Her dominance and everything she can do on thecourt all right let's play Pickleball and uh quick mistake for manly water so firstball goes to design and David and nice poach there from Vivian David in a two-nothinglead and I love the shake and bake look for them great way to finish points on their terms and putpressure on the return to serve of the other team nice swing by Anna Lee Waters there you'll seeAnna Lee Waters and Anna bright switching sides of the court but design and David are likelyto stay the way they are the whole match yeah I think so Dave again it just plays to their naturalstrengths more when they're in the this formation huge finishing power but pulls it widethere yeah had the one she wanted and I like the shot she played mid midpoint thereshe had her opponent's back could have gone at.

Them but she chose that aggressive angleout wide to keep them moving laterally look at this defense you want to know why people love women's doublesthat's why what a point what a rally and David and design come out on top they were fendingfor their lives Kyle we are starting this match with the bang the crowd is getting intoit amazing defense there by Design and David Waters comes flying in there out of nowhere yeahthat's one they're gonna have to be careful of I don't blame design for going there but again whenthey're back sometimes taking a little Pace off and going heavy spin at the feet uh they'regonna need to do a certain amount of that and there's the threat of movement rightthere forces the error you don't even.

Need to get the ball but you can your presencecan get a miss and that's what they get there and Designs had a couple balls right whereshe's wanted him and just missed them so four two so quickly for Waters and bright and look at that sneak it behind Vivian Davidand we're at 5-2 yeah you love to see the the power and the Flash of analy waters to hand itback in but people forget how good her control is with being able to hit all the spots atall the speeds uh on her opponent's body there floors lava what a dig what a rally my goodness graciousladies Vivian David claps her paddle on the other side off screen but this iswhat we love on Championship Sunday yeah.

Really high level stuff to starthere hopefully more of the same good lead from Vivian David and you saw in the middle there design tried to getit behind Anna Lee Waters just to keep her honest and again we need that Top Court Newman willpowerClinic because David couldn't will that one in her form on The Willpower was a little offshe needs to check out the Newman's there and it fits up to any of the two-handedbackhands on this board is going to get thumped so they aren't able to score andquickly Waters bright back with the ball second serve yeah great Hands by Design and David there andthat's what it's going to take the quality of.

Their volleys is gonna have to be really highto keep their opponents back when they can tries to go for the big swing on the defensethere had a ball up but not a bad swing just got to get it executed and that's what we'rewatching we're gonna see a Shaker with shake and bake or two uh here in this matchwe might see it right here here we go and a bright what a combo platter that was andone of these things that this team does is an elite level is they're trusting their partnerwhether they drop or drive to the third the non-hitting partner is really disconnecting earlyum similar to that shake and bake and applying that forward pressure immediately and there'sthe absolute Fierce power from Megan design my goodness yeah we talked about the power thatshe possesses on full display there my goodness.

Second serve there you see the great supportive partnerthat is Vivian David hey you're good and Anna bright just ropesa backhand down the middle you're such a great choice because she knewthat design was coming in and worried about that cross-court roll and Vivian David had tohonor uh leaning towards her line for the speed up shaking a whole lot of baking there Kyle andit's 9-2 yeah once design hit up on that first volley uh Anna Brighton Anna Lee Waterswere in complete control from there on out and a nice roll on the short return and Watersand bright dominant 10-2 game point already just come on Anna Lee Waters Anna Lee Watersand Anna bright had twice the number of winners.

And half the number of Errors than Vivian Davidand Megan Dizon and was the biggest determining factor for the first game if this video is helpfulto you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audienceby creating helpful content Carolyn duncanson that is a great job by both players onthe far side there Kyle yeah it was a great original drop by Anna brightand design had a very limited Court to put it in a safe spot she did thatand eventually got the got the pop-up nice patient point from design and David yeahlike I was mentioning earlier in the match so they paid attention to the court positioning ofEmily Waters and Adam rifle they're off the line like they're it's like they were there great jobmoving them side to side and exposing the feet.

A little speed up to Davidcatches the net on the reply Utah's Megan designed to serve and Anna bright is all over it theregreat job by Vivian David of saying hey I saw that speed up before but mygoodness yeah Enterprise did a great job of sliding to the side to create spacewith her body to really stick that counter and Megan design put the ball exactly where shewanted to two times in a row yeah they're just putting her under pressure time and time again I'dactually like to see them return to Annalee Waters uh to make Anna bright be the poacher and not haveto deal with Anna Lee closer to the net like that second sir good SWAT from Vivian David there.

