Point-by-point players analysis andsummarized at the end of the video and that's a sharp angle and I believe SalomeDaVita may have accidentally hit somebody she's very concerned making sure checking in wegot a cameraman involved already here cam uh unbelievable stab by Catherine and then you seethe concern from David's there but uh because I was hammered so everyone's involved in the firstrally here we will play our singles competition today best two of three games are played to11 traditional scoring so side out scoring we talked to Catherine parento just beforethis matchup she gave me a little bit of the scouting report against Salome Davide she wantedto move her vertically not just laterally yeah and we've seen Anna Lee Waters use that effectivelyagainst Salome Davide as well she has great ball.

Strike inability when she gets there but you candefinitely win a foot speed battle and you want to see how well can she swing the paddle whenshe's having to come to forward and is not set also discussing the fact she wants to mixup her serve and everyone has been serving big here in St George yeah you almosthave to it's uh it's more than just a thing to do it's it's an opportunityespecially in singles of balls playing a little faster here we're at 2700 feet upin these beautiful mountains you described and you want to take that advantage tomake your next ball that much easier and another sharp angle as Salome David say findsherself at the kitchen line yeah that's the big thing David say it's been changing in her singlesgame she loves to be at the Baseline but in.

Pickleball singles you want to take that nap whenyou have the opportunity and she's doing that now a fantastic outstretch volley from Catherineparento the other thing when you talk about taking advantage of a foot speed is don't volley it backto where they are short angle means you've got to come both laterally and forward really smart shotfrom Catherine Catherine prento originally out of Canada turn pro back in 2016. this is a fantasticCollegiate tennis player Michigan State 2-1 she was taught the game by Simone Georgine Not JustTennis but also pickleball it's a good teacher Point false spray slide Catherine just28 years old standing at five foot five but has been working tremendously on herlateral movement and her physicality from last season to this year and ithas showed up big time for her.

Side out and there's that altitude playing a rolethat's a ball that parento just wants DaVita to have to hit a swinging backhand overhead but uhstays up in the altitude and sails a bit deep salamate defice 37 years old originally outof Georgia the country Georgia yeah not a bulldog not a bulldog 3-1 a professionaltennis player for a period in her career side out Catherine's like come on net you gaveher one give me one back doesn't get it there the other thing with David's as you'll seeher positioning when she serves she will not just stand right in the middleshe's looking for a little bit of an angle she has a unique approachto get a little spin on her serve the law have gone wrong yeahagain it's getting that uh.

Perfectly measured here and each day theconditions are a little different later in the day in our last matches it's going to be inthe 70s for the first time during this tournament night out so far DaVita has answeredthe call even though she trails in terms of the scoreboard she's done wellat the kitchen line yeah and that's the new Salome right there not just trying to hitwinners and there's a good look at the 56 degrees now so we got 15 or 16 more to go herefolks it is the warmest morning we've had so far and Catherine parento getting some extra lovefrom St George here one of our most fantastic audiences and crowds throughout the 20plus stops on the carvana PPA tour they were fired up this morning for us out theretalking about you the voice of pickleball.

won't transition taking that ball out of theair I love that because you're taking time away and it's a risky swing but a beautifullystruck ball with that cell Kirk paddle here at the Selkirk Red Rock open side out Catherineparento has two gold medals in women's singles in 2023 they came back to back from the VulcanIndoor national championships to the then red clay hot sauce floor to open most recentlytaking silver in Texas at the Onyx Austin Showdown powered by invited yeah DaVita isusually very much on point with her groundies and so far has been a little off and this iswhen parento wants to just take full advantage another one sprayed the and this is not salome'sfirst time in a PPA final for women's singles.

Gotta go back to 2022. this is the first time in2023 point s that's what we all want so she will continue to use that paddle afterthe competition has concluded it will be sent off and tested within the lab it was testedfor greediness on site as well and passed that yeah just to finish that point it's deflectionthat uh people are very interested in it's the Hot Topic means how how does the ball repel offof that paddle face and that will eventually be tested right on site right now it's being sentoff but it's all being looked at two in singles really should because it doesn'tshow up that often and that's just great chord coverage and that doesn't panic just took her timehit it into the Open Court well done Catherine foreign.

Man Catherine parento got to a ball on herbackhand side I didn't think was possible and then just not only gotthere but then hammered it she looked like she was behind in therally and immediately flipped that switch eight to one pin points accuracy for Catherine parentoyou don't see a clean winner off a third very often at all she just got a new nicknamepinpoint parento alliteration is fun point yeah David's just out of sorts over here she hadthat great first point was so worried about the photographer that she had and it has notbeen good since then it's all Catherine both players had similar numbers ofwinners but Salome had five times the number of.

