Foreign pickleball we've talked about it before we'll talk about it again who has the best footwork in pickleball is it JW Johnson three or four lob attempts today and she's made all of them is it Ben Johns Tyson McGuffin James.

Ignatowich Anna Lee Waters Catherine parento who's got the best footwork well we have to think about what's the objective of footwork I think there's two things that we want out of our footwork a we need to get to the ball quickly easy right that's the obvious thing we need to get.

To the ball and we want to get there quickly but the second an important part about pickleball footwork is we want to get there and we want to get there in Balance we don't want to be out of control when we do get to that ball so our footwork needs to accomplish two things it needs to get us to the ball.

And needs to get us to the ball in balance a lot of times tennis players come into the game and think more is better in footwork that's kind of how I played tennis in tennis you're trained even if the ball comes right to you you wait for it you move your feet and then you step in right more footwork is.

Better in tennis but efficient footwork is better in pickleball so I personally think that JW Johnson and Ben Johns have the best footwork it's not the flashiest footwork they don't move their feet the most however they're the most efficient movers so how can you move more efficiently I've got a really interesting and fun drill for you.

Okay this is part of the drill take a go take a sip of water good then go fill it up is there somewhere Matt is there somewhere I can fill this up got it oh you got yourself so wet you are such a Goofy Goober alright guys if you like this video make sure that.

You subscribe to the newsletter that I have you can get exclusive YouTube videos videos that aren't going to be posted to my YouTube channel if you subscribe to that newsletter of ours I'll put the link in the description so get yourself a almost full water bottle and Matt and I are going to move around we're gonna dink a little bit and I'm.

Gonna try not to spill this water if I really grind my feet I'm going to start spilling right so I want to be efficient I want to get there in less steps less is more here in pickleball the advanced level of this is the Jeff Warnick drill where you substitute this for a beer oh.

Oh no oh that was a tough one oh I spilled damn it or darn it oh come on dude what do you think who do you think I am who do you think I am jdub would have just reached out his arm and it would have extended four feet and he would have got it you're right all right I'm sick of this drill.

so that the idea is to not spill the water or beer if you can get to your destination get to your destination quickly and still be balanced enough to not spill that is the best combination of getting to the ball and being balanced that'll make your footwork better if you liked today's video please.

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