That's just too much Firepower yeah itwas great defense by Design and David but again just that those onslaught ofattacks tough to slow this team down Dave point I mean any ball they see that's evenremotely smokeable they're doing it yeah they're either ripping it or hittingan aggressive drop and then the other partner is completely disconnectingto the net and taking away angles so they get three back three one to the top seedand design and David now need to find something there's something beautiful rightthere so good split them through the middle and just perfectly timed thattwo-hander great shot by Megan is on second sir big swing at the counterthere from design goes well out.

Inside Out wow big roll one way and thenInside Out catches David all the tricks not the toughest shot with the two-handedbackhand holding that long enough to bunt it up the line most people find it much easier togo across court but Annalee Waters can do it all and a nice drop there from Al andthey're now at 4-2 yeah that left hand so important for that Tui down the line nice job by Vivian Davidthere keeping the pressure on side out get a Miss on the drive there so noharm done Waters and bright up two in game two points a little taste of their ownmedicine with Megan is on fully disconnecting and changing the uh thevolley options there for uh Anna bright.

Oh man Megan design set herself up after aterrific return from Anna bright yeah I'd like to see Vivian David there and I know it's a riskbut I'd like to see her take a little bit more of a centralized path to help her partner just alittle bit they're free swinging at the moment nice job of changing up the angles there by Designand I think that's been their best pattern so far is you know dinking but aggressive dinking gettingAnna bright and Annalee Waters moving laterally Hannah Lee Waters with the last swing inthe crowd is loving every minute of this one no fantastic point it looked likedesign maybe changed her mind on the last one caught between do I block it doI counter and it just sat up a little bit and we will be seeing that shot laterin the day in singles but why not hit.

It in doubles well we talked about she'smaybe the only one that's gonna run around the backhand and pull it inside in there uhtough to think to cover that of your design concerned great look there forAnna Lee Waters but finds the tape and the tape finds Megandesign there unfortunately yeah unlucky for her she was in a goodposition for the volley but when you keep those low to the net it's going to betough and if it hits from that even tougher great job there scorpion down fromVivian David and you won't see a player get lower than any Vivian Daviduh great job there dominates leg day there's a nice not too much angle but good choiceof shot for man of bright there four six two.

Great shot by David and design again a couple oftimes on that side they have recognized where to move and they're moving in sync Kyle yeah againwhen they see Anna Anna bright and Annalee Waters back off the line they're really exposing theedges and Working The Angles first good choice just wide there but nice fight here ingame two from design and David within one and that is a pound in return from designyeah Bright's been able to hit aggressive drops all match but tough to do whenthe return's that close to the Baseline good handle from David and design there andthey keep him at six chance to tie or take the lead and that's why I like returning toAnnalee Waters Anna obviously a very good poacher in her own right but I think Watersis the tougher player up there disconnecting.

And there's that pace from design up into thebody these ladies Like to Swing free six all right just deep for David yeah rightshot from David just couldn't quite find the court there but I likethe aggression I like the game plan right now what we're seeingon the other side of the Court wow great job of Cross Court attackon the outside hip after a really well played dink rally by all four players yeahabsolutely eventually Anna bright decided to pull the trigger hit a really goodlocation was able to get the next one a little wide there's Waters goes forthe inside out and you can just see the work that Megan design has put intoher game this is not a dink rally type.

Of match that she would have been able tohang in just six months ago kudos to her she has not worked on how to defend aball off the tape though well we saw that in the semifinals of you know they weregiving design a steady diet of balls and she hung tough playing you know roughly 80 of theshots on the court for her for her partnership and she is not backing off when she's gota chance to Fire and that's what you have to do when you get the chance againstthe team of this quality so six seven and a little bit more of a highlevel tip here but when they are dropping I love that design is usingthe slice drop when you play against teams that like to step back and ripthe slice is tougher to do that on.

Has to clear the net though I was about tosay there was one part of that you left out Kyle over the net over the net yeah sorrysorry that's on Megan yeah next level tip there and then if you drive it same thing thoughKyle also it's consistent making sure everybody knows the rules out here so seven all thoughwhat a what a battle here in game number two good leave from Vivian David there so the two south Florida ladies Anna Lee Watersand Anna bright in a battle in Chile Texas here and design ready for I'll swingjust as hard if not harder and bang yeah it's a category we've talked about shecan certainly match these ladies power for power really saw that two-hander wellgood job getting the left hand on top.

