win that.

Was a lot of pressure we faced this last weekend yeah how do you typically handle pressure do you feel you're pretty good at handling pressure or yeah I do okay you know every everyone will break under the pressure occasionally but I I do think I handle it well yeah I feel like it a lot of people seem to handle it very differently either you just see.

People get very tense or you see them some people play better I feel like Julian when things maybe I'm wrong but my perception is that if it's tight I feel like he almost plays better yeah like he just Ben yeah Ben yeah yeah Ben is a great example I feel like he goes down frequently and then he just comes and closes the match out like it wasn't.

Even it almost seems like he's trying to conserve energy yeah yeah he just almost like doesn't have a pulse out there yeah yeah I'd love to know what their team thought because Ben strikes me as like a JW in a MLP where it's like not a lot of energy I didn't see him on the court much uh or.

His matches I don't know if he was screaming or not but he doesn't strike me as a guy who would be the first time MLP he was yeah yeah he was pretty subdued he's just so good you know yeah and it's just what it is what it is yeah yeah I suppose but what what's your what's your hottest take in pickleball there should be no paddle tops between.

Games okay I kept hearing about some paddle tap with Catherine that you didn't do I have no idea what the context is for this except that apparently no paddle type happened and people went nuts well okay well honestly it like you can ask Anna bright as my witness I said I was not going to paddle tap because I truly.

Do believe it's stupid sure like just as a whole like no Edna pickleball no at the end oh why can't why can't we just shake hands at the end I always plan to paddle tap her at the end but between games oh this was a between game this was a between games thing like why are we paddle tapping between games the match isn't done yet the matches are.

Like in tennis you don't like win the percent like it's just like it's stupid all the other sports too like half time in like basketball or whatever yeah it's it's stupid and people you know made it this made it that but it's because those people don't play sports yeah and just like and you know I guess I didn't really think of you know I probably I.

I've probably fed whatever fuel there is to that fire but which to me it was just like I'm not going to do it great time not to do it me and Anna Lee were not going to do it me uh but she asked to do it after MLP when people because you know waters are a little more like yeah she's under such a spotlight so it's it's tough you know they didn't want to.

Go and do that and but I think next time we play we will um me and Lucy and Cali didn't do it like because Lucy's like yeah let's just like you know Slappy slap each other's like like high five two every good point we have you know like come on guys like I think if you pulled most people in Pro pickleball they would say why do we do.

Why are we doing this everyone would be like yeah okay so so what you got to do is just give everyone on the same board like no one started the conversation yeah you know like and I I truly do believe we need to get away with it are there other things similar to the so do you know Kyle very well that pickleball guy I I know him I don't know him like.

Super well sure sure he he has this belief that he would get a lot of uh Flack for online but he thinks when you hit a net chord and the ball goes over he's like we shouldn't raise our hand yeah I I agree to yeah yeah like we stopped with that because we're not sorry we love it exactly you love it no one no.

One is ever sorry you're happy you did it and I feel I can't remember if he made this point or if I just read it somewhere but it's like in tennis it almost feels like it makes maybe slightly more sense because there's so much margin but in pickleball you're aiming as low as possible yeah you're just bound to clip the net so it happens.

More often than not all the time it's gonna happen yeah yeah in fact yesterday we were filming a video for Kyle and he was like teaching pigball and then he was doing a singles run with me we're playing up to five and I'm up four one right and I'm just smoking him in the next like four like rallies he hits the net four times and he's yelling yeah.

Yeah that's right will suck it I I I do think the the commands afterwards that would get me fired up but if to just saying nothing I wouldn't care oh I'm sure like if someone's celebrating in that chord you'd be like okay let's calm it down I would you know probably retaliate in some way like you know a missed third I would go nuts yeah.

Because that's not what you technically probably meant to do so why are you celebrating that because you know that's not a true marker of your skill unless oh no you are godlight at hitting yeah well I that covers most things I do have one last question that I'm asking every Pro on the podcast just because I want to get their take especially for all the.

Facebook Warriors out there because I think they just don't understand because you're trying to shut them up yes basically okay I just want to get your take on Pro mixed pickleball and how it is played do you like how it's played do you not like how it's played do you want to see it change like what's just your view of how it is right now.