Errors than Catherine and this was the determiningfactor for the first game if this video is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot itgives us an indicator that we are building an audience by creating helpful content looking for aresponse after game one went 111 not in her favor I mean what are you supposed to do when parentshitting shots right back clap your paddle like Salome did and just say okay that's just toogood because there's not a lot of room here that is on the line point salame David say started playing pickleballnot too long ago mentioned Catherine parento back in 2016 but Salome DaVita was more soin 2021 are practicing that much more in 22.

Fantastic overhead from Davide yeahthere you see that high level tennis background going for pace and angle becauseparento read it just couldn't get there so at the beginning of game number one theykind of had a little bit of a stalemate at that three one four one area Walt was workingfor Salome in that regard I think trusting her shots and then coming in behind it whenshe had the opportunity I liked that she was doing that it just didn't happenenough here she is coming in again Catherine parento just one step ahead she saidshe wanted to bring David say to the net and find some passing shots because the difference isagain when you're playing a player that doesn't have the lateral quickness of some of the otherladies on tour you don't have to be as fine with.

Your passing shots smart from parento just hitthat open court don't try and hit a line point there's another missed return andDavid's just does not have this setting dialed in what I mean by thatis the ball the weather and the altitude I mean she'll go matches she'llgo tournaments not missing a backhand by 18 inches there she didthere that was a no pressure swing point 4-0 now for Catherine parento looking tofind her third gold in 2023 in women's Pro singles Waters the goat of pickleballin terms of the women's game has even been defeated by Catherine parento thisyear he has there's a nice two-handed backhand overhead and yeah parento got that win that was abig breakthrough and then was able to follow it up.

And win that tournament we've seen some peopleget the big win and then not finish it off so she wants that top of the perch back until AnnaLee shows up again annalize not playing in April each one of these athletes taking some time interms of load management so many opportunities to play which is fantastic for each onehave to take care of themselves as well and again Catherine brings her to the net fromthree feet behind the Baseline what a shot yeah and then you know David say againthat's that's a very makeable ball too in a backhand she could have crushedback Cross Court and just didn't make it point 23rd then off to North Carolina AtlantaTexas and back to the West Coast for the next five events on the docket and again you can catchall of that at ppatour.com you can learn more.

About each one of these Pros their finisheszeros in the background all at ppatour.com I don't know what Salome said to herself duringthat time out but that looks a lot more like the Salome we've seen all year and literallyjust a couple days ago she was fantastic in her March to the final well not to mentionshe's been fantastic in the last two months on the PPA tour for women's Pro singles pickingup three Bronze in the last four events one six Catherine parento has it dialed ineven Davide is smiling she's like I hit exactly what I wanted there's no waywith the altitude Corner Pocket winner I think salame just jokinglysaid can we check her battle that was pure comedy lightheartedness fromSalome Davide another one in the corner.

Parento just does not want Davide to find herbest game and she is every chance she got she's blasting a ball in the corner and coming inbehind it what an effort on a championship day and what's interesting she told us thescouting report we saw her practicing the drop volleys drop shot she hasn't neededto do it because she's been so dominant point a little too much spin onthat one for Catherine parento 2-7 27 point been impressed with that two-handbackhand of Salome Davide now 3-7 yeah the way to spot a former tennis player is thatright there a swinging two-handed backhand up above your shoulder that is a difficultball to hit if you've never done it before.

Down by three side out a side out of Salometosses that ball back 7-4 ah point question there Jim Ryan our head referee wasready to confirm the call from that lady right there Catherine parenting Carolyn duncansonour second referee Jenny wind tracking Point Steve Toronto our video and again the returns justare not there for David say they're betraying her quick enough so how can she keep Catherineparento from bringing her forward.

Does she have a chance yeah she certainlydoes with the depth of her own ball because then if she does that you will not have Catherinedeciding how the point is going to be played out and a beautiful one you know I've described her game before as balletic and to be ableto contort your body like that when you get that unexpected net chord and then dosomething with it Cameron very impressive Point there's some depthfrom Catherine parento 10-4 which means it is now Championshippoint for Catherine parento 10-4 on her paddle flying in but aside out shehad already seen her Instagram post with.

That beautiful backhand winner Walk Off shakesome hands tap some paddles couldn't make it point yeah and the other big problem for David'sthroughout this match is she hasn't just been pushed back at the Baseline she'sbeen hitting two or three steps into the green behind the court that's justa tough place to live against parento parento finding a bit too much 6-10 6-10 fantastic Raleigh some nice footwork from parentoat the kitchen line yeah again finding that short angled volley that's just so good don't try todo too much and don't hit it all the way back.

To the Baseline and give DaVita a chance to getto it Championship point for Catherine parento from the top of the net the 11th greatperformance by Catherine she had more winners and fewer errors than Salome andthis was the determining factor for the match if this video is helpful to youa subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Women’s Single Finals Highlights with Catherine Parenteau VS Salome Devidze at Selkirk Red Rock Open at the Little Valley Sports Complex in St. George, UT – Match Date: 04/08/2023

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