Maybe another Pro tip about that slice maybenot up in the eyes of your opponent also good inside there Dave got it we're gonna just keepworking around the edges we're whittling here on a little off-speed pitch for AnnaleeWaters works there yeah and they are returning to design right now um theyprobably want to keep her off the net as far as poaching but she's a little out ofrhythm on her drops and drives at the moment Vivian David is on fire the hands forbolt is on and David have been on point this match and they've given themselvesa chance here in game two great to see point oh but unwinding the stack she triesto push it into the deep corners slides wide come on but the low down scorpion look at thatmove from Vivian David my goodness she does not.

Skip Leg Day and used every bit of that here tofull scorpion a winner that is nice this is great seven eight second serve yeah so design needsto quickly find the thirds and the fifths here because she's gonnakeep getting the ball fed to her that's just another tremendousPoint amazing Hands by all four ladies This Is Why women's doublesis so exciting to watch it turns into a firefight more often than not andthey're putting their athleticism on all right just uh you know quick littleflash of something there in the middle players didn't lose their content nothey did not we're all excited 9-7 now.

Another good lead from Vivian David there and the crowd just wants this to never end like canwe play best of nine on a Sunday show Megan design right there to serve their down two they calledtimeout to get themselves set oh no second sir yeah design thought that Davidwas going to disconnect and maybe poach that and just they'reboth watch it go through the metal and bright and go ahead and call timeout we'refine we will stay poised as we always are okay and that ball skims off of Megan design andit is a game point for Waters and bright ten seven one.

The perfect return there slidesoff the back edge of the line and you see that's the risk that you take asa team when your partner fully disconnects it's been working for them becausetheir thirds have been so consistent and that'll do it a perfect both teamshad the same number of errors but Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright just hadmore winners and was the determining factor for the second game don't change athing they just need to execute a little bit better to neutralize a few morepoints and get to the kitchen light just a little too much of a reach there but Ilike the aggressive posture yeah and she showed there's more than one way to get to lunch shewas struggling with her drops decided to use the.

Drive drop combo as an easier way to get there Ilike to play look at her just pound that she can turn on a two-hander with the best of them um beenplaying great in that department the entire match again really nice start here for Megandesign so it's this backcourt part of her game that's gotta rise to givethem a more consistent chance at the kitchen see what happens she's gonnaget the ball and if she doesn't get the ball even better for them yeah that'sa makes it a little simpler one zero one second sir they've bailed her out on the first twothere but uh couldn't make the next one yeah Viv just keeps being like therestoration people that come to your.

House on these third she's saving the day onsome high balls but uh couldn't get the next one I don't need to hit Four Hands yeah and wetalk about the you know the power of that Ace of Spades paddle but right nowit's the the touch and the elements are just getting that ball to bouncethat's uh gonna be important for them uh I saw that one but it's not my call David and design are both saying it was out yeahsometimes it's you barely turn your head in time you think you see it wide but glad they're gettingconfirmation from the officials here one one two good job by Design to dig that out we got to keep that relatively unattackable was areally really tall task great feel there.

Second sir it'd be interesting if David just stayed all the way to the left and justsaid let me take a third here side out because they're just nevergetting a chance to neutralize yeah I kind of agree I think she just staysin the middle she might be able to play a third they're not going to her lineanyways might not be a bad uh bad tactic and look at Megan design turnthat point around with a vicious two-hander of her own yeah that's beenthe consistent weapon for her she's won a good chunk of those exchanges whenshe's been able to use that two-hander.

And arches are back and looks at theheavens unfortunately after that one we talked about how it's easierto turn and take that ball Cross Court she had to sliver up theline but tough to convert there that's a nice combo of overheads by eachmember of the partnership yeah always nice when you can get it through just aiming deadcenter there like David did yeah nice Onyx logo Target off the bounce on the back of theCourt there looks just like a bullseye exactly foreign just so much power on that last replyand again when it's kitchen dinking you know you're not going to win them allbut they're in the mix absolutely they're.

Still focused on getting uh the team Anna'sover there moving laterally and especially going back behind Annalee Waters hasworked out really well for designer and there's the challenge of the Roll dropit bounces up got hammered from Anna bright again the dinking from Megan design isat a new height in her game yeah she did great yesterday and she steppedit up even another level here today upside out scorpion on the right side nothinghome on the left there nice attack yeah I'd like to see her go to the Scorpion more when it'sa backhand attack from Anna bright with the forehand it seems like she's got it a little toofar to go to commit to that uh that grip change they get out of this.