Do you think like if the certain guys like if it's not working yeah get out of my way sure and then there's the thing of putting pressure and then there's the thing of over playing sure so yeah maybe some overplay but people like One be like stay on your side it's like well JW stays on his side way too much that's.

Right I agree with that it's a perfect example of somebody who stays on his side he needs to go and alleviate more and he needs to create more but do I think you need to come over in front of me and take my dink no I can do that you know for sure I'm very capable yeah but that's a lot of guys just watching Ben Johnson thinking they can do Ben.

Johnson's or rightly Newman things and they can't so you kind of like am I going to play like Anna Lee Waters like this weekend like no I'm not going to try and like take cover that much Court like I'm not in a lease yeah and I think some people need to do that as well but if it is working go for it and you have to change it up and you have to apply.

Pressure so but people online are like crazy oh it's crazy I mean people feel they're always just like oh the guy should stay over there but I'm like if they do they won't hit any but they will literally get a ball I mean I've seen that's what happened with JW this weekend I was watching one of the matches I'm like dude like go do.

Something like yeah Jackie's good but she's not as good as the guy who's taking it at her right now yeah I guess have you had any party you don't have to name them but partners that you feel overplayed and you're like look not even just for dinks I think everyone kind of agrees like okay the dink's like why yeah like the girl can place that.

Wherever they want but outside of that do you feel there's too much overplaying sometimes I feel like guys attack when it's like if you just sit your spot I can attack here and you can just clean it up I see um I don't think they need to create every attack but not all guys do that I see yeah I don't know it's very.

Interesting just to see that I mean JW's a great example of someone who doesn't overplay and then trying to think like AJ obviously is just like ever or Julian Julian was everywhere in mixed this weekend yeah and it was working this weekend but I've seen Julian play some matches where he's definitely overplaying a little bit too.

Much where like he needs to realize all right it's not working let me just scale it back just that test just a little bit yeah sometimes he doesn't see it has he podium in doubles uh mixed in other tournaments I don't know I remember thinking being a little bit shocked that him and Lauren didn't Podium a lot in.

App last year you know they're a tough team in my opinion but it could also just be you know it's hard playing with your spouse and yeah something like that do you feel there's in mixed who do you think there's more pressure on the guy or the the female obviously you're getting targeted the girl like we we have to make so many balls yeah like so.

Many balls I mean I you have to essentially just be Rock Solid to give your guy a chance to win the match so there's a lot more pressure on us I see yeah when we were talking to uh Mary she she saw both ways she was like obviously there's a lot of pressure on us we have to hit way more balls but she was like also was the guy like you're expected to.

Create so much stuff and like make stuff happen that she felt like she could see their where there's some pressure on the guy too I would rather create than just like be like okay come on Now's the Time I just feel like I'm so out of my hands sometimes you know mix Pride feels the most formulaic though.

Right like in terms of where it's just like yep here's what it's gonna be like yeah women's I feel like you probably you can be more of a toss-up men's more of a tosso it makes it just like hit to this person it's gonna be a lot of cross-court dinks yeah what's your favorite are you like singles mix women's doubles restaurants doubles for.

Sure why is that or any particular reason why wait I just think women's doubles is more fun mix is actually my second in singles is my very distant third really yeah no one really likes singles huh yeah just based on how well you consistently do I actually would have thought it was almost gonna be number one for you no yeah unfortunately.

No interesting I've been tricking myself into like before you could ask anybody I was kind of like a JW of just like singles day like today like yeah this sucks and yeah I really have started to be like yeah I like it I'm going to do this no big deal but end of the day if they got rid of pickleball singles I'd be like sweet yeah one less thing to.

Worry about that's great the fact is I am I am good it's I'm so competitive it it's hard to sit out hard to sit out and you can't sit out because like we need you to challenge and we water yeah yeah because if you didn't I don't know who else would be up for the task do you think it's ever going to be where people specialize a lot more than now like.

Right now you have people who are going to Triple anally but I feel like at some point it'll become so competitive it's it'll be like tennis pick your event yeah I believe so too okay I really yeah I think we're not far away from that the physical toll that's being put on us to play all three events is is tough it is because in tennis how many people.

Usually play I don't know how prominent mixed is intense I know doubles and obviously singles but are there a lot of people who play both or is it like I'm just gonna play one obvious