That stays in what a rally for design and David there was a balloff the tape that went off the very edge of the black Ace there and they stayed in it unbelievableI love the choice from Vivian David took her time with that two-hander went back behind Watersgot the pop-up and her partner puts it away it doesn't matter if you both swing atit it's still good Vivian David took a full rip at a ball that never got near andI love that design took it yeah absolutely I love the play again of going to thewater's forehand when she's playing the right side she's leaning middle so much for thattwo-hander the forehand has some space available and that's a nice reply by Anna Lee Watersof a ball on her forehand yeah so first.

Time she's really squared her feet and played anaggressive reply back nice counter move from her always problem solving here on Sunday and nice power from David and designand they've got a two-point lead here in game number three again best of five on Sunday oh she had a good look at it but you sawthe difference the rarely seen returned to Vivian David and they were on theline instantly with a perfect drop yeah look for them to change it andgo back to design going forward here foreign 242.

I mean that's unbelievable because shehit her return so hard you can't get to the kitchen yeah great body control she wasstill moving a little bit squared her feet up and again that two-handed counterhas been a big weapon for their team see the frustration of design there she knowsman if we can get up there things are good 4-2 4 and that sails deep and what a battle therefor David in design edges of the paddles keeping him in it yeah and again if they getto the kitchen line whether it be dinking or hand battles they are playing Anna Lee Watersand Anna bright completely even in that area foreign.

David chose to drive it there so thatgot her in a little bit of trouble so the lead is now three for the seven seed s again so much pace the returns have been reallygood in this game from David and design as well yeah they're making Annalee Waters and Annabright really work to get to the kitchen line themselves and that's been the difference herein game three and Viv David I owe you uh apology three five two Point had a good look at it but too big aswing but it's been working so you know keep firing yeah and if you take anythingoff of it the hands on the other side are probably too good she's just gonnahave to straighten that one out foreign.

Lead is now one but it's still a lead second serve again I can't wait uh to see thestats of how often they got to the kitchen and then what happened when they got therewe'll have that for you later this week there's the fire of Anna bright youhear in the background just urge and Annalee Waters Perfect partnershipfor that Anna Lee thrives on that yeah her eyes might have got a little too big onthat one maybe slightly too big a cut there but you saw Vivian David immediately see a partner indistress went right over and said hey we're fine and that is brilliant positionedright it is 6'5 on a one that goes deep off the tape and we haven'tseen much of that they've neutralized the.

Shake and bake as well despite the factwe showed the tutorial yeah again it's a very small window of safe shots to playthat dink but uh design executed there Point yeah that's nice knifey one fromBright there catches the feet of design s yeah when the third is that good really designall she can do is try to dump that back in the kitchen Cross Court but it still allowsAnna uh Annalee Waters to say aggressive and again and a bright and Annalee watersare seeing a ball that's just a little bit up on the two-handed side and just cranking ityeah even though it's bouncing in the kitchen it's sitting up and they have every rightto fire away very much in their skill set.

Side out and a bride says noand uh a great run there so despite the time out they topped threemore on that and they are up four second serve that's the Vivian David specialright there driven into the backhand just couldn't quite get it over that's how goodand low the shot coming at her was from Bright out it just shows that attackingis not all about speed she just hit that a very medium pace lookedone way hit it the other textbook from Anna Lee Waters disguise andplacement overpower at its finest and there's just pure blunt force trauma fromMegan design and that works too absolutely so they keep them at nine gotta go here getto the kitchen remind yourself you've been.

Very very solid in those showdownshere at the Onyx Austin Showdown very accurate shot on the last one thereyeah great spot into the body of Vivian David she's tried scorpioning uh some ofthese counters but just got handcuffed there boys it's now a verb I'm not sure itreally is I was struggling getting that last part out there Dave okay I'mgonna run with that with you buddy and there's that middle again they try tothrow it over which is usually a safe pattern to the left side but the two-handersare so good no matter who's over there yeah you don't have as much reachinside the kitchen but with the use of that left hand you can really attackeven lower balls with good use of topspin.

That's just a terrific point ofmoving around design and David and despite everything David and design havethrown at him we are at Championship point and that will do it a b and a l r a okay AnnaleeWaters and Anna bright had more winners and fewer errors than Vivian David and Megan Dizon and wasthe determining factor for them winning the match if this video is helpful to youa subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Women’s Doubles Finals Gold Medal Highlights with Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) / Anna Bright VS Vivienne David / Meghan Dizon at Onix Austin Showdown Pickleball Tournament at the Elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway, TX – Match Date: 03/19/2023

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